WWDC 2021 — June 7 | Apple

I think WW is the Super Bowl. You can feel this kind of energy. It’s like a deep understanding of what it’s like to be a developer. Really? Wow, okay, we opened the scene in black slowly. A DeLorean parked on the stage. Tim Cook came out of the car to show off the magnetic flux capacitor of the phone. I might not open the scene like this . Do you want to do it again? So we start in black. Must it be black? It doesn’t have to be black, but it’s yellow. In my mind, it’s like playing a cartoon. Imagine someone is using a computer and suddenly gets creative and then presses enter or a certain red button spreads widely. Suddenly millions of people around the world can experience it.

Can you really do all of this in your creation? Uh, maybe the title of the film should be called "Journey to Tomorrow". I saw a little girl standing in an endless white room. She met Craig Federighi. Hey, but we didn’t see her, but it’s not good. Now she is long. When she was older, she also wore professional attire. There must be action or some kind of drama. She encountered unexpected situations when she first arrived at the company. Some people said that we encountered a bug. So she walked in and typed on the keyboard to fix the bug. It was like a musical. musical? It's a musical bug, wait a minute, why not come to WW stage rock? Usually there are no fireworks, but I think why not? How interesting the fireworks are, do you think this works? I’ve tried it before I know it’s a toast to crazy ideas.

Welcome to WWDC. Good morning. Welcome to WWDC. It’s great to see so many familiar faces gathered together. We are very excited to share our latest technology with you and Apple. Millions of peers in the global developer community. Your creativity and pioneering apps continue to enrich people’s lives in new and more interesting ways. We pay tribute to your outstanding results, especially at such a challenging time. Last year’s WWDC is so far inclusive. The most sexual developer conference with the highest ratings has nearly 25 million viewers. It is great to have so many people attending the event and witnessing the impact of the conference on Apple’s new developers.

With a wider audience , the number of people and regions from all over the world increases. We are always looking for ways to help train a new generation of developers, especially those in the technology industry who are under-voiced. Our African-American and female developers hold Entrepreneur Camps to cultivate future industry leaders. Our Developer Academies include the help recently established in Detroit. Future programmers get important tools and training, and Learn to Code offers wonderful courses to help everyone develop new skills and learn Swift. We strive to become a transformative force and strive to build a better world. Everyone has various opportunities. We will present this year Another online experience to hold more than 200 in-depth meetings and one-on-one communication with Apple engineers in the laboratory is wonderful.

We will provide a variety of tools to help you continue to build the most innovative app in the world . Inspire us in new ways every day. Continuing the practice of last year’s WWDC. All events this year are open for free. Today we have a lot of good news and breakthrough innovations to share with you. Let’s get started. Let’s get started now. Let’s ask Craig to introduce us to the new features of iOS. Thank you Tim. We’re straightforward. I don’t know how many people have left. Don’t turn on the iPhone, but the core of the iPhone is iOS.

We rely on iOS to create an extraordinary experience. This year we are deeply inspired to design more meaningful ways to use the iPhone. Our latest iOS 15 is fully loaded with various features to make the iOS experience match and perfect your use of the iPhone. Whether it’s keeping in touch with your family, relatives and friends, finding a place where you can use smart technology to search for the information you need to explore the world around you. Let’s take a look at the following features to keep you in touch in a new way. This year, think of ways to face-to-face communication. Unprecedented importance. We can’t help but use video calls in everything. If it comes to keeping in touch with family, relatives and friends, FaceTime is a good player with its very intuitive design and always uphold end-to-end encryption technology.

Reminiscing with friends from all over the world or maintaining family affection with distant family members. FaceTime is capable of making a video call and leaving unforgettable moments. It brings us a lot of happiness and encounters many problems. When talking in person, the human brain will process hundreds of social and visual tasks. Many signals will be lost during video calls with auditory cues. We will be exhausted. This year, we are trying to make FaceTime calls more natural, comfortable and lifelike. First of all, let FaceTime call effect as the function of two people living in the same room. We bring spatial audio technology to FaceTime. The sound field makes the conversation as smooth as a face-to-face conversation.

Now your friends’ voices will spread out and the direction of the incoming voice will be consistent with the position in the video call. The call is also more comfortable and natural. Next, let’s talk about the microphone. Two powerful new options. The first item Voice highlighting FaceTime. The microphone will collect a lot of voices during a call. Voice highlighting is turned on. Machine learning will distinguish between voices and shielding ambient noise. It makes the voice highlight and it sounds clearer. Let’s feel it. I hope I’m also there and I’ll solve this problem. Yet? Yes, I got the birthday gift she wanted, but sometimes we hope that the sound will not be missed. Then we have to switch to a wide frequency spectrum. The microphone captures the sound of the whole environment under the wide frequency spectrum. Your voice and all the surrounding sounds. Next, let’s take a look. If you want to see each face in the chat room, just open the grid view and view it in a different way . The video size of each member of the FaceTime group call is the same.

You can clearly see who is speaking and each person’s reaction. FaceTime captures more beautiful video images. We will launch portrait mode. The design of this mode is inspired by the stunning effects of iPhone portrait photos. When using FaceTime, portrait mode blurs the background and you naturally become the focus of the picture. Next, we create for proper arrangement of FaceTime calls. With the FaceTime call link, you can generate a link for the FaceTime call and share it everywhere. It is a good way to arrange it before the call. You can send the FaceTime call link to the
messaging app, email, WhatsApp, or create a schedule for the FaceTime call in the calendar app. Everyone knows exactly where and when to meet, not only Apple devices can join the call through the FaceTime call link, even if a friend is using an Android or Windows device, they can also join the call in the browser through the FaceTime call link, even if it is a webpage FaceTime call.

Using end-to-end encryption technology, privacy will never leak the slightest. Our favorite way of communication is far more than just talking. There is also a weekly movie night or an album with friends to reminisce about the wonderful times of the past. We love sharing experiences, so we create SharePlay SharePlay includes a series of powerful new features to bring a sharing experience, allowing you to enjoy Facetime calls. With SharePlay, you can play music during the call to create an unparalleled shared listening experience. You can also watch movies or TV programs while communicating with friends in real time. Sharing can also share the screen and bring unlimited possibilities. Bring all kinds of apps into FaceTime calls. Let me demonstrate that you start with listening to songs together. If you chat on FaceTime and talk about new albums released on weekends, with SharePlay, you can play while talking. When this album is on the call, you only need to press the play button in Apple Music to choose to listen to the song together. This amazing high-quality music will be played synchronously for each caller.

You can keep the FaceTime while listening to the song. Every caller can Add songs to the shared list of songs to be played, and share playback controls.
Everyone can play, pause or switch Now let’s look at how to watch a movie together . Switch to the streaming media app and press play when calling with FaceTime. You can watch the same video with your friends. Full synchronization . The content sharing experience presented by SharePlay is unique because it moves smoothly throughout the system. Maybe you If you want to order takeaway while watching, the picture-in-picture function allows you to see your friends and watch the video together.

The control panel is always on hand. Just one click. If you want to maintain communication without disturbing the sound of the video, you can switch to The messaging app continues to talk there. If you need to use the big screen, you can expand the video to Apple TV. While watching the video, use the iPhone to
share with friends on FaceTime.

At this time, even if you use SharePlay across multiple devices, each caller is still in sync. To ensure you You can share many wonderful experiences in FaceTime. In addition to Apple Music
and Apple TV app SharePlay is designed to be compatible with your favorite apps and streaming services. Developers can easily use APIs to connect their apps to FaceTime. Today we are happy to announce that we are Work with some excellent partners and friends to watch blockbuster movies on Disney+ Watch popular TV shows on Hulu Watch HBO Max original works See friends use the NBA app to see the buzzer-beating lore, be happy when you see the buzzer- beater on Twitch , watch the best of the week on TikTok Interesting videos . Learn new skills with friends on MasterClass. Wonderful and exciting. Finally, watch the screen sharing. You can use this feature to browse real-time listings with future roommates on Zillow or show off your nirvana screen in your favorite game.

Sharing is also a simple and extremely effective way to help others solve problems immediately and work across Apple devices. This is SharePlay,
a new way to keep in touch with family and friends during FaceTime calls and share the experience. Next, I talk about how to keep in touch all day long. The app is undoubtedly the first choice. At the moment, I don’t know how many conversations are based on sharing articles, photos, etc. This year, we will share exciting content and communicate with each other in a novel way. Below, I have Mindy to demonstrate for you. Thank you Craig. It is a great honor to show you the new information in the app.

The function may as well look at the chat interface of my home. Every family member is sending me fun photos of the Joshua Tree scenic spot in California. Please see the new photo collage design and the cool stacking method to accommodate more photos from Taylor. I can Swipe and browse, tap to see all, and quickly add "click back". May wish to see my friends They always send me a variety of content such as Leah’s shared interesting playlists. Casey’s shared strategy article introduces which pizza is the best. The problem is that after receiving these great content, they usually don’t have time to enjoy it immediately. I will not read this article for the time being, and then I will read it when I want to fill it up later. I will show you the function specially designed for this purpose. Share it with you. Go to the news app. A new section for sharing with you has been added to make it easier for me to find that article. The article about pizza and the articles shared by other friends. I can read it when I want to learn more.

Please see the sharer at the top. I can tap "From Casey" and chat to remind her that Chicago thick-bottomed pizza is obviously the best, and then continue to browse. I want to listen to the playlist that Leah sent earlier. I can go to Apple Music. Here we come to listen to it. It’s so good. It must be added to the music library. I love to look at the photos. The photo app has added a new
section to share with you . It is very convenient to find these photos and will be displayed in the selected photos and memories.

The best thing is that these photos will be automatically archived in the gallery. If I return to "Joshua Tree" and click on it, I can see my cousin All the beautiful photos I sent and the beautiful photos I took. Collect all the photos without any effort. The photo app is very smart and only archives the photos I care about the most. The sharing function of iOS 15 returns the lens to you Craig. In addition to photos, Apple Music and News app, we integrate sharing with you into the Safari browser, podcast app, and video app.

Places such as sharing and search are on top. This is the information app and sharing with you to connect your favorite content for you to enjoy. Combining with SharePlay and FaceTime's other strengths. Updates. We bring you more meaningful communication methods. Of course, this means to To spend time for this, we launched a new tool to help you focus on the important things. Now the iPhone plays multiple roles in life. Get information and connect with each other to complete tasks. Of course it’s good, but our attention is distracted in various places and it’s hard to work. We want to find a balance between life and life. We want to make room for you to focus on the moment. First, start with notifications. Have a new look. Contact photos. The app icon becomes bigger and easier to recognize.

The notification function is useful. But I was distracted by this. In fact, some notifications are imminent, and some notifications can be processed later. To help you arrange your own time, we will launch a notification summary to collect the notifications. You can choose when to push the notifications. For example, in the morning or evening, we use the device side. Smart technology organizes the summary content according to the habit of using the app, so that you can quickly grasp the main points.

The notification summary is sorted by priority , the higher the relevance, the more relevant the contact’s notifications will not appear in the summary, so you will not miss important news. If it is not right now It is convenient for you to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode and mute all notifications. In fact, it is easy to go back and do your own business. If you know that we are really busy, we have created a simple way to tell the other party that you are busy.

Now when you use the Do Not Disturb mode, the messaging app will Automatically display your status. If you want to contact people who don’t want to be disturbed, you will be immediately reminded. Sometimes you want to focus on work, or you may want to enjoy a wonderful dinner with your family in private . When you encounter the above situation, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb mode or use focus. Mode to balance the focus mode in a new way to match your device to your current state of mind. With the focus mode, you only need to choose the content you want to focus on. You can divide the work or private life time in a day. When setting the focus mode, we use the device End-to-end smart technology recommends which apps and contacts to enable notifications based on your activity patterns.

If you are at work, you can choose to only allow colleagues or mail apps, calendar apps, Slack apps, etc. to send notifications. You can also set up a dedicated page on the home screen to suit you. Focus on and organize apps and widgets in an orderly manner to reduce distractions. For example, only work apps can be seen in private time. We recommend that you only receive notifications from family and friends or Calm apps when they match the home screen. You can put YouTube and other favorite entertainment apps on the home screen. Or to keep in touch with family and friends, we will even intelligently suggest to turn on the focus mode. According to the current situation, analyze various factors such as location or time. Of course, you can also create a custom focus mode. When you use focus mode on one device, everything else The device will be automatically set.

We believe that the comprehensive use of the above tools can effectively help you find a balance. iOS not only gives you space to concentrate, but also uses smart technology to enhance the experience to help you find more in the photos, quickly find the content you are looking for, and even revisit the special moments first. Introducing a new feature. Live text. Today’s photos are rich in information and valuable. Whether it’s the place visited or the handwritten notes on family recipes. Now the live text can interpret the information in the photo.

Look at the camera app in a very natural way. Let me demonstrate. Suppose I just finished a team meeting and want to take a picture of my notes on the whiteboard. Just point the camera at the bottom right corner of the whiteboard and there will be instructions. Tap the text and it will appear. I can use regular text selection gestures. Just drag and copy. I can switch. Go to the mail app,
paste the text into it and send it to Tim, great? This also applies to the photo in the gallery.

This is a photo of my friend. You may notice that there are some texts at the top. I can select it directly. Just like this, I can also select to find out more about this restaurant and find the location. Here is a photo taken by my friend. You may notice that there is a phone number in the background. Just zoom in. Use live text recognition and generate a link. Tap to call this restaurant. Just like this. Hello Wanderlust Creamery Restaurant.

I used a photo of your store on the Internet. Now I don’t really want to hang ice cream . Goodbye. Live text can recognize photos in the entire system, including screenshots. Quick view and even live text on photos on web pages. Seven texts including simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese iPhone , IPad, Mac are applicable not only text, but also to identify objects and scenes and find related information. Just tap to find information. For example, dog or flower breeds, artworks, books, natural pets and landmarks can all be recognized. We can also search Photos have become more convenient.

Focused search has been added. Photo Focused search is the starting point for all searches. Now that you have added photos to Focused search, you can quickly find it directly from the home screen. Focused search uses the smart technology of the photo app. You can press people, Finding elements in scenes, photos, or by location, such as San Francisco, using live text focus search can also find text in photos, especially convenient when you are looking for receipts, recipes or even handwritten notes. We have also added a wealth of search results to the address book You can quickly access phone calls, text FaceTime calls or emails. Focused search can intelligently collect all relevant information. Their location. If you have shared recent chat records, shared photos, calendar appointments, memos, and files through the search app, we are also actors, musicians, and TV programs. Added a wealth of search results to movies and movies. This is focused search. Next, let’s talk about how the photo app uses deep understanding of gallery photos to realize highly emotional functions such as memories. Memories will intelligently select wonderful moments to combine photos and videos into Below the moving video, please invite Chelsea to introduce the new features in detail.

Thank you Craig. This year we ushered in the biggest update so far, including the first integration of Apple Music into memories. Let me show
you. This new animated title card is so beautiful. Why don’t you come to enjoy the collection of my mountaineering adventure. You will hear a piece of music that is in sync and suitable for me. From Apple Music. Bring memories to life.

These new memories are improvised dynamic interactive screens that are vivid and harmonious. Music beat I can tap and hold the screen to pause the music and continue to play. I let go of my finger and the screen will keep up with the beat again. If I still want to watch it Just swipe the previous photo. If you want to customize the memory, I will use the new function to recall the sound mix.

First tap the screen to call up the control panel and then tap this button to enter the carousel. Try different combinations and intelligently choose each other. Matching songs, rhythms, and effects. Note that the feeling of this memory has changed. When switching to more peaceful music, slower transitions, and black and white effects [♪ ♪] [♪ ♪] This fast song sounds full of vitality These picture effects are not only dependent on filters. We analyze each photo to use consistent colors and contrast. Just like a colorist in a movie studio, if you want to see more smart song selection suggestions, just tap the music button and you will find that these top suggestions are all It fits well with my mountaineering memories.

From the Apple Music library of tens of millions of songs selected by experts, I combined my music taste and photo analysis to create personalized recommendations for me. I can also search for specific songs. Just tap the magnifying glass icon. I want to choose a song from the history of listening songs . This song by the band Imagine Dragons is very suitable. [♪ ♪] [♪ ♪] [♪ ♪] [♪ ♪] [♪ ♪] I can continue to watch related memories in Apple Music Return the lens to Craig with live text, query, focused search and recall iOS 15 to enhance the iPhone experience and make full use of the device-side smart technology. Next, let’s talk about how iOS can help you better understand and explore the world around you , the wallet app, and the weather. Some excellent updates to the app and map app. Here is Jennifer to introduce the new features of the wallet app. Apple launched the wallet app to replace physical wallets. First is Apple Pay.

We added payment cards to
achieve safer and more secure payments. After that, we bring express transportation cards. When you get to your iPhone, you can quickly take public transportation in San Francisco, New York, Beijing, Tokyo and other places. Recently Walt Disney World has added park tickets to create magical moments. Just tap to enter, ride and explore. You must bring your key. We will add keys one after another. Go to the wallet app to create a more complete experience. Let’s look at the car keys first. We use ultra-wideband technology to enhance the support for unlocking and driving experience.

There is no need to take out the iPhone from the handbag or pocket. BMW and other car brands will launch models that support ultra-wideband. Later this year, the iOS 15
wallet app will be added. Keys for everyday locations will be added. Let’s start with the life scene. We create the fastest and safest way to unlock the villa, apartment and your workplace. Just add the ID card light. Click to enter the building or office and you will bring the hotel room key when you travel. You will automatically receive it The key is when your room is ready, even if you haven’t arrived at the hotel. From this fall, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts will successively launch this service in more than a thousand hotels around the world to create a faster and safer check-in experience for guests, wherever they go, just tap it Many locks and access control system partners have signed a key support agreement with us to travel the world unimpeded, but if you want to completely get rid of the physical wallet, there is something to introduce to the iPhone.

This is the ID card. The ID card will soon be added to the Apple wallet in the United States this fall. The participating states only need to scan their driver’s license or state ID. It’s that simple . The ID information in the wallet app is encrypted and stored securely in Secure Element. The same hardware technology as Apple Pay is used to ensure privacy and security. TSA is working hard. Let airport security checkpoints take the lead in accepting digital ID documents. When you show your ID, you know what specific information is needed and show it in a safe way. You can board the flight with just one tap. This is the wallet app on iPhone and Apple Watch.
The camera is returned to you Craig. Next, we will introduce the weather app. The weather app is very popular and will usher in a major update. First, the new design is very beautiful. The data and layout will change according to the weather conditions such as wind and rain, unhealthy air quality, and sunny days . We also added new weather graphics to help For users to better understand weather conditions such as wind, UV index, and air pressure, we have completely redesigned the exquisite animation background with thousands of changes to more accurately present the sun's position, clouds and precipitation .

The weather app in iOS 15 also added a full-screen high-definition weather map. The weather map displays the temperature, precipitation animation and air quality in a new way to present the weather around you. Next, another daily-needed app will also usher in a significant update. The map app is the best choice for travel navigation. It is convenient to use and beautifully designed. To ensure that your privacy information is protected, please Meg to give you a detailed introduction two years ago. We started to launch a new map, providing richer details and more refined navigation to help you. We have created a new map from scratch so far. Launched in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada. We are pleased to announce that Spain and Portugal will launch new maps today. Italy and Australia will also join later this year. We have always been committed to creating the best map app. Looking back on all our efforts in the past, we asked ourselves what we can do.

To be better. First of all, we have built a beautiful and interactive earth to encourage users to tap to explore. This is a new way to see the world. In the city, we have further improved the experience of the map app. The current map app is already very good for many users. Indicates that it is easy to navigate and explore while iOS 15 Our map app will present new and rich details of business districts, piers, buildings, etc. We have added many elements such as altitude, new road colors and labels, and hundreds of specially designed landmarks such as the Coit Tower and Golden Gate Bridge.

We have also built a new building The night mode with moonlight effects is very beautiful. We think that for map app users, all these improvements will make the city exploration journey fun. When users are ready to travel, the iOS 15 map app
will bring a better navigation experience. Let us start from driving. A large number of new road details have been added to the map to help drivers better pay attention to and understand important road conditions such as turning lanes, central isolation belts, bus lanes,
taxi lanes, etc. when traveling through the city. Our attention to details includes the addition of crosswalks and bicycle lanes. Drivers are safer when driving on highways through complex intersections. The map app can now render complex interchanges to help you understand the road conditions ahead or which lane you need to drive in. Of course, we will also bring it to the CarPlay system later this year. This driving experience has been greatly improved in addition to driving navigation and taking public transportation. The navigation experience has also been greatly improved to help you easily find nearby stations.

Users can put the selected route on the top and can continue to track on the Apple Watch without taking out the mobile map app from the pocket. The auto-following route will notify you when you are about to reach the terminal station. If you don’t know which direction you are going to, the map app will show you the way. Just take out your iPhone and scan the building map app ahead. It will generate extremely accurate positioning with enhancements. Realistic technology displays detailed walking routes to help you reach your destination on foot. This novel and beautiful three-dimensional navigation experience will be on the screen before the end of 2021. These cities will be launched next year. There will be more cities to join.

This is the new map app. Put the lens Give it back to you Craig. This is just part of the new features of the map app. A new way to explore the natural beauty of the earth. Amazing new 3D cities bring an optimized navigation experience . Many major updates brought by iOS 15 include helping you keep in touch and make yourself more focused. Device-side smart technology discovers more wonderful exploration of the world. Not only these, but also the
voice search function of Safari browser. Supports drag and drop of content between different apps. Brings new outfit options for simulacrum. This is how iOS 15 brings various powerful new features. Optimize the iPhone experience. Of course, one of our most popular iPhone accessories is AirPods. Now I have Gagan to introduce you to the new features in detail. [♪ ♪] AirPods allows us to enjoy music in a new way, and to keep us connected in a richer way.

Whether it’s with family and friends with our various equipment or with Our favorite entertainment content iOS 15 also
brings some excellent new features to AirPods. Firstly, Conversation Boost is introduced to help people with slightly hearing impairments have a smooth conversation. With the help of computational audio and beamforming microphone Conversation Boost
to focus AirPods Pro on the conversation partner in front of you. To help you make it easier to hear the conversation. To help you hear the conversation better, you can also reduce the environmental noise . Siri's information broadcast function can help you keep in touch when you can’t get the iPhone.

IOS 15 is further developed on this basis and
brings notifications. The broadcast function Siri can now automatically read important time-sensitive notifications for you. For example, your dinner takeaway has been delivered. If you set a location in the reminder app, for example, when you arrive at a supermarket, Siri can read your shopping list for you when you need it. At that time, you can choose which apps to enable this feature. If you don’t want to be disturbed, you can also choose the Do Not Disturb mode. When you choose the new focus mode, your notification preferences have been taken into account. Next, we have significantly improved the AirPods search app. How it works In iOS 15, you can locate your AirPods Pro and AirPods Max and use the secure Bluetooth beacon sent by the search network AirPods to allow other Apple devices to detect and transmit the location of AirPods to the search network and then return it.

The search app for you, if you are nearby, just click to play the sound, regardless of whether it is in the charging box or not, just listen to the chirp. The search app has added a distance view. When you are close, a prompt will be displayed. In order to avoid losing AirPods as much as possible, you will receive a drop reminder Informing you that AirPods forgot to take the last.

We brought spatial audio with dynamic head tracking to AirPods Pro last year and further enhanced this experience . AirPods Max brings high-fidelity sound effects. Relying on computational audio technology, a cinema-like stereo experience for you Bring an immersive movie-watching experience this fall. Space audio technology will also come to tvOS. You can enjoy all-round surround sound. Designed for your living room. The large screen lingers will not disturb other people at home. With dynamic head tracking, you are indoors. The spatial sound effects will also be adjusted at any time when you are walking. macOS equipped with the new M1 chip will also support spatial audio with dynamic head tracking so that you can enjoy spatial audio on all devices. In addition, we recently announced that Apple Music supports spatial audio. Multi-dimensional sound effects that are more shocking than the panoramic sound. We are very happy
that this feature will be presented by many albums of your favorite musicians including Ariana Gra. nde, The Weeknd
J Balvin, Kacey Musgraves, etc. With Conversation Boost's convenient search function, the optimized experience brought by the convenient spatial audio.

The AirPods series has actually added a lot of excellent functions. Give the time back to you Craig [♪ ♪] It 's time to come Let’s talk about iPadOS. iPad is an amazingly versatile device with unique mobility. Many breakthrough innovative technologies and a touch-first experience. This experience is driven by iPadOS and based on iPadOS. We have created a variety of Unique features make your iPad become your handy tool whenever you need it. When you use it to browse your own photos, the iPad in your hand is the album with the most precious memories. When you pick up the Apple Pencil, the iPad becomes a notepad.

Marking tools or the canvas for your next artistic creation. When you connect the keyboard and the touch version of the iPad, it brings a powerful new way to help you deal with the important documents at hand. This series of unique and powerful functions means that you can instantly anytime, anywhere To complete the task at hand, from capturing inspiration, forming ideas, sharing ideas in time, in one go. iPad OS 15 aims to further extend and deepen this versatility to make the iPad more powerful and more intuitive and easy to use. Let's start directly from the small components of the home screen. All kinds of information are beautifully presented and you can see it at a glance when you need it.

This year we will bring a major update. Now you can freely place various small components in the various apps on the home screen. It’s great. Let me demonstrate the specific operation . I’m on the home screen. You can see that there are already some widgets arranged at the top. Let’s start by adding a widget. Let me call up the widget bar. Here you notice some brand new widgets such as the beautifully newly designed search app. There is also a widget for the address book app. When you need to contact your family or friends, just tap and let us find a good place for it.

Move to the top. Now I’m back to the widget bar. The widgets of Parcel app are used Track my express directly on the home screen. Perfect. Of course, a larger screen also means more space for small components. So we added a larger small component size designed specifically for the larger display of the iPad. This is The new video app widget can directly enter the drama I am chasing with a single tap. This screen is my game. The new Game Center widget allows me to enter my game faster. Explore what games I can play with my friends. Let’s see the brand new The large-size photo app widget puts your favorite photos in a prominent place, while the larger-size file app widget can show the logos of my various work files. The useful widgets in the front of the sign occupy several screens.

Some infrequently used apps are queued to the back. In order to access all apps more easily, we have also brought the App resource library to the iPad. All my apps are here and are automatically sorted. The better thing is that we design the entrance of the App resource library directly on the Dock so that you can quickly find the app you need no matter which screen you are on. With the App resource library, you can hide those App pages you don’t need.

Reorder like this or like this. This is the widgets and App resource library. We believe this will change the way you read information and access various apps on the iPad. We also bring a major update to improve the iPadOS experience. Another key link Multitasking This year, we have made this experience easier to find, easier to use, and more powerful. Let’s ask Shubham to introduce you in detail. Thank you Craig. In iPadOS 15 there will be a new control on top of each app. Just tap to adjust Here is a menu for multitasking. Here I can make one app display in full screen or have two apps run at the same time. You can create split-screen browsing or side-pull to realize the split-screen browsing icon. The current app will automatically slide to the edge of the screen to let me.

I can quickly go back to the home screen and select the app I need. For example, I am making a podcast, so I open the Ferrite app. Now I can open the Ferrite app and the memo app at the same time. It is convenient to switch apps in the split screen browsing. To replace the Ferrite app, just swipe down the memo app and move it to the side to select another app from the home screen. We choose the mail app. The operation method of choosing the new app is exactly the same on both sides of the screen. We will multitask. Convenient usage also brings to various apps that support multiple windows. Tap and hold this email in the mail app to open it in the center of the screen.

You can read the entire email without leaving the current view. There is also a multitasking control panel to open it. This window can be easily moved into split-screen browsing or side-scrolling, but I want to save this email and read it later. Just swipe down to minimize the window to the new App shelf area. The App shelf allows me to easily access
all the open windows of an app.

Let’s go to the Safari browser. When I switch apps, the App Shelf of the current app will automatically display. I usually open multiple Safari browser windows. Many windows are split-screen browsing with other apps. Just tap to switch quickly. I’m OK. Add or delete windows in the App shelf at any time, and we make the App switcher more For example, if I want to create split-screen browsing, I just need to drag one app to another app. This is the multitasking in iPadOS 15. Return the lens to you Craig. Thank you Shubham. The above-mentioned new multitasking function will help users be more efficient. Do more things on iPad. What’s even better is that we have launched a new set of keyboard shortcuts to easily complete various operations without lifting your hand. In iPadOS 15, you can also use the Memo app in more clever ways to record and organize various information this year. We have added a lot of powerful new features to facilitate collaboration and organization management. First of all, we added the @mentioned feature.

Just @ment someone in the shared memo and this person will be notified to see where the mention is made. There is also a new Activity View allows you to quickly view the changes in shared memos, even when you are away, there is a new way for users to organize their memos, which is the new tag function. You can add tags to any place in the memo and browse with new tags.

The browser quickly finds the corresponding memo. Sometimes you just want to jot down important things for emergencies, so we have launched a new system-level feature, Quick Memo. This feature allows you to quickly open a memo no matter what you are doing . Will, for your demonstration, thank you Craig. It’s very easy to call up a quick memo like me. Swipe the memo and it appears from the corner of the screen. I opened a memo, which can be entered or written with Apple Pencil. It is very suitable for quickly jot down phone numbers and so on. Swipe away the memo. Let’s open the Safari browser. The quick memo is awesome because it recognizes the app I’m using. I added a new quick memo to the Safari browser. I can add a web link to the quick memo very conveniently. You can tap this link at any time to return to this webpage. Let us visit the website I added the link before.

At this time, the small thumbnail in the corner makes it easy for me to go back to the quick memo at any time. Here I write down all the information I need. You will pay attention. To some highlighted text on the page, I have added this text to the quick memo, and when I tap the link of the highlighted text, I can go directly back to the corresponding content on the page. I can add almost any link in the app, including various This is a third-party app. There is a Yelp link. I can directly open the restaurant page with a tap. I can swipe in the quick memo to switch my recent memos. If you want to view all my quick memos, visit the memo app, then you can return the camera Craig, thank you Will. This is a new way to write down all kinds of information in Quick Memos. Quick Memos can be
created later in iPadOS and macOS. Accessing and editing on iOS Now let’s talk about the translation app. In just one year, the translation app has helped users perform billions of translations in iOS.

I’m very happy that the translation app has also come to the iPad and it’s outstanding thanks to the unique features of the iPad. For example, you can use Apple Pencil to practice handwriting foreign texts or use split-screen browsing to compare translations. The translation app is designed to help communication and dialogue. So in order to make the dialogue easier and more natural, we launched the automatic translation function. The automatic translation function will recognize whether you are Which language is spoken in the speech, so you don’t need to press a button every time you speak, you just need to speak directly and give the rest to the translation app to complete. We are very happy to extend the translation function to the whole system so that you can translate the text everywhere. Select the text and tap "Translate". With the live text, you can also translate the text in the picture. The system-wide translation function is available in iPadOS, iOS and macOS. Of course, you can download the language pack and use all functions on the device side, whether it is processing documents.

Or meet in person to translate the app to make the iPad more powerful. Now let’s talk about Swift Playgrounds and how it will bring a new dimension of productivity to the iPad. Swift Playgrounds is an excellent way to learn programming. Just follow a series of curriculum plans designed by Apple. Make programming learning full of interactivity and fun. This year, we take this one step further and let you write apps directly on the iPad. You can use Swift UI to write apps. Swift UI makes app development very simple. You can write code in the app immediately. The real-time preview presents this brand new project type and is also compatible with Xcode for Mac. Swift Playgrounds now supports optimized code completion. Just enter the code directly and quickly add suggestions for the code. You can also access the entire UI component resource library and supporting documentation. If you are Newbies in app development and guidance on creating the first app can refer to the full-screen trial run when developing the app. When you are ready, you can submit it directly to the App Store. It’s wonderful that you can
develop all kinds of iPhone and iPad apps directly on the iPad.

We believe this It will open a new chapter for the iPad. This is iPadOS 15. It will push the versatility of the iPad to a new level. Bring a new widget layout to the home screen. The redesigned multitasking experience of the App resource library. The
new note-taking and translation functions are developed using Swift Playgrounds
. The ability of the app plus the iOS we talked about earlier The new features
will also appear in iPadOS. It ’s time to re-examine how to make the most of the iPad in your hands.

Next, we understand that the privacy features are at Apple. We believe that privacy is a basic human right. We believe that you should not choose between superior features and privacy. We think you can have both. From the very beginning, we have worked hard to help you keep your personal data under your own control. Over the years, we have integrated effective privacy controls into the operating system. Recently added privacy tags and App tracking transparency. Today, privacy is better than ever. Both are more important. This is because when you use the Internet and third-party apps, the complex ecosystem of data companies and ad technology companies will track you.

Usually we don’t recognize this practice without your permission. We believe that we need to protect your privacy. Transparency and control of your own information. Here are Katie and Erik to introduce new ways to give you more control. Thank you Craig. We started with the email app. You may receive many marketing emails like me. You may not realize many of them. Mail uses invisible pixels to collect your mail activity information, such as when you opened the mail or even your IP address. We think you should be able to choose whether to allow the collection of information. We will bring mail privacy protection to the mail app. Its function is as follows. It hides your IP Address so that the sender cannot associate with your other online activities and cannot determine your location. It can prevent the sender from knowing if and when you have opened the email so that you can be more at ease when you check the email. Safari can rely on smart defense Tracking protection is the industry leader in preventing cross-site tracking.

This year we have further prevented trackers from obtaining your IP address, so they cannot be used to correlate your activities on other sites or resolve your location. What you can see in the Safari privacy report The tracker is blocked from analyzing you. We want to bring the same transparency to the apps you use, so we will launch the App Privacy Report. These new settings will give you an overview of how the app handles your privacy. You can view the past 7 days The app uses your authorization to access location, photos, camera microphone, address book, and other data frequency.

To understand who your data may be shared with, you can view all third-party domain names that the app is contacting. These are our new privacy protection controls. Now let’s talk about Siri. Siri is available on all Apple devices to complete tasks quickly. Siri usage is increasing day by day. More than 600 million devices are using each month. We have recently enriched Siri voice options. The sound effects are great.

pexels photo 4560060

Hello, I’m Siri.
Just talk about what you need. This year Siri will have many excellent new features, but today we want to focus on major privacy updates. Siri strives to handle data on the device as much as possible to protect the privacy of information and the power of the neural network engine. Data security is better than before. We will introduce device-side voice. Recognition technology This means that by default your audio is completely processed on the iPhone or iPad, which eliminates the biggest privacy concerns for the voice assistant. Eliminates unnecessary recordings. This feature has some very good features in addition to protecting privacy.

Benefits First of all, even if there is no Internet connection, you can send many requests to start the app, change settings, control music, etc.Secondly, the device-side processing speeds up the process, please see I will continuously send requests to open the photo app, open the calendar app, open the flight mode timer and set it to 20 minutes. Switch to Dark mode wakes me up at 7 a.m. Siri's fast processing speed on the device side is amazing. These are the mail app Safari browser and
some outstanding new privacy protection features in your app and device-side voice recognition technology for Siri. Give it back to you Craig. Next in our ecosystem, iCloud also puts your privacy first Two improvements that will be brought to Apple ID .

First, we have added a new method. If you forget your password or lock your account, you can log in to your account again. You can choose to add trusted contacts such as family and friends to the
recovery contact list. They can’t access them. Your account, but if you forget the password, you can call them to get the authentication code needed to log in again. Fast, simple and safe. Secondly, we will launch a new electronic heritage plan. We don’t think about this often, but we must have it after our deaths . It is convenient to transfer information to family and friends. You can add individuals as legacy contacts to your account. After you pass away, they can request access immediately and transfer your information quickly and conveniently.

ICloud always guarantees that important personal information such as photos, manuscripts, memos, etc. is safe, up-to-date and all Devices are accessible. Today we will bring some major updates. We will upgrade our paid subscription to iCloud+ iCloud+. All the advantages of iCloud and some outstanding new features. First look at the features that help protect online privacy. Every day we use various Internet to browse the web, whether it’s your own Internet or public Wi-Fi on the road. In the background, network service providers and websites will synthesize your identity information and browsing history to generate your detailed files. In addition to the Safari browser, we will try our best to protect your For online privacy, we also launched a new service, Private Relay. You can browse content more securely and privately using the Safari browser. It works very cleverly. It ensures that the outgoing device traffic is encrypted and no one can intercept and read all requests.

All requests must go through two independent Internet relay sending No one, including Apple, knows who you are or what site you are visiting to achieve all the functions while the performance is not affected. Next, let’s talk about another function of Cloud+.
Hidden email addresses need to share personal emails. We will be cautious about email addresses. For example, if you have a hidden email address when
you fill out a web form, you can share a randomly generated unique address to forward emails to your personal inbox. This feature is built into the mail app
Safari browser and iCloud settings to click You need to easily create an unlimited number of addresses, you can delete everything at any time, all in control iCloud+ also includes built-in support for HomeKit security video More and more users use security cameras to monitor the situation at home With iCloud+ you can connect more cameras than ever before, all security videos are available This is not included in the iCloud storage capacity.

This is part of your subscription. Of course you can still get all the other iCloud features you love, including photos, backups, and iCloud cloud disks. The most gratifying thing is that the price has not changed. You can use all iCloud features
plus the new Private Relay. The service hides the email address and the
expanded HomeKit secure video support is as low as the current price. We are very happy that iCloud+ can bring users a more private and connected experience. Below, please let Sumbul introduce the latest development of the health app. The health of you and your family is always right. You are important. The past year is even more important. Apple pays more attention to the cause of health than ever. We work with medical experts to accelerate health innovation. We strive to improve personal health and make it easier for them to participate in large-scale research. Through our various API developers will use us.

The equipment and health app promote the development of medicine in an original way. Here is an example. My name is Francoise Marvel . I am a cardiology researcher at Johns Hopkins Hospital. My name is Seth Martin. I am also a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Every day, Seth and Seth treat patients who are lying in bed. Six doctors treat one patient together. We try our best to share the patient’s condition and discuss how they need to improve their physical condition. We speak fast in medical terms. The patient is deeply confused and feels isolated. There must be a way to be helpless than simply treating the patient. Handing the patient a bunch of documents, hoping that they will understand how to improve their physical condition.

We think So better to completely redesign the treatment process for patients with heart disease. Use ResearchKit
, CareKit, and HealthKit to link with Apple Watch to introduce key cardiovascular indicators to help us understand the development of patients. Francoise participated in the Johns Hopkins Technology Accelerator Program where she was there The work led to the end of this phone call with the Apple team. Francoise said to Apple’s Divya, “What can we do to speed up this process? " Divya said that you have to come to Cupertino. We can turn your ideas into reality. We found an Airbnb in Silicon Valley and started to write code with iOS developers. Every few hours everyone discusses ideas and what can be used. Tools, we will go to the whiteboard and list these things. You should solve them and then go back to the Airbnb, drink more coffee, order more milk tea, eat some food, and then we will go to Cupertino. They drove a small truck back to Cupey. Tino spent almost a whole day getting more feedback and working with their team. They left our office and worked all night to build and implement the ideas we discussed.

Our tools combined with their creations and finally worked together to create a miracle . We were in high spirits when we were in Tino. Guess what? Our clinical trials were able to save a large number of patients to avoid complications and reduce the rate of re-admission and hospitalization by 52%. It may have saved many lives. I remember that we were sitting outdoors with the view of Cupertino. Painting a pleasant climate is just one of the moments that let us realize that the Corrie app will definitely care for the hearts of many people in the world.

This incredible journey has started from a spark that has turned into a flame. This is just one of many inspiring stories. A proof that the medical profession is striving to innovate and monitor your own health changes is an important part of taking care of yourself, but this awareness will gradually fade and forget over time. This year we will launch three new functions to help you identify, measure and understand these. Changes, let’s ask Adeeti to introduce you to the first function. Let’s take a look at "mobility". Your movement and walking style can indicate balance problems and gait disorders. This is the main cause of adult falls. At present, the risk of falls is due to health care.

The service provider uses questionnaires and on-site assessments to achieve this, but misses daily exercise factors and may ignore important changes. The iPhone captures your movement data while walking based on scientifically verified indicators. We have launched a new risk assessment of falls on this basis. Ways of walking stability This is the first time in history that you will know whether your risk of falling has increased so that you can take measures to improve your stability as soon as possible. Let’s quickly look at some of the scientific principles behind it. Automatically measure walking speed and uniformity, step length, time taken for each step and even the time your feet are on the ground. Comprehensive analysis of these indicators can provide insight into the changes in your balance, stability and coordination. We use real data from the Apple Heart & Movement
Study for different ages.

A total of more than 100,000 people participated in this study. This is the largest fall risk research data set to date. It helped create the first health indicator of this dace. You can check the walking stability in the health app.
If the indicators show that you are walking Yes The stable walking stability will display "OK". You can see the monthly trend of walking stability. If your stable walking is low or very low and the risk of falling is increased, you will be notified and you can also learn how to improve In your stability health app, there are related exercises to help you increase your strength and balance and reduce the risk of falling. Below, please ask Sumbul to introduce you to another way to monitor health changes. Your test results, such as cholesterol, can be found in the health app. In the United States alone, there are 14 billion clinical tests performed every year . This requires tracking a lot of information to get your own test results. You may not understand what these tests mean or don’t know what changes.

The health app will show detailed instructions to help you better. Know your own test data. For example, when you receive the results of a cholesterol test, you will know that low-density lipoprotein is a harmful cholesterol. Excessive accumulation of cholesterol may be a risk of heart disease. You can also check whether the test results are within the expected range. Comprehensive analysis of these views It will help you to understand the results of the test. Many health changes are accumulated over time. In order to fully understand the trend, you will have an in-depth understanding of long-term changes such as steps, resting heart rate, blood sugar, sleep, etc. When there is a new trend in the data, you will receive a reminder. What indicators in your data need to be closely monitored or even discussed with your doctor. If you have more walking every day, the health summary will show that the number of steps has been increasing in the past few months.

This is the best way to celebrate your progress in achieving your health goals. This is one This is a very effective method that allows us to understand the trend of potential new health problems earlier , Walking Steadiness
and a better Labs experience. You have three new ways to understand the changes in your overall health and manage the other health issues. An important link is to have a meaningful conversation with the doctor. During the consultation, the doctor will check the main signs and laboratory results and will also ask about daily health activities such as exercise and sleep. Patients often have difficulty remembering all the detailed data, but the health app contains all the important information, so it is for support.

For this type of conversation, you can select the health data to share with the maintenance provider in a private manner. For example, if you are worried about heart health, you can share the heart data. This is a safe sharing for anyone, including Apple
, to see this information. Doctors can view the information from eHealth Directly view these data in the file system to find important trends, such as activity changes, high heart rate, and reminder history. Accessing this information can help doctors have a more comprehensive understanding of your daily health outside the clinic. We are very excited about this new feature. The data in the health app is directly shared with your doctors . These electronic health record companies in the United States will be the first to support this feature. In the next few months, we are expected to further expand the scope of use.

For many users, we do not only pay attention to our own health changes, whether they are with us. Live together still You live far away, whether you live under the same roof or on the other side. Some users want to take care of their children, and some users want to serve elderly parents. For many users, they need to take care of the previous and next generations. In order for you to have the ability to take care of others, we launched Health Sharing View the health data, trends and reminders of the people who are most important to you in a private and safe manner. For example, I can establish a sharing relationship with my mother and I can view her data after obtaining her permission, such as heart rate activity, laboratory information and other data like The trend of my own health data is the same as my own health data.

I actively highlight the changes in my mother’s health data. I can also receive notifications, including high heart rate reminders of changes in activity ability, etc., to facilitate communication with her about her health problems. If I find changes that need attention, such as her calmness I only need to tap "message" to start a conversation with my mother. This is a powerful way to pay attention to the health of your loved one. You will feel at ease and they know that they have a trust in their health journey. From the beginning of the design of the health app, all health functions are constructed to ensure data security and protect privacy. Your health data is under your control. The sharing experience is encrypted during transmission and storage. The permission function is added to allow you to finely control the type of data sharing. You can make changes to the shared data on the "Share" tab at any time.

The shared data is sent in encrypted form. Apple cannot access any of the information. When designing and developing all "health" features, everything is based on privacy. We are excited about the upcoming health features. The new function of the indicators for fall risk assessment allows you to share the selected data with the doctor and your loved ones in a new and private way. Below, please let Kevin introduce watchOS. Apple Watch is the most popular watch in the world. It helps you stay healthy. , Active and connected. With features such as fall detection, ECG, ECG, and period tracking, Apple Watch is an indispensable health partner that not only inspires you to fill your activity circle, but also changes the way you stay healthy. Keep in touch with the people and things you care about most. It’s easy to implement on Apple Watch. It’s all on your wrist.

On watchOS 8, we have launched more features in these areas. Let’s take a look at health. Everyone is more aware of the importance of taking time to train mindfulness. In fact, breathing apps have become increasingly popular, especially last year. In watchOS 8, the function of the breathing app has been enhanced to give you more opportunities to slow down and pay attention.
At the same time, new beautiful animations are enabled to help you
focus and calm while breathing. We will also introduce a new way of contemplation that helps to be more focused, such as reflection. It’s "Think about what you love to do and what makes you happy." Soothing animations help focus.

Research shows that regular training of mindfulness like this can help boost positive emotions and overall mental health. The new mindfulness training app
is divided into Meditation and breathing are two parts that will help you reduce stress and relax. In the sleep app, we have launched a new way to help you reach your sleep goals. Tracking sleep indicators, such as heart rate during sleep, and even blood oxygen. In watchOS 8, Apple Watch can track sleep. Another key indicator, breathing rate, is the main sign that measures the number of breaths per minute. As your sleep breathing rate gradually stabilizes , changes in breathing rate may indicate that overall health may have changed.

If a meaningful trend is found in the breathing rate You will be notified that you can see more details about your breathing rate in the health app. Below, please ask Julz to introduce you to new features that help you stay active. Apple Watch is the perfect companion to motivate you to become more healthy. watchOS 8 is new Two popular physical training is beneficial to bring more ideas to daily life. The first is Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art that has thousands of years of history and is known as "Meditation in Sports". Its gentle movements help to reduce stress and maintain better The brand new Pilates training for peace of mind is one of the best ways to develop the strength, balance and flexibility of the central muscles. Of course, another way for users to stay healthy is to use Apple Fitness+. This is the first completely built around Apple Watch. Many users of this service say that Fitness+ will bring positive changes to their lives. Fitness+ will launch a new set of physical training series.

Leaded by Jeanette Jenkins, one of the most popular fitness experts. Through seven sets of strength and high-intensity interval training, she ignites sports enthusiasm and respects the body. Strong concept music plays an important role in the Fitness+ experience, so we will launch a new
Artist Spotlight Series. Each set of physical training features an entire playlist selected from Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez Keith Urban, Alicia Keys The Artist Spotlight Series
and Jeanette. The brand new physical training will be launched later this month. With the new physical training program and the
excellent new content of Fitness+, Apple Watch will continue to inspire you to stay active and healthy in a wonderful way.

Give it back to you Kevin, let’s talk about some help The new feature photos that keep you in touch with your loved ones will let you warm up your favorite moments and most precious memories. The photo watch face is the most popular watch face on Apples Watch, so watchOS 8 will introduce another ingenious way to appreciate your favorite photos. A new way of portrait dial which selects portrait photos from iPhone and utilizes portrait images Cut the data to create a multi-layered dial with depth of field. You can also customize the dial to adjust the photo composition and time settings to highlight the theme. It’s better to see the following. Please Shandra for you to demonstrate. Thank you Kevin. Raise your wrist and it will display the photo scrolling digital crown. You can view the dynamic composition that makes this dial extraordinary . When you can’t meet, you can see people you miss from time to time. Talking about photos. The photo app has been completely redesigned. In addition to personal collection, it also adds selected memories and selected photos.

I click this After remembering, you can scroll through the photo layout of this new mosaic arrangement. My daughter Wesleigh and I adopted the puppy Fondue last year. We miss her during the day. The new photo app allows us to quickly recall the past. I really like this photo in the memory. I want to work with Wesleigh sharing let her know that we don’t always miss the wonderful moments of Fondue. Tap the share icon to send the shared photos on the watch directly through the messaging and mail app. We will send a message to Wesleigh. I will tap to add a message so that you can see the changes in writing. It’s more convenient. You can dictate, write and add emoticons in the same view. I always find it convenient to write messages with dictation. Remember this? Tap the handwriting to edit the text between words, select the text you want to change and delete the rotating crown, move the cursor, and then add text to send a message.

You can’t fully express your opinion without emojis. Tap the "emoji" icon to add more to the handwriting view. The emoji watchOS 8 makes it easy for you to send perfect messages from your wrist. It’s fast. Wesleigh must also be thinking about puppies. Apple Watch now supports GIF. I can reply funny like using iPhone. New App 架展示#images you You can search for the perfect GIF animation or select from the recent gallery. I think this face-covering animation best expresses my current feelings. This is the brand new feature of watchOS 8 that allows you to keep in touch with the people and puppies you care about. Next, Return it to Kevin. I hope you like these new features in the photo and information app. Of course, there is also support for finding items in the next hour of precipitation and multiple timers. watchOS is today’s most advanced wearable operating system.

WatchOS 8 is further launched. Brand-new features help you stay healthy, active and connected. Next, let Craig talk about the family scene. When we design home products at Apple, we reflect three key attributes. First, it is easy to use. We believe that the technology adopted by the family should serve you instead of you. Technology We design products that can give full play to the synergy effect. Your iPhone, HomePod mini Apple TV and other devices can work together to create a seamless experience .

Everything we do is focused on privacy and security, which is of the utmost importance to all users On this basis, we will launch a series of excellent functions this year to make family life more fun. Let’s invite Yah to introduce you in detail. The core of smart home is HomeKit. Seamlessly coordinate and control smart home accessories. Everything starts with the introduction of the new home key function at the front door.

After that, you can safely unlock the door by simply tapping on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Just like this. Sometimes you can’t wait to watch your favorite show when you get home. Now it’s more convenient. Starting this fall, you can wake up Siri on the HomePod mini and ask to play content on Apple TV. Get rid of manual operation completely. Hey Siri. Watch the latest episode of Mosquito Coast. Now play the seventh episode of Mosquito Coast. For many users, watching TV with friends is the happiest. As Craig said earlier, SharePlay will change the way you watch TV together. Exclusive rewards on Apple TV can also invite friends to enjoy the same on FaceTime to ensure that everyone enjoys the movie finale Or TV show smiles. In order to facilitate the appreciation of all the plots discussed by friends, the Apple TV app will launch a new shared with you section to highlight all the wonderful shows and movies shared by friends on the information app.

We also hope to facilitate the selection of movies when the family is together. If mom likes watching action movies, grandma likes watching sci-fi movies and teenagers love to watch comedy movies, so we launched a new column For All of You to show a series of shows and movies suitable for the whole family to spend movie nights. You can easily fine-tune the video recommendation according to the audience you watch. When you are ready to watch the video content, you hope that the sound in the video will also be shocking. This fall, you can choose HomePod mini as the speaker of Apple TV 4K. Thanks to the sound balance of the calculated audio HomePod mini and the layered dialogue, clear and transparent, and all the pictures complement each other.[ ♪ ♪] [♪ ♪] [♪ ♪] HomePod mini is suitable for any room such as a kitchen.

You can convert the measurement value to set a timer or add items to the shopping list. Of course you can listen to Apple Music and other popular music services at any time. Later, Apple Music
will add support for lossless audio because we hope that more users will experience the magic of HomePod mini. HomePod mini will be launched in more countries and regions. In addition to the current market for sale, HomePod mini will land in Austria and Ireland this month And New Zealand will be on sale in the Italian market at the end of this year. Later this year, HomePod mini will be launched in major markets where the voice recognition function will be launched to provide a personalized experience for each family member . You can ask Siri to send a message to set their own reminder or Listen to the playlist carefully arranged for them. We believe that Siri will exert its power when it can be reached in every place in your home. Therefore, we are very happy to bring Siri HomeKit to third-party devices. Accessories manufacturers will be available in their own for the first time.

With Siri enabled in the product, you will be able to talk to Siri on more devices. Hey Siri, setting the dinner scene is designed to require that Siri requests will only be transmitted to HomePod, and will not flow to any third-party server. Provide support for the privacy protection features you expect Apple can achieve Siri accessories will be on sale later this year. In order to make smart home accessories work seamlessly together, we have joined hands with many industry leaders to form an alliance to develop a new smart home interoperability standard Matter. It draws on the HomeKit technology that was open sourced last year. We are pleased to announce that iOS 15 will support this technology You can use the home app to control HomeKit accessories and accessories that support the Matter standard. This feature will support a variety of Apple devices . The home app on Apple Watch will be more complete this year. You can tap the broadcast function to send a message. Or you can quickly access the accessories that are urgently needed. You can even see the whole house. With a HomeKit-enabled doorbell , you can see who is at the door on the Apple Watch and welcome HomeKit security video.

Use Apple TV or HomePod mini device side smart technology When a person, animal or vehicle is detected, a reminder will be issued. This year we will add a package detection function . You will be notified when the package arrives. We will also add a new way to use the camera in Apple TV. When you view the camera, you will be able to control nearby Accessories such as turning on the outdoor lights can even display the images of multiple cameras at the same time. A more comprehensive understanding of the whole house. This is part of the wonderful experience we bring to families this fall. With outstanding new features such as family keys , SharePlay is suitable for sharing.

More Siri Smart home has never been so versatile. Return the lens to Craig. Let’s talk about macOS. macOS always advocates performance and simplicity. The current version of macOS Big Sur has launched a bold new design that gives users more control and a major update of the app. Features are easier to use. Combined with the M1 chip Big Sur, it brings unmatched performance and battery life. Mac is becoming more popular as macOS is becoming more and more important in daily life. The next version focuses on helping you accomplish more tasks. But how should we name this new version ? That's thanks to our excellent marketing team. After the annual inspiration search event was postponed, this group of happy nomadic celebrities wandered aimlessly in the California hills and wore colorful diving suits to immerse themselves in the inspiration brought by the colorful waters of Monterey.

The self- extracting macOS Monterey can help you do more tasks and help you work smoothly across all devices . The outstanding features we mentioned earlier are very helpful for you to work on the Mac, such as the new feature of FaceTime. You can help you stay up-to-date when you talk to colleagues and friends. Open SharePlay and watch movies, shows or projects together on the stunning Mac display. Share the app window with you when you work together . Explore the Mac app in a new way. Explore the photos and articles that other users have shared with you on the information app, etc. When working on a Mac, you can choose a focus mode that syncs across all devices. This helps reduce notification interference and complete the work smoothly. In addition, the Quick Memo and Memo app give you many new ways to capture and organize ideas. These powerful features are on Mac Let users get an extraordinary experience. We also have many new features to make working across devices easier. First, we will introduce continuous interoperability .

Each device we make has strong performance in its own field. When these devices are used together, a new magical experience will be unlocked. This year we created a new way to work across devices with higher accuracy and faster speed. We call it Universal Control. With Universal Control, you can move between Mac and iPad with just a set of mouse and keyboard . Enjoy seamless operation. To experience the Universal Control is so good, you must see it with your own eyes. Let me demonstrate for you. I am finishing an illustration on the iPad and adding the last illustration to complete the presentation that I opened on the MacBook. I’ll put the iPad on now. Beside the Mac, please note that there is no need for any other settings. Just move the cursor on the Mac to the iPad. The iPad will automatically recognize the cursor. If I move the cursor a little more, it will appear on the iPad.

Isn’t it amazing? I can move the cursor back and forth between the two devices effortlessly. Just use the Mac’s keyboard and trackpad to easily control the iPad. For example, I can click and close this document or swipe up on the trackpad to return to the iPad home screen. Of course, I can swipe to switch the app page. I can also use the keyboard of my MacBook to open the focus search and input "memo" to start the memo app. I can also use the command-tab key combination to switch back to Procreate. The function is extremely powerful. With Universal Control, I can still use the device I’m going to drag the picture I’ve just drawn on the iPad to the Keynote on the Mac.

It’s great. For professionals, Universal Control is suitable for two or more devices. Let’s add this iMac to the group. I can still use it. The trackpad on the MacBook controls the iMac. I can also switch to the keyboard and mouse of the iMac. This function is cool. Please see. I have been drawing a title text image in Procreate on the iPad. I want to drag this image across all three devices.

Drag in FinalCut, just like this, we can see that the finished product works well. We took a quick look at the Universal Control on macOS Monterey. Universal Control allows users to easily switch between devices not only to improve work efficiency, but also to concentrate on doing the work at hand. The advantage of equipment coordination is also reflected in the airplay. Everyone loves airplay. Project the iPhone screen to the TV. We can watch movies or share presentations. Just like this, but there is also a screen with a stunning retina display. All your viewing has become amazing, so we will launch AirPlay to Mac. The working method is just like the current AirPlay. You can get started immediately. You can play, demonstrate and share almost any content. When you draw a sketch on the iPad, your colleagues will be able to do it. Watch how you draw on the big screen.

You can also use any Mac’s high-fidelity speakers as air-play speakers. Air-play speakers in a new way to revitalize your Mac. With macOS Monterey, your multiple Apple devices will work together like never before. Work more smoothly across devices. We not only reshape the way you work between devices. We also launch powerful new tools to help you do more work on your devices. Mac has always been automated with command-line Shell scripts, AppleScript and automated operations on iOS. We use shortcut commands to easily automate the shortcut commands that can combine commonly required tap and swipe operations Automatically help you order your favorite lunch.

You only need to tap a button or call Siri to trigger a shortcut. Very simple and shortcut commands are designed to help you complete more tasks faster because you can let the device work for you. This year Mac will usher in shortcuts. Command Mac, after all, is a platform for a lot of creative work. Now you can automate your daily work to maximize productivity. You can access a rich shortcut command center.

The pre-built shortcut commands are designed for Mac. You can create a shortcut command and share it with friends instantly. Select the file so as not to miss the critical moment. Using the shortcut editor, you can easily connect a series of operations to design shortcuts for specific workflows. For example, if you are a designer, you can use shortcuts to complete your work. One window opens Pinterest and another window opens Affinity Photo At the same time, Apple Music starts to play your favorite playlist.

Click to complete all shortcuts throughout the entire macOS. Shortcuts can be run regardless of which app is opened. The shortcuts are integrated in the Finder menu bar. The development direction of this is just the beginning of the transition process for many years. Automatic operation will continue to gain support. From the first day, you can import the automatic operation workflow into the shortcut instructions. There are shortcut instructions and creative expressions . There are more ways to complete tasks than before. We have some major announcements about an app related to the core Mac experience. Safari browser. We started to build the Safari browser to present the best browsing experience on the Mac.

It will continue to stand out from the competition. Safari is the fastest browser in the world. Even browsing the most complex websites is as fast as lightning. Safari browser is famous for its outstanding power saving performance . Safari browser can be used for up to 17 hours on MacBook Pro equipped with M1 chip. Of course, Safari browser is to protect users' privacy on the Internet. Set a benchmark. With functions such as privacy reporting and intelligent anti-tracking, users can complete more work, study, shopping, and entertainment in the browser than before, which usually opens many tabs and windows and other distracting content. We think the browser Use should give people a natural and orderly feeling. Therefore, we have reshaped the browsing experience. We refine the basic elements on the toolbar. The tabs are more compact, more modern, and lighter . Pages to avoid clutter in the tab bar.

Below, please Beth for your demonstration. Thank you Craig. Let’s first introduce the gorgeous new tab design of Safari. All tabs are in
brand new. Streamlined tab bar This year's outstanding innovation is the integration of the search bar into the active tab. Safari browser space utilization is more efficient than ever. I can see more content on the page. I can click on the active tab to view the full address of the page. Search directly here. You can always call up the reader in the tab bar at any time. All other options are in the "More" menu.

Please see. When switching tabs, the tab bar shows the color of the current site. It feels like it is integrated into the page. The visual effect is beautiful. I’m glad to introduce you to the tab group. The tab group is a convenient and lightweight way to save the tabs for later browsing. I open the redesigned sidebar. There are already several tab groups. Each group is full of tabs. I use them to plan meals and read. I’m planning a road trip to Los Angeles in the opened tab, but I haven’t studied it yet. I can save these to the tab group and watch it later.

I click the New Tab Group button and name it the "Los Angeles Trip" tab. The great thing about the page group is that it is applicable to all devices. I brought my own MacBook.
Please see that my new tab group is already here. When I modify the tab group, the changes will be updated everywhere. I have to open many tabs on the iMac. Open it immediately. If I modify the current tab group, I will always keep it up to date . I will never miss anything. I can’t wait to share these travel ideas with my family. I just need to drag this group of tabs into the email and send it out once you start using it. We believe you will continue to use the tab page group. It is very convenient to switch from the tab bar. This is the new Safari browser on the Mac, but the excitement is far from over. Let’s ask Craig to give you a detailed introduction. Thank you Beth. We hope to build a new tab page experience. A consistent user experience . You can continue your work when you switch from Mac to iPhone or iPad.

Use new tabs and tab bar on iPad just like on Mac. Tab groups are especially useful on iPad and the instant synchronization function is convenient for you. We continue to advance the project on any device. We have made a special design on the iPhone. We have integrated the design concepts of Mac and iPad to the extreme. We have moved forward. For small screens, we have adopted a more accessible design and maximized the page on the screen with light. Tap the new tab bar and it will appear under your thumbs. When scrolling, the tab bar will seamlessly move out of the page. It is more convenient and more natural to access other tabs. Just swipe the tab bar to quickly switch between tabs. Or swipe up the tab bar to display a new grid view that contains all the tabs and tab groups .

When you reach the end of the tab, swipe to open a new page. The new start page can be customized
and synchronized with the Mac, so no matter where it is
All have the same Safari Browser Experience The last feature we want to introduce today is to extend the Mac users’ love to deeply customize the Safari browser. Use Grammarly Honey, Momentum and other extensions. Now we
bring web extensions for iPhone and iPad just like using Macs. Which ones you can choose The website needs to open extensions and developers can easily develop new audiences because these extensions can share code with the existing web extensions of Safari browser. This year is an important year for Safari browser. The newly designed tabs and tab groups simplify the browsing steps. With the new start page and extension on iOS and iPadOS, the Safari browser is more customizable than ever.

Next, this is the complete version of macOS Monterey and excellent new features to help Mac users better work smoothly between Mac and other devices Use Universal Control and
AirPlay to Mac to easily gain productivity and creativity thanks to shortcut instructions and the newly designed Safari browser and excellent features such as SharePlay to share
focus mode and quick memos with you. We do have a lot of content to share with you. Let’s get out of here and maybe have to drive as I mentioned before. This year we have made impressive progress on macOS and all platforms. Users are pleasantly surprised and created new opportunities for developers. This is the original intention of holding WWDC to introduce you to the new Developer features and technologies to help you elevate your app to a whole new level.

Below is the VP of WWDR Susan Prescott. I’m very happy to meet with the global developer community and let everyone’s creative ability exchange and fusion. This week, Apple engineers will introduce a variety of exciting I hope you all like the new technologies and functions, but I can’t wait to share a few good news, including various APIs that help build better apps, make programming languages more convenient and powerful, and various Swift features to help you be closer to users. Various App Stores Let’s look at the API first. Many new APIs will be launched this year, such as SharePlay’s various APIs. Create a new sharing experience to benefit iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV
. A new API that can use focus mode and various notifications.

A new large and small component size specifically designed for iPad. Screen usage time API . Various all-weather apps on watchOS. New advanced rendering API. In addition, in this version, we further facilitate all developers to use Object Capture to
create realistic 3D objects. Object Capture is a breakthrough new API on macOS. Compared to spending several weeks manually creating 3D models Object Capture uses photographic graphics to turn a series of 2D images into realistic 3D objects. It
only takes a few minutes . Leading developers such as Maxon and Unity are already using Object Capture to unlock new ways to create 3D content. Just pick up an iPhone or iPad to shoot objects. Then import the photos into Cinema 4D to create lifelike 3D models . For the first time in history, developers can directly generate AR previews of models to ensure that they can capture the required content on the spot. Wayfair uses Object Capture to develop tools for manufacturers.

Mac can easily create virtual displays for products. Wayfair users can preview more products at home through AR technology to ensure that they choose products suitable for their own space. This is a huge advancement in 3D content creation. In the past, the most difficult and expensive part of building AR experiences and 3D scenes is now open to For all developers,
macOS Monterey Object Capture
and all the APIs we introduce today are compiled in the Swift programming language. Swift has had a huge impact on the app ecosystem. Most of the top 1000 apps today are compiled with Swift.

Please ask Ted for you. Introducing the improvements this year. Thank you Susan. We designed Swift to easily create excellent apps. It has simple and understandable modern syntax, outstanding runtime performance and security features to prevent various programming errors. In recent years, we have worked with the Swift open source community to build many new features to make Swift. More convenient and more complete One of the biggest features we built in Swift this year is concurrency. Concurrency is the most popular feature that we want to join in Swift. This key feature can be used to build apps that can respond to user input in a timely manner while completing work in the background with concurrency. It is very convenient to write code that can work in parallel. Your compiled app can make full use of multi-core processors. If you don’t have language features that simplify concurrency, you need to write asynchronous code. This code is difficult to write, understand and debug. We use Swift to build concurrent methods with Swift The core principles are the same, it is easier to write fast, modern, and safe code while reducing errors We deeply use the Swift language to build structured concurrency, using the common async/await pattern combined with actors technology.

You can write code in a simple sequence of steps. The actors can safely isolate parallel tasks from each other and compile concurrent code to simplify the complexity. This is efficient and simple The advantages of Swift this week, we will give you an in-depth introduction. Now return the lens to Susan. We created Swift and all other technologies and frameworks. There is only one reason to help you build better apps. The most suitable place for exploring these apps is naturally the App Store. Let’s invite Ann to introduce you to some of the wonderful features we’ve been working hard on. From the very beginning, we designed the App Store as a safe and trustworthy platform. Users only need to focus on finding the right app. Because Apple has reviewed each app to ensure that it meets the requirements. As a result of the high standards of privacy and security, the App Store welcomes nearly 600 million visitors every week from 175 countries or regions , bringing huge business opportunities to all developers, and has become an engine of innovation and growth.

This is Apple since the advent of the App Store. The amount paid to developers Today we will introduce some new ways to help developers benefit more users. First is the App product page. This year you will be able to create multiple custom product pages to show different functions of the app for different users. You can also try different Screenshot videos and even app icons to understand which users like the most. These improvements will give you more ways to promote the app. It is also very important to show the dynamic activities carried out in the app. All kinds of popular apps and games will often launch new content. And limited-time events such as movie premieres such as Pokémon Go Fest In the Heights and Nike fitness challenges.

The entire app ecosystem activities continue to help users find the next big event. We will launch
a new way to explore such exciting activities in iOS 15. This is the APP Exciting activities in the app. With the exciting activities in the app, the dynamic content and experience in the app will be highlighted in the App Store so that users will not miss the exciting moments. This also means far-reaching for developers . Exciting activities in the app can be applied to the entire Store. Millions of users advertise whether they are new app users or daily users. You can display users on the app product page to learn more about the registration opening notification. If the activity is ongoing, you can join directly. The user will receive personalized recommendations to explore the activity. In the search, our professional editors will select and recommend all kinds of wonderful Large-scale events The new App Store widget will feature on the home screen the upcoming events. With the exciting events in the
App, the App Store continues to be the best platform for exploring the app and current events in the game . Exciting events in the app are open to all developers.

Whether it’s an event that has already been held or just started, return the camera to Susan . Another thing we are doing this year is to improve app development to a higher level . Integrate various developer tools into the cloud in a powerful new way. This is Xcode. Cloud today requires multiple steps to compile, test and deliver an app, as well as many different tools. Xcode Cloud integrates all functions to simplify the workflow. As an individual developer, you can focus on innovation and the development team can collaborate more effectively . Take a look at it This is how it works. Xcode Cloud can automatically compile the app when you submit code changes. Because the Mac can be compiled in the cloud to handle other tasks. Every team member can see if the changes cause errors, so everyone can find and fix the problems faster, and then Xcode Cloud runs in parallel. Automated testing can be completed in a short time even if the simulation runs on major Apple devices and platforms.

The test results are displayed in Xcode so that you can understand which codes are valid and fix the problematic codes. Finally, after the app passes all the tests, Xcode Cloud can pass TestFlight.
Automatically distribute the app to testers in the team or even external testers Xcode comes with all these basic continuous integration and delivery functions so that you don’t need to switch between various tools when you work, just concentrate on programming Xcode Cloud is compiling , Test and deliver the app the fastest and easiest way and use advanced security features to protect the security of you and your project. The source code is only used for a temporary compilation environment. Xcode Cloud only keeps the compiled products. Xcode Cloud combines with TestFlight to easily distribute the test version for use. For iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and
Apple TV users, we also hope that Xcode Cloud can automatically distribute beta apps across all Apple platforms.

To achieve this, we bring TestFlight for Mac. You can use TestFlight to
easily test Mac apps, including in-app purchases and other functions. Xcode Cloud is very powerful. We can’t wait to see you use it to create better apps more quickly. Starting today, we will provide access to the limited beta version and will expand this summer and autumn. The number of visitors to this free beta version of Xcode Cloud will be available to all developers next year. We will provide more pricing and details of the official launch time this fall. We are very happy to introduce the above new features and these features are just some of the highlights. We are in the App Store As well as the continuous innovation of tools and technology to help you achieve extraordinary achievements, we will give a more detailed introduction in various sessions this week. Return the lens to Tim.

It’s much better. Please have Tim in the main venue. Thank you Susan.
Thank you Craig. Thank you for all the speakers. New features and innovations are coming. This is an important day for users and developers. Our various software platforms have opened a new page to further help users and developers achieve impressive achievements . Developer betas of major OS will be available today. The public beta versions of major OS will be launched next month. All these excellent software will be available to all users this fall. I am very looking forward to the launch of these new versions and make our products more powerful. More with them, they will enrich users in a new way. Life provides developers with new tools to change the world. I hope you will enjoy today’s event and enjoy an exciting week of events. Developers who want to learn more about the new features, please look forward to the Platforms State of the Union held later today. This week we will Hold various sessions, various 1:1 labs with Apple engineers, as well as various Pavilions, Daily Recaps and other experience activities to help you gain more throughout WWDC.

Thank you for joining us. I wish you a wonderful week. Health and safety . Healthy every day. Checks and body temperature checks regularly check the speakers and cast members to maintain appropriate social distance and actively supervise the speakers and actors in front of the camera. All other personnel wear the provided face masks. Only the speakers and cast members participate in the filming at the production site. When multiple speakers are present , keep proper isolation from each other. The production site is regularly and thoroughly disinfected . No iPad was damaged during this event. All precautions are taken to protect the health and safety of speakers and cast members. We comply with Santa Clara and Alameda County promulgation All of the epidemic prevention guidelines and other health and safety measures of I hope you will love this new product exhibition to stay safe no matter where you are

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