TVF’s Truth or Dare with Dad

Truth or Dare? Truth! Can i ask anything? kind of then tell me… what is the capital of Nagaland Nagaland? uncle ask him something that he wouldnt tell you otherwise think as if a test is going on You have have alcohol bottles hidden in your flat ? I can't find it ? what are you looking for ? I have brought Sweets from city of Agra for you Keep them protected and away from your flatmate Son, What is truth and dare anyway? Bunty(?), son, bring us a beer bottle OHOO, dropped and smashed the bear bottle Are any alcoholic beverages or bottles hidden in the flat? Dad, you are taking advantage of the game Uncle, if your wife hears anything She'll get a heart attack! Why will she get a heart attack?? Umm, should I go get the bottles right now? You had gone to Thailand? I used whatever was left in this to fry the paneer(cheese dish) Have to admit it is delicious "Simroff", don't get this in Agra Oh wow, here play with this bottle Just dare him to finish the milk Bottoms up You definitely have the habit Ha ha Uncle, the boozer is on his speed dial 3rd number, no less You forgot your own parents? I even saw the poster of God! Lol uncle that was just to cover up the Mia Khalifa poster behind it Khalifa?! Are you guys joining ISIS?? Good thing you don't drink beer, it causes one to piss a lot No NO, I don't drink Heard it from Chatter "saab" On the 14th of February 2005 I had woken up to drink water at 1 am You were watching something on the computer As soon as you saw me You minimised the window What were you watching Umm, I was watching the Titanic Why were you so sly about it if it was just a movie Dad, if I had watched with you, you would have made me leave the room for water 2/3 scenes Oh my, why was this nice kettle hidden behind the gas cylinder? Why the fuck are you speaking in English? Did you just drink? Call Sharma-ji right now Yo Sharma Now, look here Your son, is umm, useless "Extremely useless!" No no man, I'm not high.

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