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now we will learn about the careers in 
marketing is important to you to learn   each role in marketing to have a broad 
perspective and make better decisions   let's begin chief marketing officer this person is 
the leader of your corporate marketing team their   purpose is to report to company executives and is 
responsible for developing the marketing strategy   ensuring that it is effective and that it aligns 
with your business objectives marketing management   their job is to implement the marketing strategy 
defined by the cmo in their daily activities   demand generation their responsibility is to 
generate new business prospects usually called   leads using a variety of marketing strategies 
such as events and pay-per-click advertising   content marketing people are actively looking for 
solutions and you want to be the first on their   list therefore this team creates and publish a 
steady stream of new and compelling content using   blog posts infographics videos ebooks and podcasts 
developed specifically to capture the attention of   customers and prospects digital marketing they are 
responsible for the online marketing for example   managing the website performing search engine 
optimization developing and managing pay-per-click   advertising and managing the social media presence 
marketing operations nowadays marketing relies on   a lot of technology and the marketing operations 
specialist ensures that the right technology   is in place and most importantly that the 
marketing and sales teams can use it effectively   marketing research they are responsible for 
conducting research about customers competitors   and the market with this information you can 
improve your product and social media content   marketing analytics their role helps the 
company take advantage of all the data   that is produced and stored about campaigns 
and customers it is important that you know   all the roles and careers that marketing has 
so that when you launch your startup you know   which freelancer to hire or if you want to do 
it by yourself then you can be more efficient   comment below what is your favorite role in 
marketing don't forget to subscribe thank you

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