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Inside of this tutorial I will show you Exactly how to copy this Google Search Method in order if you make money with YouTube shorts without actually showing Your face and without recording anything With a camera and if you want to see Exactly how I personally grow and manage My faceless YouTube automation channels And how I'm using them to generate Consistent traffic for my offers and Click the first link in the description Box down below and I will explain to you Exactly how that works exactly how you Can grow a business like this and Exactly how you can monetize it in seven Different ways so all of that is going To be explained Click by click step by Step in the first link in the Description box down below anyways with All that being said and done let us Actually begin with step number one of This tutorial which is to go over to Google and search for tips on how if you Rank higher on Google now you don't Necessarily need a website for this and You don't need to rank higher on Google Yourself but there are millions of People that need and want this and the Reason they need it is because if they Have a website and they have a business And there's millions of people that do They want to rank higher because if they Don't their competition will beat them If they're ranking on the third page of

Google no one is going to find them when Someone in search is for a certain Keyword and their competitors who are Ranking higher in Google will obviously Collect all the profits and collect all The customers so by not ranking high on Google they're missing out a lot they Are losing a lot of customers and losing A lot of money so a lot of people want That and if you think about it there are Millions of websites out there and Millions of businesses around the world So what you can do is you can search for Tips on hard running higher on Google You can open up one of these articles That give different tips on how to rank Higher on Google and then once you have That opened up before you actually start Creating your YouTube short without Showing your face you want to go and you Want to sign up to manguals and mangles Is a tool that helps people to rank Higher on Google as an SEO tool as you Can say juicy SEO tools you will love we Make SEO symbols since 2014 and Basically they will help people find the Right keywords rank higher on Google and Beat their competition so by ranking r On Google they will obviously make a lot More money get a lot more customers so a Lot of people want to sign up to a tool Like this but they don't even know that It exists because they're too busy Running their actual business a physical

Business whether it's a coffee shop Whether it's a barber shop or or any Other type of business so what you Simply want to do is you want to scroll All the way down to the bottom of and once you are at the Bottom of this website you will be able To find their affiliate program so you Want to click on affiliate and then as You can see you will be paid out 30 Lifetime commissions every single month From someone that signs up through the Link and if you actually go to the Pricing plans you can see that that can Go as high as 159 dollars a month and You're gonna be making 30 reoccurring Commissions every single month from Whatever the person's fans of the Platform so obviously if someone buys Mangoes they sign up and they start Ranking higher on Google they start Getting more customers more clients they Grow their business they're getting a Return on that investment spending a Hundred bucks a month on a tool like This it helps them do all of that is Nothing it's peanuts Fernand that Already they already have a business It's making money now they're making Even more money so obviously they will Be able to reinvest a hundred dollars a Month into this and as long as they're Using it you're gonna be paid a 30 Reoccurring commissions from each and

Every single person that you refer to The platform so what you want to do is You want to sign up as an affiliate you Want to go back and you want to sign up To the affiliate program click on start Earning now create an account click on Don't have an account and answer your Email address here create a password Confirm the password enter how you've Heard about them that's an optional step And then click on I'm not a robot and Click on create my main goals account And you will be instantly able to grab Your affiliate link and start sharing Your affiliate link with other people so What I want to do now is you want to Create a YouTube short and I'm going to Show you exactly how you're going to use The Google search method in order to Make money it's not what you think so Just you just want to go to Google and You want to go and you want you want to Go to canva and then you want to create A YouTube shorts you want to go to 1080 By 1920 custom size for a fan plate and Then you want to start working on your YouTube short and what you simply want To do you want to change the length of These scenes to be around one and a half Seconds you want to apply that to all The different scenes that you're going To be adding so on the left side you can Search for videos and you can search for Stock footage so for example I can

Search for Google or websites and I can Use one of these for example I'm gonna Go with this with this clip I'm just Gonna drag it and I'm going to make sure That it fits the scene properly just Like this and then I'm going to add a Call to action from the left side and Then call to action is basically going To be or I'm going to add the title of This video which is going to be five Tips for ranking higher on Google and Then I'm going to leave the Customization part for to you so you can Just play around and create a different Titles to create different add different Colors add different phones and stuff Like that you can add animations so you Can fully customize that so you can be Creative with it I'm just gonna go with The most basic one and I'm just gonna Cut this first video if you want and a Half seconds because I don't need it to Be this long the faster they are the More the more fast paced these videos Are the more views they're gonna get so I'm gonna add the first scene and the First scene is basically gonna be the First tip that I can find on these Articles so for example in this case It's gonna be number one target Reasonable keywords so I'm just gonna go Back I'm gonna add a heading I'm gonna Add that um that first tip and then I'm Gonna customize it I'm gonna add the

Effect which is gonna be the white the Yellow background and I'm gonna Customize the size of this so I will Make it around 45 45 and then I can of Course add background videos I can add Stock footage I can add stack stock Photos and I can also add different Elements and animations from the left Side and I'm going to show you exactly How to do it so you want to go through Elements and then you can search for Example website or Google or something Like that that so if I open up one of These this is how it's going to look Like and I can add an animation for this One as well so I can pretty much add the Same animation and if we watch the Videos right now which is the video is Going to be 30 seconds long you can see Five tips for ranking higher on Google Number one target reasonable keywords And then I can add the next one so I can Just duplicate this one so I can Duplicate a page and I can type in Number two and number two is gonna be Use mangles and I'm gonna say the link Is in the description Link in the Description so I'm going to create a Quality action to main Ghouls and then I Can create another pip so I'm going to Duplicate the page and add the next tip Which is going to be the tip from this Website so I'm going to click I'm gonna Copy this one and I'm gonna use it so

I'm just gonna type in number three and I'm gonna leave that you can of course Write more explanation what these tips Actually are you have explanation on the Article so you can use some of the text And then put it in your YouTube short as Well just don't put too much text Because then it's gonna get confusing For the eye and someone who is watching A YouTube short is probably not going to Pay that much attention to the text and It will just skip the YouTube short so You don't want that but anyways you will Just create four or five tips like this Until your YouTube shows around 10-15 Seconds long and once you have that you Just want to click on share you want to Click on download you want to download It to your computer and I'm going to Show you exactly how to actually get Views on these YouTube shorts so first Things first you want to upload it to Your channel so go to your YouTube Channel click on upload video and once You have it downloaded to your computer You can just drag and drop and upload it To your YouTube channel with a manuals Affiliate Link in the description box so You will create a call to action for This YouTube for the for main goals in Your YouTube shorts you want to drag and Drop you want to add a title for your YouTube short I'm just gonna go with Five tips for ranking higher on Google

And then in the description box you just Create a call to action for example I'm Going to say sign up to manuals and I'm Gonna Leave My mangles affiliate link so Let's say for example this is my Affiliate link you then just click on Next you publish this to your YouTube Channel first things first and instead Of relying just on the views that are Going to come from YouTube I'm gonna Just publish it as an analyst to show You how this works you can then copy Your YouTube shorts link so I'm going to Copy my YouTube shorts link and as I Said instead of just relying on the Views that are going to come from YouTube If you don't have any Subscribers and you don't have any views What you can simply do you can just go Over to Google and you can start Searching for different businesses Around the world as I said it can be a Barber shop but they can be a coffee Shop that can be a gym that can be a Cookie shop that can be a gift shop that Can be a jewelry shop that can be any Type of business dentist it doesn't Matter if you can just search for that Business and search for a city around The world so for example I'm in LA right Now if I search for barber shop it's Going to show me barber shops ranking in LA but I'm not interested in these that Are ranking really high because

Obviously if I want to cut my hair which I do every three or four days I just go To Google I search for Barbershop I see The ones that are ranking super high and I go and I just you know you know I Schedule with them but if you scroll a Little bit down you can see that there Are like for example people ranking on The fourth page of Google and obviously No one is gonna go there so no one is Actually going to find them here and if I open arm for example is Barbershop They're missing out on a lot of Potential because they're not ranking High on Google so what you can do is you Can simply contact them and you can Explain to them how ranking higher on Google is extremely important and how They can watch this free YouTube sure to Learn more about how to rank higher on Google and first things first that's Going to help you potentially get more Sign ups through your affiliate links You might get some sign ups from these Businesses but most importantly it's Gonna help you get the targeted views to Your YouTube shorts so now the YouTube Algorithm will start serving your YouTube shorter to more people and you Will start getting more views and that's How you can grow your channel even if You don't have any subscribers right now So you go through YouTube shorts you Find people that are interested in might

Potentially benefit from that YouTube Short and might potentially sign up for The offer that you are promoting in the YouTube short and then you just start Getting more views organically from YouTube itself because the YouTube Algorithm starts pushing your YouTube Short to more people now if you want to See exactly how I personally do YouTube Automation how I personally create my YouTube channels how I do research and Grow my videos to get more views and go Viral and click the first link in the Description box down below and I will Walk you through the entire process step By step to show you exactly how it works And exactly how you can set up the same Passive income systems and I'm also Going to show you seven different ways That you can actually monetize your Faceless YouTube automation videos and How to actually establish automations System so once again that's going to be The first link in the description box Down below I really hope you got some Value out of this video I really hope You've learned something new and if you Did make sure to drop a like and we'll See you next time

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