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This is probably one of the laziest ways That you can earn passive income online From literally anywhere in the world Without actually doing the work yourself Because you don't have to build a Product you don't have to build a Website you don't have to sell anything You don't have to do affiliate marketing Or CPA marketing you're literally being Paid per click and I'm going to show you Exactly how to get to thousands of Clicks on a complete autopilot that even If you're a complete beginner and you Don't have any social media followers Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can check their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all now even though This might be one of the laziest ways to Make money online it's definitely not The best way to make money online and

It's not how I personally make money Online so if you want to see how I Personally make money online and and What I consider to be the best way to Make money online from anywhere in the World even as a complete beginner then Make sure to click the first link in the Description box down below and I will Walk you through the entire process step By step I will explain what that Business model is how it works and then I'm going to show you exactly how to set It up for yourself so everything is Explained in pure details step-by-step Tutorials in the first link in the Description box down below anyways with All that being said and done let me show You one of the laziest ways that you can Start to make some extra money online From the comfort of your home so what You want to do first is you want to open Up this platform called imgura or Imgur Imager or whatever however you want to Call it but it's and it's a platform where People share funny memes and funny Images and funny GIFs and according to Similar web this platform is being Visited by 157 million people every Single month so that's obviously a lot Of traffic and a lot of people that are Visiting this platform on a regular Monthly basis and 33 of those visitors Are coming from the U.S then we also

Have United Kingdom Here we also have Canada so those are some top tier Countries that are spending people from Top tier countries spending time on this Platform hundreds of millions of them Every single month so what I want to do Is you want to go to imgura and you want To create an absolutely free account you Want to sign up for free now once you Sign up to this platform for free the Next thing you want to do is you want to Go over to and Is a paid link shortening service it's Free for you but whenever someone clicks On your shortened link you're gonna be Paid so basically you can grab any link Even if it's and you shorten It with now whenever Someone clicks on that shortened link Made by shrinkme now you're gonna be Paid and they're gonna be redirected Back to Google anyways but it will be First shown some ads that they can Skip And that's why you're actually being Paid they also have a low minimum payout They only have a five dollars minimum Payout so you can just register an Account for completely free and then you Want to log into your account now once You log into your account you're going To be able to access the dashboard where You can start a short shortening those Links as you can see first of all I Gotta verify that I am a human and that

I can log in with my username and Password now as soon as they sign in We're gonna be able to see the dashboard And here on the left side you can Shorten a link so you can enter the log URL over here and then you can shorten It so just click on new shortened link And then click on shorten now I'm going To show you exactly which link we're Going to shorten but the next thing you Want to do is you want to open up made a Journey AI bot already meet the so you're basically gonna Have to join their Discord server and Meter journey is an app that will allow You to turn anything you can imagine any Prompt any text into really high quality Images like for example I I typed in Excited rich guy with money flying Around him and this is the image that They created for me this is entirely Generated by AI so this is original Content as well so what you want to do You want to join their Discord server Which is free you want to go through one Of these newcomers rooms for example I'm Gonna go to newbies and then you want to Answer a prompt with a slash image Engine and then you can perhaps type in Something that might be really appealing To people to click on and see so for Example I'm going to type in a weird Medieval man uh ultra realistic or maybe Creature instead of man or a really old

Weird medieval or bizarre weird and Bizarre creature and then I'm also going To type in ultra realistic and extreme Details so perhaps something like this a Weird bizarre medieval creature ultra Realistic extreme details and now we're Gonna have to wait for this AI to Generate this design for me I typed in Something that is unusual something that Is bizarre and weird that people would Most likely be interested in like you Can't really see that because they were Going to generate a brand new creature That probably doesn't even exist because AI is going to compile different things And it's going to create something Unique and so a lot of people would be Interested in seeing that image and you Will see exactly why that is important And exactly how that's actually Gonna Get You clicks and earn you money which now while it is loading While they create our image our ultra Realistic creature what you want to do Is I want to show you something so if You go back to you will Be able to withdraw your earnings as you Can see I currently have one dollars in My available balance but in order to Withdraw my money all I gotta do is Click on withdraw right over here and Then you can enter however you want to Get paid whether that's going to be PayPal Bitcoin where we're going to get

A direct payment transfer it doesn't Matter but anyways you can withdraw your Money in different ways and you can Track your earnings and clicks right Over here so every single click that you Get will earn you money so what you want To do then is you want to go back to Medieval you want to go back to Middle Journey and try to find your design so Here it is so they created a couple of Different creatures and I will have to Choose which one I like the most out of These so let's say perhaps I really Really like uh this last one all I gotta Do is click on the u4 to upscale the Last design so now they're going to Create a higher quality and bigger image For that last design because I like that One the most they created like four Different designs I know us have to wait For them to design a better image of That and so here it is now we can Download this image to our computer so Just right click on it and save it to Your computer now the next step you want To complete is you want to open up Photopia which is photoshop's Alternative and it's absolutely free so You can just go to and then You can upload that design and once you Upload it you just want to blur it a Little bit so you want to click on Filter and then you want to click on Blur and then you want to select the

Gaussian blur and you just want to blur It just a little bit not too much but Maybe something like this so I'm going To blur it a little bit and then click On file and Export as and then I'm going To export it as a PNG file and I'm going To enter creature 2 and save it to my Computer now once I have this design What I want to do next is go over to Google Drive and just upload it to my Google Drive folder so any folder that You want to create I just created an Example folder and click on file upload And then you want to upload the original Photo that is not blurred so the Original photo which looks high quality And you can actually see this creature And then what you want to do is you want To click on these three dots and you Want to click on share and then you want To change the general access to anyone With link and once you change that you Want to copy the link of this image so Now anyone with this link that I've Copied can access and see this image and They can also download it as well so now That you've done that you will just go Back to shrinkme and you will paste your Google Drive Link and click on shorten And now you will get a shortened version Of that link so you can copy that and Now I want to go back to Imgur you want To create an account you want to log Into your account like a new post then

Upload the Blurred image you want to Enter a catchy title so perhaps yeah I'm Gonna aim for like a rare photo of a Medieval creature and I'm gonna say see The full unblurred photo here and then I'm going to leave the shrink mail link And now I can post this to a community And people can see this because we're Going to be posted publicly so people Can see this design they can see that It's some weird creature over there and They are going to be intrigued to see That rare photo but in order to see that Rare photo they gotta go to this link Over here so you gotta open up this link To actually access the photo the Original photo so you can see the Creature and you can basically do this With literally any image you can imagine Whatever you enter in a prompt as a Prompt on me the journey you can just Blurt it a little bit you can then take That photo and just leave a link through and then leave it over There publish it to Imgur so you can get Thousands of clicks because once again This is a platform that is being visited By hundreds of millions of people and Those hundreds of millions of people Come to see different interesting and Funny images and once again if you want To see how I personally make money Online and what I consider to be the Best way to make money online make sure

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