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think that you are an owner of a multi-billion dollar empire offices worldwide, lakhs of employees, and the level of name, fame, money, and power that no one could imagine you have private jets to travel, you have cars to go anywhere you want, and you have that Rolex to watch the time multi-billion dollar mansion, the absolute financial freedom that you, me, and everybody want.

The freedom to live life the way we want without even thinking about money for a sec buy anything that you want without noticing the price tag, the life of the world's top billionaire looks the same everything and anything are available private jets, fast cars, foreign vacations, luxury watches, designer clothes, and unlimited power and then comes you far away from this lifestyle and wealth, stuck into your job or in college and watching these billionaires' life then the dream to become a billionaire starts with having the money and power to have whatever you want and whenever you want you look Jeff Bezos, Elon musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zukurburgs inside you you see your shadow in them and you start to follow them but wait a minute why do you like to be a billionaire like them? for lifestyle, fame, money, or for power? Lie! everything is a lie.

All this is a big lie in reality you want to become like them only for one reason and that is the so-called term of being a 'self-made billionaire' you, me, and everyone 'THE SELF MADE BILLIONAIRE' the public validation of this tag has such a level of attachment that anything kept beside it looks small but interestingly it's not your fault why? because these billionaires have told such stories that you want to listen not that which are related to their life, but why they do all these things with you what benefits do they have and most importantly why and how the idea of a self-made billionaire is dangerous? 2024 people in the world claim to be a self-made billionaire including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Hastings, and a lot more but in reality, no one among them is a self-made billionaire, most of them come from a privileged families and I know what you are thinking we have been told that Jeff Bezos worked in McDonald's at the age of 16, Elon Musk used to sleep in the office and Steve Jobs started Apple from his garage well it's true but all these stories have another side a side that is hidden from all of us why these powerful people don't tell the truth well to understand this thing under these three things first 1.


Support psychology 2. Pseudo-inspiring story 3. Long-term monetary benefit I used to ride a scooter, my family had a burden of loans, and I was very poor, I also worked in a restaurant I come from a middle-class family and today I have everything Mercedes is standing out, I have a huge house, an expensive watch and a good attire and I have built all these from zero but have you ever wondered how each and every motivational speaker have the same story why there is so much pain in the story of a billionaire well this is where support psychology comes in… support psychology is consist of two things- weak action taker and hurdle breaker we all are psychologically programmed in the way that we always support such things which are weak we support those people who are weak but yes 'the weak person should be an action taker ' if he is weak and is constantly taking some actions then we automatically support that person but why? well the answer is 'hurdle breaker' we all want to climb the ladder of privilege in our life but the person who is already privileged comparatively, they have to face fewer hurdles whenever you want to break a hurdle in their life and share your story with another person then the person gets hurdle breaking vibe and motivation is all about vibe fewer hurdles will result in medium inspiring vide more hurdles will have a more inspiring vibe this is the reason the heroes in Bollywood are shown as weak and helpless and it is shown how they face a lot of struggles in their life and wins after breaking a lot of struggles and the same thing is practiced by the motivational speakers and MLM they show how they have built their life from scratch they had nothing but today they have achieved everything because they have worked hard in their life and if you do the hard work then even you could live the same life we all want to be like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, but why? because they have a lot of money? absolutely not! we all want to be like them not because of their wealth but because of their story and let me tell you all the billionaires are great storytellers but there is a catch and the catch is 'Pseudo Inspiring Story' in very simple words 'Falsely Inspirational' is not inspirational it is made inspirational A maximum number of billionaires are masters at telling you a Pseudo inspiring story which is not real or only semi real 1987, Steve Jobs and his co-founder Randy Adams bought 2 Porsche 911 which was Parked outside of their new startup company 'Next' but just before the investor meeting, they hide both the car and the investor feels that the boys are doing a startup they have no money and they are so hardworking if they will get some money and support then they will do a great job and guess what by looking at they don't have money the investor immediately invested 20 million dollars in the Next Company he is underprivileged Elon Musk is extremely poor the father of Elon Musk is the developer of property in Zambia and mine in South Africa Saverin is that guy whose 30% stake in Facebook was snatched by Mark Zuckerburg and had been kicked out of the company but what story we all heard that Mark Zuckerburg built a huge company Facebook from his college Jeff Bezos the so-called self-made billionaire who built a huge company Amazon from a Garage but he got 25 crores from his Parents to Pursue this Netflix the founder of Netflix had been charged 40 dollars as late fees by blockbuster by inspiring from this Hasting built Netflix in his storeroom do you know that before starting Netflix Hasting was the CEO of the Pure Software Company in 1996, Pure software company was aquired by Astria corporation for 2.5 million dollars and Hastings get 2.5 million dollars neither Hasting was poor nor he started from zero long before in Pure Software Company he had a very good high-paying job today everybody wants a high-paying job but the reality is that high-paying jobs not come from motivation they come from great skill and that's why I have something very amazing for you 'Crio.Do' world leading project-driven platform from where you can learn the latest software development skills which help you to become a top developer in the industry this is not like other courses with crio you can learn full stack and backend development by building internship-grade projects and that too in a practical environment so that you could become industry ready properly once you complete the program you will have multiple projects on your resume portfolio with real-world experience in key developers skills with a fantastic portfolio and you know what this thing can be very much impressive for an interviewer because you have real-world experiences which you have learned by doing projects practically and not only this crio also provide career assistance in a job in software development and the best thing about this program is it comes with the guaranteed placement if you feel that this is valuable then you can book your free time with Crio to headstart your career I have given Crio's link in the comment and description box these billionaires knowingly tell us such stories to make us feel sympathy for them if someone is already rich then we will not feel sympathy for them nor we will inspire by the story only for this reason, in spite of coming from a privileged family, they all only tell their sad moment in life those moments which are not true in most of the cases 'There is no such thing as self-made billionaire' the status of each and every billionaire in the world is built upon family wealth, labor exploitation, government support, or ruthless competitor destruction.

I know what you are thinking If so why do these billionaires hide the truth? Why are we all being told such big lies? well this brings us to the third and the most important element and that is the long-term monetary benefits which these billionaires get after telling such stories now listen to me very carefully because with this one you will understand the butterfly effect of these billionaires Kim Kardashian tells people openly that at the age of 16 she had to work in a clothing store she used to not have money and she had witnessed a lot of financial hardships in her life that you can not imagine and today working hard day and night after a lot of hustle she is a billionaire oh sorry! self-made billionaire but in reality, Kim Kardashian's father Robert Kardashian left a 100 million trust fund for his family then why these heard touching stories are being told I will tell you when we all listen to the story of Kim Kardashian then a story attach with her brand 'skims' story of Kim Kardashian until Kim's story came people only used to buy her product but today people not only buy the product they buy Kim's hard work, hustle, and Kim's struggles and the financial pain that she faced in her life moreover, these motivational speakers get two more powerful benefits from telling these fake stories 1.

Controversial pull back, the billionaire is filled with controversies and as I told you in the beginning according to to support psychology we always support the weak but billionaires are not weak so what should the billionaires do to bring the normal public in their favor storytelling, tell a such story where your story is more visible as compared to your power more and more people can relate to your story and they have forgotten the controversy which is standing upon you and people will only remember the story of your struggle there is an obvious thing people always forget the event whereas they always remember stories that's why, whenever such controversial events happen with motivational speakers or billionaires or they are exposed then those people tell you the story such story by which you can relate, and your attention should go towards the story you will forget the controversy after some time but the story will be remembered forever you always remember the story which consists of a lot of emotions, struggles, and hard work and then achieved something because we always support the weak the second benefit is controlled opposition in most the case it is observed that the government has opposed the billionaires due to their evil practices don't give permit restrictions applied and this is bad for business so what do you do? again storytelling politics is run by people no people means no politics that's why these billionaires use different peer techniques to tell such a story that the general public stands in the favor of the billionaire after that, the same people who were standing in government support now this people stand in the support of the billionaire and start opposing the government and obviously when political parties buy votes to win the election then to grant permission to a businessman or to support a businessman is not a big deal Elon musk, many times a complaint was registered on labor exploitation in his company but no action was taken Jeff Bezos an employee of amazon says the working condition of warehouses are so worst on amazon that they have to pee in the bottles but what we always remember is that Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world by working hard day and night in McDonald's starting his company in his garage With so much os hustle so much hard work became the world's richest man in the world he is a legend and we want to become like his and you start to copy I will too work 100 hr a week like Elon Musk and I will be the next billionaire wait a minute is I am telling you that these billionaires haven't done hard work at all? they don't struggle they got everything for free well not really! definitely, you have to work extremely hard to become a billionaire and it's not at all easy but in the majority of cases, the story these billionaires and motivational speakers tell these stories are only a marketing gimmick so that their good image goes on and these people can easily escape from any of the controversies all I want to say is don't copy after listening to the story of any billionaires because you don't know if they are self-made or come from a privileged family but you know what still billionaires produce employment and also provide societal value but there is such category that people are biting society like a termite the online gurus and you know what whenever to see the lifes of online gurus we think that after a lot of hard work they have created money, house cars everything but the reality is something different and the reality is so dangerous it will blow your mind but what is the truth, well if you want to know the truth of the online gurus then watch the right video…

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