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I've been looking for the best Robot for Gold 
trading and recently I have tested one that shows   really fantastic performance average of $500 per day, if you trade a complete   1 ounce of Gold and in this video I will share 
the strategy with you on a trading platform, if you   want to trade it manually and as well, I will give 
you the Robot for free at the end of the video   so you will be able to place it on MetaTrader 
and test it automatically, as well I have a   complete guide on how to do that, you can do it 
all for free. So if you're a fan of Algorithmic   trading or if you want to learn Algorithmic 
trading that would be really suitable video for you   and now let me tell you about that strategy 
because it is really interesting one on   M1 chart, which means that it is kind of a Scalping 
strategy and for the beginners that means that we   enter the market, we take quick profits and we 
are out without risking a lot from our capital   but when it comes to risking it really depends on 
how much you are trading with and what proportion   of your risk capital you are putting into 
the trade.

So I would suggest you never risk   more than 2 to 5%, but I'm not 
a financial advisor, as well this video has   just educational and entertainment purposes. So 
always make your own decisions when it comes to   trading. Now straight to the point, I will share 
with you my trading screen and I have here the   Trading View platform where I have Gold on M1 
chart. And the first indicator that I will add   is the Bollinger bands, so I will go to indicators 
and I will search for Bollinger bands and   here it is. Now by default, we have Period 20 and 
deviation 2, but I will click on the Settings and I   will change from 20 to 32 and the Deviation, I will 
change to 2.8, okay later I will show you how I   know exactly that these are the best parameters.

I will click on Ok and you see that the Bollinger   bands just open a little bit, this is because 
the deviation is higher, so the Bollinger band   has plenty of applications, but what you can notice 
from the first glance is that whenever there is   a movement or a trend, the bands open and they go 
away from each other when the market goes sideways   the bands get closer and the entry rule here is 
that, we will buy or we will go long whenever the   price goes below the lower band and after that 
it gets inside the bands again.

For example, right   over here, you can see that the price went below 
the bands and after that it went inside the bands   but for the signal to be true, we need to see a bar 
opening below the bands and on the opening of the   next bar, we are taking the trade. So for example, 
right over here and I think this is the most   recent example, now actually that is the most 
recent example, so let's have a look at these two,   right over here we have the price going below the 
bands and we have a bar opening below the band   on the opening of this bar, we should enter right 
in here. Now when is the exit, we exit with an   indicator called Standard Deviation, I will again 
search for that indicator, it is called Standard   Deviation and here it is, I will click on the 
first one that shows as a result and by default   again we have length of 20, but I will change 
that and instead of 20, I will use length of 37.   Here we go and I will click on Ok.


So this is 
a line below the chart, that goes a little bit   over 0 and if I increase it a little bit, I will 
put one horizontal line at level 4, here we go   402, I want it to be exactly at 4actually I 
can right-click to Settings and I will change the   coordinates to 4 and there we go. So we will 
exit the trade whenever the Standard Deviation   crosses the 4 level upwards and goes downward, 
so it should go up and go down again you can see   that if I zoom out, this happens on very extreme 
conditions or in other words, when there is really   a huge volatility and right in this example, let's 
see what happened here, we have the short trade   and for shorting, obviously we need to see the 
opposite, price going above the upper band of   the Bollinger bands and then going in. So 
we can see right here that we have a bar   that opened above the upper band and on 
the opening of next one, right over here   we should be selling. Let me put one vertical line 
as well, so at this point we have a sale signal,   the price goes up and down and with that extreme 
situation, you can see that the Standard Deviation   goes above the 4 and we should take the profit 
at this zone.

So this is really a simple strategy,   there is no Stop Loss or Take Profit, if price 
goes below the lower band and on the opening   of next bar, if the bar is still below the band, 
we should buy and the opposite is on the other   side. Now what happens if we buy and there is an 
opposite signal to sell, we close the buy trade and   we open the sell trade or we reverse the trade and 
this is very important in trading because I have   to tell you that what happens usually beginners 
fall in love with the trade right they believe   for example, Crypto or Bitcoin will go up and 
they buy it and even they see everything on   the opposite side, they see the market crashing 
they still believe it will go up and they are not   shorting it. So same thing with Gold or any other 
asset, if you see the opposite signal you have to   sell it, it is the strategy that you follow and if 
you want to avoid the emotions you have to follow   the strategies very strictly.

The best way to do 
that is with the Robot, this is why I will attach   the Robot down in the description you can download 
it for the strategy that I described in this video   and you can test it on MetaTrader if you don't 
know how to do that, there is a complete guide   that I have for recorded, I'll put it in 
the corner I will put it in the description   so you can test it yourself, automatically with 
a Robot on MetaTrader because this is where   Algorithmic trading works best for the moment 
and I told you that at the end of the video I   will show you the statistics of that strategy 
I'll bring EA studio where I'm analyzing   the strategy, it's a professional software that 
I'm using but you don't need it because I have   attached the Robot down in the description.

So here 
is the performance the profit per day is 524.87 if you are trading a complete lot and you 
can see that I'm testing this strategy   for the last 1 month and a half or this is 50,000 bars and I have tested the strategy 288 times   and we have a very steady profit line, there 
are some declines but with every strategy there   are losing trades that's why the curve line goes 
up and down, it's not straight profitable line   and from 288 trades if I click on the report 
and I go to stats info you will see that   we had maximum 4 consecutive losses and 
the drawdown was 33% but this is   because I selected to use one lot in a $10,000 account if I decrease it   to 0.1 and I click on Accept, then you will see 
that the drawdown will be just 3%, so it really depends on how much you are trading 
with and in what account, so always make sure you   keep a good risk money management, okay don't risk 
a lot from your account, this is the strategy guys   it works really nice and very simple, there is 
a very nice balance chart that I hope will last   longer and if you think this is not the right 
strategy for you, there is another one right over   here, if you have found that video useful I'll be 
super happy, if you smash the like button, subscribe   for more go grab the free Robot to test it 
yourself and I wish you a wonderful day take care.

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