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This brand new AI bot will allow you if You make money online while watching YouTube videos from literally anywhere In the world and you can literally watch Any type of YouTube video whether that's Going to be a video from this channel Whether there's going to be any other Channel on YouTube it doesn't really Matter you can watch free YouTube videos And make money online while doing that I'm gonna walk you through the entire Process step by step so if you do Appreciate that make sure to drop a like Down below so we can get to 1000 likes As soon as possible and with all that Being said and done let's dive in just a Quick disclaimer here if someone replies To your comment like this claiming They're me just know it's a scam I don't Have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you for money you Can track their accounts they don't have A verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can track their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all so as I said you can Open up any channel of your choice if

You're watching a lot of Dave Nick Videos you can just open the Dave Nick Channel and you can use those you can Watch those videos and make money using The bot which I'm about to share with You just make sure that it's mostly Educational content if you're watching a Lot of funny cats that may not really Work the best it can work as well but It's not gonna be the best option it's Better when it's an educational video so For example I have a lot of different Videos talking about how to make money Online so that is educational content if You're watching these videos you're Gonna watch them while making money so For example you can go to the Dave Nick Channel you can find a video that you Like and make sure that those videos That you are choosing this is an Optional thing as well it's a video that Is getting more views so for example if You go to the Dave Nick channel you can See that on average we are getting about 20 000 views but for example this one Has gotten a hundred thousand views and It was like posted three weeks ago so It's popping up a lot of people are Interested in this topic so what you can Do is you can open up that video you can Just click on it and you can watch it All the way until the end now once you Watch the video all the way until the End you can go to this button called you

Post.1 once it's called you post a DOT One and allows you to turn any video you Watch on YouTube into an article into a Blog post so as long as there's Educational content it's gonna work so What you can do is you can start a free Trial you can you can sign up for free Do this you post dot one AI tool and Once you view that it will be added to Your Chrome extensions you can watch the You can add a full Chrome extension and You can turn any YouTube video that you Watch into a PDF document so in this Case I've talked about in this video I've talked about how to make money Online with these 10 different free apps So it listed like 10 different free apps And so what I can do is I can just open Up that Chrome extension it should look Something like this it says you post a Video to article converter and you can Now click ok to refresh the tab and it's Going to start working and it's going to Start returning that YouTube video into A PDF document into an actual file into A blog post or an article and as you can See here we have it 10 or free apps to Make money online also with images like Screenshots of what is happening and we Do have different sections and it talks About whatever I thought talked about in This video it's not the highest quality PDF document it's not the highest Quality article but it still turns all

Of that into text and it also adds Images or screenshots from the video so Now you can just click on the save as PDF and now you're going to have this Entire document saved as a PDF onto your Computer so what you can do next is you Can find a relative affiliate offers to Promote in that blog post or on that Article so if the video was about how to Make money online then you can find it From make money online offers and Warrior plus because it's an affiliate Network for make money online and online Business offers and you can promote Those as an affiliate so you can just go To go to offers and then Just choose from one of these so let's Say for example I'm going to use this Offer you're gonna just grab your Affiliate link which is going to look Something like this you're gonna copy or Affiliate link for one of those offers And then you want to go over to say that Already which is a full level Allow you to edit that PDF document so You can add that affiliate link inside It will just upload that PDF file and Then you will scroll a little bit down You will just insert your call to action So in this case I'm just going to insert My call to action here and I'm going to Say something along the lines or click Here do you see the best way if you make Money online and I'm gonna make sure

That this fits in properly so I'm going To put it somewhere around here and I'm Also going to add a link above this so I'm going to click on the links and I'm Going to highlight this port and I'm Going to insert my affiliate link from Warrior plus so now when somebody's Reading this they can click on this text Which will take them over to that Warrior plus link so now you can use the Same call to action and put it between Multiple lines because the the more of These quality actions that you put the Higher chances are that someone will see That and click on that and you will Actually earn an affiliate commission so Now you can just click on apply changes And that affiliate link will be added to The PDF document and you can download That edited version of that PDF document To your computer just press the download Button over here and now you're just Going to start driving traffic that PDF Document after watching that YouTube Video so you can just go over to those are two different Platforms I'm going to show you two Different ones this is the first one but PDF Drive is a platform that's being Visited by millions of people every Single month and as you can see people That share their video of documents Sometimes get millions of downloads and You can just imagine how many people can

Potentially click on that link which is In the the blog post in the PDF file That you're sharing about something that They're already interested in so you can Just sign in and you can share that PDF Document here or you can also just go Over to which is an even Bigger platform where you can get even More views and it's also free you just Click on the upload button you click on Select and you just upload that document Over here you give it a name you can Pretty much just copy and paste the YouTube video title you can write a Brief description of what this was about Add some tags related to the video Related to that PDF document and then Just click on privacy public and click On publish and now it's going to be a Live on SlideShare where it can be read By thousands of people that can Potentially click on the link that You've shared inside of the PDF document And if you're ordering like Dave but is It rude to take someone else's videos And turn them into PDF documents so I Can make money online and honestly if You're using my videos I really don't Mind because you're honestly growing my Brand and I pretty much think that 90 of Other YouTubers will think the same You're helping them expand their rich And you can also monetize that as well So it's a win-win for both or at least I

Myself will give you full permission to Do this strategy with my videos as well And you can probably use it with other YouTubers I just really don't know Whether they're gonna be mad for that or Whether they're going to be happy so you Can perhaps reach out to some YouTubers And ask them if it's okay to take their Videos and turn them into PDF documents Some may rejective some may give it a Permission but definitely it would be Advisable to ask them first once again I Myself would definitely give you a Permission to do that with my videos Yeah that was a quick tutorial on how to Make money online while watching YouTube Videos that you like I really hope you Got some value out of this video if you Did make sure to drop a like down below And I will see you in some of the next Ones

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