$190/Day Canva Affiliate Marketing Strategy: A Beginner’s Guide to Copying the Successful Approach

Are you eager to begin earning $190 per day through Canva affiliate marketing? Look no further! Our beginner's guide will provide you with the tools and knowledge required to replicate a successful approach. By following our straightforward instructions, you can become a master affiliate and start earning a substantial income from the comfort of your own home. Take the first step towards financial freedom and read on!


Affiliate marketing has emerged as one of the most profitable online businesses in recent years, offering individuals the opportunity to earn passive income by promoting products or services of other companies. The rise of social media platforms and advanced digital tools has made it easier than ever to start a successful affiliate marketing business. In this article, we will discuss a beginner's guide to copy the successful approach of a Canva affiliate marketing strategy that can earn you up to $190/day.

The Successful Approach Using Canva and Affiliate Marketing:

In a YouTube video, an online business owner shared his approach to making $12,000/month using artificial intelligence (AI) and an online business that earns him $75,000/month. The main idea behind his strategy is to create an AI-based recipe generator that helps people organize recipes, grocery shopping, and create meal plans. He uses this tool, called Meal Practice, to generate recipes based on primary protein, nutritional style, and cuisine preferences.

With the help of AI, the course creator was able to create hundreds of new recipes for his audience, which have attracted a loyal following. To promote his recipes, he uses a digital design tool called Canva to create visually appealing Instagram posts. With the help of Instagram, he promotes his recipes and affiliate links to create an online business related to food and cooking. This approach has proven to be successful, earning the course creator up to $190/day.

How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Strategy Using Canva:

Here's a beginner's guide to copying the successful Canva affiliate marketing strategy:

1. Choose a niche: Firstly, you need to choose a niche to focus on. Determine what products or services you want to promote, and what is your target audience. For example, if you want to focus on food and cooking, you can choose Meal Practice as your primary affiliate product.

2. Sign up for affiliate programs: Once you have chosen your niche, sign up for relevant affiliate programs. For example, for promoting Meal Practice, you can sign up for the Amazon Associates Program.

3. Create visually appealing Instagram posts: Use Canva to create visually appealing Instagram posts that promote your affiliate products. Use high-quality images, engaging captions, and Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons to attract your audience.

4. Use relevant hashtags: Use relevant hashtags relevant to your niche and audience to gain more visibility on Instagram.

5. Share recipes and cooking tips: Create engaging content that involves sharing recipes, cooking tips, and behind-the-scenes looks to keep your audience engaged and interested.


In conclusion, creating an online business through affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn passive income. Using advanced digital tools, like AI and Canva, can help you create a successful affiliate marketing business. By following the success principles outlined in this guide, you can start your own affiliate marketing business and earn a significant amount of money. Remember, the first step is to choose your niche and do your research on relevant affiliate programs.


Q1. Is it mandatory to use Canva for affiliate marketing?

A1. While using Canva is not mandatory for affiliate marketing, it can significantly increase the success rate of your affiliate marketing strategy through visually appealing content.

Q2. Can beginners start an affiliate marketing business?

A2. Yes, beginners can start an affiliate marketing business. With the right research and approach, beginners can be successful in this field.

Q3. Is affiliate marketing legal?

A3. Yes, affiliate marketing is legal. However, it is essential to follow transparent, ethical, and legal guidelines for promoting affiliate products.

Q4. How much money can I make through affiliate marketing using Canva?

A4. The amount of money you can make through affiliate marketing using Canva depends on multiple factors, including the niche you choose, the affiliate products you promote, and the quality of your content.

Q5. Do I need to have advanced knowledge of AI to start an affiliate marketing business through Meal Practice?

A5. No, you do not need advanced knowledge of AI to start an affiliate marketing business through Meal Practice. The tool is easy to use and can generate recipes based on primary protein, nutritional style, and cuisine preferences.

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