How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With NO EXPERIENCE! ($0 – $10k/mo In 90 Days!!)

Today I want to share with you how to start a digital marketing agency with no money. No experience and no 997 course you can easily get from zero to ten thousand dollars per month without any of these 997 courses when you get kind of like the hiring firing scaling all that crazy stuff That's maybe one of these courses comes into place and getting contracts in place But really the end of the day you can get to ten thousand dollars per month without one of these Expensive courses if you've been following me for some time now You know, I have several videos right here on youtube that are 100 for free Showing you how to get your first clients and how to actually go and start and scale your digital marketing agency And I want to break some things down a little bit further in this video of how to get your first clients 100 For free and then actually how to fulfill for those clients that you bring on so you can keep them long-term Because I don't know about you but for me When I first got started one of my biggest fears is to have somebody pay me Bring them on as a client and then not see results for that person and because a lot of your first clients, they're people that you know, or someone that you know, They know and so you don't want to look stupid with these first few clients So we want to show you some proven ways right here on this video Of how to get guaranteed results even if you have no experience No money, and you don't really know the best place to get started So for those of you guys who are brand new here Maybe just stumbling upon my channel just a little background on myself I run a digital marketing agency.

I help real estate agents. Generate leads we brought in over six million dollars over the last few years And so I want to show you guys exactly how to make this happen. Okay? I don't make my money from selling courses on how to go through and make money. I make my money actually running this marketing agency So I want to show you guys the step-by-step ways of how I got started back in the day How I fulfill for clients how you can get guaranteed results and success For your own marketing agency and scale up to ten thousand dollars per month within the next three to four months so with that said Let me talk about some of the free ways to actually go and get your first clients and then if you guys stick Around with me here to the end of this video I'll show you how to guarantee you get results for your clients Now the best part is it doesn't matter if you are in the real estate space or you want to tackle the dental niche, or maybe the Chiropractic, there's so many different industries out there And if you guys stick with me here to the end of this video i'll show you how you can get Guaranteed results for your digital marketing agency, even if you have absolutely zero experience when you're first getting started So let's first cover three easy ways to get your first clients 100 for free You don't have to go through and invest any money.

This is just investing your time to get these first clients Now the first one that I like to do and what I did when I first got started is just going through and posting on Facebook to connect with your friends. So for example, let's say you're going to work with realtors Like I said, this works for any industry doesn't really matter but i'm in the real estate space So if you guys want to kind of copy and model exactly what I do This is what I would do I go through and I post on my facebook profile And say hey look i'm starting a marketing business do does anyone know a real estate agent, or are you a real estate agent? I'd love to help you go and get more leads for your business And then from there what happens is you're gonna get some likes you're gonna get some comments Maybe people tagging other people that actually are real estate agents And the great thing is you can also do this over on linkedin Okay, because people that are following you on facebook or friends with you on facebook they're gonna be completely different people on linkedin and linkedin is more of a Business-minded approach so you could do the same exact strategy on both of those platforms The second thing that I would do is I would start going through and joining Facebook groups and same thing goes for linkedin.

You can join linkedin groups that have your ideal target customer so for example If it's real estate agents if it's dentists go start joining some dental groups on facebook some dental groups on linkedin And once you're approved don't go through and spam inside the group. Okay, no one's gonna like that You're gonna get kicked out super quick but start adding those people as friends inside of the facebook group Inside of the linkedin groups and the reason why you want to do this Is because when you post on your personal profile down the road in the future They're going to be your ideal client and they're going to see your post They're going to see your posts about maybe past client success stories or different things like that And so they'll start to get to know who you are What you do and how you can actually help them now a quick reminder here don't go through and add Every single person in the group because you're going to easily get blocked by facebook But I would go through and add maybe 15 to 20 people every single day.

And yes It's gonna take about five to ten minutes of your time But these are free ways to go through and get your first clients in the beginning when you're first getting started with your digital marketing agency You're going to need to go through and invest your time Instead of your money because usually you don't have the money to go through invest so you invest your time And then you get to a point where you're making money so you can invest that money And scale things more and more to bring on more clients and skill your monthly revenue So that's exactly how i'd go through and get my first clients with facebook and linkedin and i'd be doing this all Simultaneously because you want to get a few balls rolling Especially in the beginning when you're investing more of your time instead of your money and that is going to google and typing in for example If you are working with dentists typing dentists near me or dentists in whatever city you're located in And see what ads pop up at the top because if somebody is running ads if a dentist is running ads That means they have bought into the concept of going through and advertising their business more than likely they have a successful business That they can actually invest money into advertising and so you want to go through and see who is advertising Trying to find out who it is You can click on the ad go to their website reach out contact them And see if you can help them with maybe their facebook advertising maybe their instagram advertising They probably already have someone running their google ads obviously because that is why the ad is showing But you can go through and offer other services as well And they've already kind of been sold on the concept that they need to advertise to grow their business So a great thing is is it's a lot easier sale instead of going through and finding someone you have to convince and sell them on the idea of advertising and then sell them on the idea of why you are the ideal person to work with so Staying on google here for a second because there's several other ways.

We can actually go through and get clients 100 for free here So if we type in dentists near me or dentist in your local city If we scroll down below the ads because the ads are going to be at the top you're going to have Reviews of local dentists or reviews of local chiropractors or whatever industry that you're in Okay Now more than likely if someone has reviews or they have google my business That's another one that you can go through and take advantage of those dentists or chiropractors Typically have gone and hired some sort of marketing agency To help them get reviews or help them get their business on google my business So once again this goes along the lines of the concept that I talked about a little bit earlier that they are willing and ready to invest in their business in their marketing their lead generation and their growth So these are great prospects to go through and reach out to to offer your services All right So just really quick.

I want to share two more free ways of going through and getting clients and then After I show you those two ways. I want to show you how to successfully Run ad campaigns for these clients and guarantee that you get results So you're not looking stupid when you bring on that new client and you actually get them results so you can keep them on Long term now I know i've already hit several ways to get free clients because there's so many ways to get free clients And you don't have to go through and invest money Into your paid client acquisition. I won't even invest money until you get about 20 to 25 dollars per month Now i'm super passionate about this as you can obviously tell but another way is leveraging local networking groups so there is a group it's called b and I So b is in boys so b and I and I actually went to some of these bni networking groups back in the day And basically you go through and at these groups they have like a dentist.

They have a chiropractor They have a real estate agent a mortgage broker They have basically somebody in your local area that does like pretty much all the basic services So what you can do is you can go there. You can let people know who you are introduce yourself You can network let them know how you can go through and help them So it's a great way to go through and get to know other people in your community And potentially bring on a new client for your digital marketing agency. All right So one more just stick with me here because this one's super cool And then i'll show you guys how to guarantee your success and results for all of your clients So this is leveraging youtube. You guys can tell that i'm super passionate about youtube I love youtube And the great thing about it is you can go through and post a video on youtube And you can get some exposure now and you can also get exposure six months 12 months two years from now It's crazy Whereas with facebook or instagram you make a post and that post kind of dies out after 24 to 48 hours Whereas with youtube somebody can search a specific keyword and they can find that video Months or even years down the road.

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I have videos on youtube that I literally published over two years ago That still get hundreds or even thousands of views every single month and i'm still bringing in New leads every single day from these videos that I post several months ago and even several years ago So for example, check out this video right here. It's on mortgage leads So running ads for mortgage brokers to help them generate leads for their business and check out all of the comments There are thousands of views and you might look at this and like oh, man Well, there's not a hundred thousands of views or there's not millions of views. Well, guess what? These are specific very targeted views and these are all new potential clients that could come into your business Not only now but on the long term So what you want to do here is just think about what your ideal client would be typing into youtube or google to help grow their business So for example, let's say you are working with dennis So you could say something like best three facebook ads for dentists or dentist lead generation Or dental marketing or different terms like that and you just go through and shoot videos on it And you show them how you can go through and help them with their marketing and honestly You don't even go through and pitch anything.

You just show massive value You can show everything that you actually are going to do because the truth is at the end of the day the dentist The real estate agent the mortgage broker the chiropractor. They don't want to do what you're going to be doing Okay, they don't want to run facebook ads so you can show everything that you're going to be doing They don't want to go set up landing pages They don't want to go through and set up their websites because that is not Where their expertise and their time is best used and so they just want to know that you know what you're doing and from there after they've seen your video and they're like Okay This guy like knows what he's doing i'm going to reach out i'm going to connect i'm going to comment And then you can connect with that person get on the phone.

And that's where the real sale is actually made All right, so hopefully you've got several ideas of how to go through and get your first clients for your digital marketing agency We talked about facebook We talked about linkedin we talked about google youtube bni the networking groups now Let me just jump on my computer because I want to show you guys how to guarantee you get results For your customers because guys believe me I get it a lot of times It's a little bit fearful to jump in get a client, but you don't actually know what you're doing so let me show you several proven funnels several proven websites templates everything that you guys can access and You don't have to go and buy any 997 course or anything like that for me. You guys can just get full access So, let me just jump on the computer and I will show you guys all this in detail All right So here we are and the cool thing about this is you can actually white label this software And so this can manage all of your clients any new clients that you bring on if you've got two three four five Fifty clients you can manage them all under one account white label it so it looks like your own platform.

Everything is super cool Okay, so let's get into how to actually successfully Run proven ad campaigns for your clients. So if you come over here, you can see on this left-hand side Let me just zoom in a little bit. So you guys can see this Funnels and websites. Okay. So we've got the funnels we've got websites. We've got membership platforms You can go through and build but the great thing is we click on funnels over here You can see this free teeth whitening funnel Well, if we go over here and we click on new funnel, you can go to the template library with all these Pre-created sales and lead generation funnels for your clients. So we just click on go to template library right here, and we've got attorneys auto dealers chiropractors dennis day spots construction guys You can see all of the different types of funnels that we can go through and easily create we got real estate yoga solar So if you have a specific industry that you're super passionate about or you already know several people or you kind of got experience like like maybe You are a cook and you love restaurants you love working with restaurants.

Well, guess what? Just click on here? Click on see templates. Okay, we've got the free appetizer. Okay, and these are templates that are proven to work. Okay Now if you guys want access to this, um, you can actually get a free 14-day trial. I'll add a link right below this video And go through and get access to the software. And like I said, you can go through and manage all of your clients It has a little like crm a cool reporting platform right over here Um, you can tie in your google ad account facebook ad account.

You got all your opportunities So you can see like leads no application scheduled call all these different things You've got the conversations you can go through and easily White label it to your own business and it's only like 97 bucks a month to go through and manage all of it So basically it does a lot of cool things But my favorite part is it gives you the proven templates for the funnels? For even the websites you can easily go through and charge a client 500 a thousand even 1500 to 2 000 Just to build a website out for them and the cool thing is look at this You've already got all of the website templates that you can go through and choose from and easily Whip these out in just a matter of an hour or two So it's really a great software to go through and start building all this stuff out. Anyway, guys I Hope you got the core points of this video that it does not take money to go through and make money with your own Digital marketing agency.

Okay, you don't need to buy a 997 course to go through and get started You can easily get from zero to ten thousand 000 per month Without buying any courses just watch my free videos right here I covered several free ways to go through and get your first clients right here on this video So go back watch it again. Take some notes Make sure you understand it inside and out because honestly guys the end of the day That is exactly what any of these 997 courses would be showing you to do anyway and then once you get those clients You're going to need some type of software to actually go through and make this happen Automate things really simplify your life. So I highly recommend this software right here You can easily go through white label it all that stuff So i'll add a link down below in the top comment as well as in the description where you can go through And create your own free 14-day trial so anyway guys Let me know what your thoughts were on this video If you guys have gone through and implemented any of these different strategies, I know I have tons of people on this channel That have already gone through and implemented several of these strategies because i've kind of hinted at several of them on previous videos But this is a lot more in-depth Step-by-step how to start and run your own digital marketing agency, even if you have no money No experience and you're just getting started.

Okay, so Let me know what your experience has been with these different things and if you have any questions I'm here to help you guys just drop a comment down below if you found this video helpful, go ahead Give it a thumbs up. Make sure you subscribe if you're brand new here. And with that said guys Thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in the next video

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