Corso Social Media Manager: Impara le Basi del Social Media Marketing in 1 Ora

Social media manager course. If you are looking for a guide to start learning this trade
you are in the right place. Hello and welcome to this free course to become a Social Media
Manager here on YouTube. My name is Luca Tornabene and I created this
course to give you an introduction to how to become a Social Media Manager, to give you the
tools to get started and the knowledge you need to
approach this world. If you are here you are probably intrigued
by this profession or you have an interest in working on your own
in your own time, being your own boss and having all the benefits that
come with having a very high demand digital profession
especially in this period. This will not be a lame video course in which I show you how to log
on to Instagram how to click here. It will be an edited course with a lot of
clearly expressed concepts. It is a short course designed to give you the
basic knowledge you need to undertake this path in
a conscious and professional way.

So let's get into the action by talking about the
benefits of being a Social Media manager. So, as you may have guessed, the first is
the possibility of working remotely. This is if you do not work for an agency even
if recently most of the agencies work in smart working you will
obviously have the freedom of hours. The greatest flexibility you can imagine You will have freedom in the schedules
because you just need to plan your week intelligently and
you will be able to reap the rewards of your work. This logically means having a personalized schedule because
dedicating the time you need to customers and as you get faster
this thing will come more and more natural. Obviously it will have unlimited financial potential because you can choose the
clients you can decide whether to give your best and have as much as possible or to
dedicate yourself in a more granular way to a small portfolio of clients
can also offer advice. You can decide whether to turn it into a small job, work
in the agency, become a freelance.

In short, the beauty is that
you can decide yourself. Now let's see what skills are needed
in this case, a good Social Media manager must have the ability to
create content and write copy. So to do Copywriting which is an essential skill to write
texts for Social Media but also persuasive texts suitable for sale must
be able to read the analytics and therefore to interpret the
statistics correctly. And finally you have to manage the comments and the Tone of Voice of the
company you represent and some of these skills are just
what we are going to deepen. In this mini course one thing I
want to emphasize this is to know. There is a lot of misinformation about this
profession so very often you will hear that Social Media
managers with advertising skills are required.

Advertising is such an infinite branch to focus on that I just
don't understand why there is this confusion because the social media manager
does management, the advertiser does advertising so this
thing that advertising is used is a false myth. This is an idea that is good for you to know. For this reason the social media manager must not deal with ads is a
false commonplace and full of companies that require a figure who manages the
organic social presence and not the paid one. Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing or advertising
are two distinct things. Finally, we address the last concept which is
that it is not true that you cannot find work in Social Media Management because
contracts are continually entrusted by state institutions
with inconceivable figures. Large companies, on the other hand, are constantly looking for professional figures to be
included in their communication teams and medium-sized companies publish
advertisements throughout Italy every day.

If you want to focus on small businesses to get started, well they don't know the
potential of Social Media and it is your job to explain to them why it is the perfect
springboard to start. Having a good social presence many do not realize they need a
Social Media manager do not know the opportunities of digital marketing and do not
know they can acquire customers through social media and do not know that physical presence alone is
not enough because they are too focused on your
job to manage other things.

If you are a pizzeria you are
focused on running your business. There's nothing wrong with that now that we've done this little
introduction, let's get straight into the first topics. Let's talk about the social media strategy or how to
set your goals. Here I wrote you what you need in a Social media strategy, how to make a
Social Media Strategy Plan. First of all, let's start with a
definition of the Social Media strategy.

In summary, it is the definition of the objectives and results that we
aim to achieve through social media to create a
Social Media Strategy. it is fundamental first of all to start with planning or to establish what
are the objectives to be achieved. The platforms to use the
audience to target. Finally, the competitors we
will have to face. Then there is the phase of creation and publication of the contents and
these two steps are contained in the editorial plan that we will
analyze in a next section. it is crucial that the contents are of
quality as they will be used to create interaction or engagement
and loyalty of users. Finally, we have the statistical analysis which
is nothing more than a comparison between everything we set out to achieve
and what we will achieve.

So let's start by
talking about the objectives. Every Social Media Marketing business
must accomplish a measurable goal to ensure
progress is being made. A very common mistake is to
be distracted by metrics such as fans and followers ignoring what
are the business goals. The point is precisely that to have a sensible picture you have to consider the set of
data by measuring the relevant ones and giving them a structure. Likes
alone are useless. And it is for this reason that the main model that is used in these cases is the
smart objectives model Smart is an acronym that
specifically indicates objectives that are specific, measurable, accessible,
relevant and timed.

The meaning of each piece is this. Specific means non- generic goals such as I would like to
increase sales or I would like to increase my Brand Awareness these are good
goals but they are too generic. The best way to frame
specific goals is when you can ensure that they respond to the five Ws which in English mean who what where when and which ones
in this case the examples above will become clearer as we
re-evaluate our goals. With this in mind, we will therefore have for example I want to create a hashtag that defines
the initiative of my company to evaluate my Brand Awareness
or I want to program an advertising campaign on Facebook to
increase access to my online shop. This is in the case of Social Media marketing
according to measurable objectives. Every activity you do on social media must have a measurable goal to
ensure there is progress. How many people you reached with your
post how many interactions you had.

And so on, accessible means
setting yourself realistic objectives that are relevant and that are congruent with
what you have set for yourself. Finally, timed means evaluating
a beginning and an end to reach your goals and
finally be able to measure them. These were the smart goals. Let's now look at some examples. The objectives. Here I have put a table with smart objectives as an example
in the first column there are the business objectives or those to be achieved
as a commercial enterprise immediately on the right the social objectives and finally the
associated metrics to be measured. So if we want to grow the brand, our social goal in
this case is Awareness. That is the awareness of our brand. Therefore the metrics to be measured will be
likes, shares and everything that involves the user in
verifying our presence. After that we turn
customers into brand advocates. An objective that falls within the
social dynamics of engagement or the interaction in this case the metrics to
be measured will include all the actions that the user will perform to talk
about us and interact on social networks.

In our name if you want you can stop
the video to read the others. Meanwhile, in the interest of time, I
continue to the next slide. Another crucial activity when we talk
about Social Media strategy is creating a person, this mirror will help us to
mentally target the specific types of users we want to reach
with our social efforts. This example will help us both
visualize our ideal customer and adapt our content to
it is an exercise that is done in almost every marketing discipline
done right. For example, let's end up having
a vegan recipe blog. In this case, an example of a Customer persona
could be Sara a girl between 20 and 30 years old. A student who has never thought about
becoming a vegetarian however cares about animal welfare very much and has
already been interested in their condition in the past her needs include
learning to cook, being more aware of healthy ways of living
and changing diets.

However, she knows that the vegan diet can be expensive as a student she doesn't know if
she can afford this lifestyle. We could therefore implement a
social strategy that provides you with useful and interesting information,
perhaps cheap and tasty recipes for healthy eating
or small daily tips on how to stay fit and
eat healthily. Sara prefers Instagram to other social networks because she likes it more
for immediacy and because she is a very visual person so we could
focus our efforts there. This is just one of the many examples of
Customer persona we can create.

To have our Social Media strategy
immediately after comes the analysis of the competitors which is essential to keep track
of our competitors and better understand how to overcome them and transform our
strategies to be more competitive. This table tells itself and if
you want you can pause this video, take a screenshot and manually fill in
as you want the most important part of the
competitor analysis comes immediately after this. In fact, we conclude this section by
talking about the SWOT analysis. This model is based on the acronym
Strengths, opportunities and threats. That is strengths in the first quadrant
weakness in the second opportunity in the third and finally threat
as it is possible to see the strengths come from within
and are positive. In this case I want you to throw it down. What are your strengths. In a list. In the case of the example, there is expertise in video production and
quality content. Immediately after are internal weaknesses
or low engagement by hypothesis. In the third quadrant, the opportunities
in our case we could realize that our competitors do not
adequately exploit the Stories.

Finally, under the threats, so to speak, is
the fact that our main competitor, three times as many as our followers,
is monopolizing the Facebook social network. We can therefore draw several
conclusions from this table. We could decide to focus our efforts more on
Instagram highlighting our skills in video production maybe launch a
hashtag to overcome the low engagement with highly
stimulating content for our followers. We may decide to fill the gaps
that our personal competitor has. Finally we could decide to give up Facebook or keep up with it
on that field with other strategies. In short, the slot analysis allows us to bring all these considerations to the table

This is why it is so important. Congratulations on making it this far. As you can see in a short time we have already understood what
Social Media strategy is not. How to implement it with smart objectives
how to create a person how to do competitor analysis and finally
what is an analysis on OTA. Let's continue with this course. In this section we will talk about the
editorial plan and how this helps us plan and
concretely visualize our work. First of all, what is
an editorial plan. It is very fundamentally a
tool that helps us plan the publication of content on social
media is nothing more than a document in the last section we saw the Social
Media strategy which in this case covers the first point in common
to have a good plan.

In fact, after having established objectives and
targets, defined the topics to be published, he established the
goals to be achieved. The next step is to draw up a social editorial plan,
a practical tool to follow to enhance your channels and to
refer to as a starting point, a good editorial plan does not add extra
work but saves time and stress. Having it means being able to plan better and
be more consistent which will later help create a
habit for our fans, increase engagement and follow
the rhythms of your audience. Making an editorial plan means making
your general vision of social channels very clear and above all giving life
to your editorial calendar to create an editorial plan you need to
establish the objectives and categorize the type of content
you intend to create.

More specifically, it is part of the content marketing that we will see better
in one of the next sections. Then you need to understand the
demographic segments interested in your business through the analysis tools
provided by social networks. From our website and from the Customer Persona then it is necessary to establish a
publication frequency on the basis of those. Finally, it is advisable to create a
content repository then a Google Drive, a OneDrive or in any case a place to coordinate to
systematically organize the content.

It often happens that you work for clients
who will want to be able to verify and review your work in
order to decide whether to approve it or not. This means that many things can change from writing
to publishing. For this reason I suggest that you always have your content ready about
two weeks before publication. Of course it is always possible to organize in complementary ways such as WhatsApp
email groups, Hootsuite, Google Drive and so on. But establishing it first and having it in
mind is always the best thing for this segment of the course I disappear for
about twenty minutes but do not worry because you will
see my face very soon.

Now let's do a small overview of the main social networks I want to show you
the strengths of these social networks and also give you some advice in short,
we will see them in a slightly generic way. Let's start with Facebook. Facebook is obviously the institutional platform along with Twitter so
a little place where everyone is expected to be
companies are usually searched here. Facebook is a platform composed mainly of text, images and
videos, but you don't need me to know. Above all, it is made up of links. 50 percent of the Italian population uses Facebook and Italian users
spend 50 minutes a day on average. Facebook is made up of 52 per cent of men and 48 per cent of women.
64 per cent of people prefer to contact a company on Facebook
rather than calling or sending emails. These are quite interesting data. Speaking of effective posting on Facebook these are some of the most
popular content videos are rewarded a lot. Images are let
's say the norm for posts.

To get as much feedback as possible, external links
are effective but they tend to penalize if they are the only thing that is used
because Facebook wants to increase the permanence
of users on the site as much as possible. In this case the formula that I
suggest is the formula 2 1 and this you can follow it for any type of
content of those mentioned above. So video status and images. In this case, the first two posts must be posts that elicit
likes, interactions, and so on, while the third post is
intended for sale. So imagine video status. The example with pleasant content
is then the third always pleasant. Obviously however intended for sale
same thing under video image. Something that catches a click and then finally an article that logically being a
link it is appropriate that it may refer a product to your company's website, in
short, something like that.

Let's now turn to Instagram to make a very short introduction Instagram is
more focused on the image so it is essential that the aesthetic aspect
is well cared for the text is little or zero even if in some
cases there are people who use content effectively long on Instagram
but make sure that the image is still the most interesting thing to see in the
image because then if you put a description it must make sure that
it is interesting storytelling. A curiosity that keeps people glued to read also because
Instagram is not very much made up of readers. If I have to be honest, however, sometimes it
works Instagram is a lot of glances there are resources there
are stories there are posts are all posts that must attract attention and you have to
stand out in the crowd. The complexity of the contents is often low because you don't have to
imagine something that goes beyond what is striking from an easy part because
you don't have to elaborate I don't know a complex content with description
etc. it can also be a few words but the important thing is really to
attract the 'Attention.

In short, this is a bit of a curse on the
one hand but on the other it is a blessing. The numbers speak for themselves Instagram has 28
million subscribers in Italy in constant growth and here too we have 49 5%
men 50 point 5% women. So maybe it surprises you though. Instagram is divided fairly evenly
as Italian users spend an average of 53 minutes a day on Instagram and
then again again a fairly equal average post
effective on Instagram. I would say square photos and videos
because it is the most favored format. In addition to the fact that it takes up more space within the feed, it is
really privileged from a let's say algorithmic point of view, quotes go a lot
if they are framed in a beautiful image,
flat-type photography. So when you distribute objects or food on a table and photograph them
from above, stories are the main tool with which to keep fans updated
on the latest news and in 24 hours. They disappear so make sure you always have a constant change imposed on the
Strand must convey pleasantness because people
are usually there to be carefree. Finally, the hashtags must be
in line with the context.

Be careful not to overdo it because I
would say no more than five hashtags per photo. Many people instead fill and are
logically penalized by the algorithm. Any suggestions for the Stories have
some content or a bit more raw. You can just put the
front camera and record a video or take a picture or otherwise take a
picture of a situation. You don't have to spend too much time taking care of it, the important thing is that you make them and that they
are constant. Obviously, don't throw them away. Bad stories because people just don't consider you otherwise
it's important to use them wisely. Another warning that you where not to buy
followers this is generally valid for all social networks but especially for
Instagram where it is a strong practice to buy followers that does nothing
but analyze them again and then analyze them against the algorithm to make your brand lose credibility.
because obviously if you go to search with some tulle the health
of your account it is shown that the followers are deactivated
day after day.

You lose hundreds and hundreds of followers that you may have gained in a single day,
for example, you will see peaks of 10,000 users who put like in one
day and then slowly decline. In short, this generates a great alarm
towards those who have an interest in collaborating with you but then do their
checks and understand that they are cheating. It makes a fact I don't know if everyone knows it but if you want you can PAP or that function
that allows you to scroll users up while they look at
your story to follow a link. Well that works you can
only have six more than ten thousand followers. So if you want to have this feature you have to get to work because 10
thousand followers are Fantini. In many cases we turn to Twitter. Honestly, the site I like least. But let's leave out the ability to summarize in Twitter
because the limit for each post is 280 characters so you have to be
careful to be really concise mainly
political speech format.

So I could understand why I didn't like it
and it's populated by older age groups it's very focused on
hashtags and news. So when a hashtag is trending,
it's worth keeping up with it. And the most followed brands are the
most culturally relevant or trending ones. So on Twitter it is important that you
are there if you are truly opinion leaders if people are
looking for you to know what you think. If, on the other hand, only to show boh. Which politician you don't like. Well you might find yourself at home. But I don't recommend it I can effective on Twitter
we have GIF hashtag video links. And as usual, content of value alternating with content
intended for sale. I will not go into detail but I guess what I told you for Facebook
simply more concise. Let's move on now share is a social
network that is little known.

Imagine yourself as an
improved version of Yahoo Answer in all respects, in fact it is a
knowledge social network made up of questions and answers. The most interesting thing about the heart is that it is very popular worldwide in fact it
has millions of users which would be more than 200 million worldwide
and it has a Domain Authority. If you know anything about very high SEO this what it means if you issue
a good answer to a question about heart. If this question ends up on the front page on Gogol that is very possible. Well you
will have a lot of exposure. This is why she is a
great cook for branding. Because it is well indexed by Google. Especially since few people know it there is low
competition for answers. This means that you could go there
is really bossy or otherwise get visibility
that you did not expect. Most of the users ask and
visit the various topics while those who actually answer tend
to be a minority.

This means it is much easier. Highlighted very well let's continue in this case I stop getting bored with the theory
let's do a little practice will want to introduce concepts that every Social
Media manager should know with tools that every
social media manager should use. In this case we start with link c is a service that can reach
at link point and F. In this case it allows you to make mini pages where you can aggregate your
links to put in Instagram bio. I don't know if you know but on Instagram you can only put a link in
your profile description. This is a bit limiting because on Instagram you can't
attach links to posts. So you will always have to write Follow the
link in bio linking bio maybe it will always be different because I would have to link
different things of different products. So what does the replacement do
each time with the new one. No.
Instead, you have a single link where you can show what you want to
show to users. In this case, for example, I have prepared a small page that I
called link.tree / lucatornabene.

Be careful because for single account the free ones you can create a single URL
or you can choose this last portion after the slash and once it is
named I think it cannot be changed. I could therefore choose which links to put in this case, for
example, I wrote the title and complete marketing course and then I placed
the link to my file marketing course.

Now obviously this is not the main tour I use because I use a
service called Shorby for example I will show you what you
see when you click on the Sorbi link that is in the descriptions
of each of my videos. Here you can see how you write my newsletter that also shakes this
Santino to be seen and then see all my courses available on You demi
or my latest video on YouTube allows you to do a little bit
more articulated so what do I know. If we want to see a little bit of complex options this is
obviously a paid tour. Link Tree, on the other hand, is free and has fewer options, of course, if you want, I'll give you
the Threshold Bing link description. But as you see in blocks choose a button Put the URL you can choose
an icon for this card.

You can choose a title and decide how this will look for example here I put
the preview to that of the image that you are going to take directly from the
RSS feed of my YouTube channel. What are the latest videos published. Here you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here you can subscribe to my
Telegram channel of coupons dedicated to users. In short, there are all my social links. This same thing you should do on linktree using the free version which
however does not allow you as many things.

I always think it is appropriate to show the free options as well and in this case
the customization options are few. But you can choose the template made you want to put a bio, you can put a title
in this case it lets you play. Let's now move on to another concept
which is that of link shortening. What does it mean to
shorten links. I do not know if you have seen that very often
there are Social Media managers who put raw links on long links
so it will be www.nomesito / home / categories / product = 5310.

In short, it makes no sense not to do it. Ok if you put your link in the description you
should put a link shortener a shortened link that among other things
allows you to track clicks too. So you when you create a link
through bitly that to add the address paste the URL
in the example I know for example I don't know. Let's pretend they want to share this linktree is not but it is not
what they do in practice. Let's try gluing it. He returns the shortened link to me.

I probably would have seen it before. Obviously this when he then pastes it results in the landing page
which link.tree / lucatornabene. Then if we go to see we
load the page. We see that I clicked and it also tells me where it came from
in this case of direct click. The location in this case Italy can
be valuable data and many use links
because it is the most widespread. Let's now continue the roundup of tools for
Social Media Manager passing to Canova is a free tour that
allows us to do the graphics. In my opinion it is essential for any
Social Media Manager in the absence of Photoshop skills of
slightly more complicated graphics tools.

pexels photo 270637

Obviously in the case of Canva it allows us
to choose pre-made templates. We could have templates for Instagram posts of Facebook post presentations
Instagram stories so all the ideal dimensions
for social media are respected. But looking for a model, for example, we could look for the model
of a Facebook post. And here it goes well we choose post template because I want to show you
how to do it from scratch. We choose such a generic post with this size and put on our
own custom upload. I will go and steal the image of my
barbarian collaborator with whom I did the video course on how to become a Youtuber
I asked him listen send a photo because I have nothing here to
mess with to show. So how do you use Canva and he
was kind enough to send me this and you will see just a
similar tutorial in the course of YouTube. Now we if we go to look for the
elements to insert obviously here I go completely at random this is a GIF
but maybe we move we put a static element that is better that I know
let's see a little but give it a nice rose because in my opinion it deserves it for
being a very good collaborator.

Or let's go create some text. So here are some templates but we could also add our own
header we could also write. I do not know.
The title of a post could be the problem of deforestation in Papua New Guinea completely at random
the first thing that came to my mind maybe it is the same gag I had done in the
course but we skip we do against selecting all the
text and change its color and maybe we put it blank because so it
is more visible indeed rectification. Perhaps here it is more appropriate that we
put a good shading effect on it. See is already more readable. Obviously it depends on where I move it but here I am not really showing you
how to make an image so not tortured in the comments but I am simply
showing you what are the possibilities with all the various filters with all the various
artistic choices in short Let me decide why I sincerely
used Photoshop. And it doesn't strike it even so well. So that's why I advise you to
resurrect tools like kamba because believe me they will save your life in
situations where you don't have the skills to become a graphic designer and comfortable
that there are tools like that because they really allow you to
do anything.

Here you can also change the background
you can see if this is the classic image from Good morning MASSIMO how long it
took to do it was good what I do sport I
put it on Facebook you say. Well, in short, we understood each other. Do you think that it is even possible to make videos for what
you saw the gifs a little while ago. Because this obviously allows us to put mobile elements
and export it via Canva. Now let's throw the creature
I just created down the toilet. I'm sorry but he can't
see the sunlight. It must disappear forever. I want to show you the
templates so what do I know. I wanted to make an Instagram story. Let's see
what we like best. We do this using this
model as everyone can see.

All these elements are habitable
stable spots replace skilful and it's nice because it
also places you comfortable rulers that also make you understand how
the various elements are aligned with each other and how solid can also change them on the fly. For example of course double
clicking this will become a hello. What would you like to see me
ask I'm asking myself. So how long do you wear shoes. My answer. Obviously. Drag here we will write don't screw me. Stay away from me or I'll denounce you this could be the classic historical
published on Instagram if you are perhaps an influencer with many
secret admirers. Maybe we delete it made in cause so we do not show we pretend to know how to use Photoshop and to
be advertising graphics.

One thing I have never noticed here. You can even take photos in this case of
free template photos. In short, as you can see, I have also found the most appropriate one
now also this thing is better that we make it go to a bad end
and that we come back to us. Let's now move on to content marketing or a strategic marketing approach that
is based on the creation and distribution of valuable content in order to attract a
target audience to your website or social network, create a
relationship and ultimately increase sales.

Let's start with the most important fact
on social media that authenticity counts. So we don't need those plastic images,
agency things if a content is too advertising people will
notice it because the very origin of the social network is
to connect people. So you have to treat your brand as an
individual that others want to connect with and who is
seen as relational. If you plan to join Facebook to
impress people with perfect graphics from the
advertising board with models. Sorry to disappoint but folks on Facebook for entertainment
rather see that kind of approach as useful for advertising
and not organic content. You don't need agency catalog images, I'm not saying you shouldn't do
them, it's just not essential. Let's now analyze the possible types
of content to make social posts. When I make posts, he usually identified
three macro categories for my posts. The first type is a useful post or an informative content
that can give value. The topic doesn't have to be your brand but also a
topical topic.

A tutorial something that in
short, people can find valid. The second type of post is fun as
a meme or user content. Finally, a post that induces people to share perhaps for a common cause
always remembers that good content must provide value and does not necessarily have
to be brand centric. I've added some
examples to this slide. For the sake of completeness, however, remember that these aren't the only posts possible and
you can always find new ways to do content marketing to get
the best results. You can always combine post types to get
better effects in any text,
photographic or audiovisual form. Let's now pass to the Capcoms. Generally it would take an entire section dedicated only to Copywriting but here I
will give you a small preview giving you general guidelines for writing
the content of your posts. In short, the rule is always to
be short direct and to create empathy. People have less and less time and it is obvious that no one reads
everything that happens to them on Home.

For this reason it is
essential to be concise. So write a maximum of two 3 lines
and no more than it is advisable to use the active form of verbs in the first place
to avoid getting too long. Secondly, because it sounds better it
is louder and it is also more direct. The passive form, on the other hand, is usually
unnecessarily barbarous and clumsy. Let's say that to create effective content on social media you really need to be
direct advice and use the best form. Let's move on
to the Voices tone. Or how to give a personality to
your brand on your social channels. Let's start with a definition of
the Voices tone. Quite simply, the way the company communicates
its personality through content. We have already seen together the Social Media strategy, the editorial plan and also
a little bit of content marketing. Here we say that the Fois tone is the missing piece to decide
how to write your posts.

This in a manner consistent with the style that we would have set ourselves
as I could imagine. The language serves to reflect the values of the company must be in tune
oth online and offli e. So if you are managing an established brand it
is important and essential that you analyze the situation
well by focusing your attention on the culture of your brand and the
communication objectives already set. Before understanding how to spot A Tone of Voice let's see
the advantages very quickly. A well-constructed Tone of Voice allows us to
have a greater proximity to the public because those who follow us will be much
more empathetic with us and are more receptive to our messages but above all they
will want to be the first to read them.

Secondly, this will make us
get a better ranking. As these interactions will help us to be seen by more people through
sharing, likes, messages and so on. Finally, the tone
is very useful to differentiate yourself from competitors because not particularly
appropriate will make your brand unique and easily recognizable but
above all it will be more convincing. This will guarantee an undoubted advantage in any of your
campaigns the staff at the. So you will need it regardless of whether you
are an advertiser or a Social Media Manager.

Let's now try to identify
the Tone of Voice. In reality it is very simple to decide that we just have to pay close
attention to these points. Let's start from the personality in the broad sense as already mentioned your brand on
social networks must behave like a person so it will be really useful for us to
imagine ourselves as a being in flesh and blood before even determining
how to express it.

Then we ask ourselves some
questions such as. What sensations we would like to convey. And by this I mean whether joy or
serenity or perhaps seriousness and calm. Finally, it is useful to think about the audience to which
we will address and we will resume the Social Media strategy to understand in the
best way how to behave. Now that we have seen the concept of Tone of Voice
let's move on to Copywriting Copywriting is the activity of writing texts
in the marketing sector to capture the attention of the target audience
is essential to be able to actually put together the pieces of the picture of how it
is more It is advisable to write posts in an organic context for social media
always remember that when I say organic I refer to a type of
non-paid communication.

So how to approach
your brand followers in a persuasive way when possible and aimed at engagement
and possibly conversion. Before talking about persuasive writing, let's start a little from the most known basic rules
of writing on social media, introducing in the meantime
a series of concepts. The first concept is that of synthesis. By this I mean trying to respect as much as possible the
communication rules that we have already mentioned. So ideally write a maximum of
three lines to be direct and try to use the active form of verbs
it makes no sense to go too far and it is a best practice to always try to dry
your texts as much as possible by reading several times and trying to understand
what is more appropriate to remove. Concreteness, on the other hand, means not getting too lost in the advertising language
we have created in our heads.

By this I mean to avoid using clichés or famous slogans
adapted for the purpose. Never get lost in make it yours
forever or X THE BEST X forever. Because you remember what I told you in the last elections, the social world
works very differently from the world of
product billboards will not take you seriously. Secondly, wasting space thinks rather of filling the little space
by concretely showing the advantages of what you are offering and this
leads us to the Unique Selling Points or USP. USPs are characteristics that
define the uniqueness of your product. It is essential to talk often about your USPs to let your
followers know of the benefits they can derive from your products or the
uniqueness of your brand.

Compared to the competition,
another of the best friends of a good copywriter are the Call-to-action
or calls to action a Call-to-action and a short sentence in which you invite those
reading to take an action the Call-to- actions are
fundamental in marketing. Because it often happens that the user does not take the initiative to do
something unless directly mentioned a good Call-to-action
must be brief and direct imperative. An example would say a user click the
video or like or invite your friends. In this case I can tell you write to this channel that I
would be very happy and so on. Finally we have the coherence of the
Voices tone you will be familiar with by now.

So now we come to write in a
persuasive way and we keep in mind that it is not always essential precisely because
writing for social media does not always mean writing to sell it is useful to
be aware of some technique. However, it is not essential to remember every
five minutes to buy something precisely because this is an approach that is
considered too advertising. Let's start by saying that to be
persuasive and convince your followers to convert it is very important to
describe solutions to problems.

This means putting the emphasis on a
problem entering the reader's head explaining the various inconveniences
that something causes. Finally, convince him that our product
is the ideal one to solve this problem I would have already seen it a
million times and it often goes hand in hand with asking questions such as, for example, you risk
losing your home if you are tired of X and so on. Be careful not to make them too loud or creepy mind specific otherwise
you could alienate your audience. Immediately after comes the touching of emotions
which means above all telling how it feels by doing a
certain action or using it. Freshness, the smell of cleanliness, the
feeling of freedom and so on.

Another very useful technique is to create urgency which essentially means telling
your user that a certain offer will not be there forever thus convincing him to
buy. Finally we have the description of the benefits and attention why I say benefits and not
Ficus or functionality when describing a product you should explain what you can
achieve with it and not just say the cold characteristics of something
sounds better say you can put 8,000 songs in your iPod or say
that it features 8 gigabytes of memory. In fact, I would like to conclude this slide with
the following quote to stimulate a reflection
about it.People do not want a drill but want a hole in the wall as you will have understood it is very
important to be able to attract attention and let them know what we can
offer to potential customers. But that's not all that
is needed, especially in social media. Now that we have briefly seen what Copywriting is, let's talk about crisis
management or how to behave when a moment of
crisis occurs for your brand on social networks. Starting from a simple definition, the
social crisis arises from the moment in which the questions posed by users
towards a company of a brand are not answered
in the correct time and manner.

It is something that could happen to him when
a message is not understood and the echo of this misunderstanding
soon goes viral. it is essential to understand first of all that
just using the term perception. This means that reputation is not
given by what you do but by what others think or
by the perception they have of you. Everything you do
online is reputation. Now let's get to the concrete how to act when a
social crisis occurs for your brand. I've written some basic points to
follow these are often wrong by the bigger companies so
please don't underestimate it.

You should never censor
users by deleting their comments. it is very easy for them to notice
and the opposite effect is had. There is even a name for this
phenomenon is called the Streisand effect, or rather when in an attempt to censor or
remove information, on the contrary, it causes it to be widely
publicized. Secondly, there is
the admission of errors. This means that you will never have to deny the things that have happened but rather
explain them and treat your audience as people you have to apologize to by
highlighting the wrong behaviors that have been implemented and what
you will do to avoid them in the future. it is so difficult to always remember that your brand is a person as I explained to you
in the previous sections after which constant monitoring of conversations must take place
to better understand what your brand audience is saying and
how to respond later to any accusations or
critical points to be resolved. When the time comes to write
some answers it is advisable that they are clear and that they do not leave room for
further doubts or misunderstandings, respecting their interlocutors
and without taking it personally.

When the crisis is over, it will
be appropriate to make a debriefing or a final confrontation with the rest
of the team or with your client. To summarize what went well and what went wrong but above all
how to behave in the future. This finally leads us to the adaptation of the editorial plan, a crucial change that
avoids the exasperation of the situation or the recurrence of criticism
due to what has already happened. Now let's move from theory to practice with some concrete examples, for example
we have Menegatti who one day publishes this meaningless thing without any
objective and without any purpose other than to probably agitate people
because he wrote to us Love your neighbor as yourself it is enough that both
cool and of the opposite sex. You want to know how Melegatti responded
to the mess that came out of it. With reference to this morning's post to Menegatti SpA, he clarifies that the management
of communication on social media is entrusted to an external agency that has published
without authorization from the company.
anyone who
felt offended by the content. In short, it is not a bad answer, but
I invite you to read Giorgio Serafini's comment, congratulations on
the Menegatti answer.

It is rare to find someone who
admits their mistakes and apologizes. You want to know who Giorgio Serafini is. He was therefore the marketing director
of Menegatti. In short, never think that your audience is stupid and doesn't
realize such things. The next example
is raining courgettes. Vegan who after a serious earthquake in
central Italy decided to write dolcetto or earthquake in short, even in
this case the answers did not hesitate to arrive a lot of people logically
pissed off logically indignant and I would like to focus on excuses in
this case because we read it does not care if someone is investing
perhaps this passage is not clear to you. She is doing something for the Marche as
well as being indignant and sharing after the earthquake, she ate quietly at
her home with her family and comfortably sat down to be indignant at
what others are doing.

Well keep doing what
we do else. Now in your opinion this is an answer with which one can hypothesize. It makes sense to
answer in this way. Absolutely no. And a tremendous response and therefore has done nothing but exacerbate this crisis
or we also note the presence of foul language, for example in another
comment wrote Antonio. But what science are you talking about. But you realize what
was thrown up in a minute. So also look for a justification as if they were the victims
not to understand a poster for an event or an account to say that they profit from
another tragedy but what the [ __ ] are we talking about. We organized this thing as
in our style we communicated it. You don't like you wanted explanations. Just ask, come on. In short, the angry response
with the use of profanity. I think anyone would realize that it
is not the right place or event to speak in this way,
especially it is not the context, it makes no sense for anyone to resurrect profanity in
Social Media Management in short, it seems to be talking about trivial things but in reality
believe me that the outcome is not, you can see it even
after years it is a star and a half as a review of the page and if
you look for zucchini rain on Google.

This is one of the first results
a real scandal a failure on all fronts something that
should never happen. Now let's see a last case of crisis management, this time one managed well
Findus and leads you from Boycott the sticks Findus fan Movimento
5 Stelle against the sponsors. The air that pulls. Let's say that there was some sort of
initiative on the part of a group affiliated with the 5 Star Movement that since
in the area that pulls this television program, some
members of the CPI movement, fan of politics, were badly spoken of and invited
others to boycott program sponsors who are not actually
program sponsors. Time slots are simply bought in advertising
and these are then distributed by the
television broadcaster throughout the day. Analyzing the reactions we have a comment that says We are more than 10
million citizens united I do not watch the program at La7 The air that pulls because of the
bad and wrong information of the presenter and I will never buy
your products again. Greetings.
Oh well let's avoid analyzing the shape because it is bordering on Australopithecus
but here the answer is. Dear user, thank you for
reporting Findus is committed to always offering the best to its consumers and does not
embrace any ideological or political alignment our
advertising planning covers different networks and channels without favoring any
program over another.

We are sorry that you were disappointed to
have seen one of our commercials on the air during a broadcast of
which I do not share the editorial line. The Findus team here as you can see it is very easy to indicate what is wrong
with communication but when it comes to communication
like that well it is perfect flawless.

There is nothing we can criticize in this case and it is actually an excellent
example of how these situations should be handled also because
there was no lack of solidarity reactions. Another one I will no longer buy your
products as long as you
sponsor broadcasts such as these. In any case, we will evaluate how to orient ourselves
hoping that cleared up the misunderstanding we send you the most cordial greetings then
kindness explain it without judging without insulting without confronting
in a surly way. These are the qualities of a
good Social Media manager. In fact, in a manner consistent with the comments, the final declaration of this state
following the reports of some users relating to the broadcasting of a
commercial during the advertising break of which they do not share the editorial line
of leads, it is important to specify that we do not embrace any line-up.
political ideological.

It also clarifies that it is not a sponsor
of the aforementioned broadcast and that its advertising planning
includes the purchase. In short, you have already understood to reiterate
what was explained in the comments. Having a personal granular approach
to comments also try to render. The emblems of the brand's personality is therefore in a nutshell to marry these concepts
in the best way to get out of the crisis unscathed.In fact, as I said
before, the support has come to an end because many people have said I'm
going to stock up on your frozen foods even making this situation
actually an opportunity to do even more promotion is up to the company
I have never been your customer but at this point it seems to me my civic duty to
become one in the face of rampant bullying. Someone also speaks of political squads, in short, people who come to
stand in direct opposition to this demonstration of ignorance with
understanding with affection for the brand. This is the kind of support you
would expect. Not just towards one person basically
so it all worked out for the best. We now come to the
conclusion of the course.

Congratulations again on making
it this far. We continue on how to find customers and we will accept ways to propose themselves
as a Social Media manager. In fact, many when they take courses similar to this one feel intimidated by the
fact of having no experience so they end up finding themselves in that
somewhat thorny situation in which they have acquired the skills and competences to
work in the field but have not been able to put them into practice because they did not
they found customers. Normally many trainers do not really take to heart to really
make their students find a job and propose in a fairly
superficial way at least in my opinion to adopt the classic tools
to carpet bomb as many potential customers as possible to
offer their services. I list them here only because, in my opinion, because
they just don't work for beginners. And they are now obsolete. Let's say that the Yellow Pages method is
that of the colleague then look in the telephone directory of companies
and propose yourself as Social Media manager. But here I tell you one thing but in your opinion if you call on the phone if you write on
Messenger Instagram on social media in general you are looking for people who have a company on
LinkedIn bombards of mail but this really shows that if you are a good
Social Media manager in your opinion.

He is a bit impertinent as an approach he is in fact the type of person who is then
addressed in this way he says but this surely has nothing to offer
if it is to be proposed in this way no. So this too must turn
the gears a bit as a reasoning while instead the methodical way that is the one
I use is to identify the customers with whom you would like to interface, looking
for suitable activities to be followed. This implies making an analysis between an analysis by creating, for example, those
tools that I explained to you a little while ago. How to make a Social Media strategy based on the weaknesses and
strengths of the page associated with the business that maybe already exists Or you may
not know how to do it from scratch is a bit challenging but if you
really care you could do it. Consequently, carry out an analysis of their social presence and then contact them by
sending a free report. This is seen very well because
it logically makes it clear that there is interest that there is competence and end remains
even to become indispensable for these
activities.Remember and keep in mind that to convince an entrepreneur you don't have to
promise likes you don't have to promise to to have a beautiful page because he is not
interested in the entrepreneur, he is interested in increasing the turnover so
how is his social page.

It is important for his business you do not have to convince him to hire you not only have to
apply it but you have to make him understand that he needs you and you have to make
sure that he understands your skills.
Unfortunately, now we have little time and in fact with We will close this introductory course here I would like to
reiterate that this being an introductory course obviously we do not have the
time or the possibilities to explore all the topics and
analyze them specifically. But if you want to continue your learning in the linking description, I
have put you the link to the complete Social Media Management Course to become a
full-fledged social media manager. it is a course dealt with in the same
way you saw in this video.

We will explore the various platforms and I will also provide you with a precious document
to create your editorial calendar. This will be a template that you can
use at any time. I will explain step by step in a
large chapter how to create your content from A to Z from creating images to
making videos using the most comfortable tools to actually be a Social
Media manager in an easy way. We will continue this chapter in which he guided you step by step in the best way to
propose yourself as a social media manager and how to create reporting
for clients or agencies. Finally, you will have a final certificate of completion that you can post
on LinkedIn or your CB.

The best thing is that this course wants to offer it to you at a special price
because he is watching this video. I want to offer you a special price, let 's say the price of a pizza and a
Coca-Cola, therefore totally affordable. This is an unlimited on-demand course
that you can consult whenever you want and includes all future updates for
life, but above all there is a
30-day money back guarantee. If you liked this video, I invite you to
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I invite you to write my newsletter
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to welcome you in my course..

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