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The 17 000 payment over here is all Thanks to my secret weapon that I'll be Showing you in today's video my name is Jay your no BS of African online Entrepreneur full-time prop foam Trader And content creator that documents my Journey on my YouTube channel on various Ways that I used to make money online my Full-time source of income off of YouTube is prop firm trading and in Today's video I'm going to show you my Secret weapon that I use to generate Anywhere between three and ten percent Per month on my five hundred thousand Dollar fund of accounts trading is one Of the most highly spoken about topics On the internet right now and we are in Unprecedented times and I genuinely have Not seen as an amazing opportunity as This since the dawn of the internet this Video is your cue to take this seriously The best part is that you don't have to Trade with your own Capital you are Trading with a prop firm's Capital Without your risk with far less emotions Involved making it much easier for you To manage your emotions and to execute Trades and generate your profits in the I'm also not promising Lamborghinis and Mansions at the end of this video However let's set a more realistic Target of a gain of three to ten percent On your account every single month and From there you can do what you would

Like with that so for example I trade With a 500 000 account and my target is At least between three and ten percent On that account per month which is a Return of about ten thousand to fifty Thousand dollars every single month on Average I risk point three percent of my Account per trade for anywhere between a One to three percent return which is a One to five to one to ten risk to reward Ratio per trade that I take and the Ability with the secret weapon allows You to literally and genuinely take four To five losses in a row and your fifth Trade still makes you profitable in the Day and that is one thing a lot of Traders especially entering this Industry do not understand about trading Is risk management rather than actually Trying to capture that pinpoint entry on Every single trade in my trading system I have about a 50 win rate to a full one To ten risk reward trade and about a 90 Win rate to a one to two risk to reward Trade at the end of this video I'm going To be giving away one ten thousand Dollar evaluation account with my Preferred prop firm to one lucky viewer Watching this video so make sure to Watch this video Until the End so that You can stand a chance to win a ten Thousand dollar funded account most Traders on this planet chart and mark up The analysis on tradingview.com I will

Show you my five preferred pairs that I Prefer to trade I usually keep them in a Little list over here on tradingview xau USD gold Euro USD GBP USD us30 and NASDAQ 100 on my five top five markets That I trade gold being number one and US 30 being number two so a little bit Of insight into this secret weapon of my Analysis how I trade how I manage risks How I generate payouts from these prop Firms months and every single week is The following strategy the first thing I Will go and do is and I do recommend That you watch this video it can get a Little bit technical if you don't Understand anything ask me a question Down below on my Instagram I will Respond to your message is I've got one Indicator and that just highlights the Sessions of the different trading Sessions around the world Tokyo session London and us I'm a session Trader in London and US session only so on the Start of London Bell and the London Session Which is this yellow section over here This is the period of London session the Red stripe is the period of us session I Will Mark out my hourly candle on The one hour time frame and this is my One hour structure at the start of the London session if price breaks above I Am bullish in bias if price breaks below I am bearish in bias so let's continue

Price This was actually a live trade I took On Monday morning And as you can see price has broken Below this one hour break of structure Which shows that my bias is currently Bearish on the higher time frame I will Mark out my Supply Zone which is this Week Zone which I do go over more in Depth in my trading Community the supply Zone had the initial inefficient push With the smaller break of structure on The five minutes and lower time frame As well as the higher time frame on the One hour and there is also if I continue Price a little bit as I was watching Price price formed beautiful double top Liquidity for this Supply Zone which is A big Confluence factor for me when it Comes to supply and demand zones and Marking them out and just as a side note Every single trade that I take I execute On my phone on metatrader 4 minutes Trader 5 if I don't know my phone I just Use the desktop app so over here as soon As I saw this I entered my cell limit With my stop loss just above the supply Zone at 10 Pips my target at 120 Pips Targeting a total of 1 to 11 risk to Reward which means I'm risking one Percent of my account for 11 but on this Trade I was risking point three percent For 3.3 return TP was targeting these Lower lows as per our bias and if I

Continue price we tapped in this trade And we tapped out immediately with a Loss of 0.3 percent on this trade I then Came over to the one hour time frame Again where my bias has now shifted Bullish because we've had multiple Breaks of structures to the upside on The outward time frame which means all The flow is currently shifted bullish I Then come over to the five minute wait For price to break above or below And as you can see price is broken above I then highlighted this demand Zone over Here which was the last candle that Formed the inefficient push the break of Structure on the lower time frame and The higher time frame on the one hour I Let Price play out seeing what's going To happen quite a bit of liquidity Sitting over here in the forms of double Bottoms and support lines are waited for Price to tap in on the five minutes Highlighted my change of character Zone Which would be a break above the five Minute structure at the top of this Candle so this would be my change of Character point I then came over to the one minute time Frame I waited for price to print this Change of character which we had there Which was caused by this demand Zone This demand change of character had the Inefficient push with the break of the Structure and the change of character so

Therefore I set up my trade entered my Buy limits with a stop loss of 17 Pips Just to cover any sweeps targeting the Nearest high at a target of one to ten RR risking again point three percent for Three percent return waited for price to Tap in Which we tapped in over here I marked Out this liquidity points over here as My be and partials which was also at one To two risk to reward As price tapped in Price reacted tapped into partials stop Loss was Now set at break even and this Is how the rest played out We had a full Runner to 1 to 10 RR and a Total of three percent secured on the Account which was a total of 2.7 percent On the account for this day after this Trade I then called it a day and moved On to the next day so just to go over The system again and exactly how it Works is if I come over to today's live Price I'm just going to remove the Replay market so I'm on chart replay if I come over to Gold Live price on the One hour I initially had the setup this Morning I took this one hour candle just Before the start of London session I'm Just going to replay chart price to this Time That is my one hour range let's just Remove that candle I came over to the Five minute just before London session

An hour before waited for price to break Above or below Price broke below I marked out this Supply Zone And the supply Zone over here in a Situation like this where you've got two Supply zones and you're not sure which One to choose I will choose the one that Matches all four of my criteria that Being the supply Zone must have an Inefficient push with an imbalance lying Below it it must cause the smaller time Frame break of structure and the higher Time frame break of structure and each Supply Zone must be unmitigated meaning Price must have fulfilled that supplies On yet and fourthly that supplies or Needs to have a liquidity build up below That Supply so at the moment this was my Favorite Supply Zone because there was Not enough liquidity build up for the Supply As I let Price play out I saw this Inducement over here which I was now Happy to enter on the equilibrium and 50 Of the supply at a 10 pip stop loss After this liquidity build up over here Because remember a lot of retail Traders Will be selling especially on this fair Value Gap and the higher time frame Order block with stop losses just above And running price lower so there is a Lot of liquidity and stop-loss fuel Lying just above this High I then waited

For price to tap in set up my solomots Targeting A one till 10 risk to reward risking Point three percent of the account for Three percent Price tapped in reacted beautifully Had the change of character Was took off from there straight to TP Which then this morning this was Actually today's trade I secured three Percent on the account which I'm then Done for the day as for the rest of the Day there's a lot of high impact news so I don't want to be in the market but This was a good way to start the day and The week and I will of course update you Guys on any further trades that I take But if you want to get access to a more In-depth six section course on how I Trade the markets and generate about Three to ten percent of my funded Account per month over here is my Discord Community where I've got an Entire one to six section course on Supply and demand Zone Basics liquidity Entry criteria understanding what the Market's doing through fair value gaps Sweeps and also risk management and then Finally section six putting it all Together and then my two box system Which is my entire system in a hole Refined down into a simple 20 minute Video which yesterday alone If I come over to passes and profits we

Had one two three four funded traders in One day which was a record-breaking day For us we've got an entire public Trading floor with a public and post Their trades people busy killing it over Here Euro USD and all the other major pairs Testing indicators are back testing Sessions the chats where people can ask Questions for support my live signal Room where I post every single live Trade that I take with my markup and my Analysis my risk management optimal Settings for your account all the signal Results of people taking our trades I Think yesterday we absolutely smashed Gold with a 50 pip move which was Actually a partial trade trying to run To tp2 as well which came back to break Even and also the entire Community as a Whole with other many professional Funded Traders on this group if you guys Want to get access to this group my risk Management settings my preferred system That I use to pass funded accounts I Will leave a link down below to this Discord which will be the first link in The description you're also welcome to Follow me on Instagram down below and in This Discord I will announce one lucky Winner that will get a 10K account so You guys can come over and join this Discord and in the Discord in the General chat or I will actually open up

A new channel under the announcement Section announcing that I'll be doing a Giveaway So if you want to get access to that you Can join the Discord down below and Follow the announcement channel to see If it would be you or whoever else wins That ten thousand dollar funded account What I recommend you do is is save my Trading playlist on YouTube over here to Your watch later because I've also got Tons of free courses and videos over There you'll actually see how I started Trading two years ago with RSI and Engulfing candles and the real Basics Compared to where I am today so my Entire training Journey has been Documented on YouTube which is very Interesting to watch so I recommend save This trading list and also enter this Discord community over here which will Be the first link down below so make Sure to check out this training playlist Save it to your watch later and the Discord over here and I'll see you over There

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