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hi everyone my name is brianna and welcome to my youtube channel i'm a video creator and social media strategist and i post videos on how to take your content on social media to the next level let's discuss the age-old topic tick-tock videos versus instagram reels just kidding about the age-old anyways first question is there a difference and if so what is it basic answer yes there is a difference between tick-tock videos and instagram rails and that's what we're going to be talking about today let's discuss both of the platforms briefly and then i'll go into why they are different i'll be showing the two differences using a very complex diagram one that you probably learned at the age of eight the venn diagram first let's do tick-tock what makes tick-tock any more special or different than instagram it is a very casual platform the types of content featured on tiktok are more relatable funny slash humorous they aren't as salesy and if anything the brands on tick tock really put an emphasis on immersing themselves in the tick tock culture and by this i mean they're a little bit unhinged on tick tock there's not really a focus on appearance as much as there is on instagram to be honest most of the videos that end up going viral are because they have a sense of everydayness i think i made that word up anyways you get what i mean and how does the algorithm work on tick tock well it prioritizes how long people engage with your content and watch your content the hashtags you use the effects that you use and tools that you use that's when the little link will come up on tiktok and the most important thing is the trending sounds that you end up using the audiences that are formed on tick tock are more young experimental they have a very certain humor that goes into the videos that they make so if you're new to tiktok it might take a little getting used to and currently there is more of an opportunity to actually build a community on tick tock over instagram the tone used in most of the tick tock videos is very casual it's almost as if you're their friend and i just want to point out that if you're a business and you have a content creator who is approaching your video more salesy or like a sponsored video more salesy people can see through that so you want to make sure whatever video that you're producing for your business or whatever video a content creator is producing for your business seems as organic as possible videos that tend to go viral are obviously trending sounds and if you apply it to a relatable niche or relatable situation those are the videos that tend to go viral however one very key difference between instagram and tick tock i noticed that there were more people sit down style talking on tick tock than there were on instagram those sit down style talking videos have more of a chance to go viral on tick tock than they do on instagram which is pretty crazy when i was scrolling through instagram reels i really didn't see people talking to the camera which was a very interesting thing to note now let's move on to instagram reels so what makes reels different instagram has always started out as a very curated place and the reels are no different than this the type of content is more perfected more filtered more quote-unquote aesthetic think of these videos as an extension of a photo another thing i noticed about instagram reels is there's a lot more demonstrations done so what i mean by that is like before and afters and then the process of how it's being done the instagram algorithm prioritizes similar to how it prioritizes its photos it prioritizes the hashtags that are used the content interactions it does prioritize the sound but not to the same extent that tick-tock does i mean tick-tock's whole algorithm is really based on the sound being used back from even when it was called musically when you look at instagram as a whole now you know reels are just one aspect of it whereas that's tick tock's whole platform and reels have become an important way to grow on instagram the communities that are formed on instagram are obviously a little bit older usually people who are on instagram reels have not necessarily moved over to tick tock yet which i really don't understand why can you tell i'm a little biased the communities who are on instagram are also expecting more perfected content because that's just what has always been seen on the platform the videos that tend to go viral are obviously the aesthetic beautiful more photo like videos and even the videos that are more talking are more curated and more perfect which is very interesting because the videos that go viral on tick tock could just be someone sitting in their bed looking a mess and it ends up going viral so while instagram is this very curated and beautiful platform tick-tock is a little bit more unhinged and that is really the biggest difference between the two some similarities is that they're obviously both filmed vertically duh if you didn't know the dimensions here they are the second similarity is that they do prioritize value-driven content so i mean this is more you know educational tips how-to demonstrations you get what i mean this isn't all to say that you can't repurpose your tick tocks on instagram or your instagram reels on tick tock trust me i don't know how you could be on both of these platforms and not repurpose some of your content however there are slightly different strategies that go into both of these platforms and it is important to be aware of it so you don't get discouraged with your social media strategy honestly there have been times where i've posted a tick tock and it flops which are most of my tick tocks and then i repurpose it on instagram and the same one got 11 000 views and 900 likes i don't even understand how that was possible it's the same content but one was pushed out more on one platform this is because there are key differences in the algorithm the audience and the type of content that is being posted on both of these platforms thanks for watching if this helped you to differentiate them a little bit hit that like button so i know that you enjoyed the video have a great rest of your day and i'll see you next week [Music] you

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