BJP IT Cell Insider Interview with Dhruv Rathee

Hello Friends! The BJP IT Cell- i have previously made a video on this. Infact it is one of my earliest videos. In that, i had explained how this Cell is a nationwide factory for fake news, how it spreads lies across all social media platforms through its fake news and propaganda. They have many paid pages on Facebook using the name of Indian Army or the names of popular celebrities. On Twitter, they trend paid hashtags by shelling out 30-40 rupees per tag to people who can copy paste the intended hashtags and thus make it viral. They run a plethora of fake websites. All this was explained in the earlier video. So i would recommend you to watch the earlier video if you haven't done so. You can access that video by clicking on the "i" button. In this video i have interviewed an ex-BJP IT cell member This ex-member's name is Mahavir who agreed to this interview. He has now left the IT cell. As a proof that he really did work at the IT cell, Mahavir has also shared some photos which i will show to you viewers shortly.

This one with Mr. Subramanium Swamy, This with General.V.K Singh, & this one with the Minority affairs minister of the Modi Government So these pictures with the high ranked personalities of BJP do prove that Mahavir was related to the party in some or the other way. He has also mentioned that he was an member of the IT cell. So in this interview, i have asked him a lot of questions regarding the workings of the IT cell, how it spread lies, and how the BJP IT cell was different from other parties' IT cells, specifically the difference between Congress IT cell & BJP IT cell. The interview is a tad bit long, but please do watch it till the end because it will explain you such things which haven't been exposed to the general public till now. No news channel may have shown you this information. So lets watch the interview. DHRUV:Hello Mahavir! MAHAVIR:Hello Brother Dhruv! DHRUV:So firstly i want to ask you, when did you join the BJP IT cell? MAHAVIR: i joined the IT cell from 2013, infact from 2012 during its inception when Mr.

Gadkari was the head of the cell. DHRUV:Ok & till when were you a active member? MAHAVIR:Till 2015. DHRUV: Ok so from 2012 to 2015- a three year stint? MAHAVIR:Yes DHRUV:So why did you join it at the first place? MAHAVIR:We had heard about it, & Mr. Alok Solanki had recruited me, after seeing my talent for social media skills. DHRUV:Alright, so they chose you? and not the other way round? MAHAVIR: no i didn't choose them, they chose me. They keep an eye out for members. All members are chosen by them only. DHRUV:So roughly how many people work in this IT cell? MAHAVIR:Not sure exactly- maybe 20 thousand, combining all members from all states. Everywhere from Zilla level to Tehsil level, they have their cells almost like a big company. They also have big PR companies working for them.

DHRUV: but they might have a top management team, a core team just like other companies, so which branch, which position were you on in the IT cell? MAHAVIR: i was one of their low level common employees only DHRUV: which means? MAHAVIR: i mean they have a top level of 150 people. known as "Super 150". You can search about them on Google, and you will get full details about these super 150. DHRUV: so you were a part of the Super 150? MAHAVIR: No, i wasn't a part of the super 150, but i was the 151th member.

There was a team of 50 members after the super 150. DHRUV: so a team of 50 after the super 150, which you were a part of? MAHAVIR: yes i was a part of that team, and my friends still work there in the same team. I then left that job. In my team there were 50 people at the same level, and at the top level were those super 150 members, including Mr. Ankit Pandey, Vikas Pandey, Then Mr.Subramanium and other top members. So this team of super 150 are the ones who get the chance of meeting the PM. If you see one news report from 2015 published by the QUINT stating- Twitter Trolls among super 150 invited by PM Modi in 2015. So this included a group of 150 social media influencers, top members of BJP IT cell who were issued an exclusive invitations to a invite-only,no selfie allowed event for them, as a part of Digital India Initiative. In this report you can see, who all are the members of this super 150 team, like Mr. Tejinder Bagga. Now you may notice a peculiar thing in this that all the photographs taken here have the same background.

All 150 members have stood at the same place to get clicked. Here we have a picture from Mr. Ankit Jain against the same background. The Quint article is pointing out that among these 150 people, there are many abusive trolls. Like here Mr. Ankit has posted abusive posts using disgusting slangs and here he got a chance to meet with PM. Mr. Suresh Nakhua's picture again with the same background, they all clicked pictures at the same place with the PM. He too has used abusive language in his twitter posts. So all these people get a chance to meet PM Modi. No one else apart from this 150 in the IT cell get a chance to meet with the top leadership. DHRUV: so what did your team of 50 do? MAHAVIR: my work was on facebook to do maximum trolling. To irritate and troll whoever wrote against BJP, to make them stop writing or to report such accounts to close them to prevent them from writing further.

DHRUV: all these 50 members had the same job of trolling? MAHAVIR: all the 50 members had the same work. If they couldn't do it, then more people were assigned this work through e-mail. The e-mails would be circulated to IT cells all over India, to troll over certain topics. Everyone used to get the same mail. Thousands used to get this mails. DHRUV: So what was the work of this super 150 team? did they also indulge in trolling? MAHAVIR: yes their work also iincluded trolling and creation the main content was also done by this super 150. DHRUV: ok, so any tweet has to be posted or any paid trend has to be done- have you done any paid trend? MAHAVIR: no i wasn't on twitter but i used to get messages to join twitter for the same. I didn't understand twitter so i didn't join it. On twitter, an amount of 50 tweets were generated for trending topics and this list was circulated among all the members instructing them to post these tweets at specific times randomly.

DHRUV: Alright MAHAVIR: they had the option to select the tweets they wanted to post, so they randomly used to post any 5 tweets at one time so you could see at one time at most 2000 tweets on one topic which would make it trending on the platform. DHRUV: so the work of creating these tweets was done by the super 150 team members? MAHAVIR: yes the super 150 team created the tweets for circulation. DHRUV: so the members working under them had the work of copy- pasting these tweets at correct times? MAHAVIR: yes copy pasting and sometimes even they added their own opinions on it but the main content was circulated, through one email to all. yes this fact has been proved again and again- recently by mr.paresh rawal of babu bhai, hera pheri fame, who is also a BJP MP had mistakenly tweeted this document he deleted it later but not before everyone saw it how these paid trends are circulated.

This document had circulated a trend alert with main content as "jhooti congress" and it also contained sample tweets. so obviously, this jhooti congress tweet was trending on twitter later you can see the sample tweets by searching them. DHRUV: So what was your work specifically as you weren't on twitter, so was your work on facebook? MAHAVIR: my work was on facebook and writing content for websites like any recent news report on aaj tak, abp news channels, whatever it was, whether against rahul gandhi ,mayawati or owaisi, we had to twist it to form the hindu vs muslim rhethoric DHRUV: ok, you had to twist any news report to a hindu vs muslim issue, and then share it online? MAHAVIR: yes, even if two people fought, like if we two had an altercation, then i would manipulate the news to me as a dalit, hindu or a muslim to suit the occasion and present the news. and there would be 5-10 big websites run by the BJP IT cell like the , , , , which would circulate… like this they have thousands of websites for manipulated news.

DHRUV: so you have told me the names of the top fake websites? like newstrend etc which were run by the IT cell? MAHAVIR: yes was among India's top 20 trending websites. DHRUV: alright MAHAVIR: yes it receives around 3 to 3.5 crore visitors daily to this website to read the manipulated news which we wrote. DHRUV: friends i couldn't believe that 3 to 3.5 crore people go and read manipulated fake news on their website daily. so i checked it up myself on Alexa that which websites were on top 20 in amazon? and you too will be shocked to know the results. see this. Alexa.. please show me top websites in india on no 1. is google, then youtube, facebook, yahoo, amazon and on no.10 it is that means after google & facebook, its their fake news peddling website trending on top.

This website has surpassed indiatimes which was the top news website in india. it gets traffic even more than instagram with its fake and manipulative news content. this is a sad situation. DHRUV: So you published fake news on this website? or twisted and manipulated the news to be published on this website? and furthermore share it to facebook? MAHAVIR: yes we shared it to facebook and even made them viral through whatsapp messages circulating through the members phones. The IT cell members had laptops and upto 10 mobiles for this fake news circulation. They contained 10 whatsapp numbers on which to forward the news so through whatsapp atleast 80 to 300 groups used to function where this fake news used to be forwarded and made viral immediately.

DHRUV: Each member had 10 phones? MAHAVIR: yes each member had 10 phones DHRUV: So how did they handle 10 phones with different whatsapp groups with different numbers? MAHAVIR: each of the 10 phones had 10 different SIMs and contained different numbers in their contact list. the numbers where written on a sticky note and glued to the phones to identify them and the mobiles used to be of the same brand. DHRUV: even facebook had fake news pages then? MAHAVIR: facebook belongs to BJP now.

You cant do anything against BJP on facebook now, you will get to know that in 2019. DHRUV: what do you mean by that? MAHAVIR: The BJP controls facebook to such an extent that they can destroy the communal fabric of our country within an hour. DHRUV: MAHAVIR: The number of pages Mark Zuckerberg has on facebook, mostly all the pages running on the site, and most of the accounts which have been created on the site, have been 90% run by BJP followers under different names and aliases of hindu names and muslim names, names of great personalities, even under the name of indian army- almost 500-600 pages are run under the guise of indian army.

Even though Indian army has an official verified page, which have lesser likes than these counterfeit pages. one of the pages have 2 million likes, another has 2.5 million likes. DHRUV: so these fake pages are used to spread propaganda? under the names of indian army etc? MAHAVIR: yes they use the names of indian army or they use lot of hindu names for these fake pages. So which are these pages that use the name of indian army to spread fake news and propaganda? So i asked mahavir to show some pictures of these pages as an example so here those pages which i want to show you they have names like- iam with indian army it has 6 lakh likes.

Then there is indian army fan club this also has 6 lakh likes. Then there is- india support indian army and another called Indian army fans which has 21 lakh likes to it. then – Indian army-service before self, india support indian army, indian army, bhartiya khabar etc of which if you notice the amount of likes, they go upto 2 million likes in some pages. there is Unofficial: indian army. Look at the number of fake pages. mahavir has sent me pictures of all these pages and told me these are just the few of the hundreds of fake pages operative. MAHAVIR: You must have seen in many profile IDs on facebook that apart from cover photo and profile photo, there is nothing else on the profile no content, no opinions, nothing on the profile just the profile ID is functional, these are just hired people by the cell.

They don't put anything on their timeline, join around 30 groups and then post the fake news on these groups. DHRUV: Ok and they are the ones running the pages too. but how do they get so many likes on these pages? MAHAVIR: yes they like each others pages. most of them have common likes if you notice. They have made pages under muslim names too like the aayat of Quran, Mecca prayers recorded live in which through software they show live prayers from Mecca Muslims are naive and they comment ALLAH-HU-AKBAR on these fake pages too which are run by BJP IT cell under muslim names.

DHRUV: alright so have you run a page under a muslim name? MAHAVIR: i have many muslim friends and they know the pages are fake. the pages will feature quotes from Quran or morning prayers from Mecca-Madina live featured to it which garners thousands and lakhs of comments from muslims so one post can get upto 1 million likes and comments in these pages run under fake muslim names Thus they will post 5-6 Islam related posts first then a small post about promoting BJP with links to their websites.

pexels photo 9786314

DHRUV: so even muslims are roped in to promote BJP through such fake pages? MAHAVIR: yes in front of muslims, BJP wants to promote a clean image so they put in such posts to impress them. and in front of hindus, muslims are painted as the villains. everything is done meticulously by these pages. different types of links for different target audience are posted these pages are of different quality, different content and different trending topics DHRUV: Alright so different pages may also exist for different demographics of people like people in cities may get more posts about Modi's development and less about hindu vs muslim MAHAVIR: yes because urban people are knowledgeable but the 30% backward people of india in villages, the poor, the laborers, the ones with hand to mouth existence are the ones with weak emotions. now for example, in our village, any leader of any party, gives a good speech, he can garner all the votes. They will not see the hollowness or insincerity behind those words. DHRUV- Ok. MAHAVIR- these people will ruin India you may not believe me, but it is better that india is in the hands of narendra modi.

If the country was run by Yogi, we would be finished. It is finished even now even though india is a golden bird like old times if it wasnt the golden bird then, the 8000 crore scams wouldnt be there like present and many other scams which are happening now in todays times. DHRUV: so you mean to say yogi would destroy our country even more than modi? MAHAVIR: see the followers of yogi are very dangerous. modi followers are real ones like you and me, ordinary voters who have the right to ask questions and even the PM wants to work for the people but the lower ranks of BJP want to remove him from the top post. DHRUV: the lower ranks of BJP want to remove Modi? MAHAVIR: they want to bring forward yogi by 2024. thats their mission now as modi wont relinquish power till 2019 DHRUV: alright MAHAVIR: by any hook or crook, modi will come back in 2019 but 2024 is earmarked for rise of yogi as modi will also be old by then.

DHRUV:since when do they have this plan of getting yogi to power? are they planning since 2015-16? MAHAVIR: this is their plan since long. modi became PM by fluke as international PR companies had already got the tender to rebuild modi's image chinese companies had got these contracts. the IT cell of Trump administration was the same one working for Modi too DHRUV: Ok MAHAVIR: yes it was an international campaign DHRUV: so you are saying that they had to give power to modi by compulsion and want to remove him now. so as per you who is behind all this planning? MAHAVIR: everybody knows that the party is run by RSS RSS wants to establish the law of manu smrithi in India didnt you hear just a few days back how a minister said in a speech that they will change the constitution DHRUV: yes change the constitution , correct MAHAVIR: yes this is a warning to you and to all the citizens of india that the constitution will be changed and the laws of manu smrithi will be enforced.

And the country would go back to the culture of before 1818 they want the same economy, communal harmony etc to be enforced in india during the years before 1818. DHRUV: alright, so tell me now how when you posted a fake post, you could lend it a communal color everytime? any incident could be shown as hindu vs. muslim through those posts? the opposition party is painted as a muslim sympathiser, bring casteism to the table? MAHAVIR: communal hatred brings them vote, scare hindus against muslims for no rhyme or reason they have created this atmosphere of fear that muslims will harm us or ruin us.

Continuously putting the fear in the hearts of Hindus brainwashing them, thus can make anyone believe their lies DHRUV: so you did this same work of fear mongering before? did you believe in these lies that time? MAHAVIR: no i never believed in it as my own house neighbours are muslims and they have even called me up to ask me why am i writing such lies on facebook? so i told them that this is my bread and butter and i get paid for it even they agreed to let it go after coming to know thats how i earned my salary. even in my village people used to try to antagonize the muslims against me because of my such incriminating posts but they never held a grudge against me as they knew that's how i earned money. and my posts were full of lies.

DHRUV: so do u feel that majority of the people in this country who are employed in the BJP IT cell are doing this to earn their bread and butter? MAHAVIR: yes its their compulsion i joined this job to earn some money. i have some land but i had just got married so i needed some extra money so i had to do this job. now i dont need it as my land has yielded good crops i have got some loan too from the banks for the farm and now in rajasthan due to kisan andolan, nobody is paying back their loans as we are demanding that big loans of rich people be paid back first. DHRUV: so when you left this job in 2015 was this the reason? MAHAVIR: no my family called me back saying you are doing a lot of unproductive things on the internet and one day someone might harm you.

I had put my real face up on the net while doing this job while others used fake aliases and pictures for their work. that was my mistake. DHRUV: So what made you finally leave then? what was the main reason? MAHAVIR: if any riots happen, the weapons are handed to lower castes, the farmer wives, dalits, jats,in rajasthan too, the lower castes, the poor low income muslims are the first ones to die in such cases. No rich person like togadiya,or anyone from mohan bhagwats family die or suffer in riots they have safe havens abroad their children study in foreign universities and give us sub standard books. stay in gurukuls and sing bhajans "hare krishna , hare krishna" but ignore the development for the poor, the laborer, the common man don't provide them with roads, electricity and basic needs these things dont bother the rich 80% of country's population are handled by these rich people. DHRUV: yes, so tell us now how much did you earn in the IT cell job? MAHAVIR: i got per day salary of a thousand rupees and i dont know the salaries of the top level people.

I was given 1000 per day. DHRUV : Can you guess the other's salaries? MAHAVIR: The lower rung got paid as per government pay scale as starting salary of 300 per day going upto lakhs & crores for the upper rungs like Mr Amit malviya who earns in lakhs. Even vikas pandey earns in lakhs from this. DHRUV: so amit malviya earns in lakhs? MAHAVIR: Yes because BJP is indias richest party they have funds worth lakhs and crores all the slaughterhouses income is earned by them everyone earning through illegal means give them funds. just see for an example now in delhi Max hospital was closed by bobby kataria following the incident which happened in the college the college was going to be locked down when they offered a lot of money for their release and bobby kataria got jailed instead DHRUV: Yes they are a very rich party then MAHAVIR: this party is so rich that you cant oust this party simply atleast till 2024, how much ever the public tries this party will be in power for a long time.

Even if there is a momentum in the country to remove this party they have the biggest weapon of all i.e JIO. DHRUV: ok.. how come JIO is a weapon? The JIO phones always have a pop up message on their screens which comes up automatically to the user for example if our PM is giving a speech, our phones automatically gave us the message about it and also recording of the live speech was sent to us through calls on our JIO phones we were getting calls regarding the speech. first we got a message that if you want to hear the PMs speech call this number and the speech live was made available to us DHRUV: so how will they use JIO? MAHAVIR: they can use JIO by sending you messages on your screen like how you get messages when your balance is low every person who uses JIO gets these messages informing them of their next recharge to be done. you get automatic messages, after you cut a call the screen is covered by the message and we have to read it to remove it from the screen. in the same way, for modi's branding the same message template will be used with his photograph with catchy slogans like " ab ki baar modi sarkaar" transmitted to every mobile the number of times you call someone, that many times you will see modi's message DHRUV: Wont people be irritated? MAHAVIR: No, people wont be irritated.

The more you repeat the lies, the more it starts sounding like the truth. and eventually becomes the truth. DHRUV: right! so tell me , what is the difference between BJP IT cell and other parties' IT cell? do they have any differences? MAHAVIR: Congress & BJP are not at all different if someone is unsatisfied with the congress IT cell they join the BJP IT cell. Both are nearby at 14, Ashoka road & 11, Ashoka road. both offices are very near to each other. the congress IT cell scares the muslims by telling them that hindus will kill you and thus getting sympathy votes they do the same to dalits by telling them that upper caste people like rajput, brahmins will kill them.

DHRUV: so does one spread more hatred than the other? MAHAVIR: yes i agree that congress spreads a little less hatred than BJP BJP spreads hatred even in castes, Congress plays politics with religion. BJP can make differences between castes, sects, creed they can sub-divide the jat caste into many different brands for different castes like maharaja surajmal was different & other kings were different brand DHRUV: so all the websites you have mentioned does congress have the same amount of websites or no? MAHAVIR: no congress has around 100-200 websites while BJP has thousands of websites.

They have more money and manpower. They are also in power right now. Money always talks! Those who have money in India are like gods. the rest are his slaves! there is no employment in india all jobs are over. with no jobs in hand, everyone is begging. some for reservation, everyone will do what they can. jobs have to be created or else crime rates will go very high DHRUV: So what message you want to give to the people? so that they dont fall prey to propaganda? MAHAVIR: To save yourself from propaganda you have to surround yourself on facebook with positive and good natured people.

Follow those people who join people for peace facebook is not filled with just bad people thousands of good campaigns are also been run by NRI people all over the world they are uniting people with a mission for love or to unite all castes. such causes are good to follow. and do not have much marketing. DHRUV: so basically you are trying to say that those who spread hatred, between communities, do not listen to them? MAHAVIR: in todays social media, it has happened that now in 2018 it is very difficult to praise a muslim in even one post. if we praise a muslim, saying for example Dr. abdul kalam is a great person you will get abused as anti-national or anti caste all types of abuses will be heaped on you The BJP it cell will target you immediately DHRUV: Yes you are right MAHAVIR- try and talk to a muslim during live then you will be called as a traitor and pakistani when in reality, the RSS was the one demanding for the partition RSS itselfs says that they want to make" akhand bharat" pakistanis themselves want to join india pakistan is in a bad situation and want to join india at any cost But these rss people making akhand bharat are not including pakistan in it.

The common dialogues are that you are an traitor and an antinational and dont even give you a visa to go out of the country. DHRUV: You have to give money for visa MAHAVIR: people are ready to buy with their own money here iam getting called antinational so send me to pakistan..iam not scared pakistan was a partiton of our own people of punjab and rajasthan specially our distant families are the ones staying there now they might have changed their religion but the blood is same.

DHRUV: so those who are watching this video, be influenced by happy & positive people who dont spread or incite riots MAHAVIR: dont spread riots of blood, spread riots of love DHRUV: correct MAHAVIR: this is my message and brother by contacting me, you have made me a positive person and i hope this message reaches everyone around the world. i was scared that by exposing the IT cell, all media houses like NDTV etc started calling me. but i dont want to go to NDTV as the media persons there, are all connected to the political parties they are only concerned with money & TRPs and not with the concerns of the common man be it zee news or abp news, i myself have worked in sudarshan channel for sometime DHRUV: so a big thank you to you sir for this information the viewers watching this will learn a lot from this and save themselves from propaganda and not fall prey to it.

MAHAVIR: i gave my first interview on this yesterday to Mr. Dandiya who is an NRI residing in USA. i got a lot of support from there too. so i have got a lot of hope now as before i was scared that the political parties might get me killed i have opened a can of worms and even iam scared for my family. DHRUV: true but now that you are so famous, i dont think they have the guts to do anything to you now MAHAVIR: forget about guts, they have taken people like Shyama Prasad and gopinath munde then iam a nobody then thank you so much for talking to us.

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