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This brand new AI bot that no one is Talking about is something that you can Use to get a lot of work done for you And then I'm going to show you how to Use that at work to make money online in Three different ways I'm going to show You three different platforms that you Can use combined with S3 bot in order to Make money online as a complete beginner In 2023 so if that sounds good enough Then drop a like down below and let's Actually begin with this software with This AI bot just a quick disclaimer here If someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Post the engagement is fake there are New accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all the a bot is Called 11 labs and what you can do is Essentially you can import your own Voice or someone else's Voice or just Select some of the pre-made voices that Are already inside of 11 labs you can

Select voice settings you can customize Everything and you can enter some text Here you can paste the script or you can Paste any effects you can click on Generate and it's going to start reading The script for you just listen to Dave Nick has one of the most useful YouTube Channels out there while everyone is That's a fact right this text is a fact And basically it's gonna sound really Organic it's actually gonna sound like a Human being is reading this script it's One of the best text-to-speech software Out there I've never seen anything work Like this because all the other AI text Speech software sound a little bit Robotic and you can sometimes tell that They are not a human being you can tell Their AI but this is something something Completely different because they're Actually emphasizing words they're Actually making pauses you can hear the Breath you can hear a lot of different Things like in actual human being is Reading that which is even kind of scary But you can use it in three different Ways to make money online the very first One the one that will allow you to make The least amount of money is called ACX You can go to and it's Essentially this is a platform where They are paying voice over artists to Read audio books to read books for them So they can turn them into audiobooks

And sell them on Audible so basically Someone wrote a book which is like say a Hundred thousand words long and I don't Want to read it themselves they will Come over to here and they will pay Someone else to read for them but you Can actually get it get it read when AI So you can go over to how it works go to The narrator section you can scroll a Little way down and you can see that you Can search for books and do the audition And for example whatever book you select For example I'm gonna do this one they Will pay you 50 to 100 per hour and Estimated length is around 3.6 hours so In this case you can make up to 360 Dollars for a single audiobook so you Can basically apply for this job and if You get accepted and you're being paid 300 to read the book for them you just Go and you use an AI which is going to Cost you like 10 20 or 30 dollars to get Literally everything done for you so you Do no work at all all now as I said this Is one of the hardest options that we're Going to talk about today and it's also Going to pay you the least amount of Money compared to what I'm going to show You right now so this is the first Option you're gonna be a narrator for Books using this AI tool the second way You can make money is to just sell Voiceover services on many different Freelancing platforms like Fiverr like

Upwork like people per you go And you search for voiceover you can see That people are gonna rate 1 000 words For 25 dollars and for you that's Literally just going to be one click of A button if someone pays you five Dollars to read a thousand words you Just grab their script and you put it Into 11 labs and you generate a Voiceover and you can deliver it right Away and it's gonna sound natural it's Not gonna sound like AI at all it will Never be able to tell if it's an actual AI or a human being and of course there Are some people that are selling their Voiceover services for like a hundred Dollars or record and produce up to Three minutes of voiceover for 90 Dollars and this person got 800 or over 800 different sales so this person is Actually making a lot of money by Selling it for 90 dollars per voiceover And for you it's literally one click of A button there's a lot of people selling This service and making a lot of money As a voiceover artist I myself heard a Lot of VoiceOver artists throughout my Years until I actually found about that There is an AI bot I can do this Completely professionally because in the Past I was able to find some AI tools Where you can you know and just enter Tags like text-to-speech software but They all sound robotic they all like

Don't sound natural at all but this one Actually sounds completely natural and I Can never tell if it's an actual AI or a Human being so it's really good so you Can sell those services and pretty much Make money by doing nothing when someone Pays you 10 or 20 or 30 dollars for a Voiceover you just go and you paste Their script into 11 Labs you click Generate you click download and you just Deliberate back literally no work and You're being paid for that and then Another way that you can make money the Way that I'm making money using that 11 Labs AI bot is to create faceless YouTube videos which you can then Monetize in many different ways so you See I run a lot of different faceless YouTube automation channels channels Where I'm posting videos without showing My face and without recording anything With a camera but I'm actually just Paying someone to create a script they Create a script and then generate a Voiceover using 11 labs and then we'll Just post those videos onto YouTube and As you can see one of the channels made Almost twenty thousand dollars or in 28 Days made nineteen thousand dollars in One month made over twenty one twenty Thousand dollars as you can see Continuously making 800 700 a day just From ad Revenue alone and this is just One channel and if you actually do the

Lifetime of this channel you will be Able to see that the lifetime is almost Half a million dollars once again just From ad Revenue alone this doesn't Include affiliate marketing this doesn't Include other channels that this channel Is promoting this doesn't include Selling different products whether those Are physical whether those are digital This doesn't include brand deals and Sponsorships so there's definitely Decent amount of money to be made with Faceless YouTube Automation and if you Want to see exactly how I'm personally Doing that so I can show you step by Step exactly how to generate content and Also how to use AI within and also how To grow your channel how to get views Subscribers and then how to actually Monetize that content then you can click The first link in the description box Down below and I will show you a Detailed explanation I'm going to walk You through the entire blueprint and Show you exactly how I personally do it And how over 3000 people that are Already inside of that step-by-step Training program are doing that every Single day once again everything is Explained in fuel in full details and I'm constantly updating the course so Actually yesterday added a brand new Module where we talk about Ai and all of These different tools so before these AI

Tools and software go public and we talk About them on the YouTube channel I First show them to the people that are Inside of the training program so they Can take full advantage of that and they Can be the first ones to use it and make The most money off of it and then I Publish it on the YouTube channel like In this video and then I talk about Those software and those AI tools so That the rest can use them as well and We are of course going to talk about the Latest algorithm secrets and as I said How to get views how to get subscribers And how to overall grow any type of YouTube channel and use it as a Consistent traffic source for whatever It is that you want to promote whether It's going to be your offer whether it's Going to be someone else's offer as an Affiliate or whether it is going to be a Website or whatever that might be you Can use all the traffic from those YouTube channels to promote whatever it Is that you want to promote so once Again that's going to be the first link In the description box down below I Really hope you've learned something new In this video I really hope you got some Value out of this quick video and if you Did make sure to drop a like down below So we can get to 1 000 likes as soon as Possible and I will see you in some of The next ones

Thank you Thank you

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