How to Earn money from Digital Marketing # How to Learn Digital Marketing and Earn Money

hello friends how are you all my today's video is Part 11 of how to earn money from internet in which I will discuss in detail about Digital Marketing yes today I will tell you What is Digital Marketing, how can we work on it and how we can earn money from it but before going towards Video, my request to you if not subscribe my channel yet then definitely subscribe it so that you keep getting my upcoming videos lets move to today's video first of all, if I tell you what is Digital Marketing then in simple words you need to understand a diagram what is Digital Marketing? which I am going to share with you now if I tell you about this diagram, then first of all you have to understand this diagram. all these things come under Digital marketing first of all if I talk about how Website or App designed and how it works on 2nd Number I have a E-Commerce store It can also be a E-Commerce Website or E-Commerce shopping store Content Marketing, Graphics then Video Editing how its working SEO and how many Social Media Channels are? and how they work? How can we generate online sales for ourselves or our clients What is in trading nowadays or it is viral After that comes branding and how to show brands to our target audience how we tell them and what material we have which is brand all these things come under Digital Marketing if you take any skill one of them, learn the skill so you can become a good Digital Marketer now it depends on you guys, which of these skills you like more and you can be expert on any of these skills and will be Earn in Dollars now I will discuss in details with you of those websites that you can offer Digital Marketing services first of all the website that is very famous and all of you must know about this is you can also offer Digital Marketing Services on it and if you scroll down, then you will see that everyone here is earning in dollars The website that I have on the 2nd number is also very good, for the skill of Digital Marketing its name is, this website is also very famous you can offer your services after login and Create your account on it and also earn a lot of money It should be per Hour or per Project website I have on the 3rd number is This website is also very good to offer the services of Digital Marketing if you look here, here you are seeing the jobs Social Media Marketing which is 250 to 750 USD And like this you will get many website which you will start work as Digital Marketer On 4th number I have website its name is on it You can also offer Digital Marketing Services but for this you will need to learn any skill like I just show you this diagram Being an expert on any of these skills, you can offer your services to the people of the world on 5th number I have a website this website is also very good and famous for Digital Marketing, You can offer your services on it as a Digital Marketer I have a website on 6th number, its name is this website is also very good as a Digital Marketer you can offer your service here and from here you can also earn a lot of money if I go again on Fiverr and if I open this service of Digital Marketing here then there are many services open in front of you and if I click on 2nd number Services there is a lady, her basic package is 100 $ , standard is 200$ and her premium is 1500 $ She already completed 530 Orders and 2 Orders in queue You can become a good Digital Marker after putting some effort and time on any skill and after that, because this era is also of digital marketing, you are capable of earning a lot of money while sitting at home if you like this video, then definitely like, share and subscribe my channel so that you will continue to get my every upcoming video and your knowledge and Skills will become more and you are also able to earn money while sitting at home.

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