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In this step-by-step tutorial I'm going To show you exactly how to get over 400 In affiliate Commissions in less than One hour of work with a website that we Never thought about before no one is Talking about this website yet you can Use it to make money online as the Complete beginner without selling Anything and as you can see here's proof That they already made over 1.8 a Thousand dollars using this absolutely Free app that you can only access using The code which I'm about to share with You inside of this video and then I'm Going to show you the website that we Never talked about before where you can Actually promote offers from this app in Order to make money online so that Sounds good enough then drop a like down Below and let's actually begin with this App just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never attack You for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their posts the engagement

Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never affects you like that So just stay safe and report them all The app that I'm talking about here is Called tap mob as I said you can only Access it by using one of the links from The description box down below or by Using the code once you install it in The App Store using the code 90495 without that code you're not gonna Get accepted into the app now what you Want to do once you install the app oh By the way you can go to the home Feature over here you can see exactly How much money you made today you can Track all the different offers that you Are promoting and how much money you're Making essentially you're being paid When someone enters their email address In most of the cases so what you can Simply do is you can select email Submission over here and you can see That you can promote offers that are Like giveaways where people have a Chance to win something when they submit Their email address and you're being Paid five dollars and they do that like For example in this case people have a Chance to win a door Dash 100 giveaway And all they gotta do is submit their Email address and you are being paid Five dollars for that email which is Certainly cool because they don't have To buy anything you don't have to spend

Any money plus they're incentivized to Just submit their email address and this Is going to be your referral link with Your code in it you just click on copy Link you share that with other people if They submit their email address you're Being paid like him like I'm being paid Right over here so essentially I got Enough people so far to make over 1.8 a Thousand dollars so what you want to do Is you want to go to the offers tab and You want to find at least three of these Different giveaways and that's gonna be Pretty easy just go to the offers tab And you just copy the link for each of These offers and you can put them on Your computer or your laptop whatever You're using and then you can use these Affiliate links to make money so once You have three different links from tap Mob you want to go to the step number Two and the step number two is to open Up a part layer part is a Social media platform just like Facebook It's absolutely free it has a couple of Million follow he has a couple of Million users every single month and People are posting it here you can see The feed and you can actually get a lot Of traffic from because It's not competitive as Facebook is and It's also absolutely free so you just Want to sign up to to sign Up to part of the layer you just go to I'm going to sign out to Show you how it actually works and you Just click click on create an account so This is part as you can see Part social media how it Should be and you click on sign in and Then just log in into your part layer Account and once you log in you will be Able to start sharing on this platform You can start making money off of it Because it's free so now what you want To do next before you actually come to Party later to make money is you want to Open up is able to live if You create a landing page for a Completely free the reason you need a Landing page is because if you just Share your referral link from tap mob Into Port layer you're most likely going To get banned or get your posts removed So you need a bridge in between and also This will allow you to maximize your Earnings you just want to sign up for Free to and then you want to sign Into your account to start adding those Links from tap mob so essentially I have Three different links over here I Already started doing that but for you To start adding your links to your account it's going to click on Edit blocks and once you have them I Will just remove one block to show you How this works so I'm just gonna remove This one and then what you want to do

Next is you just want to click on Tab to Add content and that content are going To be links and websites you just click On next and then you enter the title so Let's say for example I'm going to type In door Dash gift card that's going to Be the first offer that I'm promoting Door Dash 100 gift card and then the URL Is pretty much just gonna be my URL from Tap mob this is going to be my referral Link over here so then just click on add More links and you just keep adding Offers from tap mob let's say the next Offer is a 100 PayPal gift card that I Found on a tap mob and then I just need To enter my URL I just need to copy and Paste the URL from tap mob instead of Manually writing it but you can just Copy and paste it from the app and then You just add like three different Giveaways and on the right side you can See the preview of your page that you're Creating I'm gonna enter the title so I'm just gonna type in enter free Giveaways and then I'm gonna click on Add a Blog so now we have this block Like three or four or five different Offers with five different links so You're maximizing your results instead Of getting just five dollars from one Email now they can essentially fill out Three different giveaways they maximize Their chances and you make like fifteen Twenty dollars twenty five dollars

Depending on how many offers you have And how much they're paying and then you Just click on publish and obviously it's Gonna be live on your page so if someone Goes to this link with your Username in it they will be able to find These offers that they can answer it in These giveaways they can answer and You're being paid for it so now you just Want to start driving traffic to your link and the easiest way to do That is to just go over to part layer so You can just go to part of the layer you Can select the GIF over here and then You can enter something that's related To money because these like grab Attention or something to search for Money and I can add hezboola as well This is a nice gift it's probably gonna Grab a fashion and I'm gonna say I'm Gonna create something funny like like a Meme or something I'm gonna say like me Counting the money I made from these Free giveaways and then I'm just gonna Leave a link to my bio FM and then just Click on partly and you can also add Some some hashtags as well to maximize Your chances and so to make sure that This post is going to be seen by the Right people so you can do a hashtag Make money online hashtag free giveaways Hashtag free gift cards hashtag money Has making money whatever that might be And it's going to be seen by people in

Part of Lair as you can see and Essentially they can just click on the Link which is going to take them to my Bio FM page so as you can see the Literally takes me to where they Can aim today's giveaways for a chance To win something while I'm also being Paid per email collected and the beauty Of this is that they can answer these Giveaways every 24 hours so you can even Add a note and tell them that in case They don't win one of those giveaways Right away you can tell when they can Come back and they can submit resubmit Every 24 hours and if they keep on doing That you're making 20 25 or 15 whatever It is every single day just for one Single person and according to similar Web part layer is currently being Visited by 1.2 million people every Single a month that's one million people That can potentially see your post in and sign up for one of Those giveaways and you don't need a lot Of them to actually sign up because You're essentially being paid like 10 15 But they literally just submit their Email addresses and you can see that 79 Of that traffic think he's actually from The US because people had submit for Those offers had to be from the US so It's great at 78 79 of those people are Actually from the US which is like over 700 or 800 000 people in the platform

That are coming from the United States So definitely take advantage of this Start using this app and start using to get some free traffic And make some money online as a complete Beginner I really hope you got some Value out of this video if you did drop A like down below and I will see you in Some of the next ones

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