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This method may sound stupid but it's Actually one of the fastest ways to Build a double-edged sword system that Allows you to not only make money Immediately but also build a long-term Online business that you can rely on for The next couple of months or even a year So let's dive in and let me show you Exactly what I mean just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all first of all you want to Go over to exit bar i o this is a free Tool that will allow you to create your Own quality action for literally almost Any website out there to add your own Unique call to action on literally any Website out there you will see exactly How you can actually use these free Tools in in order to make money online

So I'm going to show you exactly how to Set up these kind of dumb sounding System which actually works and once Again it helps you make money right away But also helps you build something Sustainable so what you want to do first Is you want to sign up to this platform You want to click on sign up and you Want to create an account so you're Basically just want to sign up for their Free account which is as you can see Zero dollars a month you basically enter The email address create enter your name Create a password and then you can log Into your account now once you log into Your account and once you log in you Will be able to see the dashboard where You can track your clicks and Views and All of that but what you want to do is You want to click on this button over Here and you want to click on create a Link now a link to shorten is going to Be a link which you're going to create In a couple of minutes but first of all What you want to do is you want to go Over to mixode over at the mixer.io this Is a tool that will allow you to create Your own website from a prompt this is An AI tool they can generate a full Website for you for completely free so You want to click on get started for Free and you want to log into your Account you want to sign up and then you Can basically describe what your website

Is going to be a about in this case I'm Going to build a website that talks About online business so perhaps I can Go with we teach people how to start and Grow an online business and click on Generate site and that will generate a Full website on that specific topic Including different images logos Branding and all of that so it literally Costs zero dollars and it takes just one Price of a button and as you can see Here's my website over here I can Preview that it's called online Biz and Here we have a call to action we also Have different features on the website Which looks pretty cool and people can Actually enter your email address to They can submit their email address to Aim through for my subscribers list so I Can of course customize this I can click On Save and customize I can log into my Account after signing up once again for Completely free then as you can see my Website has been published if I go to This link I can preview my website it Looks pretty cool so people can actually Enter a remote address and look at this If someone enters the email address and They click on submit that's actually Going to go into the dashboard into the Back end so I can see their email Address so if I go back to the site Dashboard and scroll to the email Subscriber section you can see that

Email has now been showed up and I can Download my email subscribers and I can Email those people and I can Market to Those people over the next couple of Weeks or months or Years I'm building my Email subscribers list that's great now You can copy your website link which is Going to be over here so you can Basically copy the link for your website Which you made with one press of a Button for completely free The Next Step You want to complete is you want to sign Up for the online business Academy Affiliate program and only Business Academy is basically a platform where You can find digital products related to Online business digital products and Services that teach people or help People make money online or grow their Online business and there's producing All sorts of different topics including Digital marketing including YouTube Automation drop servicing Drop Shipping And much much more so you can basically Find different products to promote and You can also join the affiliate program Which is at the bottom of the website You can click on affiliate program right Over here and then you can go to this Page I'm also going to leave a link to It in the description box down below so It might be even easier and then you Just get the answer to your name enter Your email address and click on let's go

And once you click on that you're going To receive an email after a couple of Minutes from the online business Academy The email is going to say you've been Added as an affiliate and you're just Going to click on get started and if you Don't see the email make sure to check The spam folder and promotions folder as Well but anyways once you go there and You click on let's go that's going to Take you over to this page where you can Log in and view the admin dashboard and You can log into your account and Basically you can view the affiliate Dashboard you can view your clicks you Can view your earnings you can see Exactly how much money you made and You're also going to be able to see your Commission rate the standard commission Rate is 20 but if you are the student of The online business Academy the Commission rate is going to be double so Basically 40 percent if you're a student Of the online business Academy but even If with 20 commission you're still Earning decent amount of money because These products are extremely high Quality and they're selling for hundreds In some cases thousands of dollars and You're making 20 off of that which is Pretty a lot so you just want to go to Links and resources and there you can Find it from products to promote there You can find the affiliate link for the

Online business Academy or if you want To generate a specific affiliate link For a specific product so for example You only want to promote this offer over Here which is basically a step-by-step Training program which teaches people How to make money with YouTube Automation you can then copy the link From this Creator and then you can paste That link right over here and you can Click on enter And now you can copy the affiliate link That takes people to this specific sales Page and you can also customize your Links because as you can see sometimes They are really long and confusing and Full of different keywords so you can Just make it short and sweet with bitly You can just click and create a new link You can paste the link here and you can Enter a custom back half and that's Going to customize your affiliate link And it's going to look a little bit Better for example this is my link over Here and I also have other links in the Left side now what you want to do next Is you want to generate an entire blog Post an entire article that talks about That particular online business that You're promoting from the online Business academy.com so you can go to go Charlie AI which is a tool that's going To generate those blog posts for you and If you've watched a couple of tutorials

On my channel you know exactly how this Tool actually works and you can generate A blog post it looks pretty much Something like this it generated an Article that talks about YouTube Automation with literally just a couple Of clicks of a button and now I can copy This entire article with one press of a Button and if I actually check the Plagiarism for this blog post which was Fully generated by AI you can see that It's says it's 99 of unique content so I'm actually allowed to use this without Getting any copyright issues or Whatsoever so fully generated by AI yet The plagiarism Checker thinks that this Is 99 unique content which is really Really good so what you can do is you Can download some of the promo material Which I'm also going to leave in the Description box down below you can go to One of these folders and you can Download problem materials with a little Just one press of a button you can have A couple of these screenshots downloaded To your computer you can then go over to Medium.com this is not the last step I'm Going to show you exactly how to Actually use this but you can go to Medium.com where you can actually get a Lot of traffic by sharing different blog Posts and articles and in fact to prove To you that this actually works pretty Well if we go to Google and search for

How to make money with YouTube Automation for example you can see that The article from medium.com is ranking Number two on Google when someone types In how to make money with YouTube Automation so you can actually get a lot Of traffic and a lot of clicks by Sharing on medium.com so what I'm going To do is you just want to go to medium And you want to share that article which Was generated by that AI bot so here I Have my full article once again this Entire article was generated by AI I'm Also going to remove these notes and I'm Going to replace them with an actual Image which is the image from the Google Drive folder which I left in the Description box and now between these Lines what you simply want to do is you Just want to add a call to action which Can be three different things the first Call to action can be a call to action That takes people to your mixer.io Website which you previously made where You can collect emails and then you can Email those people and send them your Affiliate link over and over and over Again and build an email list and you Can actually send them multiple Different products from the online Business Academy and that way build a Sustainable online business you can just Say click here for the best YouTube Automation training program or just

Create your own call to action and Highlight that part make it bold and Also insert your affiliate link or Insert your Mixel link so this is my Mixel link right over here I'm going to Copy that and I'm just gonna paste it Over here so this is not sending people Directly to an affiliate link but it's Sending them to mix over they can submit Their email address and then I can send Them an email including my affiliate Link for all the different offers what You can find on the online business Academy and now you can simply publish Your blog post with multiple call to Actions between multiple paragraphs and Then you want to publish that with that Image as well so it grabs attention for People that are interested in this Specific topic and it's not over the Next thing you want to do is you just Want to click on this you want to click On this button to copy the link that Takes people to this medium.com article Where once again you have a call to Action and people can go to your mixer Website which you previously made as you Can see starting grow your online Business with us and they can actually Submit their email address over here but Now you just want to copy the link that Takes people that Medium article and you Want to go back to exitbart.io and you Want to paste that link right over here

And you want to click on go so you want To create a call to action on that Specific website so for example I'm just Going to enter a test name over here and We're going to select a pop-up type it Could either be a pop-up it can also be A banner it can also be a redirect but I'm just going to everybody is simple Pop-up now you can enter the heading so In this case I'm going to type in how I Make ten thousand dollars a month with YouTube automation then the button text Is going to be click here to learn how And the button URL is going to be your Affiliate link for that specific product In this case this is my affiliate link So I'm going to copy that and I'm going To paste it right over here which is Going to redirect people to my affiliate Link so I can actually earn affiliate Commissions and now I can click on Generate a link and if we preview this Link so this exit board link if I click On preview you're going to be able to See that it's going to take us that Medium article where we can start Reading about YouTube automation for Beginners but after a while a call to Action is going to pop up around the Screen where we're going to be able to See a headline which has which says Here's how I make ten thousand dollars More with YouTube Automation and there's Going to be a button that takes people

To a full training program which if they Purchase you're going to earn an Affiliate commission so what you want to Do next you just want to copy your exit Bar the link which once again takes People first of all to the medium.com Article where you you're also collecting Emails as well so what I want to do then Is you just want to go over to quora.com Which is a platform where people come to Ask and answer different questions and You can search and query and you can Find people that are asking questions Related to making money online or online Business or even that specific online Business in this case YouTube automation So you can enter those keywords and I Can find people that have asked those Questions and I can start replying to Those people and telling them they can Learn more about YouTube automation if They go to this medium dot article which Is full of value it's going to show them Exactly how YouTube animation works and It is completely free and full of value It shows them exactly how that business Model works and they can go they can Start reading that article but once Again first of all the pop-up is going To show and they're going to be able to Either click and go directly to that Affiliate link that you're promoting but Even if they you know close the pop-up They're still going to read the article

And in the article they're gonna see a Different call to action and this is our Second chance to get them to actually Sign up to your email subscribers list And if they sign up then you can start Sending them emails for different Products from the online business Academy and earn a lifetime affiliate Commissions and make money online Without actually building your own Website so I really hope you got some Value out of this video if you did make Sure to drop a like down below and I Will see you in some of the next one

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