How to Get Free PayPal Money in 2023

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How to get free PayPal money in 2023 as A complete beginner with no previous Experience with no social media Followers and without having your own Website well that's exactly what we're Going to be talking about inside of this Video and I'm going to show you multiple Ways that you can get free people money So I'm going to diversify and show you a Few separate completely different ways That you can get free PayPal money in 2023 so drop a like down below and let Us begin so first things first you Obviously want to sign up to PayPal and You want to create a PayPal account if You don't have an account already and It's absolutely free just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never attack you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all just click the sign up

Button you can create an account get Paid to your PayPal account and then you Can even get a card you can make it a Physical card which you can then you Know use wherever you like and spend That money on whatever you wanted so Once you have a PayPal account there's Gonna be over 10 different platforms Which you can use to get free paper Money in 2023 so let's begin with the First one the first one that you can use Is going to be is a platform where you Can get free gift cards for completing Different surveys and offers and as you Can see they will allow you if you Withdraw your money with PayPal as well So if you scroll a little bit down you Can see that you can actually get free Paper money off this platform and they Have paid out 1.3 billion coins to their Users so far and they have around 300 000 users worldwide so you can just come Over to here and then you can just click On earn over here to start making money By completing different surveys and Offers and then once you start making Some money you can withdraw that Directly to your PayPal right over here That's the first way that you can get Free PayPal money the second way that You can get free PayPal money is to sell Your social media accounts and sell your Game games like if you've been playing

Some games over the net over the past Couple of years you can go over to which is a marketplace Where people come to buy sell and trade Different games in in games inventory And also social media accounts and Social media engagement as well so you Can go for example through Instagram Accounts over here and you can buy salad And free Instagram accounts you can buy An Instagram account for twenty dollars And then you can build it up to a little Bit more followers like run away the Instagram account and then just sell it For 50 60 to 100 and that way you can Flip Instagram accounts or flip any Social media accounts or even just sell Your social media accounts all that Already exist on player up Marketplace And get some free PayPal money off of That the third way that you can get free People money in 2023 is to use Buzz Break app which is available for both IOS and Android and it allows you to Literally share stories just as you Would normally on Snapchat and Instagram Like adjusting these shares in their Stories and Snapchat and Instagram in Your pictures you can now share them With Buzz break and make money because They have like ads inside of the bus Break app and they just split the ad Revenue with you so that's how you Actually make money off of Buzz break

Without actually selling anything Literally just by posting your stories Another website which you can use to get Free PayPal money in 2023 is going to be Famous Fab Fame swap is a marketplace Where you can buy sell and trade Different social media accounts and if You go to the browser section you can See the people are selling Tick Tock Accounts YouTube channels Instagram Accounts and so on so if you go and Select only Instagram accounts you can See that those sell anywhere from a Hundred dollars up to hundreds or Thousands of dollars like you guys can See for example this one is selling for 350 one thousand dollars eight hundred Dollars three thousand dollars eighteen Thousand dollars and nineteen thousand Dollars over here so people are Definitely selling it for different Amounts of money so if you have an Instagram page or you want to build it Up over the past couple of months over The next couple of months then you can Easily do that and sell your account on Fame Swap and make hundreds if not Thousands of dollars in free people Money the next website where you can get Free people money is going to be shrinkme.i will literally Pay you when someone clicks on your link So you don't even have to sell anything Which makes it a thousand times easier

So all you're gonna do is shorten your Link inside of and get paid For it and if you go to the payment Proof you can see that people are Actually getting free PayPal money over Here so for example this person has Gotten 10 in people money this person Got nine dollars six dollars five Dollars one hundred and seventy dollars Five dollars fourteen dollars seven Dollars and so on and so forth and you Can also go to the payout rates and see Exactly how much you're gonna be paid For 1 000 clicks depending on where the Clicks are coming from and all you're Gonna do is just find something like Literally a link of anything whether It's a YouTube video that someone else Has created you just grab the link you Shorten it will shrink without IO and Whenever someone Clicks in your link you Just make money off of that the next Website that you can use to get free PayPal money in 2023 is going to be is a platform Where you can find a lot of different Brands and companies which you can Promote as an affiliate with literally One click of a button so you don't have To wait to get approved for any of these Offers you can instantly start promoting Them and start making money whenever Someone signs up through your link so What you can do is you can just select

The offer that you want to promote let's Say for example I want to promote Um this offer that pays me ten dollars Per person it signs up through my link All I gotta do is click on promote to Earn and that's instantly gonna give me My special affiliate link which I can Start sharing with other people so this Is my link which I can copy and start Sharing with people if they sign up I'm Gonna make an affiliate commission and If I actually go to my dashboard you can See that I've been using this platform To make money online so you can see how So far I have paid out over 37 000 the Next episode which you can use to get Free payable money in 2023 is going to Be less worse less versus platformer People come to share a list of different Hilarious weird and bizarre stuff like For example as you can say 10 hilarious Kangaroo hygiens to brighten up your day Or top 10 Christmas movie moments like Those types of Articles and this Platform list worse is actually willing To pay you a hundred dollars in free People money for every single article That you submit for every single writing So if you go to write and get paid right Over here you can see that they will Actually pay you 100 and they will pay You directly for your PayPal account so What you want to do right now is you Just want to click on submission form

Over here and then you can scroll down And you can answer your PayPal email Address and they will give you a hundred Dollars for every single article that You submit the next website a little bit Older one is going to be Treasurer Trooper now treasure Trooper is a Platform where you can complete Different surveys and offers and make Free PayPal money and if you go to the Payment proof you can see that they have Paid out over 7.9 million dollars to Their users so far so there are Definitely a lot of different people That have been making money with this Platform because it is a very old one And it's been a while for a very long Time you can see you can take eight Daily cash surveys available every day Worth up to one dollar each so just from Surveys alone you can make up to eight Dollars every single day which may not Seem like a lot but it can quickly add Up and it's just free the next website That you can use to get free PayPal Money in 2023 is going to be Gum Road Over at the gumroad is a Platform where you can actually sell the Different digital products those can be Audio files those can be courses those Can be PDF guides ebooks those can be Just a text file they can be a tutorial That you create so for example you know Something and not a lot of people know

About you cannot make a tutorial about It upload it to gumroad and say like you Can learn it for three dollars five Dollars and just list it in the gamut Marketplace and if you want to get Additional sales you can also promote it Outside of Gum Road you can go promote It in different Facebook groups promote It on Instagram promoted on Pinterest And other social media platforms to get Additional sales and make more money Online and this is actually one of the Platforms that I've been using when I Was a kid when I was still in high School and making like a couple of Hundred dollars every single week just From Gum Road alone that have been Eventually paid out directly to my Paypal account you can also use to get paid in free PayPal Money literally just a while reading Emails so they will send you emails Which you can just open up you don't Actually have to read them you just open Up those emails and you will be paid per Each email that you rate and you can do It from your PC tablet or just mobile Phones you can just get it on your phone And you can read those emails off of Your phone and make money without even Having a computer or a laptop and Additionally they will pay you one Dollar for every single referral when Your referral earns with earns of

Dollars if you have some friends and Family that also want to make some money Online and want to make money while Reading emails you can just tell them That they can sign up through a link and You're gonna get paid one dollar in free People money for every single person That signs up through your link so those Were a few different absolutely free Ways to get free PayPal money in 2023 I Really hope you got some value out of This video if you did make sure to drop A like and I will see you next time

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