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Are you tired of The Daily Grind and Looking for a new way to make some Serious cash well look no further Because I have the solution you've been Searching for introducing the ultimate AI tool that does all the hard work for You and pays you a whopping 100 per hour That's right you heard it correctly this Revolutionary technology is about to Change your life and fill your pockets You just need your device internet Connection and the step-by-step Instructions that I'm about to break Down for you I just need your close Attention over these next few minutes so You don't miss any important money Making details let's get right into it Step one head over to video2 The first step of this method involves Using an AI powered website called now you might be Wondering what exactly this website does And how it can help you make money well Let me explain have you ever watched a Long cooking video on YouTube and Thought to yourself wow that looks Delicious but I don't have the time or Patience to sit through this entire Video just to get the recipe well that's Where video 2 recipe comes in handy this Amazing website can take any YouTube Cooking video and convert it into a Simple recipe article complete with all The necessary ingredients and

Instructions and the best part is that You don't need to download the video or Even leave the website all you have to Do is simply copy the link of the YouTube video you want to convert and Paste it into the website's search bar In just a few seconds the website's AI Technology will work its magic and Create a perfectly formatted recipe Article that's easy to read and follow But how does this translate into making Money you ask well the answer is simple So make sure that you pay close Attention to the rest of the video Because I will be walking you through How you can use this super cool AI tool To make yourself some cash okay so let Me just quickly walk you through an Example of how this method actually Works first of all you need to get hold Of a recipe so let's say you want to Make some delicious Mexican rice you hop Onto YouTube and search for how to make Mexican rice and find a great video Tutorial you copy the link of the video And head over to Once there you simply paste the link Into the website's search bar and wait For the AI technology to work its magic After just a few seconds the website Will have converted the cooking video Into a simple and easy to follow recipe Article that includes all the necessary Ingredients and instructions to make the

Dish You'll be able to see a list of the Ingredients needed and the step-by-step Instructions for how to prepare and cook The rice And that's it with video 2 recipe you Can quickly and easily convert any Cooking video into a recipe article step 2. post your article on medium now that You've seen how easy it is to use video 2 recipe to convert a cooking video into A recipe article it's time to move on to The next step in this money making Method in this step I'll show you how to Take that recipe article and post it on A free article posting website called Medium which can help you reach a wider Audience and increase your chances of Earning money First let me explain a little bit about Medium it's a popular platform where Anyone can post articles on a wide range Of topics from cooking and food to Travel lifestyle and more the great Thing about medium is that it's Completely free to use and your articles Can appear in Google search results Which means more people will have the Opportunity to read and engage with your Content So how do you post your recipe article On medium Well it's actually quite simple once you Have your article ready to go head over

To and create a new account If you don't already have one It's a quick and easy process and before You know it you'll be ready to start Posting your own articles and engaging With the medium community First head to in your web Browser once you're on the home page you Should see a get started button in the Top right hand corner of the screen Click on that button to begin the sign Up process from there you'll be prompted To either sign up using your Google Account your Facebook account or your Apple account or to create a new account With your email address If you prefer to sign up using one of Your existing social media accounts Simply click on the corresponding button And follow the prompts to sign in If you'd rather sign up with your email Address click on the continue with email Button you'll be asked to enter your Name email address and password Choose a strong password that you'll Remember easily as you'll need it every Time you log into medium once you've Entered your information click on the Sign up button you'll be taken to the Medium home page where you can start Exploring articles and engaging with the Community that's all there is to it Signing up for medium is quick and easy And it opens up a whole world of content

And engagement opportunities once you're Signed up be sure to customize your Profile with a profile picture a bio and Links to your social media accounts or Personal website this will help you Build your personal brand and attract More readers to your articles step 3 get An affiliate link so now that you have Set up your account on medium it's time To start monetizing and earning some Money One of the best ways to do this is Through affiliate marketing If you're not familiar with affiliate Marketing it's a way to earn a Commission by promoting other people's Products in this case we'll be promoting Cooking related products since that's The focus of our article to get started Head over to ClickBank is A Marketplace that connects product Creators with affiliate marketers there Are tons of cooking related products Available on ClickBank so it's a great Place to start Once you're on the ClickBank homepage Click on the affiliate Marketplace Link In the top menu bar This will take you to a page where you Can browse different product categories Select the cooking food and wine Category and you'll be presented with a List of cooking related products that You can promote as an affiliate

Take some time to browse through the List and find products that you think Would be a good fit for your article Once you've found a product that you'd Like to promote click on the promote Button to generate your affiliate link This link is unique to you and allows ClickBank to track any sales that come From your promotion efforts Step 4 paste your affiliate link into Your article so once you're logged into Medium click on the write a story button On the top right hand side of the screen From there you'll be taken to a new page Where you can start writing your article Copy the recipe instructions and Ingredients from the article you created On video 2 recipe and paste them into The text editor on medium you can also Add some personal touches to the article Such as tips on how to make the dish Extra delicious or a story about why you Love cooking I would also highly Recommend including high quality images Of the finished Dish as well as any Cooking process photos you may have Taken to make the article more visually Appealing once you're happy with the Article give it a catchy title and hit The publish button now copy your Affiliate link from ClickBank and head Back to your medium article within your Article you'll want to find places where You can naturally promote the products

You've chosen for example if you're Writing an article about how to make Mexican rice you might include a section On the best rice cookers to use when Making the dish in that section you can Include your affiliate link for a rice Cooker that you've chosen to promote Remember the key to successful affiliate Marketing is to promote products that Are relevant and valuable to your Readers Don't just promote products for the sake Of earning a commission make sure They're products that you would Genuinely recommend to your friends and Family Once you've published your very own Recipe article on medium it's time to Start promoting your article in Attracting readers Share the article on your social media Channels email it to your friends and Family and even consider reaching out to Cooking groups or communities online to Get the word out and that's it Thank you for watching this video and Learning about a unique way to make Money using an AI tool and affiliate Marketing I hope you found this information useful And interesting if you enjoyed this Video please give it a thumbs up and hit The like button also don't forget to Subscribe to this channel to stay

Updated on more money making tips and Tricks see you next time

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