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What's going on awesome people of YouTube in today's video I'm going to Show you a great sign Arsenal that you Can use with chat gbt to make money Online with Pinterest and tiktok I've Been doing affiliate marketing for many Years now and these are some payments That I've been receiving promoting Affiliate products all over social media Using various strategies in today's Video I'm going to show you how some of These sales came from using chat gbt on Pinterest and Tick Tock to automatically Use artificial intelligence to generate Content for my social media Pages the Reason why I'm choosing Pinterest for This particular strategy because it is a Great platform at the moment currently The number eight ranked website in the World getting billions of visitors every Single month in January this year Pinterest received a total of 1.1 Billion visitors that is nearly a Seventh or an eighth of the world Population 966 million in February and 1.1 billion In March this strategy will allow you to Get a small piece of this traffic pie to Get conversions traffic and clicks to Your affiliate links but the most Important part about the strategy is not Necessarily just making Pinterest Content and posting it's more about Creating a brand and converting that

Audience and convincing them to purchase Your product you need to give them a Reason and solve a problem that they Might have in order for them to purchase Your product what you want to do is and This is Step number one is to go and Find the product that you want to go and Promote there are two main platforms That you can use to go and find your Filler products that is And now ClickBank is not Accepted in every single country some of You might not have access to this Website therefore in that case you can Use digistore24 it's very similar most Of the same products are on the website Anyway so I'm going to come over to ClickBank you can click on start here if You have not got an account I'm going to Log in with my existing accounts and Meet you on the marketplace once on the ClickBank Marketplace one of the easy Easiest niches that really works well With chat gbt is health and fitness it's One of the most highest selling and Highest converting niches on the Internet right now come of its diets and Weight loss and over here you will see The Smoothie 21 day rapid weight loss Program one of my favorite products to Promote as it really sells well because It's not expensive at all it only costs Your customer about fifty dollars and You get a commission of 29 per sale and

There are multiple upsells as well where You also get commissions off of that This product helps people lose weight With smoothies and gives them a specific Smoothie diet in order for them to lose Weight in 21 days now this is a really Nice program because a lot of people Have had Success With It hence why it's Number one on ClickBank and doing so Well so what you can go do is you can go And click on promote over here click on Generate hop link On the next tab it will give you your Affiliate link that looks like this so If I copy this and paste this in a new Tab it will take you to a done for you Landing page with a free webinar free Video the checkout system is already Done for you there's testimonials with Pictures the entire landing page has Already been designed and tailor-made For you to promote as an affiliate and a Promoter of this product once you've got Your affiliate link come over to the Following website my favorite upcoming Tool that I use for article writing Copywriting and affiliate marketing and Content generation as a whole chat gbt At click on try chat gbt and It will take you to the live chat room With chat gbt you need to log in or sign Up with an account if you don't have one The first thing you want to type is Something relative to your product that

You're promoting so for example smoothie Recipe ideas Or smoothie recipes to lose weight you Can click on send to chat gbt it will Give you a smoothie name with all the Ingredients and the instructions to go And create the Smoothie this is what I Really like about chat gbt in seconds it Will generate content for you like this That you can go and easily turn into a Pinterest post a tick tock video an Instagram reel a YouTube shorts video And monetize this in multiple ways with Your affiliate link you can also Instruct chat gbt to generate a title For you for example give me a clickback Title for my Pinterest pin about Smoothie weight loss program click on Send and take a look at this for example Transform your body in 30 days with These delicious smoothie recipes for Weight loss you can go and type give me Another one click on enter And it will give you and it will give You another example you can type here Give me Another one and you can send it to chat Gbt and it will constantly generate These titles for you which you can go And create multiple pins based on these Titles for your Pinterest page you can Type again give me Two more click on send and take a look At this and there we go it's printed a

Total of one two three four five Pinterest ideas in the last three Minutes I mean for a person to come up With these ideas in the same amount of Time is next to Impossible that is why Artificial intelligence is really Overtaking this industry now what you Need to do is is we need to go and get These pins up onto Pinterest come over To and create a profile For yourself in the relative Niche so I Created a Pinterest example page that's Got to do with make money online which Created a simple logo and named it Millennium mindset which is the same Name as my YouTube channel you can use a Business name generator you can even ask Chat gbt over here to give you Give me a Pinterest page name idea for Weight loss This is corrects our spelling click on Send and you can use to give You an idea that you can use for your Page name for example fits and fabulous Your ultimate guide to weight loss That's actually a really nice one if you Guys want to go and use for your Pinterest page once you've done that Come over to another page called now canva is also an AI Graphic design tool that you can go and Use to import done for your templates it Can remove backgrounds it can do all Sorts for you including giving you free

Pinterest templates so go into canva and Go and search Pinterest it's also free By the way so all the tools I've showed In this video is completely free so if You come over to Pinterest click on the Pinterest pin template and here you are Some really good ideas for your Pinterest pin so for example we can go And use this templates over here unlike This template as it's got to do with Desserts kind of relates to smoothies And all we can go and do is edit the Text and the picture so now it's simple It's a matter of copy and paste go and Copy your title for example Um let's copy this title of the Year say Goodbye to belly fat with these Mouth-watering recipe smoothies for Weight loss come back to canva On your template you can go and paste This over here so say goodbye to those Belly fat Just make sure you've kind of footed Your text into the box and it also fits On your page Just like that we can maybe move this Picture a little bit down increase the Size of this text Similar to something like that it's come Over to photos on the bottom left and Just go and search smoothie click on Enter Click on this picture over here and drag This onto your template for the website

Link you can go and type here click Link To claim your recipe Just like that which is a little text That upsells your affiliate link go and Click on share on the top right hand Side click on download click on download Again and this picture will download to Your PC completely for free and the next Step is really easy come over to Pinterest click on create click on Create pin Under your image just upload the same Image that we've now created on canva For your title go and copy the same Title that chat gbt has made for your Description you can go and copy this Description over here for example This entire description paste this over Here for your destination link come back To ClickBank copy your affiliate link go And paste this over here and you're Ready to go and publish this link so Under your PIN boards you can go and Click on Fitness or create a new board Which you can then call weight loss or Health and fitness click on publish and This pin will now post to Pinterest now All you need to go and do is it's one Simple rule is remain consistent at this At least post once a day you can go and Post the same post on Instagram and you Can also go and use another website Called and how you can turn

Chat gbt text and answers into a done For you Tick Tock so if you guys want to Go and learn how you can go and turn all Of this content created by chat gbt into A YouTube shorts a tick tock an Instagram reel so you can even further Expand your potential audience and your Followers on multiple platforms at the Same time which all in all brings you More customers and sales to your Affiliate link you can go and click on The free Tick Tock make money playlist Over here 2023 it's got about 20 odd Videos on how I use artificial Intelligence to generate my Tick Tock Content so if you guys want to go and Get access to all of that information All of it is over here for free on YouTube there's no upsell to some crazy Two thousand dollar course everything is For free on YouTube what I recommend you Do is click on this playlist over here And I'll see you over there

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