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the american presidency it has been held by america's smartest america's boldest and africa's worst but now of all the presidents america is blessed to be living under its greatest [Music] trump is the greatest president since ronald reagan in the history of our country nobody has done more than i have the most presidential person ever i don't believe there's been any president that has done more he's got me down as the greatest president in the history of our country including george washington and abraham donald j trump the greatest president of all time in history america's first president was a brilliant general who won our freedom from the hostile ancestors of meghan markle but president trump is an even superior military mind in his first week he declared a travel ban that blocked hordes of muslim invaders from converting your home into a mosque for while previous presidents allowed muslims to infiltrate american society president trump knew they were just advanced scouts for an army of super muslims and although president ronald reagan defeated the mighty armies of the soviet union mr gorbachev tear down this wall he pales in comparison to president trump who has defeated the even mightier armies of mexico thanks to his leadership america is safe from its terrifying picante soldiers and our southern border is now secure forever because president trump has built the wall [Music] coming soon teddy roosevelt was an outdoorsman with a deep respect for nature but only donald trump a man brave enough to stare down the sun has made nature respect the president under president trump america is increasing its water supplies to record levels its pristine wilderness is seeing a boon in new energy jobs and president trump has ended the brutal windmill genocide against birds you want to see your bird graveyard go under a windmill someday rest in power pigeons so commanding is the president over nature that category 5 hurricanes will change their course at the stroke of his pen abraham lincoln brought together a nation divided by war but president trump has united us even more by reaching out to the most marginalized americans whether they be white culture enthusiasts overzealous commandos or unorthodox babysitters i just wish her well and although president lincoln had to confront the confederacy a domestic rebellion with many fine people on both sides lincoln would have soiled his top hat if he had seen the group of traitors that confronted president trump i don't think he's fit for office a man who is pretty undisciplined he is unstable and he really should not have access to the nuclear codes to use his own words he's a very very bad guy but unlike president lincoln donald trump survived these vicious attacks he outflanked the generals he was too slick for the oil baron and he put the elf on the shelf you're fired get out boom you're fired and just as previous presidents pulled us from the ashes of pearl harbor in 9 11.

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so too did donald trump guide america through the russia hoax and an impeachment over a perfect phone call i made a perfect call not a good call perfect call and it was perfect better than any phone call thomas jefferson made and abroad president trump has united america with global leaders as committed to democracy as himself vladimir putin the saudis and kim jong-un forging torrid new alliances we fell in love okay no really he wrote me beautiful letters we fell in love and he embraced the love that brought peace to america despite the strain it brought to his marriage in fact president trump has made such a good impression overseas that everyone wanted to come to america but not so fast because we still have the wall coming soon [Music] in darker times america spent a decade at the mercy of a nonsensical president we remain more than a collection of red states and blue [Applause] incomprehensible but president trump's oratory has brought the english language to new heights and to new worlds the combat infantryman made a pivotal remove 10 000 known or suspected gang members the nine elected 11 victims i have to tell you as bad as is to measure and other measures heart lung and liver transplants anonymous really an anomalous we just said another sock rocket these historical compliment shades yosemites your salmonites thailand god bless the united church donald trump's very very large a brain yes it truly has been four years of stunning accomplishment chase and by late february 2020 america had achieved a greatness never before seen on earth and that seems like a good place to wrap things up it is time to re-elect president donald trump so he can keep dangerous criminals off our streets finish the wall and become not just america's greatest president but the greatest leader of every country in the history of the world donald j trump the greatest president in the history of all time exclamation points [Music] you

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