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AI technology is literally just getting Better day by day and so in this video I Want to show you a brand new absolutely Free bot that you can use to make one in Line and this might actually blow your Mind because this is ridiculous and I'm Going to walk you through an entire Process and show you exactly how to take Full advantage of this absolutely free Bot while not a lot of people know about It to make the most money possible so if That sounds good enough then drop a like Down below and let us begin with a full Step-by-step break now just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Track their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all so the ball that I'm Talking about is called janmo already and as you can see this is a Tool they will turn any text into video

So your text prompt or whatever you can Imagine can be thrown into a video it's Not going to be extremely high quality Because this is obviously just starting Out it's the first point of this AI tool But it just give it time give it like One or two months and you're gonna see That this is actually gonna become Extremely powerful tool but even now you Can sign up for it for free and you can Click on get started right over here and You can select the the size of your Videos and you can turn literally Anything into a video so for example I Can ask him to create a man with a lot Of money flying around him and now first Of all he's gonna generate an image of That man that I want to create and let's Say for example I really like this image The AI created for some reason this guy Doesn't even have hands and this is like A really weird thing happening on his Head with his hand but still I'm gonna Use it and now we're gonna enter more Prompts I'm gonna add another edit so I'm gonna say for example this man this Man turns into a king with money Flying around him and let's say for Example something like this and I'm Gonna click and make a video and now He's gonna first of all turn the man Into a chest full of gold or full of Money and then it's gonna turn that Chest into a king or whatever so it's

All about money and wealth and whatever You can just give it your own meaning But the point is that you can throw any Text into a video and I'm going to show You exactly how to monetize these videos That you're creating with this and it's Not with a YouTube and I'm gonna tell You to post these videos on YouTube Because they're obviously not good for YouTube these are just moving images Like these are gifs these are not actual Long form videos full of value that People will watch but still there is one Platform that you can post them on where You can get paid and make money even It's a complete beginner with no Previous experience and as he said There's not a lot of people that still Know about this AI app so you can take Full advantage before everyone starts Using it and so here we have a full Video created as you can see it's it's Really weird and bizarre but it is a man Turning into a king while money is Flying around him and this how it looks As you can see he is pretty excited so What you can do right now is you can Download this video to your computer With one press of a button you can Download this moving image and you can Use it to make money so what you want to Do next is you want to go over to which is another AI tool that Will turn your text your prompt into an

Actual full-blown website your brand and It's gonna even customize the colors and It's going to create buttons that are Working and it will help you collect Emails so what you want to do is you Want to click on get started for free And that's going to take you to the next Page where you can just describe your Idea now I'm going to tell you exactly What you need to do here but before we Come back to what you want to Do next is you want to go over to CPA Grip and find some offer to promote and CPA grip obviously has thousands of Different CPA offers where in most of The cases you're being paid when someone Enters their email address so you can go To offer tools go to my offers and there You can find a lot of giveaways to Promote so for example here's a 750 PayPal gift card giveaway where people Have a chance to win this if they enter The remote address and I'm gonna be paid Two dollars per email selected so now I Can copy this link and I can also create A website for this about the giveaway That I want to promote from CPA grip and I can perhaps save a 750 PayPal gift Card giveaway and I'm gonna generate a Website for this the reason I need a Website is because most of the websites Where you share your referral link from CPA grip will ban you because you can't Just share referral links like that so

You need a bridge in between you need Your own landing page to host that Referral link from CPA grip so that's Why we are creating a website with mixo Because it's free and also makes it will Allow you to collect emails yourself to Build your own email list and you're Gonna use that email list to build your Business further down the line because Once you have an email list of let's say 10 000 subscribers you're pretty much Done you don't have to look for new Traffic you already have traffic Yourself so here's a website it's called Payphone giveaway get 750 with the PayPal giveaway get your chance to win 700 uh 750 the paper giveaway and they Can enter their email address to join in The wait list and here's a full website Created just from a single prompt with This AI tool so you can click on Save And customize and it's going to save Your website and you can publish it it's Going to ask you to pay but if you don't Want to have a domain or all of that you Can just continue with a free plan and Here's a website which we made for free With one click of a button I can now Publish this website and I can start Driving traffic to it and I can start Collecting emails because once they Build the website we're gonna be able to Grab our link for mixo share that with Other people and if they're interested

In the giveaway they're gonna enter the Email address and we can go to the Dashboard of mixo for this website and We can see all the people that have Submitted their email addresses here so Here's a link so I can essentially just Copy that so I can perhaps copy this but I'm also going to go to the site Dashboard to show you where that is so Here you're going to be able to see your Recent subscribers that means whenever Someone goes to your website whenever Someone goes to this link and they Submit their email here so let's say for Example someone submit submits their Email and they click on join our wait List to join the wait list for this girl Way now you can check them here in the Dashboard you can see them as the Subscriber so now you have their email Which you can download with one press of A button and you can either put it in an External autoresponder you can just Email them manually and send them that CPA grip referral link now the next Thing you want to do is you want to go To these three different websites the Very first website that you can go to is Called Imgur is a platform That is being visited with 157 million People every single month and it's a Platform where people come to share These funny videos and gifs and images So that image that we made previously

That video that we made previously is Actually the perfect fit because now you Can click on new post right over here And you can just upload that video which Was generated from a single prompt from A single text and you can say something Along the lines of whatever the giveaway Is about so in this case this is what my Giveaway is about so I'm gonna paste Here and below that I can just click Enter here for free and I can go back to Mixer to copy my link for the landing Page so this is my link and I'm just Going to insert it right over here Because as I said if you just share your Referral link from CPA right you will Most likely get your post deleted but With this you have no problems you can Share this video and it's going to Really grab someone's attention because They're going to be looking at this Confusing video to see what is going on Here and they're most likely going to Click on this because it's a free Giveaway and it will answer the remote Track so this is the first platform you Can double post is publicly this is the First platform that you can use the Second website where you can share this Is obviously on but Pinterest sometimes doesn't allow longer Videos you're going to be able to check Whether they're gonna accept that video Or not so I'm going to click on drag and

Drop and unfortunately for now the size Of my video is too too big so I won't be Able as you can see the file is more Than 30 megabytes long so I won't be Able to upload it but if your file is Smaller than 20 megabytes then you can Definitely upload that video here or Just add a title and add your Destination link right over here so People can sign up from Pinterest as Well and then otherwise everyone can Share this there's also which Is Facebook's Alternatives you can sign Up for free and you can join different Make money online groups and you can Start sharing those posts you can start Sharing those videos just create your Own call to action and share your mixer Link and just post it in those make Money online groups on which is Once again a website that pretty much Works like Facebook but the competition Is way lower than on Facebook so those Are three different websites where you Can get free traffic to your mixer link Using that video which was generated by This absolutely free and brand new AI Boss that not a lot of people know about So I really hope you got some value out Of this video I really hope you've Learned something new and if you did Make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you next time

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