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Hey, Hey, and welcome back to my channel. If you're new here, I'm Latasha
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at agencies in in-house roles. And now as an entrepreneur in today's
installment of social media marketing for beginners, we're going to talk
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said let's get into you at the video. Okay. So do address the elephant in the room.

Let's be honest. Tick-tock is not. Platform. I personally use YouTube as my
primary source of lead generation, but I haven't experimenting with
tech talk because let's be real. It is a quickly growing platform and a
lot of what I'm doing on YouTube and even other platforms like Instagram or Twitter
can be repurposed over their relative. Easily. I don't recommend hopping
on every single trend. If it doesn't feel authentic to you,
but I do recommend at least having a presence and testing out platforms that
grow rapidly platforms like Tik TOK.

So let's do a little
overview of the platform. Tic-tac was the most downloaded
app worldwide in 2021 with 650. Million downloads that year alone
in the U S around 43% of users are between 18 and 24 and 32% of
tick-tock users are between 25 and 34. There's often this misconception
that Tik TOK is only for teens or super, super young people. But statistically, that actually isn't. You can still make inroads with your
target audience on Tik TOK, even if they're not in a younger demographic.

In fact, an average of 650,000 new
users join Tech-Talk every day. So there's still a lot of opportunity. Now you probably already know that
tick-tock is a short form, vertical video platform, but Tik TOK has continued to
expand its short form video options. They're getting. Soon, you'll be able to record tech
talks that are up to 10 minutes long and you can also go live. So what's made tech talks so exciting
for users and marketers alike will a lot of what excites users about Tik TOK
is its trendy fast moving algorithm. Users are constantly.

Depending upon existing trends
and the ability to use non-stock actual like top 40 style music. It gives the platform a
competitive advantage over YouTube. In that regard, it's also super
snappy and quick and creating content for the platform is the
same, unlike YouTube, which largely relies on polished high quality. Most of the top tech talks
are recorded on a cell phone. Instagram too has gotten more
and more polished over the years. Making tech talk a nice alternative
for folks who don't want to go on a fancy photo shoot, just to be
able to post content besides music. There's also trending audio clips that
can be used for skits or funny little sound bites, which are kind of fun. Girl, don't do it. It's not worth it. I'm not gonna do it, girl. I was just thinking about it.

How am I going to do it? I did it. So like all social platforms, Tik
TOK has a set of profile elements that you should probably fill out. If you want to make the most
of your account for you, use your name, try using one. That's either your name
or your business name. Assuming that you're getting on Tik TOK
for business purposes, you'll want to pick a username that you'd be happy with. Not only right now, but yeah. Five years from now, the
platform continues to grow. If your name or business name is
taken, you can experiment with adding an underscore, a period
or a filler word, like the or official minds of bell at Asha. James also important to note that
usernames are limited to 24 characters. So use them wisely. Your tic-tac bio is much shorter
than Instagram, just 80 characters. So you have to make it count
in my Instagram marketing for a beginner's video. I shared the tip to share who
you are, what you do, Andrew.

The value proposition in your bio now
for tick-tock, you can pretty much use that same general principle, but
just condense it into a sentence. A few examples could be vintage fashion
marketer, educating through entertainment, makeup for mature women of color online
and in store or a social media manager for socially conscious e-commerce. You can also add a link in your bio if
you're a business account, but remember that if you are a business account, you
won't be able to use certain trends. It sounds a great LinkedIn bio is
comprehensive and easy to scan, whatever you want your prospect to do. When they click on a link like booking
a call or shopping a service or product should be clearly presented
and laid out in your bio, it should also be easily readable on mobile
and easy for prospects to navigate.

There are a lot of ways to set up a link
in bio, which can include formatting and unlisted page on your existing website. Like I do. Or if you're working on your
personal brand, you could also try milkshake, which is completely. Love that tool. So a great profile picture doesn't
necessarily have to be a professional headshot, especially on Tik TOK. It could be your brand logo or just
a more casual selfie or picture of you from the shoulders up. Some suggestions for getting a great
profile picture include using high contrast colors that make it easy to
identify your picture at icon size. Remember, people are going to be on
their phones and instead of a full body picture, try a closeup of your. Or a three-quarter shot
that let's follow her. See what you look like a little bit
more clearly you can try something that communicates your brand personality
and what makes you different, whether that's an upbeat shot from a curated
brand photo shoot, or just you enjoying a sunny day in the park.

Sounds fun to me. Tick tock, like Twitter is a more
personal casual platform than some others that we've explored. So in general, I recommend using
a photo of yourself if you can. So. Always speculation on how algorithms
operate platform by platform and tap talk is no different, but a lot of tech
talks, popularity is definitely due to its unique kind of addictive algorithm. What's important to remember is that
tick-tock cares more about what you enjoy then who you're following. So while competitors like Instagram
typically prioritize your following. Tik TOK cares about what
you were actually watching. Therefore you page or FYP is curated
based on what content you've engaged with, how long you've watched the video,
whether or not you've liked or commented on the video and any other actions
that you took after seeing that piece of content, because tick-tock focuses.

Each piece of individual content
performs in the algorithm, any TechTalk you create could end up reaching a
large number of people who haven't seen anything you've created before. This creates a great
opportunity for reach. And it also means that you can focus
less on feed cohesion than some other platforms like Instagram. Think of your tick-tock account as
a curated collection of individual content pieces, instead of. Overall grid, you can create
covers for your tick talks, but you definitely don't have to because
tick-tock has a down to earth feel. You don't have to worry as much about an
aesthetic grid, the way that you might on Instagram, all that said, let's talk about
some of the key features that you can use. Tik TOK. First there's video, tic-tac started
with 15 second maximum videos. And as of today has options for 60
seconds, three minute and 10 minute videos to compete with other video
platforms like YouTube, my main squeeze while keeping features fresh
against competitors like Instagram.

I always choose a longer time limit
that I need so that I can edit the video down versus hitting the recording limit. And then having to start over a little
pro tip there, you can also edit your video using an external editor and
then import it into the app, which is. Preferred method. I use a combination of final cut pro
and descript, but many of my friends in the industry also recommend cap cut. I'm sure there's lots of
other apps out there too. Something else to keep in mind though. One study showed that about 50% of
tick-tock users surveys that they found videos longer than one minute
to be quote stressful while one in four of tic-tacs highest performing
videos fall in the app's recommended optimal video length of 21 to 34 hours.

According to Of course you can always experiment
with different video lengths to see what's most engaging for your audience. It's going to vary
depending on your audience. Now live videos on TechTalk are a great
way to get your audience or viewers on the, for you page to engage with
you in real time live video, isn't available to all creators though. You'll need to. Be 16 years old and have 1000 followers
creators 18 and up can also earn gift points, which are monetized. Will you also invite your viewers
to join you alongside you live? Which I tried accidentally
once and it ended up being a very awkward experience for me. So try it at your own breath. Okay. So tech talk makes it
really easy to share. Tech talks both within
and outside of the app. By using the arrow symbol underneath
the video, you can also export your tech talk to a video file by saving it. If you'd like to repurpose it as
a YouTube short or Instagram reel, but I personally use the word.

pexels photo 267399

Snap tick to save my tech talks
without that Tik TOK watermark, since platforms like Instagram have
noted that they prefer, we don't use content from other apps on theirs,
which is, you know, understandable. Now, as previously mentioned, a lot
of tech talks trends are based on popular sounds that creators make the. Well, there used to be a discover
tab that showcased trending sounds. My method has always just been to
scroll the FIP or friend's tabs to see what seems to be trending. If I see a sound, I like I'll click on the
audio, save it to my bookmark sounds to use at a later time, just be mindful that
you won't be able to use certain sounds. If you are on a business
account, I'm on a creator. So make sure to check before
you plan a piece of content and then are unable to use it later.

Okay. So let's get into the most
important aspects of building a strategy for tech talk. First, start with the end in
mind, first things first, you want to be honest about your. If you're a business owner using tech
talk to sell a product or service reference your quarterly and annual
targets to guide your focus on Tik TOK. Think about which metrics are going
to get you closer to your goal. If your focus is sales,
think about conversions. Are you getting people from tick-tock
engaged, moving them to your profile, LinkedIn bio, and then getting
them to purchase on your website. Or maybe you should just cut to the
chase and run some conversion optimized. Tick-tock. Meanwhile, if you're a brand new
business or creator, you will probably be focused more on awareness metrics,
like reach and follower growth. In that case, you're going to want to
latch on to lots of trends, probably start some of your own, and also host
at a more accelerated rate than someone who's just trying to maintain their brand
presence on a new platform like myself.

Next thing about what content types
are going to get you closer to each of your goals and your brand. If you're a social media manager,
looking to help tech startups, your pillars might be something like this. Startup trends, marketing
tips, and success stories from your previous clients. Once you have your pillars mapped out,
you could start planning types of content. The only limit to your tech
dot content is your creativity. Really? Anything goes on this platform, as long
as it follows the terms and conditions. Some popular choices for tick
tock content include quick tips. You could share three reasons why your
service or product is essential and then share some creative ways to use it. You can also use this as an opportunity
to educate your audience about your niche, like providing insight
on a new industry trend or piece of news that adds more conscious. There's tutorials. You can always create both 15 and
62nd tutorials or even a 10 minute guide for a potential new customer.

If you want to try that using your
product or service on camera makes potential customers feel more comfortable
purchasing from you because they can see it in action behind the. Behind the scenes content of your day
or your business is a great way to just develop a personal relationship with
your audience that makes them invested in your process, shows them what makes you
unique and fosters transparency between you and your followers and entertainment. One of the most popular types of
content on Tik TOK is entertaining, fun content, silly content. It's pretty straight forward and tends
to be more relevant for content creators. But this type of content is great to use. Trending sounds. Skits that are relevant to your
niche or business, all in all. It's important that even if you're
trying to sell something, you honor the nature of the platform,
which is lighthearted and fun. Stuffy content is not it on Tik TOK.

So try to think of yourself as a
content creator, even if you're posting for a more boring type of brand. Now here's the big question. How often should you post on TechTalk? Well, some marketers will
recommend that you post it. Three times per day, Tik TOK
recommends one to four posts a day. But if you know me at all, you
know what I'm going to say. Ultimately, this comes down to what
is sustainable for you or the team that you're working with because you
can still see growth on the platform without this rigorous upload schedule. I personally post minimum once per week
and typically no more than three to five. Per week. I haven't had massive growth in
the platform by any means, but I am happy with my follower base and know
that I can always amp things up.

If I feel like my other platforms
stop performing for me in the way that I want them to. Okay. So while your content pillars can serve
as a great guide to make sure that your content is cohesive, you still might want
to plan out detailed concepts for you. Whether you want to post a tutorial
using your product or a dance video with tips for other professionals in
your niche, make sure that you leave room for trending Tech-Talk content. You definitely don't have to plan your
content as far ahead as other platforms. So leave room in your content column. For spontaneous posts. This is super important. Recent up fluent status shows,
better engagement rates across different follower levels for
Instagram, YouTube, and tick tock.

Tick tock has considerably
more engagement than either of the other two networks at all. Follower levels. For example, a fluence found
micro-influencers had engaged. Of 17.9, 6% on Tik TOK, 3.8, 6% on
Instagram and 1.6, 3% on YouTube at the other extreme mega influencers had
engagement rates of nearly 5% on Tik TOK. 1.2% on Instagram and 0.3, 7% on YouTube
with those benchmarks in mind, you can evaluate your progress by assessing which
goals are most important for you to hit. Are you seeing. A specific product or service, or
just looking to increase your brand mentions that'll guide you to the
metrics that you should be tracking or detailed analytics on your posts. Just go into the creator tools section
under those three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your
phone or on desktop hit your profile picture and then select analytics. The first thing that you'll see under
analytics is an overview of your engagement in the last 7 28 and 60 days.

You could also choose a custom range. If you'd like to the factors Tik TOK uses
to evaluate engagement, our video views profile views, likes comments and shares. You'll see a number for each interaction
and a percentage below indicating your growth from the previous period. You can also download this data if
you want to keep it for your records or share it with team members in the
content section, video posts, show videos from the last seven days.

Newest oldest trending videos show the
top nine videos with the fastest growth in view numbers over the past seven days with
an other views gained in the past week. Plus your real-time stats. If you click on an individual
video, you can expand your analytics and even further detail, you'll
be able to access total time. Watched average time watched percentage
of people who watched the full video and. Audience, you'll also be able to
see where your video traffic comes from, if it's mostly from the, for
you page or from your own followers, which I find to be super interesting. They're also stats for your
live videos and follower growth.

These detailed stats are great to
analyze whether or not the people that are engaging with your content are
aligned with your target audience. And you can use these analytic trends
to pivot the type of content that you're making to reach the right people. So that's. For now, at least I hope this
video gave you some insight into getting started and how to plan and
measure your content on Tik TOK.

On Friday, I have another
installment of this series coming your way and don't forget to join
me at my free live masterclass. The RSVP link is going to be down below. And if you liked this video, it
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