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Very easy Google search method that we Literally never talked about before but It literally takes less than nine Minutes and it's perfect for complete Beginners because it requires no Previous experience since everything is Pretty much created for you all you Gotta do is put the pieces together to Make the puzzle actually work and I will Show you exactly how to do it but you Have to stick with me all the way until The end of the video and not skip around Don't skip throughout the video and also Don't click off because otherwise you Will get confused and lost anyways with All of that being said drop a like and Let us begin with a full step-by-step Tutorial just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they are me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never attack You for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never fax you like that so Just stay safe and report them all so

What you want to do first is you want to To open up Google Docs so you want to Open up the docs.google.com and this is Google's app that will allow you to Actually create different documents and Write different facts and inside of this Document you will be writing a single Article that's going to contain three Different tools so what I want to do First is you want to go over first of All to Fiverr Fiverr is a freelancing Platform where you can find the Thousands of different freelancing Services including Graphic Design Services digital marketing SEO Services Also music audio video editing stuff Like that so what I want to do is you Want to search for how to rank higher on Google or Google ranking Services if you Type in Google ranking you can see that There are thousands of people that are Gonna deliver this type of service that Are going to help someone rank higher on Google they're going to put their Website at the first page of Google Which is obviously extremely beneficial For businesses and websites so what I Want to do is you first of all want to Sign up to affiliates.fiverr.com so you Want to go to affiliates.flummer.com Click on start earning now so you can Sign up and create an account on this Platform and once you create an account You want to log into your account and if

You also check out their commission plan You can see that you can get paid Anywhere from 15 to 150 dollars per Person that you refer for these Services As you can see up to 150 dollars per Service that is being sold through your Affiliate link so you obviously want to Log into your account and then once you Log into your Fiverr Affiliates account You will be able to access the dashboard Or you can track your clicks you can Track your earnings you can track your Balance and then you can also on the Left hand side go to marketing tools go To default and dip links to generate an Affiliate link and then you just want to Find a service that helps people as I Said rank higher on Google so for Example I'm going to use this service Over here just as an example and then You want to click on the share button Over here copy the link address for that Particular service and then go to LP URL And paste that affiliate link here now What that will do is that will generate An affiliate link for you so you can Copy your Fiverr CPA link where whenever Someone signs up through your link You're gonna earn up to 150 if they Actually buy the service as you can see It's going to take into this service and If someone buys this through my link That I just created I'm gonna earn money So what you want to do now is you want

To go back to Google Docs you just want To paste that affiliate link that you Just made I'm just going to leave it Over there there's going to be the first Link but you need three links so for the Second link you want to go over to Mangles.com and mangles.com is another SEO tool a tool it helps people rank Higher on Google as you can see juicy SEO tools you will love and then it Explains exactly how they will deliver Them the right keywords and how they Will help them with search engine Optimization and stuff like that so what You want to do is you want to scroll all The way down to the bottom of Mangools.com which is once again a tool That helps people rank higher on Google You want to click on affiliate and you Can see that you will be paid a 30 Lifetime commissions of whatever someone Spends on the platform so if someone Spends a thousand dollars on this Website you'll make 300 just for Referring them through this website Where it will obviously be able to rank Their website higher on Google so you Want to click on start earning now to Sign up as an affiliate and then when a Click on don't have an account and then You want to enter basic details about Yourself to create an account and grab Your affiliate link and then once you Create an account you will be able to

Generate an affiliate ID right over here So this is your affiliate ID which you Can share with other people and if they Sign up with your referral link you will Make money so what you want to do is you Want to go back to mangles.com and just Add your code to the back of mangles.com So this is how you add your affiliate List how you create your affiliate link So if someone wants to go to this link They will be taken to mangles.com where You will earn a commission because they Bought through this link because there's A Code assigned to it so now you just Want to paste that link so now you have Two different links where people can Sign up and they can rank their website Higher and you're going to earn a Commission for both of this so now you Need a third link which is going to come From Samurai so you want to search for Samrash affiliate program which is Another tool just like manuals that will Allow you to refer people to this Platform where people can rank higher on Google and you are going to earn a Commission for them signing up so you Just want to go through samrash Partners Click on apply now and create an Affiliate account pretty much the same Process just like on mangles and grab Your affiliate link now as you have These at three different links three Different tools that people can you can

Use used to rank higher on Google what Do you need to do right now is you need To turn this into an actual article an Actual blog post and you can easily do This I could literally just create a Title over here so the title can be best Three tools to rank on the first page of Google so something like that this is Going to be my my title I'm gonna make It bold I'm gonna make it a little bit Bigger so it stands out and then below That I'm just gonna write a brief tag so For example I can say tool number one is Gonna be man goals and I can just Briefly explain how men goals works but Most importantly you just highlight that Text you make it bold as well and then You just insert your affiliate link so Click on insert link and then you just Insert your mangles affiliate Link in This case so I'm gonna apply this and This is how it's going to look like and Then below that I can just type in Whatever man goals is you can just Search for what is mangual and then you Just briefly write a simple sentence or Two sentences about mangles and then you Type in something and then below that You create an article to action it says Click here to try mangles for free so They can actually try it for free There's a free trial clay here to try Mangles for free and if you click on This and they sign up through a link

You're going to earn a commission so Once again you attach your affiliate Link to this so now you paste your link There you click apply so now you pretty Much do the same thing for these other Links as well so now number two is going To be Fiverr services and then below That you will explain what Fiverr is and How it works and then you will just Attach your Fiverr affiliate link so I'm Going to copy my Fiverr affiliate link Which is this link from here and I'm Going to attach it here so I'm going to Click on insert link click apply and Here we have it and then below that I'm Just gonna I'm just gonna type in click Here to try Fiverr services and then I'm Also going to make that a hyperlink so I'm just going to insert my link there So I'm going to click apply and then I'm Going to have a third call to action and A third call to action is going to be Samrash so I'm going to type in Semrush.com and then I'm going to type In what Sam Rush is so you can say Semrush is and then I will explain what It is so just briefly explain what a Platform is above and then you just add Your affiliate link to semrush as well So you insert the link here click apply And then below that you can also create A call to action that's going to be Click here to try semrush for free and You will have a full article written

Down and you obviously didn't write it On the article now because that will Make the video too long but if you just Briefly explain what these services and These offers are about a simple one two Three sentences and then once you have That you can simply copy your entire Blog post that you just made and then You can go over to a platform called Medium and meeting with a website where People come to share different blog Posts and articles and different stories And these articles can be read by Millions of people around the world Because this platform has millions of Users that are coming and reading Articles every single month plus what You publish on here can rank extremely High on Google so medium articles rank Extremely high on Google so you can Simply go over to medium.com you can Click on write and then you can publish Your article over here with all the Affiliate links you have so I'm gonna Paste the article name here so best Three tools to rank on the first page of Google and then I explain what those Tools are of course play around and make It a little bit better because as you Can see you just added these random Numbers which I need to remove so you Will need to customize it a little bit And make it look a little bit better now Once you're done you just click publish

You can publish this to medium.org and Then copy your article link now once you Have it published and you've copied your Article link for that Medium document Not only can it be seen by people on Medium but now you're going to drive an Additional traffic to it so what I Recommend you do is go over to Google Start searching for different businesses Around the world it can literally be any Type of physical business whether that's A coffee shop whether that's a dentist Whether that's a gym whether that's a Barber shop whether that's a cookie shop Or whether it's a gift shop it doesn't Matter if you search for that and then You add like for example some City Around the world La New York it can also Be in Paris it can also be anywhere in The world any City it doesn't need to be A major massive City it can be some Small town in anywhere around the world And then you just try to find a website Or try to find businesses that are not Ranking on the first page of Google like For example go to the third page of Google and then you can find those or Those businesses and websites that are Not ranking High AI you can open up Their websites and you can find their Contact details in most of the cases at The bottom of the website you can either Find their socials as you can see or you Can find their email you can just email

Them and explain to them how ranking Higher on Google will help them online And here's an article a free article That they can read on medium.com that's Going to explain to them how threading Higher on Google and what are the best Tools they can use and whatever tool They sign up through through that Article you're going to earn a Commission plus that's also going to Help you're rank higher and medium as You're driving external traffic so you Can get more organic traffic from medium But even if you just rely on the traffic It's coming from medium you can still Get decent clicks and decent views in The article itself but by doing this you Can drive additional traffic and Potentially get new clients which you Can find yourself by searching on Google So I really hope you got some value out Of this video really hope you've learned Something new and if you did make sure To drop a like down below and I will see You next time

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