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Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only of your earning potential. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all for that matter. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic, experience, etc… As always there is a risk with any business. I am not a financial advisor and nothing in this video should be considered legal advice

So here's proof that this actually works So as you can see I have over one Thousand dollars into my account I'm Gonna reload the page so you can see That this is actually real and if we go Back you can see it's still one point Three thousand dollars this month and Then the last month it was also another 1.4 thousand dollars so that's why Inside of this video I will show you one Of the easiest ways that you can make Your first one thousand dollars online Is a complete beginner with a Done For You video and done for you literally Everything and it's all absolutely free You don't actually have to spend any Money it's not gonna make you like it's Not a sustainable business it's not Gonna make you rich but it's definitely A great way to earn some extra money Online because as I said it's pretty Much done for you so all that all you Need to do is basically pay close Attention to every single second of this Tutorial to know exactly how to set it Up for yourself so with all that being Said drop a like down below and let us Begin with the actual tutorial now the Platform that we will be using in order To get paid is called vid IQ just a Quick disclaimer here if someone replies To your comment like this claiming They're me just know it's a scam I don't Have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and

I would never tax you for money you can Check direct accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all now with IQ is a tool And it will allow you to get more views Get more subscribers on YouTube and Stuff like that now you don't need to Post any YouTube videos don't need to Record videos or whatsoever we're just Using this tool because they do have a Great affiliate program meaning that you Can promote with IQ to other people who Are interested in growing their Channel And getting more views in their YouTube Videos and when they sign up through a Link you're gonna earn an affiliate Commission just like I did over here and That's how I'm actually making money Every single month because they have a Reoccurring Payment Processing so Basically when someone signs up through Your link as long as they keep on using Vidiq meaning as long as they keep on Using this software to get more views And subscribers you're gonna keep on

Making money off of that because you're Earning a recurring Commission for Whatever they spend on the platform and That's exactly how I referred people Once for literally less than 10 minutes And then they kept on using this Software and so I keep on making one Thousand dollars a month every single Month so let's actually see what we can Do with it so what you want to do is you Want to go over to vidiq.com you want to Sign up for completely free and once you Sign up you can it's gonna look Something like this so once you create An account it's going to take you to the Dashboard which looks like this and then You can go over to affiliate Center over Here and as you end up on the affiliate Center that's where you can actually Grab your referral link which is going To look something like this it's Obviously going to say your name or Something else but it's going to be Different than mine mine is vidaq.com Dave Nick and you can copy that Affiliate link and start sharing that With other people now as I said I'm Going to show you how to pretty much get Everything done for you for a completely Free so the product is already created For you so you don't have to create Anything yourself the video IQ software Is already created and you can just Promote it and make money when someone

Signs up through your link and also the Way that I actually made thousands of Dollars promoting with IQ is when I made A video on my main Channel called how to Get more views on YouTube and then in That video I mentioned with IQ and I Told people that they can sign up to it IQ using the link in the description and As you can see I have a link in the Description so I tell people like you Can click the link below to sign up to Vidiq and then I explained in the video How vdiq can help them get more views And subscribers and that's exactly how People are actually signing up through My link so what you can simply do is you Can search for this video on YouTube It's called how to get more views on YouTube by Dave Nick you can open it up It currently has 18 000 subscribers 18 000 views and then you can grab its URL So you can just click on share and you Can copy the URL for that video and you Can use that video to get signups for Your own vidiq link the way you can do That is by going over to snipley snipley Is a tool level if you add your own call To action to literally any website or Video out there so you just want to sign Up for free to sniply then you want to Sign into your account and once you sign Into your brand new absolutely free Sniply account you just want to paste The YouTube url the video video link you

Want to paste that inside of this box Where it says enter a URL now once you Do that just click create a snip and you Want to create your own code to action Your own your own button so you just Want to select a new code to action over Here and then you want to select your Brand and then you want to select the Button type and then in a message you Can enter for example try vid IQ for Free and then the button tags can say Click here to get more views on YouTube Or something like that and then the Button URL is going to be your affiliate Link from vidiq so once again you want To go back you want to copy your Affiliate link and then you simply just Want to paste it inside of the button URL box and then you want to click on Finish CTA now once you finish the CTA Which stands for call to action you want To copy your your link your snippet link If you preview the link you can see that It's going to take people to the YouTube Tutorial which teaches them how they can Use vidiq to get more views and as They're watching this tutorial they will Have a call to action in the tutorial Telling them to sign up to wait IQ by Clicking the link below and when they Click the link below it's going to be Your affiliate link so that they can Actually sign up to be at IQ and when They sign up you are going to make money

So what you want to do now is you want To start promoting this sniper link to Other people and the way you can do that Pretty easily is by going over to chat The GPT and this is like an AI bot That's going to do pretty much Everything for you so tragically agency Tool which you can chat with and you can Ask them to do different things you can Even ask him to write a song for you Like if you ask him to write a song About Dave Nick and YouTube and money or Whatever he's gonna write a song like That which is pretty cool so he can do a Lot of different things but we can ask Him can you write a song so for example Another song but can you write an Article about five tips to get more Views on YouTube let's say and it's Going to start writing an article as you Can see it's going to start promoting Pretty fast so we have the intro are you Looking for tips on how to increase the Number of views in your YouTube videos If so here are a few tips so we're just Gonna wait for chat jpv to write an Entire article for us and then we're Gonna use this article to get traffic to That YouTube video which was also filmed For you so as I said everything is Pretty much done for you you literally Just need to copy and paste and follow What I'm doing in this tutorial so now I'm just going to copy the entire

Article and I'm going to copy that like This and once I copied into our article I'm going to go over to vocal.media Which is a platform that's being visited By millions of people every single month Where people come to share different Articles and different stories and Different texts so you can just come Over to here you can click on create Your own story and then you can paste The entire article below so you're going To be giving different tips in the Article and the title can be for example Five tips to get more views on YouTube And then below that between all of these Different lines you can just create a Call to action which is going to be Click here or a free training on how to Get more views on YouTube and then you Want to highlight that text you want to Make it bold so it stands out and you Want to add a hyperlink and that link is Just gonna be your own sniply link where You have your affiliate link included so You just want to paste that here and you Can pretty much now copy and paste the Same code to action and paste it between Multiple lines just so that people don't Miss it and people actually click on it When they're reading this article that's Providing real value on a certain topic And I just want to click on Save changes And publish this to local media this is Just one of the ways that you can

Promote your snip little link it's Pretty easy and simple and Straightforward you can get people Clicking your snippled link you're Providing real value you're not actually Directly selling anything you're giving Them a free tutorial that shows them how To get more views on YouTube and in that Tutorial we are promoting a Vida IQ and What if they actually sign up to with IQ Through your link you're gonna earn an Affiliate commission and actually keep On making passive income month by month So yeah that's probably one of the Easiest ways you can get started with Making money online I really hope you Got some value out of this video if you Did make sure to drop a like and I will See you next time Thank you

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