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This is a complete step-by-step tutorial On how to make money on YouTube without Showing your face and without recording Anything with a camera using some brand New AI tools that we never talked about Before and since there's some brand new Tools that literally just came on the Market that no one else is talking about Make sure that you are paying close Attention to every single attack from This tutorial or otherwise you might get Confused and lost so if you actually Want to make this work and actually make Money online without showing your face Then make sure that you are paying Attention to every single second of this Tutorial just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they are me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never attack You for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can track their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all let Us begin with a step number one which is

To go over to ask optimo over the ask this is a tool that can Generate ads social media posts Copywriting SEO videos emails and much More but what you want to do here is you Want to think about the niche that you Want to go with whether it's going to be The weight loss and use the fitness Niche the Formula One Niche whether it's Going to be about movies and games where It's going to be about fishing or Cooking it doesn't really matter let's Say for example just the most basic Example I'm gonna be going with a weight Loss and fitness Niche what I want to do Then is go to business and click on Brand name generator and you just want To briefly describe your Niche so let's Say for example my Niche is going to be Bought a weight loss and it helps people Lose weight fast without dieting let's Say that's the goal of my business and I'm going to click on generate and now It's going to generate different ideas For my brand so here we have a couple of Them what I can do is I can pretty much Just copy one of these that I like so Let's say for example like fit stream I Can use that so now that I have the Business name the next thing that we Need to do is we need to generate a low Go forward this we need to generate Profile pictures you want to go to logo AI to get your logo done for you so just

Click on let's make a logo and enter the Logo name you can also enter a slogan I'm just going to leave that blank Because I don't have a slogan for this Business I will click on Sports and Fitness so I can select my Niche I can Select which colors I like let's say for Example I want to go with a grayscale Click on generate and then I can select Whether I want modern elegant or any of These other ones I'm gonna go with a Modern one and then click on generate And now ai is based on my instructions It's going to generate all of these Different logos which I can use so let's Say for example I really like for Example this one over here I can just Select it and I can buy this logo and I Can also download it to my computer or I Could just take a screenshot of this and Use some of those AI tools that remove Watermarks and then the watermark will Be removed so I can essentially just use This as it is without having the logo or Their logo and without having the Watermark in the background so that way You don't actually have to spend money On it now the next thing you want to do Is you want to go over to and Mixer AI tool is a tool that will Generate a website for you with Literally just one click of a button and It's also free so you can just click on Get started for free also I'm going to

Leave all the links in the description Box down below for all of these Different tools but you just want to Click on create a new site and you want To describe what your business is about So let's say I'm going to say my company It's called fit stream and we help People lose weight fast without dieting And then I'm gonna click on generate Aside and that will generate a complete Website for me and I'm going to show you Exactly why this is important and Exactly how you're going to use this to Make money online and so here it is Right over here we have our name it's Fit stream we have the entire website With all of these cool photos copyright Free photos that we can use and this is A very very nice website that I can now Click on Save and customize and it's Going to be live and as you can see it's Going to ask me to pay but what you can Do is you can just click on continue With this just for free so you don't Have to actually pay for it and you can Custom mice all of these different Colors and everything around the website I'm just going to publish it as it is And I'm going to show you how it's going To work so our website is now live we Can preview that right over here so I Can just click on this link and it's Going to take me to my website and you See someone can actually join my

Waitlist someone can actually answer Their email address let's say for Example I'm gonna enter my email over Here and they click on join our wait List they click on this button you can Also customize the button it doesn't Need to say join our latest but when They enter the email address what is Going to happen is you're gonna get Their email and besides dashboards You're gonna see them as a subscriber Over here and you can download all email Subscribers with one click of a button And then you can put them into some Autoresponder and you can send them Emails and promote different offers to Them now once this has been set up what I want to do next is you want to take a Look at these channels that are already Posting videos on YouTube without Showing their face and for example this One over here is making about a million Dollars a year just from added Revenue Alone because they're getting about 21 Million views per month this is called As the Reddit here's another one this One is making about hundred thousand Dollars a month also just from other Revenue alone so this is only other Revenue ads showing up on their videos Now in order to for you to actually Monetize your videos with ads your Channel needs to be approved into the Partner program meaning that you need to

Have at least 1 000 subscribers and four Thousand hours in watch time or 10 Million YouTube shorts views and 1 000 Subscribers now usually it takes about 18 months to meet the monetization Requirements and get monetized on YouTube so that you can earn from ad Revenue but if you go to Monetization or click the first link in The description box down below you can Get your YouTube channel monetized in Literally one single a day almost Instantly you can get a completely Monetized channel so that every single Video that you publish from now on will Be earning out Revenue depending on how Many views you get now what you want to Do next is you want to start generating Your videos for YouTube so what you can Do is you can go back to Optimal over The ask you can click on Video and then you can select YouTube Titles and you can describe what type of Video you want to make so let I'd say I Want to make a video giving five tips on How to lose weight fast without dieting And then I can click on generate and It's going to generate different titles For me so it's going to do the research And it's going to generate titles that I Can use for my videos they might not be Perfect but you can of course just Customize them for your own needs so I Can perhaps just use one of these I'm

Gonna use uh perhaps this one as an Example how to lose weight fast no Dieting required just the first one is An example and then we can go to video Script right over here and you can get a Full video generated for you so I'm Gonna go with how to lose weight fast Note that in required and I can also Type in five tips for losing weight fast Without dieting and then I can like to Generate this entire YouTube script and It's going to be generated in 10 seconds I will have a full YouTube script that I Can now use it's gonna be original Content that I can now use for my YouTube channel so here we have a Complete script so now I can just copy This with one click of a button I can Copy the entire script with all of these Different tips on how to lose weight Fast without dieting and then in order To get a voiceover done for your videos You can actually get ultra realistic Voices on play HD I'm also going to Leave a link to it in the description Box down below this is literally the Best texture spear software which which Literally has ultra realistic voices That sound more natural than my voice Which is pretty crazy you can just Listen to a couple of samples over here But I'm gonna go to the dashboard and Then we can just paste we can click and Create an audio create ultra realistic

Voices and then we can just paste the Entire script in one single box and get An entire voiceover done so as you can See I have the entire script on the left Side and in order to generate everything I can just click on generate all Previews and on the entire video is Going to be generated informal the Voices for the entire video are going to Be generated and I can download it with One click of a button so I'm just gonna Wait for it to load but we can listen to One of the examples today let's talk About how to lose weight fast without Necessarily dieting by following these Five simple tips as you can see does Sound pretty natural and you can also Customize these voices you can change This you can change the language you can Change whether it's going to be an old Or a adult or a kid whether it's going To be male or female you can change the Accent you can even change and languages You can even upload your own voice and Clone it as well which is going to make The voices 100 unique and then you can Just click on export project and you can Export them as a single audio file and You're gonna have one big audio file That you can use as the voiceover for Your video so now that that has been Downloaded the next thing you want to do Is you want to generate a video and you Can go to Victory AI which is an AI tool

That can create a video for you so you Can just log into your free account then You can just click on start typing or Copy paste your script here to generate A script to generate a video from a Script and paste your script over there Into your video title and my video title Is this one over here and then I can Just paste it over there and I can click On proceed now I can generate now I can Select one of these templates so I'm Gonna go with this one and I can either Generate a YouTube short or a full Length video I'm just gonna go with that One and now the AI is going to generate A video for me and I can also attach my Voiceover and it's gonna sync it and We're gonna have captions throughout the Entire video which is obviously going to Make it super engaging so here we have It the entire video has been generated With all of these different scenes but I'm also going to add my voiceover so I'm going to click on upload voiceover And now the voiceover is going to be Synced and it's going to actually match The entire video and all these different Captions that are showing up on the Screen now the next thing you got to do Is you're just going to click on Generate and you can generate a video That you can now upload to your YouTube Channel which you can then monetize with Ads and you can also promote your mixer

Website and generate the leads to whom You can then Market the different Products in that particular Niche and so That's how you can generate an entire YouTube automation Channel with AI tools As I said all of these tools and Websites will be linked in the Description box down below I hope you Got some value out of this video if you Did make sure to drop a like and I will See you next time

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