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This is a complete step-by-step affiliate marketing Tutorial where we're going to talk about Exactly how Digi store 24 actually works How to choose the right offers and how To actually get a free traffic I'm going To show you four different ways that you Can get free traffic and sales and I'm Gonna walk you through the entire Process step by step to show you exactly How you can leverage a Digi store to Make your Revenue go up just like my Brand new flexi spot table that I've Been using you see in order to build a Successful online business you need to Spend a lot of hours in front of your Computer however sitting long hours is Not only bad for your health but it also Significantly decreases your Productivity that's why I have this Flexi spot adjustable table that allows Me to choose whether I want to sit or Stand while working not only is this Table very practical but it's also very Modern and stylish so if you want to Transform your home office into a Stylish Studio that boosts your Productivity looks great and is healthy Make sure to go to or Click on the link from the description Box down below thank you flexi spot for Sponsoring this video and let's get back To the tutorial so first things first What you want to do is you want to go

Over to which is an Affiliate marketplace with thousands of Different affiliate offers for you to Promote so you can either list your own Products and services on affiliate Marketplace For other Affiliates to promote them or You can just come on without your own Website without your own product and Without your own service and just grab An affiliate link for these offers that Were already pre-made for you promote Them Drive traffic to those offers and Earn an affiliate commission for that Whenever someone buys it through your Link so what you want to do when you Come over to if you want To click on start now it's free to sign Up and then you want to create an Account and you can do so by choosing a Username you can enter your email Address you can choose a password and There's some basic demographic details About yourself and you can click on Register for free now so the entire Process shouldn't take more than three Minutes to sign up on digital store and Once you do you will be able to log into Your account by pressing on the login Button enter your username or email and Answer your password and then you can go To the affiliate Marketplace over here So click on Marketplace all offers on The affiliate Marketplace and you can

Start choosing different affiliate Offers to promote now on the left side You will find all sorts of different Categories you will choose a niche in Which you want to promote your offers And I highly recommend you stick to only One Niche instead of just jumping to Different niches like now you're Promoting Fitness Products you know You're promoting business products and You're promoting gaming products and Dating in love and whatnot so just Choose one particular Niche whether That's dating in love whether that's Dance and music whether that's fitness And health food and drinks whether That's language as personal development Whatever that is you will find those Categories on the lab side and in those Categories you will be able to find Different products to promote so if I go To fitness and health I know for a fact That there is one particular product That I personally prefer to promote and That product gives me a really decent Affiliate commissions and the conversion Rate is pretty high and I'm going to Show you exactly how to choose the right Affiliate offers but you can see that on The right side you will be able to see All the details about this product so You will be able to see exactly what Your commission is in this case my Commission is fifty dollars and 31 cents

Per sale so 50 euros is around 50 bucks And my conversion rate is 66 percent so That's going to be about fifty dollars And then here you can see some useful Data you can see exactly what is the Price average for this product and you Can see that on average people need to Spend about a hundred and fifty few Dollars on this product and my Commission is going to be 66 earnings Per sale on average are around fifty Dollars earning no record per visitor is 1.89 you can see that this product was Or this listing was created one year ago And you can see that cancellation rate Or a refund rate for this product for Example is around 12 which is really Really high for a fitness product so you Want to try to find some products there Especially they're in the fitness Industry it'll run five six or seven Percent cancellation rate like there all Of them are gonna have some refund rate Because there's a lot of people asking For refunds on a lot of different Products but the lower the refund rate The higher chances of you actually Making more money with that product is Because it also means that the product Is not as good as they claim on their Sales page if people are asking for Refunds so you can scroll a little bit Down and you can find even more products Like for example this one has a 15

Cancellation rate so let's let's skip That one but this one has a 1.8 percent Cancellation rate but earnings per click Around six dollars and probably the Conversion rate is not that high as 64 Conversion rate while on these other Ones was nine percent conversion rate or In this case it was just two percent Conversion rate so you always want to Compare the conversion rate as well Conversion rate basically represents how Many people will actually buy the Product once they end up on the sales Page so if the conversion rate is two Percent that means out of 100 people They click on the link that go to the Sales page around two percent or run two Of them will actually sign up for the Offer earning you an affiliate Commission which in this case will be 45 Bucks or whatever the conversion rate is For that particular product now once you Find a product that you want to promote All you're going to do is basically just Press the promote Now button and that's Instantly going to give you your Affiliate link which you can start Sharing with other people so you don't Have to wait to get approved in mostly 99 of the cases you don't have to wait To get approved you literally can just Grab your affiliate link and you can Start promoting that right away you can Start driving traffic to that offer now

I want to share with you a couple of Different traffic sources that you can Use for these different products from Data store in order to actually start Getting sales for completely free so the Very first traffic source that we're Gonna talk about are YouTube shorts now You don't actually have to show your Face on YouTube or whatever in order to Take advantage of this a traffic method Because for example in this YouTube Short that I posted where I didn't show My face I didn't talk into the Microphone I didn't even film it myself This YouTube short has gained me over 45 Million views so far and this is not Only one there's hundreds of different YouTube stories that they have that They've got literally tens of millions Of views and you can see this one just Gained a 71 000 subscribers so people Are taking action from these YouTube Shorts and so what you're going to do is You can make YouTube shorts around the Products that you want to promote so for Example you can start a faceless channel That talks about fitness and health and Then you promote different digital Product eggs in those YouTube shorts you Can enrich millions of people millions Of people can see that and sign up Through the link earning you an Affiliate commission and out of these 45 Million people if I got a little bit of

0.01 of them to actually sign up to one Of those affiliate offers that I'm Promoting I could end up making Thousands of dollars just from one Single YouTube short and you can Literally upload 5 or 10 or 15 of them Every single day so that's gonna be the First traffic Source the second traffic Source that you can use is a little bit Easier but it does cost money and that Is to use propeller ads Network this is A display in Mobile advertising Network Where you can run push notification ads That are going to show up on someone's Desktop or on their app or on their Phone and they can click on that and They can actually sign up for their Offer now honestly the propeller ads is Way better for CPA offers instead of the Digistore offers but you can definitely Test it out because these ads are a lot Cheaper than like Facebook ads or Google Ads the third traffic source which you Can use is completely done for you and It's absolutely free and that is to open Up this tool called any word which is Like a bot that helps you out with Different articles or writing blog posts And whatnot and you can create an Account as an affiliate you can create An absolutely free account not not as an Affiliate but just create an absolutely Free account go to the blog visit Section on the live side click on new

Blog post and then you can write a blog Post that talks about for example if You're promoting a weight loss product You can type in for example five ways to Lose weight fast and you can select the Category here for example a fitness Industry and then they will write a Title for you once they write a title And you select a watch title you like They will generate an outline for your Article and I'm going to show you Exactly how to actually use those Articles to drive traffic to different Affiliate offers so you basically select The title select the outline and select The intro paragraph and then you will Also need to open up some kind of some Kind of a text editor like for example Google Docs or word I personally prefer To use Google Docs because it's super Simple and it's easy and it's also Absolutely free so I'm going to show you Exactly how I do it in Google Docs so I'm just going to open up click on go to docs and Open up a blank document blank Google Docs document and then I can go back and Here I have as you can see I have a Complete article so I'm going to click On next click continue to editor and Here we have the title the intro Paragraph and now I can basically Generate each and every single one of These sections by pressing on the

Generate button which is on the right Side and it will generate each section For me and then I can copy this entire Article once it has been written for me With any word I can just copy that by Pressing on the copy button which is Going to show up on the screen right now So I'm going to show you exactly how That works and once my first paragraph Loads so here we have the first Paragraph obviously not the entire Article is done I would have to click Generate another four times and once it Is completed I can now copy this entire Article and then I can go back to Google Docs I can paste that article here and Here it is here's the text and what I Can do is I can insert my affiliate link Between these lines so I can create a Call to action which might potentially Be click here for the best weight loss Pills or whatever it is create your own Call to action and then you can Highlight that part you can make it bold And you can insert your affiliate link There so just press on the insert link Button and then you can go back to Digistore you can grab your link let's Say for example this one and then you Can just paste it here and click apply So that people that read these articles Can actually click on this and sign up Now you don't necessarily need your own Blog for this I'm going to show you

Where to share it to get free traffic so I'm just going to download it as a PDF File and I'm going to share it on four Different platforms four different Absolutely free platforms where you can Get millions of views in these articles Where people can start reading an Article about a certain topic and Because they're interested in in this Case about how to lose weight they might Potentially sign up for this digistore Offer so what you can do is you can just Share this on a platform like list words List versus a platform where you can Share like top 10 type of Articles like For example top 10 ways to lose weight Fast top 10 weird ways to lose weight Whatever that might be just it has to be A top 10 type of article and then you Can go to more section click on write And get paid and you can even get paid a Hundred dollars for sharing an article On list worse if it gets approved so Just go to the submissions for form over Here and you can enter the details about Your article you can share it over here And you can submit the list and if it Gets approved it's going to be listed on The marketplace with thousands of Different people that can read your Article and potentially even sign up to One of those offers and plus you're Gonna get paid a hundred dollars the Second platform that you can use is a steam it is absolutely Free you can come on you can share your Articles and you can potentially even Get paid for those articles like for Example this person shared an article And got 25 this person got four dollars For the article this person got 100 488 Dollars and posted this seven hours ago You can see this person got paid 491 Dollars this person got paid 150 200 240 Dollars a hundred dollars so you can Share this article on here get views on Those on the text and also get paid for It the next platform that you can use is Going to be this is a Platform that is being visited by Millions of people every single month so You can just come over to here you can Share your own story which is going to Be an article that talks about a certain Subject and then in that story you can Just include your affiliate links the Way you do that is by creating an Account and then you're going to sign Into your account I'm going to sign in With Facebook because it's easier and Faster and it usually requires just one Click of a button and then I'm going to Create my own story which is in this Case going to talk about how to lose Weight fast and I will insert my Affiliate links in it so I'll just click On create a story and I will write a Title here so I'm basically just going

To copy and paste the article that any Word wrote for me so I'm gonna paste it Here and I'm gonna go back and I'm going To copy this entire article copy the Text and just paste the text inside of This box and to insert an affiliate link All you got to do is highlight the text Make it bold and also click on the Insert link button so you just go back To digistore you copy or affiliate link Again and you can just insert that Affiliate link here and it's going to Show up like this so people can actually Click it once you share it on and the last platform that You can use is going to be this is a platform where People come to share a different PDF Guides so you can basically sign up for Free and you can up upload a PDF guide That Google Docs that already has Affiliate links in it attached and you Can upload it over here and you can Share it to a Marketplace of 70 million People that are visiting this platform Every single month people will share Their documents here can potentially get Tens of thousands of views on those so You can definitely get a lot of traffic From this and it's all absolutely free So these are some alternative methods For you to get free traffic and sales Without actually having to spend money On Google ads on Facebook ads or

Whatsoever because maybe when you're Starting out you don't have that much Money to start promoting digital storage 94 offers so hopefully you've learned Some new techniques to get some sales to Get some initial commissions and then You can reinvest obviously into Google Ads and Facebook ads to make things a Lot easier and to obviously scale your Affiliate marketing business so really Hope this video was helpful if it was Make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you in some of the next ones

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