Testing Forex Fury Robot – Part 2 (After 3 weeks)

Hello everyone and welcome to another video.
I have completed 3 weeks of testing Forex Fury   and wanted to show you the results.
If you remember from my last video,   Forex Fury had one losing trade but since 
then, it started to show some profit.  I switched the trading pair from GPB/USD 
to USD/CAD and tweaked some settings   and that is when it started to show some 
profit in the past couple of weeks ($55).  I don’t trade much, only 4 days a week, 1 
to 5 small trades a day on a demo account.  I removed the trailing stop because I 
found it interfering a little bit with   some trades. I also increased the 
trade size from 0.05 lot to 0.10.  Other than that, the rest of 
the settings remained the same.  I have stop loss at 29 
Pips, Take profit at 5 pips,   Martingale is off, Direction : 
Long and Short, Maximum Orders : 5.  I also set “One Trade Set Per Day” to “True” 
because I found that there are some confusions   when I do different trade sets at the same time.
I also don’t trade on Fridays because I don’t want   the trade to be setting through the weekend 
and be exposed to sudden volatility issues.  So far, the app is showing 
some positive results however,   more testing need to be done and I will 
continue updating you of my finding.  I hope you enjoyed this 
video and see you next time.

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