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In the past four weeks I've requested The following payouts 17 925 1973 fourteen thousand two hundred and Twenty eight dollars and five thousand One hundred and Seventeen dollars as you Can see over here my first payout was The 14th of Feb which was these two the Seventeen thousand dollar and fourteen Thousand dollar payout the five thousand And one thousand nine hundred dollar Payouts will be approved and be wired Transferred this week just to show you Guys when you withdraw request from your Prop firm they pay into your deal Accounts and your deal contract where From over here you can withdraw into Your local bank account which I'll put Up the notification on the screen where They paid out in about two days in Today's video I'm gonna show you my Structure story my entire system how I Highlight institutional zones that Defines my structure story with entry Confirmations and my risk management Strategy that I used with prop firm Trading to request payouts just like This over here I'm not necessarily Really saying that you're gonna go and Make nearly forty thousand dollars in Your first four weeks however it's very Easy to scale with this you can start Off smaller and do exactly what I'm About to tell you And secondly in this video I'm going to

Give you the opportunity at the end of This video to have personal live stream Trading sessions with me and secondly Where you can access my entire Community With professional Traders where I post All of my analysis my full six section Course on ICT and SMC Concepts and my Personal trading system and what I've Developed that works for me all my trade Ideas my analysis my markups and my live Trades sent to the group where you can Take these trades with me myself and my Group have currently created a total of 30 funded traders in the last month as We only launched five weeks ago so make Sure to stick until the end of this Video so that you can learn how to get Access to all of this but without Further Ado let's hop straight into how I generate payouts like this with this Particular prop form My name is Jay your no BS of African Online entrepreneur full-time prop film Trader and content creator documenting My journey on my YouTube channel on Various ways that I used to make mine Online in today's video I'm going to Document my journey and show you exactly How I got payouts of close to forty Thousand dollars in the past four weeks And exactly how you can do the same and Request and become consistently Profitable exactly like I've been with My simple four-step system strategy that

I'm going to explain to you today's Video so the first step that we need to Go over is structure story and your bias On a lower time frame and higher time Frame I've created something very simple For you guys to understand what I call The two box system you're welcome to go And try this out back test this and test It yourself to see that it works for you This over here is a quick example I'm Going to show you before we dive Straight into step by step how to use it This was non-form yesterday and the Trade I took on US 30 and this is Exactly how it played out I posted the Pre-analysis and bias in my community That I'm going to give you guys access To at the end of this video and a lot of People in the community caught this NFP Trade But let's start off from the beginning I'm going to come over to one of my Favorite markets that I like to trade Called xau USD gold identifying your Structure story is actually really easy What I'm going to do is I'm going to Replay to a random time or point on the Chart that I have not seen yet so let's Take this random day over here I'm just Going to start off at the beginning of The session Um the first and only indicator I have On my chart this strategy includes no Indicators no all goes no buying and

Selling arrows this is all pure price Action and understanding the raw chart The only indicator I use is called Sessions on charts just to identify the United States and London trading session As I am a session Trader and those are The sessions that I trading reason being Because there's the most volatility in The markets in those times you catch the Biggest moves over here I use sessions On charts by Oro rocks and it adds these Stripes on your charts yellow stripe is London the red session over here is US Session so step number one is come over To the one hour time frame we're going To start off by identifying our one hour Structure story so as is you want to Take a horizontal Ray on trading View And highlight your one hour range So this at the moment is your one hour Candle the previous candle and your one Hour range My structure story and bias is if price Breaks above we are bullish in bias if Price breaks below we are bearish in Bias so let's continue price and see What plays out from the one hour you Will come to the five minute time frame Let me just continue prices price is a Bit behind on the five minutes So over here this is currently Um there we go that week so this is your One hour candle that we've just Highlighted and our one hour range

On the five minute time frame my Structure story goes as follows if price Breaks below we currently bearish in Bias if price breaks above we're bullish In bias so let's continue price and see What we get so over here you can see Price has just broken below the next Following step is identify your Institutional Zone that Define your Structure story what broke this downside And there's one hour structure to the Downside is The following Supply zone so I use Supply and demand zones but there's four Important criteria that you need to Understand when highlighting your supply And demand zones this is something that A lot of smart money concept Traders Don't understand is most SMC Traders Just highlight a supply and demand Zone Risk entry and take entries off of that But you need to understand what those Supply and demand zones actually did so My Supply Zone would be the supply Zone Over here this is a weak Zone the reason Why this is a weak Zone because this Weak Zone was the last move before the Big inefficient push with the break of Structure to the downside that has Liquidity building above it over here And trend line liquidity over here so All of this is liquidity for the zone so In order to highlight and find your Perfect zones make sure to write this

Down what I'm about to tell you firstly Your Zone needs to be unmitigated that's Point number one secondly your Zone has To have an inefficient push a fair value New Gap below it so as you can see over Here this Zone has a big inefficient Gap In the market that price has not Fulfilled Over here That would be your fair value Gap that Has not been fulfilled just below the Supply Zone thirdly your supply Zone Needs to have caused a change of Character or break of structure the Supply Zone cause the break of structure On the five minute time frame and the Overall one minute structure and Fourthly your supplier demand Zone needs To have liquidity above or below it so When I say liquidity let me draw out the Following scenario for you let's say Price is currently in an uptrend Creating I just want to redo that let's say price Is currently in an uptrend and price has Formed a demand Zone With the breakup structure to the upside And Price then pulls back but reacts just Above this demand Zone And create some kind of liquidity In the forms of double bottoms trend Lines any of those trading patterns that You see on Tick Tock and social media

That do not work and Equal highs and equal lows those are all Liquidity points that lie above and Below supply and demand zones so in this Case we have a double bottom remember a Lot of retail Traders will be entering On the second tap with a lot of stop Losses Lying below This double bottom and just above this Demand so what can we expect price to do To have a sweep to the downside Collecting these stop losses as fuel to Tap into this demand Zone perhaps with Some kind of change of character to Continue longer up so this is exactly What is happening over here just the Other way around there is some kind of Liquidity perhaps a double top on a Smaller time frame just lying below the Supply Zone therefore the supply Zone Matches all four of our criteria so we Can enter on either the entry or the 50 If you want to tie to stop loss I'm Going to enter on the 50 with a five pip Stop loss on gold and I'm gonna run TP To the lowest low And my tp1 or partials will be at the Supply Zone So this was where I was collect partials And set my stop loss to break even so Full Runner is 1 to 10 RR your TP is one To four risk to reward secure that means You're risking one percent of your

Account for a four percent gain on the Full Runner you're risking one percent Of your account for 10 of your accounts When I trade on my funded accounts I Risk nothing more than point five Percent that's 0.5 per trade so let's Take a look what happens Okay we've got our tap in immediate Reaction Price is reacting beautifully over the Supply so Supply is definitely in Control We've now hit tp1 so stop loss can come Back to break even partial secured so This is a profitable trade we just must Be that didn't come back to break even So we're still in this trade and there We go this was a full tp2 Runner With initially let me just put my Stop-loss back to where it was One to four one to five are secured and A total of 1 to 10 are secured fantastic Trade of the day after a trade like this I would have called it a day taking my Profits and move on to the next day So this was trade number one we can Document this over here and I want you To notice all the strategy is it's Following your basics in the markets Following your structure if the Market's Moving in an up or down Trend with a More precise entry understanding which Areas and institutional zones in the Market cause that break of structure and

Refining your entries a great way to Also refine entries if you want to get a More extra Confluence let me just come Back to this entry point is that as soon As price Taps into my five minute Zone You can go and highlight your five Minute candle the range of that five Minute candle come over to the one Minute wait for price to break to the Downside Just like that you can then highlight Your supply Zone on a smaller time frame That caused that break and Enter of a Change of character entry as extra Confluence so again Take a look Your entry point would have been over Here right there is your change of Character Which is your confirm entry And the exact same trade If I put this on a bit faster Partial secured so instead of risk Entering you could have also waited for Your change of character entry as an Extra Confluence for this trade going Your way the most important thing about This system for me is not necessarily Predicting the markets getting full Runners but is your risk management Running a one till 10rr means you can Lose nine of these trades in a row to Stop loss but if you catch one winner After those nine losses you are still at

Break even or even profitable for the Day so if you take eight losses in a row And you have a full Runner win you still End up profitable for the day at a total Of one to two RR secured which is what I Really love about the strategy and I've Never had more than two losses in a row Using the strategy I would say it has About a 50 to 70 percent win rate to tp2 Full runner at 1 to 10 r or the nearest Low and about 80 to 90 win rate to tp1 Which is fantastic at a risk to rep Reward management system like this with That win rate you can pass any Evaluation and problem Challenge on this Planet which is why I really love this System so so what I want to explain to You guys is I just want to open up Something on my screen for you over here Is I've got an entire community I'm going to go through everything with You I'm just waiting for this to load up The entire Community consists of about 500 members of other traders that are Learning from my strategies that are Becoming profitable If I come over to uh my passes and Prophets Channel you'll see over here we Are creating funded Traders using Strategies like this every single day Constant payout requests from our Members in this community everything Over here is about transparency about Results and quality we've had a total of

About just under 30 funded members in The first month Um you can see the other people are just Spamming their certificates passing Their phases more and more certificates So the community is really of consists Of high quality traders that are well Disciplined they know how to manage Their emotions which has been Life-changing for a lot of new members That have entered this community my Entire six section course is consisted In this community my two box system over Here which is my entire system that I Just explained to you just in way more Detail looking for entry confirms Varying this up on various time frames And we've got various funded passing uh Passes for you guys as well the public Trading floor with the public and post Their ideas analysis based on what They've learned from the education Content we go over trade Recaps trades That I took trades that you guys take I Make videos for you guys where I go over That I do live streaming sessions with You guys on the weekends in the live Streaming section Um we've got a whole section on Psychology top tier memes probably my Favorite section of this Discord is Posting all the memes and an off topic Section where we talk about soccer Results unboxing matches like Jake Paul

And the fury fight the other day so it Is really one family of a community and A home of Traders Um and if you guys want to get access to This live streams with me you can chat With me personally I will leave a link Down below to this Discord where you'll Get access to all of this information Over here and also access to this whole New world of Traders so what I suggest You do is now that you've seen this Video firstly go and back test what I've Just shown you work it out for yourself Place a couple of trades on demo Accounts and see what kind of Profitability you get in the space in The space of a month a week even a Couple of days and you can see for Yourself but what I recommend you do is I'm also going to leave on the screen Over here my entire trading playlist You'll actually see in this playlist That my journey from the beginning back About two years ago how awfully I used To trade but everything in my entire Trading journey in my life has been Documented on my YouTube channel which Is everything on this playlist over here Somewhere on the screen so what I Recommend you do is if you want to learn More about trading is click on the Playlist over here and also go and click On the link to get access to this Discord down below but take care and

I'll see you guys in tomorrow's video

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