Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – The Case Of Samuel D’Costa – Ep 464 – Full Episode – 23rd July, 2021

– Where is your husband? He is little busy. Please come tomorrow. We are not here
requesting for a benefaction. Call your husband. Larry, who is it? Well.. Samuel, when will you
return our money? Go inside.
Let me handle this. Hi, Mom, Dad. Won't you greet us?
Say, 'Hi, Shoab.' Say it..
– Come inside, Ana. Please leave. Tomorrow I'll come
to the office and we will talk. Coming to the office
is useless. Pay the due on time.

Else, we will take away something valuable
from your house. That will compensate
for everything you borrowed. Do you get it? Ana, go to your room. I'm not going
to escape from here. I already told you
my problem. You said the same
even the last month. Your problems
never end. I gave you all the previous
installments on time, right? Please adjust
a little this time. We are not running
a charitable NGO. You must return
the money on time. We are leaving today.
But we will be back. Keep the money ready. People don't return
the money after they borrow. It's so hot here. Change. Okay. Why are you wearing
such a thick jacket? Change it.

Okay. Hey! So weird he is. Here you go. Ana. Where are you going
so groomed? Mom, I'm going to the
church to attend mass as today is Sunday. Are you both
not coming? Dear, we are not
in a good mood because of
the money lender issue. But it is okay. You carry on.
You go. But to forget
such botherations it is better
to visit the church, right? Come along. You go.
We are coming. Okay, Mom.
– Ana, listen. Don't take the shortcut. Take the proper route. Also, don't stop by at
any of your friend's houses. Okay.
Bye, Mom, Dad. Bye.
– Bye, take care. Hello.
– Hello, Ana. What happened, dear?
Why are you crying? Good kids don't cry. Calm down. I'll come there and help
you finish your homework. As they say
no smokes comes without fire. And no fire comes
without a spark. Greetings,
I'm Sonali Kulkarni. I welcome you
to a new episode of Crime Patrol Satark.

There is a reason behind every good
and bad happenings. Sometimes we understand
that reason. But sometimes we don't. A teenage girl
living at a place in Kolkata were respected people
live got attacked. And she went missing. What secret was there
in Ana's life which resulted in
someone trying to kill her? Ana's missing had put
her parent's in shock. They restlessly started
looking for Ana everywhere.

But they couldn't
find their daughter. They came
to the police station for help with botheration
and fear. Sir, our Ana had left
home to go to the church. But she hasn't
reached home yet. Her phone
is switched off. Sir, she is
a 15 year old girl. We are afraid.
Please look for her. Please sit. Did you both enquire
with friends and relatives? We asked everyone, sir.

No one knows
anything. Are all her friends
at their homes? Yes, sir.
All her friends are at their homes
with their family. Does she have
a boyfriend? Sir,
what are you saying? Sir, she is a kid. Look, nowadays kids of
even this age has relationships. I don't know, sir. I don't
think she has any. Where your focus
has been? And what do you do? Are you an ideal father? Do you have
time for your daughter? You are a flop. Look, don't do
a personal attack. Else.. What will you do?
Will you thrash me? What is happening
today is because of you. You are the reason
why all of this is happening. Me. – Yes.
– You are responsible. What's happening? This is a police station. Both of you look educated
but you are behaving like this. Sir, their daughter..
– I know that.

I heard everything.
– Okay, sir. Did you collect
all the details about Ana? Distribute her photographs
in the nearby police stations and patrolling units. Track her mobile phone. Go to the church
and find out if there is any CCTV camera there. You go to the home
and wait. Usually kids return home late. Please go.
– Thank you, sir. Well, we can't register
this case before 24 hours. But
since it is a sensitive matter let's begin
the investigation. Find out
Ana's mobile's last location. And get her
call records too. – Yes, sir. No one saw
Ana at church. That means
she went missing before reaching
the church. Did anyone call you? We suspect that
Ana was kidnapped.

If you get any ransom call,
please don't worry. Inform us immediately. We have posted some cops
in civil dress near your house. Come on, go inside.
– Okay. Wait. Vikram, why do you always go
to the bathroom to change your clothes? No, I'm comfortable there. Vikram, something is
stuck in my tooth. Please give me my brush. Now I understood why you always change
your clothes in the bathroom.

Change your clothes
in front of me now. What is this?
Leave me. What are you doing, Mom?
It must be hurting a lot. Can't you take care
of yourself? It's nothing, dear.
– How can you say that? Your hand is bleeding.
It must be hurting a lot. Let me get the first aid kit.
Take care of yourself. Larry. Stop crying, Larry.
Nothing will happen to Ana. She will be back. You have never wronged
anybody. Nobody will trouble you. Ana will come home
safe and sound. Hello. Wrong number. Why are you panicking
so much? Have faith in God.
Nothing will happen to our Ana. Larry. Samuel, please take care
of Larry. I'll make a move. You are Ana's childhood
friend, right? – Yes, sir. Do you have any idea
where could she go and with whom could she go? No, sir.

Did she have a boyfriend
who was after her? No, sir. How was Ana's relationship
with her parents? Was there any problem
due to which she ran away? No, sir.
Ana used to tell me that her parents are perfect. Okay.
If you get any information please let us know.
Okay? – Okay, sir. You guys may go. Did any kidnapper call you?
– No, sir. Do one thing.
Make a list of all the enemies of
your family and give it to us. Sir, we don't have enemies. Why would anybody have
enmity towards us? Think carefully and tell us.
There would be somebody. It could be one person.
Shona. Who is Shona? She was Ana's babysitter. Babysitter?
A babysitter for a grown up? Samuel and I
are busy with our work. We had hired a maid so that she doesn't
feel lonely when she comes home. Ms. Larry, don't slap me. You steal first
and then argue with me. Why did you steal money
from my drawer? I didn't steal it. Mom, she is lying. I myself saw her
stealing money. I understood now.

I complained about you.
That's why you're blaming me. Hey, stop this nonsense.
Our Ana is not like that. This is how she is. She stole money
and she is accusing me. Don't speak ill
about my daughter. Didn't I tell you
not to raise hands? Then how dare you hit me!
– Come on, leave! Get out! Now watch what I do!
I'll make sure you regret this! She even threatened us
before leaving. But we thought she said that
in a fit of rage. Why didn't you tell us this
sooner? Are you hiding anything from us?
– No, sir. Actually Shona had quit work
two months ago. So it never occurred to me.
– Sir.. Mr. Samuel, you're quite deep
in debt. In fact, you've defaulted
payments many times. I've borrowed a loan
from a financer. His recovery agents
keep threatening us always. Pay up on time! Or else, we'll take away
something precious of yours.

Who sent the recovery agent? Dhanraj Seth. Dhanraj Seth,
You must know Mr. Samuel. You sent your recovery agents
to his house. Sir, he's borrowed a loan
from us. First, we send people messages
and then call them. Then we send letters.
If they still do not respond we send someone to locate them. Whom did you send? – Lately,
Shoaib and Vikram work from me. Your recovery agents
don't just do recoveries. They threaten people and eye
the women in their families. Shoaib is my best worker. He only reminds people
of loans and repayments. And Vikram is a recent joinee. He's a good lad.
– Give me their address. Okay, sir. Listen!
Where's Shoaib? Sir, he's not to be seen
since two days. – Okay. Sir, Shoaib's house is locked. Where's Vikram?
– Who's Vikram? Isn't this 102-4 Lohia Nagar? I've lived here all my life.
No one named Vikram lives here. Does anyone named Vikram
live around here? Did you find Vikram? I think Vikram got the job
after submitting a fake address.

Because I enquired around here. No one named Vikram stays here.
– Something is amiss. Sir, Shona married some bouncer.
A love marriage.. No case has been filed
against Shona. But there have been complaints
of a few minor tiffs. We asked around about Shona. People claim
she's short tempered. Once she loses her temper
she absolutely loses control over what she says or does. Where's Shona?
– Over there. Shona.. Do you know Samuel
and his daughter Ana? Look, I know you're good
at heart. But if you've held Ana hostage
in a fit of rage please tell us.
I promise you you won't face any legal action. I did nothing to Ana. Her habits were such.
This had to happen someday. What do you mean? – She was
getting spoiled day by day. Ana! What is it? What's that smell?
– There's no smell.

Get out. Hey, stop! Who was that? – No one.
Mind your own business. Get going. Who was smoking here? Mind your own business.
Don't act too nosy! Get out. Who was that boy?
Why was he in your room? It's my personal life! Don't try to interfere in it!
– How dare you argue! I'll skin you alive! – Stop it!
Do you plan to kill her! We can even talk to her. She will understand. She's a growing girl.

Her parents tried to
convince her a lot. But she didn't want
to understand. She was becoming like
her mother day by day. Very arrogant and quarrelsome. Her mother was always afraid that she might start
an affair with someone. Sometimes, she
would get so angry that it would feel as
if she might kill Ana! I'm sure that witch must have
done something to her daughter. She didn't love her daughter. She used to argue with
her husband all day long and was always busy
with her phone. We'll talk to you
again if needed. Keep an eye on her. And find out about the guy that
she chased away from Ana's room. From Ana and your social media,
we found out that you had one-sided
love for Ana. But Ana rejected you. Yet you were after her. She even threatened you that she
will file a police complaint.

So, did you kidnap her
out of anger? Neither do I love Ana
nor did I ever went after her. We were just friends. Just friends? I've read all the messages
in your social media. You had also written her
a love letter in blood, right? Did you write it or not? Yes, I used to love her but when I found out that
she likes someone else I stopped going after her. I have no contact with her now. Whom did she like?
– Bunty. He lives in the same
colony as her. He's in 12th.
– Okay. If you find anything about Ana,
let us know. And if we find out that you know
something and you didn't tell us then, we will file a case
against you, got it? Sir, I've brought Bunty! Do you know Ana? Yes, I know her. Would you go the meet
her at her house when Ana's parents
weren't at home? Yes. Don't you know that
it's a criminal offence to have physical relationships with any girl below
18 years of age? Do you smoke cigarette? Normal one or with a pill? I don't smoke, sir.

Then, why would Ana's room smell
like cigarette after you leave? Ana used to smoke, I just used
to get cigarettes for her. 'Thanks, man!
I was dying to have it.' 'Ana, why do you smoke?' 'You will not understand.' I tried to ask her many times but every time I asked her she would say that I
would not understand. Is it the case that you
got fed up of her? You wanted to move on but
Ana was not letting you go. And you got her out of her way! I can never do anything
wrong to Ana. On the contrary,
I'm very worried about her. Did Ana share anything
with you? That someone follows
her or disturbs her or something like that.

Yes, sir. She had told me
once about Kunal. He was madly in love with her. Then?
– I threatened Kunal. And told him to
stay away from Ana. Did he accept that? Apparently, yes. But.. The suspects in
Ana's disappearance.. First is Vikram and Shoib. I want them both
as quickly as possible. And their sudden disappearance make them an even
bigger suspect. Right. Our second suspect is Shona. And our third suspect is Kunal. These are our three suspects. But we have no evidence
against any of them. But apart from these three,
it can be someone else as well. But he hasn't come
in front of us yet. We know nothing
about that person. I would never.. Very good! Your daughter is missing
and you are.. Very good. Take them away.
Come on.. Come along.

Did Ana know
about this affair? Yes, sir. Mom, how can you do this! Shame on you! Did Samuel know? No.
– You must always be afraid that Ana would tell
her father about your affair. So, with Mukesh's help,
you kidnapped Ana. How can I kill my child? We have seen many cases where because of
illicit relationships people have killed
their dear ones. We haven't done
anything, sir. Until they speak the truth stay on their case
continuously. – Sir.. Sir..
– Sir.. Sir, I came here
for the soil. I found
this dead body here. Inform Ana's family. After recording the testimony,
send the body for post-mortem. All of you
search the surroundings. Call all the suspects
in Ana's kidnapping to the police station. The police were trying
everything to find Ana. However, finding her dead body
made the case complicated. Now, this was
not a missing case.

It was a murder case. Now, the biggest question
was who killed Ana and why they killed her. Every stage of age
has its desires and needs. But if you run after a desire
before its time the result
is always horrifying. Did the same
happen to Ana? Or was the reason
something else? The bitterness in relationships
wounds the lives of people. As a result,
they are destroyed. Was Ana a victim
of this bitterness? There were many questions
and possibilities. Now, the police had to find
the murderer from this web. After knowing about it everyone was
going to be shocked.

Nupur, you loved Kunal. But Kunal loved Ana. And Ana loved Bunty. Ana refused Kunal. Still, Kunal kept loving Ana. So, you thought
that as long as Ana is alive Kunal won't be
able to forget her. So, you killed Ana. No, sir..
– We found Ana's corpse. Someone murdered her!
She was buried! No, sir.
Ana is my best friend. Love has its place. But how can someone
kill her best friend? I didn't kill Ana. Sir.
– Yes? Sir, I interrogated
Bunty and Kunal strictly.

pexels photo 4468079

But they said
that didn't kill Ana. Larry?
– After her daughter's death she has fallen
into depression. Sir, Shona and her husband
are here. They are inside. Where did you go
after switching off your phone? I was busy
with some work, sir. What were you doing?
Were you digging a pit? Your wife worked
at Larry's house. She was insulted
and fired. To vent your anger
and exact the revenge you kidnapped Larry's daughter
and had her killed! I was angry with them but I can't murder anyone
to exact my revenge. I feel that Ms. Larry
killed her daughter. In anger,
she would lose her senses. Moreover,
her intentions are bad. She is a promiscuous woman. Find out about their movement
from the day Ana went missing until now. Also, interrogate
them separately. If there is any difference
in their answers understand that
one of them is lying.

– Sir! Sir, Ana's post-mortem
report is here. She was hit on her head
with a heavy object and due to the injury,
she lost excessive blood. Because of that,
her heart stopped working and she died. But she was not raped
before or after the murder. Did you find anything
about the recovery agents? All the police stations,
informants, and patrolling team are working on it. But we have no information
about Vikram and Shohaib yet. Sir. The last location of Vikram's
mobile phone was detected in the residential colony
behind the Hanuman temple. And the last location
of Shohaib's phone was detected near
the street near the ring road. Bring them here.

This was the last location
of Vikram's mobile phone. Make an inquiry
in the neighbourhood. Yes, sir. Listen. Do you know
anyone named Vikram? No. Who lives in this house
which is locked? It is Nirmala Sen's house. Thank you. This was the last location
of Shohaib's phone. Check thoroughly.
– Yes, sir. – Yes, sir. Sir. It's Shohaib. Search the body. Sir, I found this mobile phone. Look at this. See if you can find
anything else around. Sir.
– Yes. We found this mobile phone while
searching Shohaib's dead body.

Upon searching,
we found this photo. Isn't this Vikram?
– Wait. Look at this, sir.
It's Vikram. It's obvious that Vikram
abducted Ana and killed her. Look at Ana.
Look at her body language. It doesn't seem like
she was abducted. It's possible, sir. Because Vikram and Ana
knew one another. Maybe that is why Ana was
speaking to him confidently. It is possible that
he did something after their conversation.

The important question is that who is Vikram
and where is he? I am glad that you came. I was awaiting you. Take this. Are you not going to pour
one for yourself? I don't drink.
I serve. Ana. Ana. Ana. Ana. Check the nearby area.
– Yes, sir. – Over there. Look, Inspector.
First, I lost my daughter. And now my wife. I don't know what is
happening to my life. First, Ana was murdered. You were the suspect. Because you had an affair
with her mother Larry. Larry has been murdered. Were you there when she
fell from the terrace? No, I never went back there. She used to visit my house. Who do you think must have
killed Larry and why? I don't know, sir.

Did she ever give you any hint
that her life was in danger? No, sir. Sir, my staffs told me that whenever they visited
any house to collect money Vikram used to look
inside the house and ask the neighbours too. She was looking for a woman
named Nirmala Sen. Are you saying that whom
the police is trying to find was looking for Nirmala? Who is Nirmala Sen? Doesn't this name
seem familiar to you? This closed house..
Whose is it? That's Nirmala Sen's house. We went to get inquire
at the place where Vikram's mobile location was detected. Vikram doesn't
live in that area. But there was a closed house. We found it suspicious
and inquired about it. We learned that the house
belonged to one Nirmala Sen.

What does Nirmala have to do with Anna's kidnapping
and murder? Find out about Nirmala. Sir! You may go. Listen. You said the other day that this house belongs
to some Nirmala Sen. Where is she? There's no information
about where she is but her children live here. Ayushi has been out
since this morning, though. Where's that sound coming from? Is there anyone inside? Mahinder, break the lock. Hold on. I have the key. See what I have for you here?
Chocolate! Take it. Take it.. Are we friends? It's for you.
Tell me something, dear. Who's Nirmala?
– My mother. She has gone somewhere, though. Bring my mother back.
I'll give you chocolate. No, this chocolate is for you. Can you tell me anything
about your mother? I don't know anything.
Sister might know. We found this bag
at Nirmala Sen's house. A boy's clothes.

A boy hair wig. And an ID card
of Dhanraj's company. And this photograph too. Do you know who this is? She's sister Ayushi. Ayushi.. You can go home, kid. She'll take you home..
Go.. Ayushi's face matches
that of Vikram. Vikram's personal effects
were found at her house too. Vikram got the job
through a fake address. He was searching for Nirmala,
who is missing. And Nirmala is Ayushi's mother. Could Ayushi be acting as Vikram? Could everything be connected
to Nirmala Sen? Only Nirmala Sen can solve this case. Hello.. Did you give food to Jai? Yes, I gave him food. Where are you, Ayushi? Your phone was swtiched off? I'm on an urgent business. There's money in a bag
in the room. Take that and take care of Jai. I don't know when I'll return. Is something the matter? The police was here. They even took the key from me
and searched the house. They even took your brother
to the police station.

For inquiring. They brought him back. Have you done anything? And where are you talking from? I'm on a business now, ma'am. I'll call you later. Nupur, you're Anna's
childhood friend. You must visit her house too. Do you know any Nirmala Sen? She might've even
worked at Anna's house. Okay, thank you.
– Sir. Ayushi phone has turned on. We were tracking the phone.
It has been located. We even have her phone's
live location. Good. Come on. – Sir! Sir, Ayushi's phone's
last location is here. Samuel. S-Samuel. Put your gun down.. Put your gun down
or I'll shoot you! Put your gun down! Drop the gun! Come on! Take her in custody. Hospitalise him immediately. Ana's disappearance,
her murder the suspicious death
of Ana's mother and the fatal attack
on Samuel..

It appears all these
cases were different. But these cases
were interconnected. The police were trying
to solve this puzzle. In this complicated situation a new twist was
about to come. Another secret was
about to be unveiled. In the swirls
of human relationships a storm of emotions
was about to strike. Why did you want to kill Samuel? From where did you get a gun? Why did you kill Ana? Where is Nirmala? Look, I know you are not
a regular criminal. But there must be a reason
which made you do all this. I just want to know the reason. Look, I know
Nirmala is your mom. Why did you kill Shoaib and how? Because Shoaib
misbehaved with me. He assaulted me. So I killed him.

My mom used to work
in Samuel and Ana's place. Dear, how will I come
early today? It's sir's birthday today. Listen, I will get cake for you. Yes, sir. Ms. Nirmala used to come
to take care of Ana. She worked for few months. Suddenly, she stopped coming. We talked to your neighbours. We got to know
Nirmala went for work one day and she didn't return. No one knows where she is. We know you were searching
for Nirmala in disguise. You are still searching
for your mom. Look, we want to help you. Just tell us
why you did this. My mom, Nirmala used to go to people's
house for work. She worked so hard to
raise me. But she disappeared
all of a sudden. Wherever she used to work,
I asked them. Everyone used
to avoid this matter. I had to find her. So I took a job in Dhanraj.

I used to go to people's house
to recover money. I went to Samuel's
place one day. I heard Ana's name
from my mother. She used to say
that Ana is very nice. She is very beautiful. I assumed she used to go
to Ana's place for work. One day, I stooped Ana on
the road and asked her. Ana. Ana, I need your two minutes. I want to ask you something. Who are you?
I don't talk to strangers. Ana I am Ayushi Nirmala's daughter. Ana, my mom is missing. I tried my best
to search for her.

But I couldn't find her. Ana, please tell me
if you know anything. Ms. Nirmala was very nice. She used take
good care of me. But she stopped coming for work
all of a sudden. Mom went somewhere for work
from your place. And she has disappeared
from there. Ask your parents. They definitely
know something. Sure. I will try my best. Nirmala? Why? Why are you asking
me about her today? Just like that. God knows where she is. Workers like her keep
changing their jobs.

Dad, do you know
where Ms. Nirmala is? How come it matters to you
where she is? You waste your time
on useless things. Concentrate on your study. Ana told me she was shocked
seeing her dad's reaction. She grew suspicious
of her dad. She followed her dad. His chat, message,
call log.. she checked everything. She learned about
her dad's affair. With whom did Samuel
have an affair? And on whom did you want
to take revenge? Why did you make
Nirmala disappear? No, sir. I did nothing. I am telling you.. I am telling you. Actually.. Nirmala saw us together
on the same bed. It was necessary
to eliminate her. I took her to the farm house
on pretext of something. We made her fall unconscious,
strangled her to death and buried her corpse. Sir, I did nothing
and I know nothing. From the statement Samuel
gave us We exhumed Nirmala's body
buried in your farmhouse. We had a forensic test
conducted on the bodies of your husband
and his parents.

So tell me, why did you do it
and how? Sam, speak. Then it might be
easy for Judith to accept. We did not wish to kill anyone. Judith and I loved each other. We had to kill them all
for our love. But sir, I did not kill anyone. Judith killed them all. Coward! Traitor!
I was wrong to love you! I killed my family for you! I left my lavish farmhouse
to come to this small town! And you! You threaten him
at a police station.

We have a lot of evidence
against you. Now confess or we can
get the truth out of you. I worked in a jewellery shop. One day Anthony came there
with his mother. And he fell in love with me. Anthony was a rich man
for me. A rich man with all luxuries
of life. And hence I accepted
his love. His old mother never liked
our bond. And I did not want to lose
this chance because of her. So I made a plan. I stole a chemical
from where I worked. I fed it to that woman
and she died! And then I married Anthony.

My dear! My dear!
– Mom, what happened? Mary lived in our colony. And we became friends. And through her I had
met Samuel. In order to get Samuel I had to eliminate my husband
and his father. One day Anna's baby sitter
Nirmala walked in on us. Nirmala told me that all this
was wrong And if I continued this
she will tell everyone. So I decided that I must
get her out of my way. I called her to my farmhouse. I told her to collect fruits
and grains over there She was poor and hence
she came. I did it all to get Samuel. How did you kill Anna?
Why? I did so much to get
to Samuel And Samuel could not be mine
because of Anna. So I decided to kill Anna.

Hence I had to kill Anna. You did not just kill Anna.
You did not stop. You killed Larry.
Why did you kill Larry? After Anna died Larry
suffered a huge shock And while consoling him
Samuel and Larry got close. I was afraid that the husband
and wife might get together. So I had to kill Larry. Anna! Anna! Anna! We were out to find
missing Anna and we uncovered
seven murders and reached the killer. Love makes us better
as human beings. But in the name of love
and in pursuit of someone killing people
and families can never be termed
right. To love someone is different
than to acquire someone. Judith could not
understand that. To acquire Anthony she killed Anthony's mom.

To get Samuel she killed her husband
and her family. All the victims were warned
of a looming threat They had a chance to save
themselves and to stop the criminal
from hurting others. But all ignored it. To ignore a crime is to pave
way for another. You can stay safe
if you stay alert. And with this thought,
I take your leave. We shall meet again
with another episode. Take care of yourself
and your family. We are all going
through tough times. Use a mask and keep
washing hands.

And do not go out
if possible. Keep watching our show. 'Jai Hind'..

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