Asking People how much Money they make, Jobs & Life Advice in Bali

what would be the biggest expenditure the biggest 
splurge of your livestock would you mind sharing   with us perhaps ballpark how much you might 
make in a year around 100k so what is your   biggest lifestyle expense living here at bali you 
clear your job yeah yeah what is your definition   of success welcome back to bali it's another 
beautiful day here on the island of the gods today   we're gonna hit the streets and ask people some 
questions about you know the lies and stuff just   to get a snapshot of who are the kind of people on 
bali right now you know what do they do where do   they come from how old are they so let's get to it 
okay tell us your name your age what do you do for   a living my name is juan i'm 23 i'm from canada 
and i work in digital marketing at a tech company   for a living would you mind sharing with us 
perhaps ballpark how much you might make in a year   base salary around 70 000 and then with bonuses 
it can go up about 20 000.

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Are you living here   in bali or just visiting so i was supposed to be 
here only for a month which turned into two months   and is probably going to be four or five months 
like a lot of people here do you believe in the   investing perhaps yeah yeah uh i've been investing 
in stocks since i was a young young age but since   when when i was 18 i started young yeah oh that's 
a real good head start in life do you mind sharing   like maybe like what is the percentage of like 
stocks versus crypto versus anything else bonds   20 stocks 30 crypto and 50 real estate i have some 
real estate and one real estate property in canada   wow already yes uh for any young people listening 
drop out of college and start working that's my   advice now do you mind sharing like uh perhaps 
the value of your entire investment portfolio   now at your age i haven't checked in a while 
because everything has been going down so i've   been holding away i know maybe six or seven months 
ago is around 70 000 but now it's probably a lot   worse because i had a lot in crypto and and stocks 
that is all going down so i haven't checked in a   while what do you think is your own personal 
projection for that in the next three to five   years perhaps do you think it will yeah i think 
within three to five years it'll go up but if i   can say one thing like i was fortunate to have 
a little bit of material success young early on   the reason i came to bali is because even though 
i had that success early on i realized that that   wasn't really making me happy or what i 
wanted to do for the rest of my life so i   came out here where you go in and people don't 
wear shoes everyone's shorts and a t-shirt so   even though i had a bit of material success 
i'm happy out here just being a more relaxed   lifestyle i guess what is your definition of 
success in life it's changed a lot over the   years when i was younger it was a successful 
career big house nice car that's kind of the   definition that was put on to me when i was 
younger as i've grown older it's about freedom   i realized early like yes i'm having some 
material success but all i do is work work   work and i wasn't happy at all uh so now 
it's more about freedom being able to work   from wherever you want to and the time that 
you want to uh and i think that's growing a   lot now with the remote work revolution and i 
think more people are doing that oh thank you   so much it's been such an educational chat for 
me thank you for the interview don't forget to   like and subscribe drop some comments show 
some love for the awesome youtube channel trying to find people to talk with in the meantime 
you should know that today's video was sponsored   by mugu a bit more on that later but first let's 
find some friends to talk with what is your name   your age and what do you do for a living okay i'm 
sophian i'm 28 years old i'm from france and i'm   content creator on instagram and i share mainly 
about lifestyle wellness and my purpose is how   to make people healthier with really easy tips are 
you now living or visiting bali i just arrived one   one month ago so i'm planning to stay for a few 
months to live here do you have an estimate of   like roughly how much money you make in a year 
around 100k i quit my job six months ago but i   started to sell my first courses one year ago so 
it's just my first year as a content creator and   i'm also here to scale the to scale my business 
kind of that's amazing yeah so what were you doing   before you quit to become a content creator online 
i was working in i.t i was uh working as a sales   in a in a corporate company fantastic do you mind 
sharing what you used to make perhaps just to see   yeah i was making 35k oh so this has worked out 
marvelously for you yeah yeah yeah because it   was a lot of work but it definitely worth it hey 
well done yeah so if you were to give any tips   to like young people aspiring to be content 
creators like you yeah um what was what would   be the biggest encouragement or tip that you can 
give them i would say passions and auto discipline   can bring you wherever you want to go it's just 
about finding your purpose one week or two weeks   won't make any change in your life when you work 
out if you work out for one week nothing is gonna   happen if you work out for six months seven months 
every eight months you're gonna start to see real   changes so i think it's mostly about passions and 
auto discipline and you can hack your brain and   do whatever you want in life i like that phrase 
hack your brain hey thank you so much thank you   thank you my name is i am 29 this year i'm from 
singapore i work for weiss so we are a financial   service company i'm from spain nice to meet 
you you work for wise i use wise all the time not speech by the way it's amazing so are you 
living here now i'm not i'm just traveling   with my girlfriend uh we're actually leaving 
tomorrow so we are here for a week how much   ballpark income do you make in a year say 60 
000 actually annually what would be the biggest   expenditure the biggest splurge of your life so 
far well i recently got a flat a bto you know in   singapore so that's so far the biggest so then 
do you believe in saving money yes definitely i   well save money yes but more importantly 
to invest what you can ah so you believe   in saving and investing yup definitely okay cool 
car to share how much you have invested right now yeah i've invested about like 40 000 so far 
nothing too serious just you know the robot   advisors trust from the banks things like that 
yeah oh okay what age did you start investing   uh i would say i started pretty late uh maybe 
about one or two years ago yeah i probably   wasn't very informed about all these things if 
you can give yourself the guy that was you five   years ago right financial advice what would you 
tell yourself just before i get informed about   everything you know but that's number one um of 
course it's good to start really early but more   importantly it's just to start yeah and just be 
open-minded and be informed about the situation   before making a decision thank you so much 
for sharing no problem thank you so much yeah at this point in time just a quick word 
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out just click on the momo cash plus link down   below hi everyone my name is nara my full name 
is nortes i'm from kazakhstan i'm 34 years old   i've been living here for about five months 
i'm a psychologist right now before i used to   run the business to my country 
what was the business about and   how old were you when you started your 
business i was maybe 24 or 25 i opened my   english school then i made it three branches and 
one two branches they got about five branches   in my country then after i decided to open 
my shop in duration seven or eight years   i have been running business yeah i also studied 
in europe for restaurant business and near future   i went to be involved in restaurant business to me 
that's beautiful if you want to give some advice   to young people who are looking at you and saying 
man that looks cool i want to be like her what   would you tell them i would tell them to fight 
with fears be brave and never limitate yourself   to gain any goals because life is unlimited 
and your our opportunities are you know just   like ocean and try to see ocean in yourself just 
work on yourself do your best dream high aim high   and be happy that's so inspirational it's 
wonderful thank you so much for sharing this   with me thank you i'm steve i'm 37 years old 
i live in bali for five years and right now   i'm too into i'm into the real estate i have 
a couple of videos that i just leased and went   and before that i was doing i came first at a 
scuba diving instructor i was teaching scuba   diving so what is your biggest lifestyle expense 
living here at bali encore alcohol so i'm going   to stop alcohol that is a good plan but how 
much right now do you roughly spend on alcohol   too much for maybe three or four hundred years 
it's a lot so more than my accommodation okay   so you do so many different things it sounds like 
you're really versatile do you think that is one   of the important things for people to thrive here 
in bali for me like bali is the real deal like to   to i mean in terms of lifestyle there is there 
is no comparison i used to live in thailand in   australia and and it's the best you can make like 
one day one new opportunity is one new people you   know gonna make change your mind and so i i i feel 
like we are i am in body just to go and to heal somehow okay hi thanks for talking with 
us um what's your name your age and what   do you guys do for a living my name's 
brooke yeah i'm jack yeah we're both 27   i'm a registered nurse and on an electrician 
awesome where are you from originally australia   do you mind sharing roughly how much you make 
five hundred five thousand australian dollars   um and i was probably 130 australian i guess 
that's a year yeah yeah yeah do you like what   you're doing yeah yeah are you here on holiday are 
you in this year this one's holiday we just quit   our jobs and come on this holiday you'll clear 
your job yeah yeah this holiday so we like this   we like our jobs but because we wanted to leave 
smear at the moment we just went can we have to   leave they said now so we started we'll just go 
it was literally three weeks before we come we   had the idea and then we booked tickets to dilly 
and timor and since then we just every week or   two we just see what we're gonna do next that view 
of this and do you have like a set budget for this   yeah which is dangerous we're 
just definitely living on the edge   and what is your what would you say is like your 
financial attitude in life are you a spender a   saver is this totally in character for you 
out of character financially we're smart   like we're very smart with our money saved we have 
a house like we put a lot of money into our home   loan um and we also that we always put money aside 
for going on holidays like like there's never a   time when we're like oh we're short of cash like 
we're always we know where we're at i read a book   uh it was called barefoot investor it's and that 
was like i read that when i was young and i was   like oh this guy's onto something and then after 
that i just it was easy enough and for me growing   up i had uh financially smart parents so i think 
you did as well like having an environment where   you taught those good habits what you invested 
in uh well basically our main investments the   house we paid it off and we financially owned that 
and now we've rented it out so that's our income and yeah i've got some shares in 
a few like companies in australia   our main goal is just to pay off a 
home which is what we just achieved um   and now we'll start investing more into probably 
the share market just low library stuff just   long term maybe another house at one point 
but i think paying off one and renting it   out now yeah that income that passive income 
every week makes it a lot easier to do this   so you guys are on the financial freedom 
path right that's what it's exactly called   yeah was it a conscious discussion between you 
two or both of you wondering the same thing yeah   yeah that's good together yeah individual and 
together yeah yeah it's been like a journey we've   been and we've been together for oh 11 years so 
yeah like since until like 16 so yeah financially   we've been connected for a long time so it's been 
it makes it a lot easier it's not that we met two   years ago and had similar interests and that 
way we've kind of been forging the same path   so that's beautiful uh hi i'm caitlin i'm 23 and i 
just graduated i studied politics at uni i'm here   in valley just for a bit that's a very unusual 
course yeah what would be the kind of job that   you expect to like uh be doing um when i go back 
home i'm hoping to get a job doing like journalism   for a political party in the uk so that's such an 
interesting career path how much would you expect   to make as a potential journalist yeah it's not 
very much i don't think maybe like 30 000 pounds   and how long are you going to be here in 
bali for um i actually leave on saturday   i've only been here one week so i'm going to 
malaysia yeah yeah i love bali i'm gonna come   back i think if you could talk to yourself like 
five years ago what would be the financial tips   or advice you would give to you five years ago 
um just work as many jobs as you can save as   much as you can so you can come and blow it all 
on big holidays in valley i'm gisca and i'm 28   years old i'm currently working on uh one of the 
resort on orwatu oh nice yeah as a social media   i'm in bali since 2019 i'm married how long have 
you been in social media in the hospitality space   six months it's a new thing still learn what would 
you say has been your biggest expenditure in life   living cost lifestyle any tips for keeping the 
cost of living low here in bali start with a   simple eating not going to beachcode every 
day it's not it's not i mean when you go to   belly it's not about uh clubbing every day you 
know yes absolutely hi my name is diana i'm 24   and i'm a psychologist do you mind sharing 
with us maybe like how much you make   i'm charging thirty dollars for one session now 
this is a prices for my hometown do you live   here now in bali or are you visiting are you 
living here now how long has it been uh seven   months already what is your biggest expenditure in 
life here in bali i guess it's rent of apartment   uh do you mind sharing roughly how much you pay 
now i live in in a flat in jimbaran and it cost me   3 million rupees per month that's great thank 
you so much for sharing everything with us   my name is yarn i'm german but i live in spain 
so what do you do for a living if i may ask far   too old to do anything excellent retired yes long 
time ago congratulations uh what were you doing   before diplomacy did you like your career as a 
diplomat yes very much how long did you do it for   40 years and photography is my passion 
always been lovely i did books and calendars   exhibitions and so on well so in your retirement 
you are actually still active you're you're still   actively in photography and publishing yes yes 
my name is kieron caulfield i'm 22 and i just   graduated university in black home in ireland 
i was studying business and management but   specializing in accounting and finance so i'm here 
on holiday visiting family for a month going to   brainstorm and see what i can come up with so 
you're actually thinking about starting a business   here then yeah maybe how to share roughly ideas 
possible it's a financial app that could help   small medium enterprises but also then have an 
education side to it as well because education   of finances is the main thing for a lot of people 
targeting the average the average person here i'm   morris i'm 19 years old and i just graduated 
from school and i don't have no i don't really   have nothing to do now so i'm just traveling do 
you want to be successful yes sure what is your   definition of success i think just to be happy 
in life enjoy life yeah i don't think that it has   to do with earning a lot of money it's just like 
enjoying life being happy i guess yeah i like it   it's about 19 year old great there's been so many 
people we met from all parts of the world here and   they're all doing different things it's all very 
inspirational and even though everyone's from   different backgrounds at different stages of their 
lives you can see like some of the common themes   that most people believe in uh working hard saving 
investing early and just letting things compound   yeah like i think those are some of the building 
blocks for a wonderful and positive life kit   so thank you for staying with me today to this 
point if you like the video and enjoy yourselves   don't forget to click the thumbs up button and to 
subscribe and i guess i will see you next saturday

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