Chat GPT Told Me 10 Ways I Can Make $800 a Day as a Beginner

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I asked chatPGT “What are 10 easy ways I can use ChatGPT to make $800 a day as a Beginner”

And ChatGPT gave me these 10 answers below:

So In this video, I reviewed 4 of the answers ChatGPT gave me and showed you quickly how you can start these today and get it to a stage where you are making money online with ChatGPT and how I can also help you get stared by mentoring you!

1 – Freelance writing: You can use ChatGPT to improve your writing skills and then offer your services as a freelance writer.

2 – Online tutoring: You can use ChatGPT to expand your knowledge in a particular subject and then offer online tutoring services.

3 – Sell products online: You can use ChatGPT to research popular products and then sell them online through marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy.

4 – Affiliate marketing: You can use ChatGPT to learn about affiliate marketing and promote products for companies and earn commissions.

5 – Social media marketing: You can use ChatGPT to learn about social media marketing and offer your services to small businesses.

6 – Virtual assistant: You can use ChatGPT to learn about administrative tasks and offer your services as a virtual assistant.

7 – Translation services: You can use ChatGPT to improve your language skills and offer translation services.

8 – Blogging: You can use ChatGPT to research and write about topics that interest you and monetize your blog through advertising and affiliate marketing.

9 – Dropshipping: You can use ChatGPT to learn about dropshipping and set up an online store to sell products without holding inventory.

10 – YouTube Monetization strategies: You can use ChatGPT to learn about different ways to monetize your YouTube channel, such as through advertising revenue, brand sponsorships, merchandise sales, and affiliate marketing. This can help you diversify your income streams and maximize your earnings.

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So I went ahead and asked jjbt what are 10 easy ways I can use charger PT to Make over 800 a day as a beginner and I'm going to show you four ways that I Think you can start right now number one Was freelance writing you can use Charger BT to offer services as a Freelance writer all you need to do is Come over to Fiverr and set up a gig we Can see here that this person writes Articles and blogs they charge an Average of 39 they've had over 1900 Orders number two is online tutoring you Can come over to a site called study Pool news chat GPT to answer homework Questions people earning as much as 7 500 a month the next one that you can Use charger PT for is affiliate Marketing you can use it to promote Different products all you need to do is Come over to site like and Find one of their top products you can Get charge fbt to write a review on now Come over to a site like and Just paste that review make sure you've Got your affiliate link inside this Review and the fourth way is through YouTube monetization strategies you can Use charger BT and learn how you can Make money with YouTube ad Revenue Affiliate marketing merch sales Sponsorships Etc to learn how you can Get started today go to Linked In the

Description and watch this video for you To learn how you can make money on YouTube earn as much as twenty thousand Dollars a month

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