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As you can see so far I made 5481 dollars using this absolutely free App and I'm gonna walk you through the Entire process and show you three Different ways that you can make money Online with this app as a complete Beginner without having to invest a Single dollar into this so if that Sounds good enough then make sure to Drop a like down below and let me show You exactly how you can make money Online without any social media Followers without showing your face in Front of the camera without building Your own website and once again without Investing a single dime so it requires No previous experience and requires zero Dollars to start just a quick disclaimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming they're me just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have Telegram and I would never Tax you for money you can track their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never fax you like that so Just stay safe and report them all so

Let us begin with a full process so the Website and the app that I personally Use to make over five point four Thousand dollars is called the vid IQ Now vid IQ is an app that helps people Get more views on YouTube get more Subscribers and just overall grow their YouTube channel so it has a lot of Different features like daily ideas Generators so people can generate ideas Viral ideas for their videos they can You know research keywords they can spy On their competitors they can check Subscribers so it's basically like a Growth tool for you for YouTubers and Just people trying to build a YouTube Business so it's very very useful to People that want to grow on YouTube get Reviews get subscribers and all of that And they also have their own affiliate Program so if you go to the affiliate Center over here you can check you can Check your status statistics you can Track your earnings as you can see Current month and which is because it's The first of February it's only 52 Dollars but the last 12 months is a five Thousand four hundred dollars and the Best part is that once you refer someone To this app You're Gonna Keep on earning Reoccurring commissions every single Month as long as they keep on using this Tool and if they're using it to get more Views and subscribers they're obviously

Going to continue using it because it's Growing their business and they're Probably making money off of their YouTube channels they're gonna stick With it and as long as they are paying For the software you're gonna keep on Making passive income without having to Bring the new people on every single Month but you refer them once and you Earn a passive income for a lifetime so You can just grab your referral link Right over here my affiliate link is With Dave Nick for you it's going To be different obviously but you will Grab your referral links you can just Copy that with one click of a button and You can start sharing that with other People so as I said there's gonna be Three different ways that you can get Those affiliate commissions and make Money online with this app the very First website that you can use is called and according to similar web Answers is being visited by six million People every single month so it has a 6 Million monthly visits and this is a Platform where people come to ask and Answer specific questions and so what I Can do is you can search for how to grow On YouTube you can find people Interested in growing a new YouTube that Are asking that question like how to get More views how to get more subscribers And stuff like that and then you can

Start answering their questions and Telling them that they can use Vita IQ To get more views subscribers and grow Their YouTube channel and just leave Your affiliate link over there you can Do the same thing on quora as well quora Is a platform that actually has over 700 Million visits every single month and It's way better because if you go to the Search bar and you search for how to Grow on YouTube you can find a lot of People that are already searching for That how can I grow on YouTube for Example and you can start replying to Those questions like someone asks how Can I grow on YouTube and you can just Answer that question click on answer and You can answer it you can write your Answer over here and you can say and Just leave your affiliate link over There and you can post it on quora where It can potentially be seen by thousands Of people from all around the world and The best part about quora is that those Questions are actually ranking really High on Google so even if someone Searches on Google for how to grow on YouTube in some cases your answer might Actually come up because those answers Rank extremely high on Google cool so You can get a lot of traffic from here And get a lot of clicks to your Affiliate Link in another way to get Those signups is to just join different

Facebook groups with hundreds of Thousands of members that are interested In growing their YouTube channels so you Can go to Facebook and you can search For YouTubers groups or YouTube growth Or YouTube support and you can find Groups with like 500 000 members or a Hundred thousand members 184 000 members Those are hundreds of thousands of People that are interested in growing Their YouTube channels and getting views So you can start joining those groups And then you can start posting in there That you found this brand new website or Brand new app that people can use to get More views and subscribers you can Obviously make some compelling posts and Start sharing maybe even some statistics And stuff and then give them your vid IQ Affiliate link so they can sign up they Can try out vidaq and you're gonna earn A recurring monthly commissions as long As they keep on using the software to Get more views and subscribers now even Though those three are great traffic Sources and are absolutely free and are Extremely easy you can just copy and Pays those answers they're not how I Actually made over five thousand dollars For the video IQ the way I promote my Offers is through my faceless YouTube Automation channels I use those channels To drive consistent traffic to whatever It is that I want to promote whether

It's an affiliate link whether it's my Own website my own offer whatever that Might be those are channels where I'm Not showing my face and not recording Anything with a camera yet I'm making Money in seven different ways including Affiliate marketing so if you want to Learn exactly how that actually works And exactly how you can use faceless YouTube automation channels to drive Consistent traffic then click the first Link in the description box down below And I will walk you through the entire Process step by step and show you Exactly how you can set up the same Thing and I also added a brand new Module which specifically talks about Ai And how you can generate that content Only using Ai and how you can then use That content to drive consistent traffic To whether it's a vid IQ affiliate link Whether it's some other affiliate link Whether it's some CPA offer it doesn't Matter I will walk you through the Entire process and show you exactly how It works and exactly how you can set it Up step by step not only are we going to Talk about on how to actually set up Those automation systems and how to Actually create that content but we're Also going to talk about how to grow We're going to talk about the latest Algorithm update and what you actually Need to do to get views get subscribers

And grow fast on YouTube and that's Exactly how I personally make money Online so if you want to learn exactly How that actually works and once again You can click the first link in the Description box down below anyways I Really hope you got some value out of This video I really hope you've learned Something new and if you did make sure To drop a like down below so we can get Through 1000 likes as soon as possible And with all that being said and done I Will see you in some of the next ones

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