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Hey everyone on this video today I want To show you a black hat affiliate Marketing strategy which can get you Tens of thousands of monthly views which Will allow you to make money with Affiliate marketing utilizing this Strategy you can get millions of free Views every single month just like this Person is doing and what this means is That this will allow you to make tens of Thousands of dollars in affiliate Marketing commissions every single month I want to walk you through and show you Everything step by step some of you may Not agree with this strategy some of you May absolutely love this strategy so I'd Love to hear your comments once you go Through and watch this video the best Part is this seems to be legal because People are doing it I've found my own Videos on this and I want to show you Exactly how these people are doing it so Stay tuned you're going to absolutely Love it hey everyone Alan here again From the smart money tactics Channel and As you can see on this channel I post Reg regular videos on different Strategies that are going to help you Make money online so if you're not Subscribed yet to the channel go down The bottom right now hit that subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification And I'll notify you every time I post a Brand new video just like this one that

Can definitely help you make money Online and on top of that in the Description of this video guys if you Want to get my free ultimate affiliate Marketing guide click onto the first Link in my description and I'll send This to you in the email this will show You exactly what I do different Strategies that can help you make Anything from 100 to 500 a day in Affiliate marketing commissions and These are all the different strategies That I utilize I'm going to give them to You absolutely for free all I ask that You do is that you smash that like Button in appreciation so today I want To show you this insane black hat Affiliate marketing strategy that Anybody can do from anywhere around the World and how you can promote your own Affiliate marketing products on the back Of this to absolutely crush it and the First thing that you want to do is you Want to come over to this site called Pin interest.com Pinterest is a social Media platform where people post videos They post different types of pins in a Range of different types of niches what You want to do is you want to create a Profile for yourself once you create This profile you can do this in any Niche that you want once I go through And show you exactly how this works it's Going to make a lot of sense but let's

Just say we wanted to do this in the Make money online Niche affiliate Marketing potentially Drop Shipping Whatever it is let's just use make money Online as a broad umbrella and we're Going to do some affiliate marketing Pins on the back of this which you don't Need to create pins or videos yourself So you can see this is my Pinterest Profile I've created this Banner on the Back you can go and create one on canva Put a very simple photo and then what You need to do is just have your name Okay and then have a little bit of a Buyer about yourself inside the settings You can also add your link I'm going to Show you where you can go to shorten Your link because you want to have your Link inside your bio okay and I'm going To show you how to add it inside these Pins as well and then you just want to Have a little bit of a spill about Yourself as well so this is how you're Going to create the profile this is Probably the hardest thing that you're Going to do with the strategy because Everything else from here is a totally Simple and pretty much requires you to Do absolutely nothing let's just say now That we wanted to go and search for the Content that we want to put on our own Pinterest profile so what you would Quite simply do is you can come up to The top in the search section and you

Can type in make money online affiliate Marketing or whatever Niche that you Want to do that on and you quite simply Find that here see this little Magnifying glass you click onto that and Then you can just type in something like Affiliate marketing as an example then Just hit enter once you hit enter you Want to make sure you can see you've got Your pins here you want to make sure That you've selected all pins what this Is going to do is it's going to find all These different pins this is if you want To look at pins and videos if you just Want to look at videos and this is what I highly recommend that you do make sure That you've selected videos from here You can see that you can find all these Different types of videos now I recently Found one of my own videos on someone Else's board and I complained to Pinterest and Pinterest told me that They weren't actually doing anything Wrong and that they could do this under Fair use I thought to myself so hang on This person's taken my video that I've Created on my YouTube channel smart Money tactics and Pinterest has told me That they can use this under fair use so I went out and I started looking for a Whole range of different types of Accounts that are doing this let's just Click onto this video that's over here As an example so if I click on this I'm

Just going to pause that what we're Going to see is that as you scroll down This person sorry you can see here that They have a name over here and that They've got 1 700 followers let's just Click onto this once we click onto this We can see here that it says make money Online Finance work at home motivation You can also see that they have a Beacons link now beacons link just means That they promote multiple products you Can go to beacons.ai and you can create One as well let me show you what this Looks like so if I click onto this You're going to be able to see that They're promoting one two different Types of offers so the first one is They're getting followers to their Pinterest the second one is a make money Online offer so if we click onto this It's going to take us over to system.io So as you can see they're an affiliate Of system.io and this is what they're Promoting okay so fantastic now what you Want to do is you want to scroll down And take a look at all the different Videos now what you're going to do is You're going to find a whole heap of Different types of YouTubers tick Tockers people on Instagram this is Chad I know Chad from YouTube obviously I've Seen a lot of his videos on YouTube you Can see that they're using one of his Videos here as you scroll down you're

Going to find a whole range of different Types of you know affiliate marketers And people that are creating all this Content and this person is quite simply Using everybody else's videos but his Own and inside these different types of Videos you're going to find that they're Putting their own links inside these Videos and also putting their own link Inside this bio this is driving traffic To their links this is driving traffic To these links and that's exactly what I Want to show you how to do and I know What people are going to say Alan this Is stealing someone else's content Alan You know this is like I said to you guys This is a black hat strategy if you Don't want to do any work you want to Get a lot of traffic look these guys are Doing this is one way that you can do This so if you come here and take a look At this this is that profile that I just Showed you here's another one that I Found this person's got 77 000 monthly Views as you scroll down you can see This I didn't really look too hard guys I just went on to Pinterest typed in Affiliate marketing make money online I Looked up weight loss I looked at Digital products I looked at a whole Heap of different type of stuff and There are so many people doing this and I'll show you the exact same video that I reported and my video is still up so I

Came over here and found this Channel or This Pinterest profile 4 800 followers 2.1 million views you can see here that You don't need to have a lot of Followers on Pinterest to get 2.1 Million views with 2.1 million views you Are going to be getting a lot of clicks To the these different types of videos So as you scroll down guys you can see That there's a range here's Jay Froman As we scroll down you're going to find Myself this is the one I reported Liam James K Paul James like so many Different types of tick tockers and YouTubers on here guys I found a lot of People even Greg who's got a channel Caffeinated blogger I reported this Video of you guys and this is what Pinterest came back to me and told me That this was done under fair use this Is a video that I posted up onto my Tick Tock onto my Instagram and onto my YouTube shorts and this person has taken It uploaded it over here onto Pinterest And Pinterest saying that they are Allowed to use it so if they're allowed To use my video and obviously by the Looks of things they're allowed to use All these other videos there's Absolutely no reason why you can't go Out and create one of these profiles and Do the exact same so how are you going To get these videos so as an example Let's just scroll down and let's just

Pick any one of these different types of Videos so what I'm going to do is I'm Going to choose my own video as an Example that they've taken and used over So let's just say you wanted to use any One of these videos for example you can Quite simply come over here and click Onto this video I'm just going to pause This you want to come up to the top and This is the Pinterest URL that you need So what you want to do is you want to Double click onto this so we can copy This then what you will do is you quite Simply come over to Google and just type In Pinterest downloader and you want to Click onto this link over here it's Called Pinterest video downloader quite Simply click onto that it's going to Open up this site it's just called the Pinterest downloader from there you just Want to paste that URL Link in there and Then click on to download here it's Going to give you a couple of options And the option that you want to select Is just this one over here download Video okay so if you come over here Click on to download video as an example You're going to see now that this video Is going to download on to my computer So there it is there quite simply see These three little dots click on to Download and as you can see this video Is now downloading onto my computer from Here what you want to do is you want to

Come back over to your own Pinterest Profile okay so let me just go over to My profile And once you're on your profile you want To come up to the top and you can see You've got this create option click on To create and go to create pin now once You're on this section over here what You quite simply all you need to do is Grab this drag and drop it's going to Pause this and as you can see that's as Simple as that is this video is now Downloaded and we're creating our own Pin now what we need to do is we need to Fill out all this other information I'm Going to show you where you can get and How you're going to add your own Affiliate marketing product so quite Simply if you're not sure what to add in Your title well all the hard work has Already been done for you by this person Over here so quite simply you can just Come over here and copy this okay come Back over to here you can change up the Title a little bit so how to earn as an Example so we're going to change this How to earn 60 an hour okay we're going To change ours a little bit how to earn 60 an hour and then what we can do is we Can just delete that okay so how to earn Sixty dollars an hour with no experience Again if we come over here you can see That they've put this in here and I've Put few tags so we can just copy this

Come straight back over to here guys and Paste this in here so we've got a few Tags and we've got that in there now What we need to do is we need to scroll Down And we need to add a link so basically What that means is we need to put in a Product that we want to promote with This pin and I'm going to show you how To create a board I'm going to show you How to do all this so it's nice and Simple for you in order to find a Product to promote all you need to do is Come over to a platform like Clickbank.com and sign up for a free Account once you've signed up for a free Account it's going to bring you over to A page that looks like this and now you Just want to come up to the top and go To their Marketplace once you're on Their Marketplace on the left hand side Here you've got this all section click Onto that and this is where you can find A whole range of different types of Products to promote so let's just scroll Down let's just say you wanted to do Something in E-Business and e-marketing So you would select that scroll down Come over here guys and then select Gravity high to low okay once you select That it's going to give us a whole range Of different types of products that we Can promote let's just say we wanted to Do something like this get paid to use

Facebook Twitter and YouTube quite Simply all we need to do is Click onto This promote button Okay click on to Generate hop link and then copy this Link so we're going to copy this link Okay we're going to minimize that now What we need to do is we need to use a Link shortener that is going to be Allowed to be used inside these pins and I'm going to show you that this is going To work so what you want to do is come Over to this platform over here called Tinyurl.com you want to paste that ClickBank Link in there okay tinyurl.com And then you can add an alias over here So what you can do is quite simply type In something like okay just something Like this guys I've typed in earn money Daily one hit tiny URL and as you can See it's going to allow me to use that So all we need to do now is copy that Link so we just copy that now what we Want to do is come straight back over to Pinterest okay scroll down and paste That link in there so once that link has Been pasted in there what you now want To do is you want to come up to the top And you have a few options you can Create a board or you can use an Existing board let's just say we wanted To create a new board and I wanted to Call this the affiliate marketing Board 101 okay I'm gonna keep this board Secret because I don't want to post this

On there just yet but I'm going to show You that this does work and then all you Need to do is come over here and click On to create once you click on to create You're going to see that this pin has Now been created and now what we want to Do is hit publish once you publish I'm Going to show you now exactly what this Pin is going to look like we didn't need To create any of these cut of this Content look how simple this is how you Can go and get so much more videos you Can schedule these videos and you can Upload a whole heap of these videos and You can try different types of products With 2.1 million monthly views guys you Could definitely be making tens of Thousands of dollars every single month And this person is using everyone else's Hard work this is why I said this is a Black hat affiliate marketing free Traffic strategy so as we scroll down Over here guys and we click on to see it Now you can see this is the exact same Video okay I'm just going to pause this If I scroll to the top there's the tiny URL which meaning it's worked there's Our title this is a bit of the spill About this people are going to see this If they come over here guys and they Click onto this it's going to take him Straight over to this product that's Allowing this person to make money Online now you can take this to another

Level and then what that means is using An opt-in page to be able to collect the Leads with this now in order to do that What you want to do is come over to a Product like this I'm going to have a Link in my description for you it's Called Convertkit.com okay so scroll down find Convertkit click onto it now with Convertkit this is going to allow you to Start firstly for free you can create Opt-in Pages which is a landing page Once you create that landing page what That means is that people will land on That landing page you'll need to enter In their email address and then once They enter in that email address you're Going to send them over to that offer And you can see here when you come over To pricing that you can actually start This absolutely for free and it's free Up to the first 300 subscribers The Reason why you're doing this is once you Start collecting these email leads and You have 1 000 email leads 2 000 email Leads then what you need all you need to Do is find an offer of ClickBank or Warrior Plus or wherever and just send An email promoting these different types Of products to the everybody that's Opted in because not everybody is going To purchase but collecting these leads Is going to add another income stream For yourself or it's going to allow you

To make even more money with affiliate Marketing and all that's left for you to Do now if you want to absolutely crush It there's nothing stopping you from Coming over here and downloading as many Of these different types of videos as You want uploading them onto your own Pinterest profile and absolutely Crushing it now I know what you're Thinking Alan this is not good I'm Stealing someone else's content and all This stuff and I get it this is why I Said it's a blackout affiliate marketing Strategy and like I said when I went to Report my own video Pinterest told me That this was allowed under Fairview so You Tommy go down the bottom in the Comments and let me know is this Something that you're going to try and Do you think it's fair that somebody is Allowed to actually do this I'd love to Hear your thoughts on it just let me Know down the bottom in the comments so That was my video for today guys and Another amazing way that you can make Money with affiliate marketing like I Said if you enjoyed that video make sure You smash that like button and Appreciation but don't go anywhere if You want to use an AI bot that can help You make money with affiliate marketing Highly recommend that you watch this Video over here right now I'm at it the Other day you're going to absolutely

Love it I'll see you on that video until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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