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So almost 6000 euros profit. That is the plan. Money is important to me. Autograph session… I would like to retire with my customers
and say: We have a great retirement plan
and are not dependent on others. Hey, I'm Luis, 25, I'm an
insurance specialist from Bonn. So that I can have my peace and quiet at home in the evening
, I run a little lap in the morning and also keep myself
a bit fit. A well-groomed appearance
is important in order to show customers
or other people: I take care of myself. And that's how I
take care of my customers. We're going to our office and the other colleagues are in the office, too,
and then we're off to the day. I've given up
buying new cars because we have
good general leasing agreements with the company. My very first boss said:
It's best to park 2 blocks away. So that the customer doesn't see
what kind of car you have. That is no longer up-to-date today. When will it be exciting today?
– Especially in online counseling.

And in the customer appointment afterwards. Because that's the core. I've made it a habit
to drink my first coffee in the office. Because otherwise it will be too much for me. My area of ​​expertise is
old-age provision, financial provision and
occupational disability. In the end, I want the customer to have
secured the things they consider important. And I can go out and say:
I can sleep soundly. I know I
explained everything important. And maybe also convince him
to do something to be financially secure in the
future. I would just make
an example: What does Riester really do?
Tax benefit issue. And then take a model income,
annual income. The aim is to use the videos
to give an impression of technical topics, so that we can then
look at them individually in a personal conversation.

We have a single employee with a gross annual salary
of 60,000 … The fact is: nobody wants to deal
with these topics for so long. So few. You don't have time for it… Perfect, thank you. I have a call back now.
I have to do that right now. We would have to speak English. It gets a bit bumpy,
but you can still make yourself understood. Hi Oliver, Luis speaking from Zurich. Difficult. We can do it
as fast as we can. And then I will give you
a short call.

OK, perfect. Bye Bye. Problem?
– Yes. Problem: Customer wants to
drive to England with his car. He needs the green insurance card for this
. Which is always stupid when
they remember 2 days before departure that they need one. Now we're pulling out
all the stops for him. So that everything
goes smoothly. It was now about the casco protection. It was about whether we can take him in at short notice for a certain period
of time. Hi Oliver, so we have
your Green Card ready. No problem, bye bye. Now he comes as fast
as he can and picks it up. Hi Oliver. Luis, hi. So your green card. Not green. And the green one will
come through the post. Yes. Fantastic. Thank you very much. Thank you very much and see you soon.
– Have a nice trip. So when we're in the office,
we make sure that we put those who are there and
want to have lunch together so that we can just
get away from the day-to-day business for half an hour or three-quarters of an hour.

Exchange a bit. Online counseling is available.
hopefully it will come to that in the future
the construction financing will be handled by us and afterwards also
the residential building insurance. you see me, you hear me And when I talk to someone
who is my equal, I have a completely different approach
than when someone who is 30 years older tells me. When the old man talks about the war, he
can tell me a lot. But hearing that from someone facing the same
challenges is different. OK. Not under 300,
not over 400. We'll probably be in that
range when it's all done. Thank you. I wish you the same.
I'll see you next week. Bye.
Unfortunately, the homeowners insurance won't work. But I got exciting information
about construction financing. They open up
new possibilities for us. Maybe we can get started there. Currently, looking at the last
4 months , my average gross income
was around 7000 euros. This consists
of a part fixed salary. I get that even when I'm
staring holes in the air. Part commission advance. This means
that I have chosen an amount that is realistic
to achieve every month without turning my
head on my head.

pexels photo 267363

And anything I earn over and above the
advance comes on top. I did my Abitur, then
thought: I don't feel like studying. I chose the apprenticeship
because it is and was one of the
best-paid. Before you film this,
wipe over it once. This is madness.
This is madness. Now let's go to the
last appointment for today. For once actually
on site and not digitally. It's about two young women,
the second consultation. I was there 2 weeks ago.

Now it's just a matter of saving a bit in the medium term for 10-15 years
and taking a few profits with ETFs
and fund investments. And is it safe today?
– That's pretty safe. Understood?
– Yes. You wanted to start with 50 euros.
– Yes. You pay in 9000 euros over the 15
years. With a medium performance
you get out at almost 15200. I think that in almost no other job do you get so close
to the person and learn so much from them. It all comes with an enormous amount of
trust. And you have to know how to deal with that. One must
not abuse the trust. Let's get to the important things.
– autograph session. What have I bought now?
– Plenty. Washing machine, TV… I've signed a 15-year contract now
. Washing machine, dryer, television. Did he do well, yes. We've already
talked a bit. I
pretty much already knew what it was about.

Only the numbers
were not quite clear. But now they are convinced. That's how we do it.
– Great. Then…
– Thank you. I thank you too. Bye!
– Bye! I am satisfied,
the customers are. We have arranged
everything for one. It can go on like this. My first career aspirations
were police officer and educator.
I've always had helper syndrome. And you help in
a different way that is no less important. I would like to retire with my customers
and say: We have a great retirement plan
and are not dependent on others. I live alone, my girlfriend
is of course often here. I have 75 square meters here and pay 755
for the shoot. Depending on the electricity costs
more or less. Insurance agent is
worth it for me. On the one hand financially,
on the other hand also humanly. I come home in the evening, have a
good day and have helped people.

That's it from me A day in the life of
an insurance agent. If you
want to see more insights like this,
subscribe to the Worth It? channel. And check out
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and "A day as a tax consultant". Maybe see you again.
All the best!.

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