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hello traders this is ……. welcome to 
my channel i want to show you my trading   setup and the strategy how i'm flipping my 
accounts as you can see it is a 50 accounts   very small account and to flip it what's the 
strategy i'm applying here i will show you so stay with my channel and you will definitely 
learn some techniques that will help you   improve your trading career 
and you will be succeeded so let's see my indicator setup i have taken four moving average first of all 
you have to take 200 exponential athletic clothes   blue color secondly 9 exponential 
clothes orange color 20   violet color and finally 50 exponential 
clothes and green color you have to take   another indicator that is a stochastic oscillator 
1755 low high simple and you have to take three lines that is 20 80 and 50 and then you have to take volume indicator and 
you have to the volume indicator will be the by   default setup and you have to take moving average 
on volume indicator window that is 20 exponential   moving average shift 0 applied to first indicators 
data and it is the blue color so that's all now here you can see this is the volume indicator 
and this blue line is the 20 line when the   red or green bar cross over the 29 that means 
market is in a good volume and volume means   there will be good volatility and for 
the scalping need high volatile market   that will help you flip your account but 
you have to trade in more accurate way   otherwise it will be a very dangerous things in 
high volatile market so as you as we are sculpting we have to take trade more wisely because 
it is short time short-term turning so let's see how can we take entries from 
this platform as you can see here it is a it is a m1 mt4 platform and i'm trading gold so i'm searching opportunities i will 
take entries within some moments if we go here you can see the volume indicators 
the volume were showing that they're crossing   low lens so there will be a pressure that is 
going to up so i'm taking my this position as you can see it is a very small account 
only fifty dollars today i'm gonna flip it   to the 100 and then to 200 and finally i show 
you how to flip the account with 500 profit as you can see there is a big bar that's going up and it will going more higher i have to wait this is a light treading show so you will learn practically how i am trading most of traders show your 
strategies from their old   chart but this is very fresh and very 
light setup as you can see price working   right now to the international market 
why i'm trading gold because gold is a   highly volatile market here you can get some 
pips fresh pips nicely so as you can see the price going up but there is no right here there's no bar across above the blue   the blue lens that is that 
20 um so we'll have to wait until that i'm gonna flip here we also can see that the rejection here but 
this projection should be break we need a high   volume here volume gonna touch 
20 29 that it should going up yes as you can see the price now moving up 
and here you definitely see a big volume bar   that will be crossing this 29 as you can 
see it's gonna cross yes it is crossing and let's see here this is already 121.

And that is a good queen the big 
volume where you can see here so now possibility uh price retracement as you can see bearish candle the price will go more 
higher after the retracement as you can see fifty dollars to 125 we 
already flipped 200 to 200 dollars and we hope it to go to 150 let's see what happened we just opened three trade that is 
point one lot and it is nicely flipping   as in as you can see right now 
the mercury is highly volatile   as the volume were showing high volatile 
market point volume is below the 20   moving average then it means the market is 
not in volatility but when it crossed the   cross the line then it shows the market going 
to have much more power much more potential so as you can see here a big volume bar so 
so the market is tends to be more uptrend   let's see what's happening eighty dollars profit already 
account my kt is 120 130 and still i am expecting the price will go up here you can see the volume 
this volume candle going up and now we're gonna cross 
this line it is already cross so here you can see 150 so i'm expecting much more you have to go some more yes you can see it is going up it is going up one seventy 180 190.


190 and the market is still going up here you can 
see the big big volume bar and it's going to up so   here 200 moving average is the line that indicates 
you the trend line when the price is above 200   you expect a uptrend when price going 
down to the 200 you can expect downtrend so i'm already 200 i will take the profit i will take the profit and this is near to the 200. so as you can see 197 dollars 
from 50 so here you see that you can see the rejection the price will now 
retrace a bit later then again going to up so as you can see the price is going 
up and up so there's a good uptrend and within some moment fries will going down and here it is i just take a cell here to make my account 200 me so so you see here is buying pressure and so so what i'm talking about i'm talking about 
that the moving average show you the path   where you can trade where you can entry 
where you can exit and all the things make you on a synchronizing way that will show you path so   right at the moment you see that the volume is 
not going up so the retracement taken place here and that is that 200.

and that is the two hundred 
dollars as i'm telling you that first i'm going   hundred dollars and then to two hundred dollars   so that's all you see the account 
get flipped and it is from 50 to 200   that is a very good session so here the 
method i want to share with you but i.

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