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in this tutorial I will teach you how to pass a marketing executive interview so if you have a marketing executive interview coming up with any organization from around the world please do make sure you watch this tutorial fully from beginning to end because I promise to help make you the standout candidate and to achieve that goal this is what I'm going to cover I'm going to give you a list of marketing executive interview questions that I recommend you prepare for I will also give you suggested answers to help you pass your marketing executive interview I will tell you the qualities that you really must demonstrate during your marketing interview and then I will also tell you where you can get access to further resources to help you pass your marketing executive interview so for really good reasons why you should stay tuned and watch this from beginning to end so before I get into the marketing executive interview training a very warm welcome to this presentation my name is Richard McMunn that's me there in the center of the screen I've been helping people for 20 years now to pass their interviews and I always do that by giving you top-scoring answers you can't find anywhere else on that basis please make sure you subscribe to the channel by clicking the button below the video and then you won't miss out on any of the weekly training videos that I upload please also connect with me on LinkedIn I've put my Linkedin link in the description below the video and it's always great to connect with like-minded professionals such as yourself and I would also appreciate it if you gave the video a like thank you because that tells me you enjoy the content and I will therefore spend more time creating it for you ok let's get into those marketing executive interview tips the questions and the top-scoring answers here we go question number one tell me about yourself and why you want to be a marketing executive now because this will be the very first interview question of our marketing executive interview it's imperative we give the hiring manager a positive confident answer that demonstrates the skills and qualities you can bring to this role so here is my suggested answer please take those I have always had a passion for marketing ever since helping a friend many years ago to about their website now since that day I have gained plenty of experience skills and qualifications that make me a results-driven marketing executive that can bring lots of value to your organization I am a strong team worker I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills I can be relied upon to fit quickly into an organization whilst also creating strong Mart marketing campaigns that are focused on achieving the commercial objectives of the organization I am employed by I want to be a marketing executive because it is a role I am immensely passionate about and I also enjoy the challenge of making sure my skills my knowledge and competence levels are constantly kept up to date which I believe is a fundamental requirement of this role now if you hire me as your marketing executive I feel strongly you will see a positive return on your investment quickly when I promise to work hard to help you achieve your financial and commercial objectives that's a great answer and then it sets you off with the confidence for the rest of your interview so you can either pause the video if you want to and take notes of my answers or if you wait I will tell you a can download my full set of 21 great answers to marketing executive interview questions so the next interview question we need to prepare for is why do you want to work for our company as a marketing executive now before you can provide a really great answer to this interview question it's very important you carry out some research into their organization make sure you visit their website take a look at their about Us page and also look to see what their latest news stories are now these can usually be found on their social media channels or their LinkedIn company page so here's my suggestion answer I am looking for long-term employment with a company that has ambitious plans for the future for me the most important thing whilst working as a marketing executive is the team of people I am working alongside and also the standards that are set by the company now having researched your company prior to the interview today you have an impressive track record you hi some hugely talented people and you also have exciting plans for the future which I would very much like to be a part of so that's a relatively short punchy but confident answer these perfect for that interview question why do you want to work for our company as a marketing executive so the next interview question I would like you to prepare for is describe a situation when you failed as part of a marketing team and who was to blame now this question is assessing your ability to be accountable and to take responsibility for what happens within the marketing team now when things go wrong take positive action to rectify the situation and always learn from the experience so you can move forward positively as a team now when you're answering this kind of question my advice is to use what's called the star technique because this is a behavioral marketing interview question so you start off and you tell the interviewer the situation that you were in you then explain the tasks that needed to be done you then tell the interviewer in detail the action that you took and you then explain the results following your actions so it's the star technique situation task action result let me now show you how effective this method is when answering that interview question describe a situation when you failed as part of a marketing team and who was to blame here we go I was working as part of a team in a previous role on an important marketing product launch now the client it was a long-standing customer and we had a set budget to work towards I was a relatively new member of the team and I was eager to work with everyone to do a great job it was our responsibility to get together as a marketing team and create a plan of action that would determine how we would make best use of the budget to achieve the marketing objectives now during the initial team briefing we discussed the marketing strategy collectively unfortunately too many members of the team felt the best way to market the product was by dividing the budget 7525 in favor of offline traditional marketing methods I felt this was a mistake as research had told me the target customer base spent the majority of their time online and therefore we should be using digital marketing strategies however due to my lack of confidence at the time I did not say anything and the marketing campaign yielded average results at the end of the marketing campaign we got together for a debrief I apologize for not saying anything at the time I felt it was my fault for not contributing and I promise to always speak up in the future moving forward digital marketing strategies became a regular part of our team marketing projects and I along with everyone else in the team learned a tremendous amount from that experience so that shows that you are somebody who learns from experiences you take accountability you've improved your confidence and you've made positive changes to the team so they can be successful moving forward so that's a great answer that uses that star technique and I strongly recommend you use it when answering any type of behavioral marketing executive interview question now I still have some questions to run through so please don't go anywhere but when you're ready to want to click that link in the top right hand corner of the video it takes you through to my website pass my interview comm and you can download my 21 marketing executive interview questions and answers in PDF format including the ones that I'm going through today during this tutorial so the next question is what process would you follow when publishing an online article and how long would it take you so this is a tough question now this marketing interview question assesses your digital marketing knowledge and experience but it also assesses how quickly you can complete tasks whilst following a set process to a high standard so I've got a great answer to this question let's take a look at it when creating and publishing any article online I would follow a five-step process step one involves keyword research to ascertain which longtail keywords and phrases I want the article to rank specifically for from an SEO perspective now to achieve this goal I would use the Google Keyword planner tool step two would then be to create the title and the strapline for the article now by using both a title and a strap line for the h1 header tag you are effectively increasing the potential article reach across different search platforms now during step three I would write the article and make sure I included the keywords and phrases I wanted to target now whilst writing the article I would need to ensure I stayed creative whilst also integrating effective SEO writing techniques including subtitles it's all well and good publishing an SEO focused article but if it fails to provide solid information the reader would find useful it will not serve the intended purpose step 4 I would proofread and edit the article to ensure the highest standards of quality are maintained before finally implementing step 5 which is to publish the article online also promote it by a variety of social media platforms with appropriate hashtags it will take me no longer than four hours to research write and publish a quality one thousand word article that's a great answer it shows that you are experienced and more importantly knowledgeable in article writing in the modern day the next question what are your strengths and weaknesses this is guaranteed to come up now my advice is to give the interviewer four or five core strengths you have that will add value to their organization before then providing them with just one weakness that is not a match for the marketing executive person specification here is my suggested answer the strengths I have that will be of benefit to the marketing team include excellent communication and written skills a strong sense of urgency when completing tasks and projects and also the ability to work both alone unsupervised and also as part of a team I am also adaptable and flexible and I will carry out whatever work necessary to help the organization achieve its financial and commercial objectives I also have a thorough knowledge of different marketing techniques and strategies including online and offline marketing methods in regard to my weakness I would say I'm quite an impatient person at times I gained the most job satisfaction from completing lots of tasks and projects quickly and I find it frustrating at times when I'm waiting on other people to complete my own tasks having said that I am also someone who is always looking to improve and develop so if you ask me to change the way I was working at any time I would be more than willing to take onboard your feedback and advice because the organization's success is 100% the most important thing whilst working as a achtung executive I like that answer because you are loading it with three or four call strengths at the beginning you're giving one weakness which isn't really a weakness because you're actually showing that you get a lot darling you're just keen and enthusiastic but then at the end of that you're saying that you're open to feedback and constructive criticism because you understand the organization is the most important thing here which is a great answer so don't forget to click that link in the top right hand corner of the video takes you through to my website here which is this page plus main to be calm and I've listed 21 marketing executive interview questions here you can download the answers as well for a small fee so at the very least take a look at those interview questions okay because I believe a lot of them will come up during your interview I've also provided on that page some important tips to help you pass so I've put four tips here for passing your marketing executive job interview make sure you read those as well very very important and then you can obviously download the answers if you want for a very small fee and if you think about the salary that you may get as a marketing executive that's a really small investment to make to help you prepare fully for your marketing executive interview I hope you've enjoyed that don't forget to subscribe and hit the like button thank you very much a lot of time and effort goes into making these videos and if I see that you're liking the videos and subscribing I will make more content for you thank you very much for watching and I wish you all the best to becoming a marketing executive have a brilliant day thank you

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