How To Create Winning Upwork Proposals To Land Freelance Clients

Hey, what's up everyone Paul here with Profitable 
Freelancer and today we're going over a very   highly requested topic and that is how to send 
out the best proposals on Upwork that actually   get noticed and that can land clients. So today 
what I'm going to be doing is opening up the   discussion on how you can really craft a winning 
proposal, what the different elements that go into   a winning proposal are, and then how can you start 
to take action towards crafting consistent winning   proposals that help you make more money as a 
freelancer on Upwork. Now, this video is going to   be helpful if you have experience on the platform 
and you just want some other tips and tricks   to land more clients or if you're just getting 
started and you want to know more about what the   process is even like and what are clients looking 
for. We're going to be getting exactly into that.   So I want to just start off with a proposal is 
how you reach out to a specific client on Upwork.   So as you start to browse through different jobs 
based on different skills and different services   that you want to offer, you're going to be able to 
start to see different applications that you can   send out and that is what's called the proposal. 
So when you're crafting your proposal you want to   really make sure you think about three different 

Just as a point of reference just to make   sure you're kind of hitting each one on the 
head and you're not missing out on them and   now the first this one is all about just being 
original. So you want to find a way to stand out   from the competition and you know you don't have 
that much room to do that. So there's a couple   different ways you can do it but the first thing 
is really making sure that you fully read the   job description and then you want to pick out the 
most important pieces of that job description and   touch on the client's pain points in that initial 
cover letter section because I'm going to dive in.   I'm going to show you actually because I've also 
worked on the client side of Upwork.

So I've hired   freelancers on the platform so now I'm going to 
give you a behind-the-scenes view of why that   is so important in a little bit so stick around 
to see that but just understand that's the first   thing you need to be original. You don't want to 
just blend in with the pack because your goal with   the proposal is to stand out and have the client 
actually open it and to check out who you are.   That's just the first step so make sure it's 
original now the second thing you want to do   is never copy and paste. So craft every 
single proposal from scratch and of course,   you can have kind of a template that you work 
from and that you craft and you mold for each job   but if you're just sending out a generic copy 
and paste cover letter you're really just gonna   blend in. The client's gonna know that you're not 
taking it seriously and they're really just gonna   understand that you're not the best fit even if 
you have a bunch of experience or if you have   no experience on the platform at all.

Make sure 
that you're writing out every single proposal by   hand and you're not just copy and pasting to save 
time because a lot of this is going to be on you   to take the attention to detail necessary to 
really have success and if you don't it's so easy   to just blame it on the process blame it on the 
competition but really remember it's all on you.   So don't blame it on other people, look at where 
you can get better as you craft your proposals   and the third thing I like to really do in all 
of my proposals is really go that next step and   what I mean by going that next step it just means 
try to go above and beyond what the competition   is going to do.

Try to really encapsulate the 
other two things I said being original crafting   everything not copy and pasting and now what I'm 
saying is to add in some other level of value.   Whether you're providing something that's some of 
your time for free to really analyze the project   tell them why you're the best fit maybe you're 
providing a small sample of work based on their   project just so you can show that you can 
really provide that next level of value.

Or   maybe that means you're just maximizing all of the 
opportunity to attach different files case studies   and past testimonials from previous clients but 
remember like we went back to the beginning it's   all about standing out. So not only do you want 
to just stand out but you also want to be original   and you also want to go above and beyond and 
offer some level of value to the client as they   go when they scroll through and see who's the best 
freelancer for them. So now let's jump into Upwork   we're on the back end so I'm actually on my client 
site my agency side where I've hired freelancers   in the past and I pulled up this job description 
that I posted a couple years back where I needed   some help for one of my clients I needed a 
copywriter and you can see that I actually have   archived 23 people.

So 23 people reached out and 
this is what it looks like, you can see that it's   just a bunch of different freelancers and all it 
has is the first one to two sentences of their   cover letter available for us to see. So what 
you need to do to really look at these people   is you need to click on them further to open 
up their entire proposal, their cover letter,   and then their profile is connected on the 
bottom. So you can see exactly how much earnings   they have, where they're located previous clients 
they've worked on, and then you can see how they   answered the different questions.

So the reason 
I'm showing you this is so you can start to see   what it looks like on the client side because 
if you kind of mess up your cover letter in your   first one to two sentences you are likely throwing 
away your whole proposal. So really make sure that   you're doing enough especially when you don't 
have much earnings yet to really try to separate   yourself so the client can even open up one of 
these. Now I want to show you what clients do   they go through all of these they're going to 
archive the ones that just don't seem like the   best fit and then they're going to start to 
shortlist a specific amount of them and then   from there they're going to kind of narrow it 
down and then open up the interview process.   So when I was doing this I narrowed it down to 
these three freelancers.

You see on the screen   and as you can see I actually had someone in 
there who didn't have any earnings yet along with   two other people who have some earnings and who 
Upwork is to actually telling me is a best match.   So remember that the more work you do 
on Upwork the more you do to kind of   elevate your profile, get ahead of the algorithm, 
the better chances of success you're going to   have. Now it doesn't mean when you don't have any 
earnings that you can't get started and what I'm   trying to show you is that you have a very very 
limited amount of room, in the beginning, to get   them to open it. Once they open it once the client 
opens your letter that's when they're really going   to start to do the comparisons between you and the 
other freelancers that have applied. So as you can   see here you can see that this freelancer gave me 
a bunch of different articles that they written   on Medium that fit exactly in the niche that 
I wanted and this is just really a good way   to show you how this person took the time to 
write out a specific proposal just for this job   and they really went into depth with it here and 
you can see that that is what really stood out   to me as well as we go down to the bottom 
here and this was kind of the same where   she included her profile and her portfolio for me 
to review here.

pexels photo 3768911

Really went into what interests   her about the project and you can see that really 
it's just a pretty well thought out proposal and   of course, you know we're not gonna go super into 
detail exactly what was said because that doesn't   matter but what does matter is that you are doing 
everything I said, in the beginning. To start to   separate yourself from the competition and then 
what I want to go over now and this is really   the other side of the token because it doesn't 
matter how perfect of a proposal that you can   craft.

How many attachments you put in there 
how much of a case you make that you're the best   freelancer that is only one side of the token and 
the other side of the token is what I like to call   doing the freelancer math. So now let's jump over 
to a presentation I have and this is actually a   sneak peek of one of my courses I have on how to 
build a profitable business on Upwork that you can   get 90 off link in the description right now but 
this is a sneak peek because I want to show you   that this is a numbers game. So don't get 
discouraged if you did a couple proposals   you didn't hear back. Don't really get too hard on 
yourself because this is what I want to show you.   Out of 20 proposals sent out I did a little 
case study just when I was building the course   out of 20 proposals sent out. On average I got 
about six clients that actually responded to me.   They said either they want to get 
on a call with me to interview me.   Maybe they actually asked me a question something 
like that but they got in touch with me again.   Now out of those six on average around four of 
them turned into legit phone call opportunities   demonstrations where I really walked through my 
proposal etc and then from there only two of those   really led to a paying opportunity of paying high 
ticket client.

So out of those 20 proposals sent   you can see that each time you go down and you 
really tried to see how many people responded   how many times do we actually get on a call then 
how many of those are closed that is not going to   be a large percentage of all of the proposals you 
sent out. However, that is what is needed to have   success finding those two good clients in those 20 
jobs I sent out is what is needed to have success.   The odds are you won't send out two proposals 
and just get those two clients. You need to   think about it from a business perspective from 
a sales perspective that you're going to close   a small percentage of deals. So it's a numbers 
game and increasing the top of the line funnel,   the amount of people you're driving in, and the 
amount of people you're getting in front of.   That is what is going to separate you from the 
competition who doesn't put in this consistent   work.

Now if we start to think about how much 
time is required for this I like to really put   in an hour for each proposal. Now I know this 
might sound a little bit on the extensive side   and I'm not saying all proposals need to 
take you an hour but when you're really doing   everything I said, you're reading the whole job 
description that's kind of part of the process.   That should take you at least 10 to 15 minutes to 
review what the post is look at the client's past   work.

See if it's a good job for you then you're 
going to craft your cover letter out you're going   to answer all the client's questions about the job 
and then you're even going to add in what I said   before all of that extra value. Those attachments 
going that next level and when you do that should   take you around 45 minutes to an hour. So that 
leads to 20 hours right then we go down to the   client responses. This I estimate around two hours 
for me to reach back out to the different clients   answer their questions maybe sometimes I provide 
some more information. Takes a little bit less   time than the proposals did but it's still more 
time that is going to pay off. Then as we go down   and into the four client calls I like to allocate 
two hours for each call. One hour to get ready   for the call research, put everything into 
place in my notes in a call script in the CRM,   and then getting on the phone that can take 
anywhere from a half-hour to an hour and a   half or even more but that is also a big 
part of this that you need to factor in   and then when you add this all up and you really 
look at how much time was put in to get those two   deals it equals around 40 hours of work.

i'm not saying this to kind of scare you off   or that this takes a full time a full week of 
time to land any clients but what I'm saying is   that get realistic with this and understand that 
if you didn't send out all those proposals you   wouldn't end up with the winning ones and that's 
really what it what it comes down to because once   you do the work down the line it will pay off 
but you need to really remember the big picture   and be careful spending your time on like tiny 
jobs that just really aren't a job that you want   that you're applying to.

Make sure you're only 
applying to the best jobs because as you can see   it is a time commitment but it will pay off if 
you stick with it and you follow everything I   went over and lastly I want to end with a note 
of optimism. That one good week of freelancing   can change your entire freelance business and 
what I mean by that is that all it really takes   is a handful one two three four clients to 
change your entire income on a monthly and   even a yearly level because the kind of clients 
I suggest working with are those clients that   you can charge an ongoing fee every month from for 
your freelancing services. So even though it did   take that 40 hours on the front end to put in all 
that work getting those two clients, out of that   can end up paying for that tenfold.

So remember 
that there is so much opportunity out there don't   listen to all the haters, all the naysayers that 
say this isn't possible. Go out there yourself   see how many people are having success on the 
platform and I guarantee if you stick with it   and you don't give up and you keep putting in the 
work and you keep expanding your skillset how much   value you can offer to clients you will have so 
much more success on Upwork and crafting winning   proposals. So once again like I said this part was 
a small piece from my course if you want to get   up to 90% off, click the link in the description 
to get that. If you want more freelancing content   just like this please subscribe I'm growing my 

You guys are loving this content on   Upwork on freelancing, making money online, 
and ultimately building freedom in your   life. My name is Paul Mendes with Profitable 
Freelancer and I look forward to your success..

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