How To Make a Faceless YouTube Channel (USING ONLY AI) $8,000 a Month

I'm going to show you how to use ChatGPT to generate YouTube video scripts and then how to turn those scripts into YouTube videos using A.I software really quickly that can make you money on YouTube with affiliate marketing and if monetized with Ad revenue without showing your face!

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How I Made a Faceless YouTube Channel USING ONLY AI

How I Made A Faceless YouTube Channel Using FREE AI Tools Only (IMPRESSIVE RESULTS)

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Hey everyone on today's video I want to Show you how you can make well over Eight thousand dollars a month on YouTube using chat GPT which is an Amazing new AI software which is taking The World by storm but on this video I Want to show you a brand new way that You can use this technology just like Some of these channels are doing and Making thousands of dollars every single Month I'm going to reveal this channel To you in a second but the best part About making money with chat GTP and YouTube with this strategy is that you Don't need to show your own face and I'm Going to show you how chat GPT is going To create these amazing scripts for you And I want to show you how to lay this Out and get these videos created without You ever having to do any of the work I Mean take a look at this this channel is Making anything up to eight thousand Dollars a month however so visual blade Will only show you a maximum of four Dollar cpms this channel probably has a 15 CPM which means they're making well Over twenty thousand dollars a month Plus I want to show you how you can Double down and make even more money With affiliate marketing in these Channels before you're monetized without Ever showing your face and when we come Over and take a look at this channel Which I'm going to reveal to you in a

Second you can see that some of their Videos are getting millions of views This particular video has had 18 million Views 8.5 million views 5 million views Etc and one particular type of video That's doing exceptionally well is with A push-ups now this is in the health and Fitness Niche which means it's always Going to be relevant I mean take a look At this this video is about planking 18 Million views this one's about jump rope And you can see here 5.6 million views The best part about these videos if you Take a look at this three minutes four Minutes three minutes three minutes just Under four minutes so creating these Videos with chat GPT and the other Software that I'm going to show you on This video is so easy that anybody can Do this from anywhere in the world and One type of video that you can see he's Doing exceptionally well is with Push-ups and it's exactly what I'm going To show you how to create on this video But I need you to make sure that you Watch this entire strategy it's going to Be detailed so you do not want to skip Ahead and all ask in return is that you Smash that like button and we're going To get straight into it now you're Probably wondering why are all these Different types of push-up videos doing Extremely well what I like to do is I Like to do more research before I create

Any of these types of videos and one Software that I use is this one over Here called vid IQ you can go into vid IQ you can download this there is a free Generous plan that you can get and then Later on once you start making money you Can actually sign up to this and it will Cost you obviously but first you can Sign up absolutely for free links to Everything will be in the description of This video but what I want to show you Over here in particular is when you type In push-ups you can see that if you were To create a video titled push-ups for Beginners there are 40 000 searches Every single month for this particular Search term if you do how to do push-ups That's a hundred and one thousand Searches on YouTube every single month Then you've got push-up workouts you've Got push-up challenges the other thing That video IQ is also going to show you Is you've got questions how to do Push-ups how to do push-ups for Beginners how to do more push-ups Etc How to do push-ups so what I want to Show you is that there's hundreds of Thousands of searches for this type of Content every single month which means If you create this content yourself as Well you are going to get views and all You need to do is stay consistent but The beauty of this strategy with using Chat GPT and this one other amazing

Software to create all the videos for You is you can create these videos Quickly and double down with affiliate Marketing get your channel monetized and Absolutely crush it on YouTube in 2023 So I wanted to show you that by creating This type of push-up video we stand a Good chance of getting views now what we Need to do is we need to come over to This software called This is the software that's Going to allow you to use chat GPT to Create these different types of videos Which is going to give us the scripts I Pay a lot of money for scripts to be Written for my websites different types Of channels and chat GPT is a game Changer because this software can create Amazing scripts for you in a matter of Seconds all you need to do is tell it What to do so once you come over to you want to scroll down here And click onto try chatgpt the brilliant Thing about this at the moment when you Scroll down is right now this is free to Use in its pedest in its beta stage I Guarantee you this is going to cost Money in the future they are not going To leave this software for free Especially at the moment with how many Users they have so you need to take Advantage right now so once you're on Chat GPT click on to try so click on to Try chat GPT that's going to bring you

Over to this page once you're on this Page what we now need to do is we need To tell this software to create these Different types of scripts for us now I Did a little bit of homework so I can Help you and save us a little bit of Time so I'm going to open up my notepad And the first thing that we want to tell Chat GPT is this we want to tell it to Write a YouTube script about what will Happen if you do push-ups every day so We're going to copy this then I'm going To review what else we're going to ask It so we're going to copy that Close this we're going to come down here And we're going to paste that in it and All you need to do is click on that once You do that you can see here that chat GPT is going to start writing this Entire script for us but what's really Good about this I mean take a look at This it actually starts with hello and Welcome to our Channel now you can Change this you can type in hello and Welcome to whatever your Channel's name Is but you can see that this is starting To write an amazing script for us once This is done what this is going to do is It's going to create and tell us exactly What's going to happen to your body when You do push-ups every day what we now Need to do once this finishes let me Open up my notepad again to show you the Second thing that we need and the second

Thing is you want to write something Like steps on how to do push-ups because You want to explain to your audience how They can do push-ups the first one is Going to tell them what's going to Happen with their body the second one is Steps on how to do push-ups so what you Want to do once chat GPT has finishes Which you can see that it has now what You want to do is Click onto this paste This in here and click onto this little Icon again now what this is going to do As you can see steps on how to do Push-ups it's literally going to tell Them and teach them how to do push-ups Safely Etc you can see that it's going To do this in step-by-step form Numbering it one two three four five Etc Once you have this and you're happy with What you've got here now what we need to Do is we need to write a little bit more Information because we want these videos To be really good and the next one is I Mean look at this you can ask it to Write a weekly workout routine okay on Push-ups so people love to have some Sort of structure so what you want to do Now is we're going to copy this and once You copy this we are going to come back Here now what we want to do is we're Going to paste this and now what this is Going to do is it's going to write a Weekly workout routine on push-ups for Us so you come over here click onto this

And chat GPT is going to continue so you Can imagine how amazing this video is Going to be and the best thing is we Don't even need to create this video Ourselves guys so you can see here I Mean look at this on Monday it tells you To do three sets of eight ten push-ups With 30 second rests in between on Wednesday Friday Sunday so it's actually Broken it down for us really really well Which is going to give the viewer this Amazing workout routine and the last one That I've got over here if we take a Look is I've got what are the different Types of push-ups that you can do so We're going to copy this and we're going To see what chat GPT is going to write For this so what are the different types Of push-ups you can do because there's a Variety of different types of push-ups The reason I'm showing you this is Because we want to take a look and see What chat GPT has the ability to do do For you so you come over here and we're Going to click onto this little icon now And take a look at this now it's going To give us different versions of Push-ups that we can do now you can see Here you've got wide grip push-ups close Grip push-ups diamond push-ups Etc now It's going to give us a variety of Different types of push-ups what we now Have is a complete video that we can put Together so that we can get this up onto

YouTube and also when it comes to Health In general Men's Health female soft I'm Going to show you an amazing affiliate Program that a lot of people talk about That absolutely sells and people are Making as much as 200 per sale with Videos like this and I'm going to show You how you're going to get that just Make sure you keep watching because I'm Going to put all this together for you And like I said if you're enjoying this Video don't forget to smash that like Button in appreciation and make sure you Subscribe to the Channel with the Bell Notification on so you get notified Every time I post brand new videos so What chat GPT has done for us now is It's created this amazing new script for Us what we now need to do is we need to Get this script onto another AI software That can create this entire video video For us and what you want to do is you Want to come over to this software it's Called in video dot IO in video is an Amazing AI tool that I've been using for A very very long time to create a Variety of different types of videos Because it's got different types of Features on different types of videos That you can create and for today only Guys what I have is I have an amazing Offer for you if you come over to in Video their pricing plan you can see That on their free plan you've got free

Video sharing you can create 40 minute Video durations and they do have a Watermark however on their business Plans and their unlimited plans there is No watermark okay you've got up to 60 HD Videos that you can create 10 istock Media per month and you even have 20 Removable backgrounds per month if you Go for the unlimited well I mean that is One of the better ways that you can Approach this and you can see that You've got 1 million premium media as Well and 120 istock media which is a Different types of images that you can Use but what I have for you today is an Amazing offer that if you use Smt30 you are going to get 30 off for The life of your plan so what that means Is when you go to sign up it's going to Look like this and this is where you're Going to enter your promo code and all You need to do is enter smt30 click onto The apply button and you're going to see These prices change so if we click on to Apply you're going to see that it's Going to cost you just a little over ten Dollars a month that's how cheap it is For you to have this I can tell you that Is super cheap for what this software Has the ability to do for you so once You sign up to in video it's going to Bring you over to a page that looks like This now like I said to you there's a Few ways that you can do this I've

Spoken about using templates many times I've spoken about using text to video Stock media Etc what we're going to do Today is we're going to do something Little bit different and we are going to Use the editing feature of in video okay So what you need to do is you need to Come over here and you need to click Onto this now once you click onto this Little plus icon and you scroll down What's good about in video especially Right now that short form content is Absolutely blowing up you can do this And create simple short videos as well And also create long form content what We're going to do for the purposes of This video is we are going to create a Standard landscape size video which is Over the 60 second mark But if you Wanted to create portrait Stars video For shorty absolutely could and double Down and blow up your channel even Quicker okay because that's exactly what People are doing right now so you come Over here you click onto landscape once You click onto landscape it's going to Bring you over to this page so you can Just click off this for now now what we Want to do is we want to start importing Some of the information that we're we Got from chat GPT and also using Different types of videos and images to Put this video together I'm going to Show you how to do a voiceover how to

Add music text overlay everything so What we now need to do is we need to go Over to our script from chatgpt and we Need to make sure that the video follows The script that we have put together now Obviously right now we are talking about Push-ups so one of the things that you Can do when you're on in video is on the Left hand side over here you can see You've got videos and you've got images So let's just click onto videos very Quickly come up to the top and type in Push-ups okay You can type in push-ups you can type in Push up push-up exercises Etc and just Take a look at what comes up the other Thing that you can do is chat GPT has Given us a variety of different types of Push-ups so you can do wide grip Push-ups Etc and take a look at what It's come up with so what we want to do Is we want to grab this video as an Example just to show you how this works So you can click on the little plus sign Over here okay once you click onto that This is the video there scroll down to The bottom over here and click on to add Now this is the first video that it's Going to add over here okay now what we Can do you can see you've got this Little logo design over here now this is If you want to add your own personalized Logo so that other people then take your Video you can just remove that okay or

You can leave it on there or you can Upload your own logo now if you play This you can see here that it's just Going to show somebody basically doing Some push-ups now what we want to do is We're going to move this over here and We're going to close this down and what We're going to do is we're going to come Over to chat gp10 we're going to see Here that I'm going to show you how to Add this voiceover and then how we're Going to change these different scenes So the first thing you can see here that We've got is hello and welcome to our Channel so what you want to do is you Want to copy this and you want to come Back over to in video and on in video What we want to do is we want to add Voiceovers now there's a few options That you have for voiceovers you can see If you click onto voiceover and you Scroll down you can see you've got Automated text to speech which I'm going To show you how to use in videos feature The other thing that you can do is you Can import from uploads what that Basically means is that you can record Your own voice on your mobile phone okay So you can quite simply record this Entire script and upload it on there I Actually recommend that you use a human Voiceover okay I'm going to show you how To use it from automated text-to-speech On Nvidia because it has a really good

Feature but if you can record your own Voice you can do it via your phone you Can use your own microphone if you Wanted if you had a very simple Microphone or you can actually pay Someone on Fiverr to do it for you as Well Artificial intelligent voiceovers are Becoming so good that some of them you Can't even detect that they that they Are actually AI voiceovers so if you Have other means to do that as well if You're paying for something you Absolutely can or you can use in videos For now so what you want to do is you Want to come up to the top and you want To click onto automated text to speech Then what you want to do is you want to Come up to the top here hit command V And you can see it says hello and Welcome to our Channel as you scroll Down you can see you've got different Types of voices so we're going to click Onto this you can see you've got Sally Matthew Kimberly Kendra Etc I'm going to Leave it on Sally for now and what we're Going to do is we're going to click on To generate this voiceover once we do That I'm going to allow you to hear this So you can see what this sounds like I'm Going to put the volume up so you can Hear this and then I'm going to click on To play hello and welcome to our Channel Okay so he says hello and welcome to our

Channel sometimes if it sounds a little Bit glitchy it's only because it's in The editing phase once you download this Video it ends up sounding a lot better So what we're going to do is we're going To add this now once you add this it's Going to how to wherever you've got this Cursor okay so make sure you put this Cursor wherever you want that voiceover To be added now what we're going to do Is we're going to click on to add So as you can see once we play this Hello and welcome to our channel so We're going to leave that there now what You want to do is you want to add scenes That match that voiceover so what you Can actually do is quite simply come up To the top and instead of having maybe Push-ups or something like that at the Beginning you can have maybe type in Something like uh YouTube Welcome and See what comes up okay Enter And see what we can put over here so you Can make something like that you can Customize I've got customized different Types of templates okay so you've got Things like this green screens where you Can remove you've got thanks and all This sort of stuff or you can even just Use something like this so if we were to Click onto this person say click onto This and let's say we go to add okay What you would want to do is we can

Stretch this out all right so we can Move this down so this is just an Example okay and then you want to slide This over to where that voiceover scene Stops so let's just hit play hello and Welcome to our Channel okay so stop that There now what we want to do so we've Got the first thing the second thing What we want to do is we want to come Back over to chat GPT and as you can see Now it says today we're going to talk About the benefits of doing push-ups Every day so now quite simply we can Grab this we can copy that so you get The idea of what we're doing okay we're Obviously not going to do this entire Script but I want to show you how you Can put this video together so now we Want to move this over to there we want To come up to here we want to go to Voiceover automated text to speech again You want to paste this in here so you Can see now it says today we're going to Talk about the benefits of doing Push-ups every day again we're going to Click on to generate this voiceover so Now it's generating this and now what You want to do is you want to click onto Add once you click onto the ad you can See that's been put there so you can Push this back up to the top Now if you click on this little Zoom Inside over here and bring this closer What you're going to find sometimes is

That when you hit play there's a bit of A delay here so if I play this Today what we want to do is we want to Get rid of all this dead error okay so We don't need that dead air so once you Click onto this you can click onto these Little scissors which is split cut or You can just press C see how it says Just C so if we hit C it's going to cut That we can grab this okay so if we come Over and click onto this and just hit Delete it's going to remove it then all You need to do is highlight this little Blue section right Mouse click delete It's going to push that down what Happens now is as you're going to see There's not going to be any Dead s if we Play this today sorry let me move this a Little bit back actually let me play the Whole thing for you I'll show you Exactly what this is going to sound like Welcome to our Channel today we're going To talk about the benefits of doing Push-ups every day okay so you're going To stop that there because that's where It ends now what we're going to do is We're going to split this scene okay We're going to get rid of that we're Going to split this scene as well okay And we are going to get rid of that now What we want to do again is go back over To chat PT okay as you can see now you Want to take the next sentence so it Says now you may be wondering can doing

Push-ups every day really make a Difference okay and the answer is yes so What you'll do is you'd copy this and You'd quite simply follow this on and on The good thing about Nvidia is that you Can actually grab a little bit more of a Sense so you can grab three or four Sentences in a row to speed this up okay So I just wanted to show you exactly how You would do this step by step now what You want to do when you're on in video What we want to do guys is we want to Add some text though text overlay okay Now what we want to do if we click play It's going to take us to the front here So as you can see the first part of this If we press play hello and welcome to Our Channel it says hello and welcome to Our channel the next bit we're going to Talk about the benefits of doing Push-ups everywhere all right so what we Want to do is want to put some text Overlay it says benefits of doing Push-ups every single day now on the Left hand side over here as you can see You've got different types of options Here one of them is text now once you Select text as you can see if we scroll Down you can see all these different Types of text overlay that you can use And they are animated as well so as you Scroll down you may be able to find a Whole heap of different types of ones Some of them look pretty cool some of

Them have different types of Graphics Etc Ones that I've used are ones like this And I've also used these minimalist ones As well and if you click onto this Little arrow over here what that's going To do is it's going to expand that so Let's say we wanted to use this one over Here as an example what you will do is You'll drag this over to the front Remember that this will always post Where you have this cursor so if we come Over here okay say and we click on to Play here hello and welcome to our Channel okay so what you can do is you Can grab this and just double click onto This and then come up to the top and Type in hello And Welcome To our Channel Okay then what you want to do guys is You want to expand this okay just like This Okay and you can drop that there Okay so it's got really good text Overlay you can move this back over to Here now what we're going to do okay is We are going to come back over to text Again we're going to click onto this Again Now what we're going to do is we're Going to push this down over here okay

And then what we want to do is we want To type in okay double click onto this Highlight this Benefits of Doing Push-ups Daily okay And then what you can do is you can Expand this as well You can put this over here you can drop It there the other thing that you can do Guys if you wanted to leave this up here As an example okay you've got the option Of different types of animations and Text effects over here as well so if you Go to text effects you can see here on The left hand side you've got these Options one of them is text shadowing Now I really like this one if you click Onto that you can see he's going to give You this amazing like text effect in Terms of you know shadowing in the Background you can play around with the Blur you can see you can play around With that and make it look really good Just so it stands out you've even got The angle you can play around with that You've got distance you can push that in Push that out okay and opacity is all so You can make it nice and dark so you can Just stretch this out make it look Really cool the other thing that you've Got as well guys if you want to play Around with text the background okay you

Can see you can even play with the Opacity with that just to make it stand Out a little bit more and you can drop That in there that's what's really cool About that the other thing that you can Do guys as well is if you click onto This image as well over here so let's Say you wanted to bring this up over to Here like this and put that in the Middle and let's say you click onto this Image in the background you can also Play around with that with special Effects so if you scroll down you can See you've got different types of Options let's say you wanted to click Onto an 80s Video you can see it's going To play around with that you can click Onto that and it's just going to make it Look a little bit different you've got 90s video okay what that does is it just Gives you a bit more of an effect so I'll show you exactly what this looks Like so if you scroll this to the front And we play this now you'll see exactly What I mean hello and welcome to our Channel today we're going to talk about The benefits of doing push-ups every day All right so we're going to stop that There now what you will do is you would Quite simply just continue with this Video and you would continue using chat GPT to make this video as long as you Wanted to now you could obviously take a Few points from here then you can scroll

Down and go on to next step two which is Steps on how to do push-ups Etc you'd Scroll down and then you would finalize This video the other thing that you can Obviously do guys when you're on here is Add some music okay now if you come over Here on the left hand side you can see You've got different types of music Tracks the good thing about this you can See it automatically breaks this up into Different types of categories you've got Angry serious playful inspiring sad Relaxing Etc now one thing obviously That you want to do because what we're Doing is we're doing you know push-ups Exercise motivational so you may do Something like inspiring okay so if you Click onto that you'd quite simply just Listen to some of these different types Of music clips so click onto this one Scroll down and click onto any one of These other ones and then what you will Do quite simply guys once you choose the One that you want you've got this little Plus sign over here click onto that and This is automatically going to add this Music clip if you scroll down you can See this is where it's added now what You want to do again once this is added If this is going to take too long before It starts playing so if I play this over Here okay you what you want to do is you Want to get rid of that dead space so You come over here click onto that okay

Hit C click onto that guys delete it and Then you can just move this over to the Front the other thing that's really Important was once you click onto music Is you want to scroll up to the top Where you've got volume and fade and you Want to lower the Music Volume okay so Quite simply come over here and just Slower that to about say 15 okay now We're going to move this over to the Front and we're going to click on to Play so you can hear this hello and Welcome to our Channel today if you Can't hear it quite simply come up to The top guys and increase this up to say Maybe 40 we're going to talk about the Benefits of doing and now I'm starting To hear the music come into play as well Okay so this is how you are going to put This video together you've got that Amazing script from chat GPT now you've Got a software that's putting all this Together for you now what you need to do Is you need to come up to the top and What you want to do is you want to Export this video so come up to the top Quite simply and as you can see because I have the premium version of in video Like I said go down the bottom click Onto that link in my description if you Sign up use code Smt 30 this is going to give give you 30 Percent off for the life of this Software and you can compile combine

This with chat GPT while it's free to Create as many videos as you need to and This is passive once you do this they're Going to stay on YouTube it's going to Get your views potentially again to get You subscribers and I'm going to show You now how you're going to make money With this strategy before your channel Is monetized so quite simply come over Here guys and click on to export and now What's going to happen is this video is Downloading onto my computer once it's Downloaded I'm going to show you exactly How you're going to make money with chat GPT and affiliate marketing using YouTube alright so that video has just Downloaded onto my computer if I play These few seconds for you at the front Just want to show you exactly how this Can potentially look and how good this Video is Hello and welcome to our Channel today We're going to talk about the benefits Of doing push-ups every day so this is Just only a couple of scenes but you Know from here exactly what you need to Do you'd go and look at the different Types of push-ups and follow every Single part of chat jpt and all you need To do is add the scenes add the overlay And the music is already there now the Channel that we are emulating in this Particular thing in this particular Video is this one over here called body

Hub they don't show their face and they Are making videos every single day and This channel is absolutely crushing us So what you do is you need to go out and Do research on these types of videos You'd want to take a look and see the Different types of thumbnails that They're creating the different types of Videos that they're putting up as well And they actually take a look at their Most popular videos and see which videos Are getting them the most amount of Views the other thing you can also do Like I said within video is you can Create short format content if you take A look at their shorts you can see that There also creating these types of Videos with shorts and they're getting a Lot of views with this strategy as well So you can double down use in video and Chat GPT to create long format content And also create short format videos as Well and take a look at their most Popular videos to see exactly which Videos you should be creating straight Away so now that you know what research You need to do the types of videos that You need to create and you start Uploading these videos how are you going To make money before your channel is Monetized one of the ways that I do it On my channel is with affiliate Marketing okay this is a super powerful But when you're creating videos on a

Particular Niche you need to make sure That you are using affiliate products That match your content if the two don't Match you are not going to be getting The traction that you need to be getting The right conversions okay now if we are Creating a a video or Channel like this One over here then what we need to do is We need to have affiliate links that are Around weight loss muscle building Nutrition Etc one of the best affiliate Marketing networks for this is this one Over here called okay you can see that this is The number one Health Network for people That are looking to promote affiliate Marketing products in the health Niche When you scroll down you'll be able to See why you should join more Niche you Can also take a look at all their Different types of products you can take A look at testimonials you can also see Exactly what their brands are now when I Take a look at their affiliate section Over here you can see here that their Commissions up to 40 actually some of Them pay a lot more okay and as you Scroll down you can see here what people Are earning how much they're making Etc Where these different types of affiliate Products are available which countries Etc and the best thing is they handle Everything for you and when you take a Look at the Brands if you click onto

Brands you can scroll down and you can See here that they have brands for women That have brands for men they have Brands for bulking they have brands for Cutting they have brands for a whole Range of different types of things that People are looking to achieve when it Comes to their health and if you click Onto any one of these Brands what this Is going to do is show you exactly how Much people are earning per sale you can See with brutal force affiliate program You can earn up to 200 per sale and in Fact what I'll do at the end of this Video is I'll link you to another video To show you exactly how to sign up to This most importantly not only how to Sign up but how to use this as an Affiliate program as well so I'll give You that at the end of this video you Can see with this particular brand over Here with brutal force you can earn up To 40 commissions and 106 dollars on Average is how much people are buying When they go to purchase from this Particular Supply and you can see you're Earning about a dollar 37 per click so This is pretty good and this is why it's Important to have the right type of Affiliate program with your content if You're going to go down this route I Highly recommend that you use more Niche To maximize your opportunity so what you Need to do is make sure that you go and

Sign up to chat GPT make sure that you Get access to Nvidia like I said I've Got that link in my description use code Smt 30 so that you can use in video with A 30 discount for the life of your plan And you can get started creating amazing Videos within video incorporating chat GPT now I know it's not easy to learn How to do all this and put all this Together which is why I also have my Course jet video Academy which is always Linked In the description of this video If you're looking to start a YouTube Channel if you're looking to get started In 2023 and you want to grow your Channel you want to get subscribers you Want to get your watch hours and you Want to get your channel monetized then What you want to do is you want to click Onto that link in the description that I Have in this video this is going to show You exactly how I use an evergreen Formula to get views and you can Incorporate this with chat GTP you can Incorporate this within video I have Used this exact same formula and I made Over 390 000 in 2022 alone and I'm going to give You all the secrets on this course the Course is created by myself and another Creator called Greg who's got a channel Called caffeinated blogger one of the Smartest affiliate marketers that I know And he shares all his Secrets if you

Want our hard work that we've put in Over the last four years click onto that Link in the description and take a look At this course because what we're going To do is gonna we're going to break Everything down for you in 10 simple Modules that you can follow step by step On top of that we have a Facebook group That you can join where you have over 500 students if you ask questions that Will be able to help you out plus you'll Have myself and Greg they'll answer any Questions that you need and that you Need help with when it comes to YouTube Because what we want to do is want to Help you grow in 2023 so if you want to Help click onto the link in the Description join jet video Academy Alternatively if you don't want to join This right now you absolutely don't have To because you can start making faceless YouTube videos using chat GPT and in Video now before you go on here if you Want to know how you can sign up to more Niche and how to use it as an affiliate Highly recommend that you click onto This video over here right now which I'm Going to show you exactly how you can Use it how you can sign up to it highly Recommend that you click onto this video I'll see you there right now until next Time you guys take care of yourselves And goodbye

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