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Are you thinking of joining a digital marketing course? Today, we will talk about the top 5 myths Which you usually think of before going for a digital marketing course and you don't get those things The very first thing is there is a lot of money in digital marketing We might become millionaires You can earn money from every business but you need to do Hard work If you do hard work you would be able to earn money from digital marketing or from any other business Digital marketing is the field of marketing If you have knowledge about marketing or have a passion for marketing Or you want to make your career in marketing then you should do it otherwise go for something else Don't just run for the money If you will love your work everything will be sorted automatically The second myth is skills If I do a 3 or 5-month course of digital marketing then I will be a king I will get everything about digital marketing Let's talk about a few things If you join any digital marketing course Whether you join lapaas or someone else People usually check modules People say there are 35 modules, 40 modules or 50 modules But every teacher has a specific skill set he had an experience in specific things in which he is good at It is not necessary that every person would be good at everything If he is a good teacher then he will teach you everything he knows But you also have to put efforts into learning the things learning means you need to put efforts It shouldn't be like you learned in class and went home and slept In order to learn digital marketing, you have to keep practicing again and again rather than knowing theoretically Let's talk about my own.

I taught about SEO in my class and clear every aspect of it But until you don't try yourself on your website and blogs Or on your videos, if we are learning about Video SEO Nothing will happen Because practice is necessary and it is the only thing that will help you to grow It is the only difference If I talk about any digital marketing course If 100 students join, only 70-80 of them will be satisfied with the course and rest of the 20% will remain unsatisfied Why? because they do not work hard If they work hard they will also be satisfied There were 10 students in a course and 8 of them achieved a good position But 2 of them failed to achieve that position. why? Because they must have done something wrong during the course There must be some lack of them that's why they couldn't able to reach there Digital marketing is not like a magic that it will enter into your body automatically.

You have to put continuous efforts in learning the skills Next myth is the biggest myth ever If you do not know about coding or don't have interest in coding so should you do digital marketing or not? Coding doesn't have any relationship with digital marketing As a digital marketer, my work is to market the things instead of coding to make websites or application But yes, I should know some minor basics of coding Because If I do SEO or have to enter the code under the head so I should know that That's the only basis of coding you should know We don't have to be a coder because as a marketer our work is to market the things So coding is not necessary Some students say that I am from the art field or I am from commerce field and I do not know about coding Even some people say that I am an expert in coding so can I do digital marketing? So there is no relationship between coding and digital marketing You have to know about marketing or your mind should be like a typical marketing type You should have a jugadu mindset I also offer internship opportunity to my students but for that, the only criteria is you should know how to jugaad things So in starting I usually do some sort of testing to check who has a maximum ability to do jugaad Because in order to move forward in life you should know about jugaad next thing is about "scope" Many people call me and ask the same question that what is the scope in digital marketing never run after scope because thousands of carer option have scope Why don't you get into politics because so much scope is available there We should enter into that field which we can really enjoy The scope will build automatically Although, I accept that there is a prediction about more scope will be there in future But If I talk about the current scenario then many people say that a video editor doesn't get a good job nowadays.

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Even I am also looking for a qualitative video editor but I didn't found anywhere So what is missing from the market? A good skill set People know nothing but does it mean teachers are not teaching well? Some students from big institutes got big placement and some of don't know about a single thing that they have been taught How is it done? some people also join internship to learn something new along with the course and And who don't learn new apart from the course modules will be destroyed And the biggest and last myth is digital marketing is the shortcut to become rich I am again repeating that you can become rich in any field You also need to put a lot of efforts in digital marketing I saw many people who called themselves a digital marketing professional after completing their 3 to 4 months course Till yet you have only read about all the things but now you need to apply and it will take time In order to call yourself a professional digital marketer, you need to work at least 1-2 years Or the second option is you might get an opportunity where you can handle all the things together so you will learn fast But remember one thing all these things will take time and your hard work If you do hard work you will definitely become rich Or if you don't do hard work you will never able to grow in life So always do work hard in the right direction if you want to grow in life Let's talk about one more bonus point Some people are confused between online or offline course Some people say that we will get more to learn in an online course because we can learn according to our comfort And some people believe that offline course is better because we will able to interact with the person So what I believe is some modules should be offline and some of them could be taught online what really happens is in the offline course you will able to personally interact with the teacher You can directly ask him any question and you will get the answer to it But in an online course, this thing is quite difficult to do Because in the online course you wouldn't be alone If the course is happening offline then the maximum strength would be 20, 30 or 40 So in this level of strength, you can ask the teacher any question and he will be able to answer it without any issue But in the onlione course, there might be 500 students so the teacher wouldn't able to interact with you personally or you might don't give attention in the class The biggest advantage of learning online is you can take class according to your time You may have a clash between your class and work You might go to a job or relatives house and don't have enough time or maybe you also have a business So because of your busy schedule online course will help you because you can learn anytime and anywhere So both of the media have their own pros and cons.

we can't say that online is best or offline is best I hope you enjoyed the whole video of the myth series. This is the second video related to myth next video will coming soon Drop the comment below and tell me the next myth video should be on which topic?.

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