55 websites to make $250/day for FREE (works worldwide)

Whether you're looking for something
with a little bit more entrepreneurial spirit, an online side hustle, or just a way to make extra income from
home while traveling the world while stuck in quarantine, whatever
it is, your heart desires, all of these websites today are going
to help you achieve just that we have a ton of websites today. And for several of them have way more
potential to make over $250 a day.

If that sounds good to you, let's get
going. Now. I don't know about you, but I'm super pumped about
this video. If you are too, go ahead and comment "money sites" in the
description and let's get started with our first category. All right. Let's have some fun here with
these social media websites. Now, social media websites are the, the number one factor to
growing an online business. So if you're looking to grow
a profitable online business, definitely tap into one of these social
media platforms because you could get up and running and be making 50 bucks
a day, a hundred over $250 a day. And that first website of course, is

On this channel specifically, I have of videos going over your
YouTube growth, YouTube monetization, and why it is the number one
platform to produce an income online, to produce a profitable side household, whatever it is you are looking for
in the past two years in my company, we've organically generated over half
a million dollars all from the organic traffic that YouTube produces for our
digital products, our services, et cetera.

And it is not a platform where
you need millions of followers, even a hundred thousand
followers to make a lot of money, a five figure income per month, whatever
your goals are, especially nowadays, when you can leverage the virality of
YouTube shorts and combine the YouTube shorts with long form content, more on
that topic to come in future videos. But speaking of virality, let's talk
about TikTok, which is the next website. Tiktok is the most viral
thing out there right now. And I underestimated TikTok in the
beginning, but now it is a very, very profitable place where you can
create lots of organic traffic really, really, really quickly. And I mean, fast, I was able to get 10,000
followers within a month. It just seemed like I barely even tried.

I posted maybe eight videos and
I was like, wow. This is amazing. So TikTok is very, very, very profitable. Maybe you could have eight TikTok
theme. Page ASMR is really popular, so you can make onto, and not even have to show your face
with the TikTok link in the bio. You can have different
links to affiliate products, your own products whatever type of
brand you're trying to grow online. Tiktok is where it's at and
the next one is Instagram. And I know I'm not the
hugest fan of the gram. I am a huge fan of Instagram reels.

Okay. So short form content is
where it's at for Instagram. That's kind of the only thing right now
that is somewhat viral on the platform is are the reels are the real
components. So if you do YouTube shorts, if you do TikTok and you're repurposing
this content, you can use the, that same content to post
it on Instagram reels. I'm still convinced you can make lots of
money on the Instagram platform alone. There's a girl that I started
following the other day, who is crushing it by utilizing
both Instagram and TikTok, making over $300,000 a month, all firm organic traffic by
selling her digital products. And it's super motivating because it
means as long as you focus on just one or two of these social media platforms, you
can make way more than $250 a day.

Now, the next one that I'm personally
interested in conquering next is Pinterest that's right. Pinterest
marketing. We're basically, again, you can see the trend you're
leveraging video and short form video. So a short form video, like a TikTok
or a reel that you're creating. You can now repurpose that and
post it on your Pinterest account. I had no clue that there is
Pinterest video and it drives major, major SEO to your pins. Is that
how it works on Pinterest, but yes, don't to estimate Pinterest marketing. That's the next project
that I want to dive into. And another website that has major
major potential for organic traffic and profitability is Amazon
video. So my creator friends, Shelly saves the day actually
has an influencer Amazon
page where she houses her favorite video marketing equipment,
makeup products. She has videos on there, and it's really cool.

I honestly just found out about
Amazon video and how you can start to incorporate your own video
content on your Amazon homepage. So for those five websites,
those social media websites, if you're looking for online business,
those are the way to go. And by the way, if you are interested in dominating on
YouTube and leveraging the platform to build and monetize like crazy, go ahead and download a
Subscribers to Sales Blueprint. It'll be up here or the first
link in the description. Now the next category of websites that
we're talking about here today has to do everything with sales
funnels. That's right. So the first website
we're talking about is system.io have a link in
the description actually, where you can create a free account today. System.Io is an all in one business
tool builder. So it has sales funnel, builder, email marketing. You can
have contacts. You can tag people, separate people. You can have online
memberships build digital courses. You can host it all in there.
It's really quite an amazing tool.

The best part about it is it's free. Like the very first plan you
can get started for free. Obviously as your business grows, you
can upgrade to the plan that is paid, but everything that you need to get
started building your first funnel, collecting your first 2000 leads,
having your automations there, all that is included in the free
plant. So you can check that out. But the reason why this is so cool and
important is because you can monetize this in so many different

I mean, with system.io, you can create lots of funnels, which
drive traffic to different products. You can do affiliate
marketing with system.io. So you can use system to
make custom affiliate funnels for your favorite affiliate products. You can promote system.io as
an affiliate product itself. Cuz if you promote it, you get 40% commissions recurring
commissions that is for life.

If you're into freelancing and want to
make B beautiful sales funnels and do email marketing sales copy for whoever
clients and you're trying to build up your online service based agency,
this is an amazing tool to do it with. My favorite part is it is an all in one
solution. It's all right there for you. So you don't have to do any
crazy integrations with Zapier. You don't have to use like Kajabi and
click funnels and MailChimp and try to like, you know, convert them together all to have them
not convert and have one link be broken. And then the whole system is
compromised. No check out system.io. The other website that is also all
in one and is the tool slash website, which I use to host my online business
is Kartra.

So Kartra is very similar. It has all the cable abilities of sales
funnels, email marketing, video hosting, having an affiliate program,
all these great things. And people ask me if
you're using Kartra like, why aren't you using system
that IO and the, the, the shorter answer to that question is
system.io simply wasn't around back in 2018. When I was first getting started, they are both excellent tools and I
can see myself leveraging the system.io eventually for building out some
of the pieces of my business. Kartra does have a free
trial to test it out. I would say definitely give them both a
shot and see which one you like the best I'll leave both links in
the description below, but either way you can leverage it to
make tons and tons of cash and easily set up systems with a, in both of these tools to create six
figures online with your business.

Now these next round of websites have
everything to do with online, remote jobs, something that has absolutely
exploded since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic that we saw
commence back in March of 2020. Now these websites are great options. If you're looking for flexibility
and also a work from home job, whether that be full-time or part-time. And that first website is flex jobs.com. So what I love about flex jobs is they
really try to do the hard work for you. So there's thousands of different jobs
that go through their database all the time, but they do a really great
job of filtering out the
jobs that are actually good and that are looking for
qualified applicants to apply. And one of the cool things I really loved
about flex jobs is that you can look at the type of flexibility type.

So whether you're looking for remote
full-time part-time freelance, flexible schedule, job categories,
they have every from accounting, art and creative, bilingual
engineering, graphic design, math, and economics research, software
development, translation, writing youth, it's so extensive and there's locations
internationally throughout the us Canada. And it really is a win-win. And I do like actually that they
charge for their membership. It's not that much. I think
it's like 40 bucks or so four, three month access to flex jobs.com. That just means that all the employers
and all the applicants are higher quality. And it's really cool because like they
have like the type of person you are like, maybe you are a
digital nomad caretaker, a long commute work life,
general job seeker, like it, whatever type of situation you're in. Like you could narrow it down
even more with your lifestyles. This is what I love about flex
jobs.com definitely check that one out. Another website is angel.co with a lot of great
work from home opportunities. The next website is job espresso.co. Now I also love job espresso.co because
it's a great way to find high quality remote working jobs in the
categories of tech, marketing, customer support, HR programming, and 100% of the jobs that go through
job espresso are hand picked by the experts who post these
jobs every single day.

There's new jobs being posted
on this website all the time. And the best part about it is it is free. You don't have to pay a monthly
fee or anything to access. You can't apply for these jobs that
you see on jobs espresso for the other websites that I love are WeWork,
remotely.com remote OK, dot IO, noes.co remote.io, remote.co work, eew.com. So you can check out any one of those
websites to have a really great jumpstart. If you're looking for a part-time or
full-time work from home job. Okay. So the next round of
websites is for freelancers. Now I'll go ahead and say
what these websites are. So that is of course fivver.com
upwork.com, guru.com, freelancer.com. So really the key thing
here with freelancing is advertising. What, you know, your expertise,
whatever skillset that you have. So whether that's creative design,
whether that's video editing copywriting, maybe you're a great a writer.

You love
designing websites, whatever it is, the first thing is you really have
to get good at something of course. And if you're maybe like you're
kind of good at something, and there's something that really
interests you sharpen that skill, sharpen that skill before you take
your freelance seen careers, seriously, it will go a long way. I mean, there's tons thousands of
different courses you can
take on platforms like Udemy platforms like Skillshare, which I
highly recommend joining Skillshare, cuz I myself am a teacher on Skillshare.

I'll leave a link for you to get a
one month free trial of Skillshare. But there's so many ways
nowadays to sharpen your skill. I mean you two has hun thousands, tens and thousands of free tutorials
on anything that you wanna get good at. And then the next thing of course, to really dominate on these freelancing
websites and to make a hundred, 200, $300 a day is by having a resume
or a portfolio of your body of work. So this is made possible
by creating a portfolio website. I've gone over how to
do this on this channel, but basically you can
put different projects. You've completed different types
of designs work of art, editing, whatever it is on this website. So it could be like a one stop shop for
those people who want to see what type of jobs you've done. And on that
note to take it a step further, I would highly suggest creating content
about what it is you do start posting online on these social media platforms
that I mentioned in the beginning of this video. Just start posting bite size content
of little samples of what you do.

That goes a long way. Trust me. I, I know because I was just on Upwork
hiring freelancers for some work that I needed done. And if they would've had an Instagram
or a website or something that I could reference that would've been a no brainer
and it would've made them stand out so much from the rest of the
freelancers on those websites. And so that's another great thing is
if you were to get a client on social media, you wouldn't have to get that client or
acquire it through Upwork or fivver and pay the, I think it's like 15, 20% that Upwork takes from your salary.

So you could profit everything that you
charge from your clients right away. Okay. So if you were specifically
interested in writing, so you would become a freelance, right? Or are in the realm of copywriting
writing blog posts, articles, then these websites are for you.
The first one is called pro blogger. So this one's pretty cool because
basically it's pretty straightforward. You would just go to jobs and type
in anything with, within your niche. Maybe it's, I don't know
marketing, something like that.

And then you can filter results
and you can see what's up there. So it'll tell you like anywhere
freelance, like the location. So this is really cool. Another
one is called Matador. So Matador, they're basically looking for
creators to contribute and write on. This website. In regards to money making and
travel. So they're posting. New types. Of gigs all of the time and some are
even cool because they're E they're they could be in person. So you would, they would basically hire you to
go like on site and actually like experience something. So you, they would pay you to go to
maybe somewhere in Europe. And then you would write
out the entire experience. So this is really in the travel niche. I would definitely check that out if
travel is something that interests you. And the other website that
is really cool is who pays writers.com.

So. Basically this is an anonymous
crowdsource list of which publications pay freelance writers
and how much. So these are, you know, basically how much per word, like this publication pays an author
and they it's anonymous because like let's say I had experience
with writing on, you know, I would just basically tell
people how much I got paid. So it's like a legit source of you know, who's actually paying the
writers and who's not, and how good they're getting paid. So this would be a good one
to come and check out, like, which ones like if I click
on technology networks, I would get a little bit more information
about that spec Pacific publication.

Okay. And so LinkedIn is also another great
website where you can find writing jobs. So the trick there is basically
just optimizing your bio that you're a freelance writer
and what your capabilities are. And now just a little quick
note about the fivver up work freelancer and guru websites. And I wanted to mention this because
there's a lot of thoughts and opinions about these freelance
websites. For example, it's a little bit tougher to find
people like higher paying clients. And the other thing is once you do find
a higher paying client and, you know, reliable income and stuff like that, it
sucks because I know at least Upwork, they take like something
enormous, like 20% of your check.

pexels photo 6913709

So that is really a bummer. And I would hate for 20% of my income
to have to go to either one of these websites. I get it, they're connecting
me to clients, but I would say just, you know, try to get off of those
websites as soon as you can. And so, especially if are going in the
freelance writer route and category, like I would definitely get your pitch,
right. Get your portfolio. Right. so that you don't have to, like, you can get off of any one of these
websites as soon as you can. However, and it's CRA it's crazy, cuz
it's like, don't do this. But then on the other side, like
what are you talking about Marisa? Cuz there is a girl who she
makes over $300,000 per year with being a writer on fivver.
So really it's just, they're all great avenues, but I just wanted to mention that one
thing and downfall about those types of websites and these other websites
specifically to freelance writing, won't take off that much.

All right. So these next websites are just a little
bit more specific when it comes to the freelance writer category. So
this one is called lissbeth.com. So they're looking for writers,
journalists, provocate tours, activists and it's really like a
feminist niche blog and they pay anywhere from a hundred dollars
to $2,000 per blog post. So if this interests, you definitely look at how you can
contribute to this website and write for them. The next one is
called income diary.com. And they're looking for you if you know
about digital marketing SEO like it says here pros make money online.

if you go to make money online, you, you could see all these
different types of blog posts. So if you're interested in
writing about making money online, this would be a great one for you. And so like for an expert
on one of these topics, their previous budget was around
$500. It could have changed by now, but definitely a great one to to consider the next one is called fresh books.com and it's there's really
simple contributor guidelines. You get paid a couple
hundred bucks per blog posts. And so the research that I I did on
this is you have to follow up with the editor a couple of times to,
to get these jobs. But this, you know, has a little bit
more flexibility in niches. And this is a really cool one now
from our magazine and brand writing, we have media bistro.com.

So if you are looking for
copywriter jobs you know, this is the good one. So copywriters a
little bit different than blog writers. So copywriters are responsible
for like writing texts or copy on a page that converts it. Either
nurtures people, it sells people, et cetera. So these are some copywriting
jobs that you can check out on media be the next one is ed.com. If you go to find a job, you can
see, they do have a different, some variety of other jobs like social
media manager, freelance writer, et cetera. So like on
this job description, it says the rate of pay
is $20 per hundred words. This comes out to approximately a hundred
dollars per art go or $50 per hour.

That's pretty good. So, and it's remote.
You can't really go wrong with that. Some topics you may be asked to write
about include the following health, beauty, fitness, home decor,
legal medical family, et cetera. So check out ed 20 ten.com.
If that interests you, then the next one is
bust.com. So like Rihanna, she's pregnant, I'm pregnant. It's kind of cool to like her and
I are pregnant at the same time, but she's killing it with her
pregnancy outfit anyway, sidetrack. But she so yeah, this one has to do a
lot with young women in lifestyle topics, celebrity news, health fashion they have a career ear
page and they need writers in certain categories. So check that out if any of these
topics interest you all right. So the next category of websites
has to do with consulting. So if you have a bunch of knowledge,
if you're an expert at something, these are the websites for you.
The first one is just answer.com.

So it says revolution. I revolution. I is revolutionizing professional
services get access to help from thousands of different
experts. Here's how it works. So this is how it works. If
you have a question, however, if you are wanting to become an
expert, this is really cool as well. So you would just click
here and look at this. You can earn an average of
2000 to $7,000 a month. Guys, this could replace a full time income. Like that's crazy earn
money when your questions. When you answer questions in your field
of expertise online, set your own hours, work anywhere, anytime that's what
I'm talking about. Be your own boss. So you could apply right here. It's cool. There's just so many different types of
niches and expertises that you could do from divorce, lawyer,
dog vet Maytag techs, Mercedes mechanics. If you
have a professional expertise, then you can earn cash on. Just
answer another one I love is clarity.fm. So it's basically
kind of the same thing.

You would just come here. It works
a little bit differently, I think. And that's because like
you paid per minute. So if you become an expert on clarity.fm, you would sign up, you know,
sign up for completely free. But what happens is when you sign up, you, you just pick a price, like maybe you get
paid. I don't know, 10 cents a minute. I mean yeah, 10 cents a
minute just for numbers. Like there's experts
on here that get paid.

What, $3 a minute? Like it's insane.
Like imagine making $3 a minute. That's a lot. So yeah, all these
different categories, entrepreneurship, marketing, new business development, business development there's a lot of
different categories that you could become an expert with. The other one
here is called online experts, consultation app. So this one call
for me, call any expert directly.

So enjoy one-to-one interaction
with your favorite consultants. This is another consulting website. If you are interested in getting paid
to share your knowledge. All right, so here's a really fun category
and that is making money, making passive income from taking notes. So if you are somebody in the academic
world, maybe you're a student. Maybe I don't know, you're thinking about going back
to college or something like that. I wish I would've had this
back when I was in college. But these are different websites where
you can get paid for uploading your different notes, exam
documents you name it. So like the first one is
called Stu docu.com and you know, they got the best
study material for you. So the idea is you would
provide the study material.

The next one is called test.com. So together we build trusted education
solutions is another one where you can get paid to post
your different notes. One class.com. This is also a place
where you can get paid for notes. So check it out. So like here
top textbook notes this week. So you can see if you can upload notes
like this, you know, not there's, it's nothing fancy. It's just ton on a
word to document. That's pretty cool. You can see the pricing here. So
this is how like you would get paid.

Basically you'd get kind of like a
royalty commission from the notes that you update on this website, the
next one is called study soup. So study soup is another place where
you can get college study guides and lecture notes and also
get paid. So look at this, join our team. Now earn
up to $500, per course, helps your peers succeed
and get better grades. So this is how you can become an
elite note taker. Check out this guy. Kyle says, when you're taking detail of notes and
trying to help everyone else out in the class, it really helps that you learn
and under the material and understand the material.

Plus I made $280 on my
first study guide. That is cool. I mean, 280 bucks is
all outta money. Like, especially when you're in college. So
check out study soup and you can apply nexus notes.com is another one where
you can earn money and up upload notes. So step one, you'd create a free
account, upload your study materials, get paid every time students
access them. So that's really fun. The next one is Oxbridge notes. So another place where you can do the
same thing. And then the last one is studio.com. So more resources to if you're into wanna do note taking and
make passive income with creating these, there's no limit to the amount you can
sell after you create the notes one time.

All right, so now let's talk about
another fun category and that is testing. So testing out websites and
no, this isn't, you know, get paid a dollar per 30
minutes. It's pretty good money. So that first website is
called nevo.ai and on Nevo, basically meet Nevo it's a global
community working to improve the artificial intelligence space
and the ne re real humans to help improve this artificial
intelligence technology.

So simply you just do the task and
get paid to help shape the future with these, you know, whether it's,
you know, bots or, you know, these, when you see these types of tests
online and you have to take them, this is all AI and it needs
to be trained by human, like, like us like us in order
for it to work accurately. So this is basically
what you need be human, some spare time and a
PayPal account to get paid. So this is pretty cool. The next
one is called userlytics.com. So this is where you would get paid
to test out different website and apps and stuff like that. Usability
hub is the same thing. You can get paid to do more testing. So if you want to earn money for giving
your feedback that's what you can do here. Become a tester.

it's quick and easy to do. You can earn credits with
every single response. Once you've accumulated at least a
hundred credits, you can request a payout. So it says you can request a payout
when your balance reaches $10, you'll need a PayPal account.
You can check out this website. The next website is called user brain. So user brain is
essentially the same thing. So you can come here and it says like
what happens after I apply? Oh, okay. So here it says, receive new tests
and get paid $5 per test via PayPal. Speak your thoughts while going through
a set of tasks for about five to 20 minutes. You'll earn exactly $5 for every
five to 20 minute test video that is approved can come
here and watch a sample. The last one is called user
testing. This one's pretty cool. And it spoke to me a little bit more. You can earn $4 for
every five minute test, $10 for every 20 minute
test and between $30 to $120 for live interviews.
So this is really cool.

So you can check out websites
if you are interested in user testing and have some spare time. Okay. So the next round of websites has to do
with royalties or earning passive income for different digital assets
that you've created online. And so the first one is called invi.io. Now this is a little bit it than
what I'm talking about with invi. You can make money from, from creating content on this website. So maybe you wanted to get your
online service based business going, and you wanted to create different
assets for different clients. Invideo makes it super easy. If you wanted to create content and
monetize your content Invideo is a great tool and a great website to that. I've made so many tutorials in how you
can make a lot of money with this website and by leveraging it. And so I could
leave those links in the description. One website is called shutterstock.com, where you can get paid to have your
footage up there.

So your images, your footage, music, editorial,
anything you wanna upload, you can get paid passively once
you create the asset it's yours. So if people want to use it for their
YouTube videos or for their content, they could buy it. And then you would get the royalty over
and over and over the more somebody uses and pays for that
particular piece of content. The next one is called Invato elements. So this one's really cool and it a step
further and you could develop things like animations, logos,
presentation templates.

This is really cool because
presentations take a long time to create. So let's say you created this
presentation PowerPoint right here. If somebody purchases
this or down loads it, then you would get the royalty
each time somebody did that. And the same goes for photos and
like any of the sound effects, graphic templates that are
here on Invato elements, the next one's called artless.io. So if you're a beat maker and if you
can make royalty free sounds and music, which is in super high demand right now, artless.io might be a really
great marketplace for you
to sell your music.

Okay? And the last one is snap wire.com
for photographers and creators. So if you wanna be, become a creator, why do creative
freelancers join snap wire? They get paid to create custom
visual content for major brands. So it works a couple of
ways on this website, you can upload your
content and just, you know, have it be there and sell it.

Or you can compete to get paid
even more from a specific brand. Who's wanting a certain
clip, a certain visual. And if you're a sample when
ins and you get paid way, way, way more like five times the amount that
you would for just having your piece of content on the website, you so you can check out snap wire
dot co for creators. All right. So if you've made it to
this point, yes, let's go. Why don't we keep the party moving? Why don't we keep the
learning and the fun going, let's click on this next
video coming up next, all about the simple way to creating
$2,000 days online with this strategy right here, click here.

we'll see you on that video. Now, this is something you've probably
never heard about before. What does an equestrian, AKA, a professional horseback writer
and a toy creator have in common..

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