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You have to understand the system here That how the system works here I can certainly say that
most of you don't know that how to get job in Saudi Arabia "In the name of Allah, the Most
Gracious, the Most Merciful" Assalamu Alaikum
Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh! I'm Zubair Riaz from Madinah Munawwarah First of all Durood & Salam.. [O Allah, bless our Prophet, our
beloved, our master Muhammad, his family and companions, may
God bless him and grant him peace] From when I met you,
through Youtube & Facebook A question that people asks me many time On the inbox, email, Instagram, Facebook and in the comment section How we can get job in Saudi Arabia? or in the Madinah? or How can we settled in Saudi Arabia? So today's video, is the detailed video
about this topic, InshaAllah! Believe me, I wanted to
make this video 2 months ago But I didn't make this
video because I was busy Today's video, is very informative About the system of jobs in Saudi Arabia If you are from India, Pakistan or from Bangladesh/Afghanistan So how you can get job in Saudi Arabia? Without any source I'll talk about the system
of jobs in Saudi Arabia The talks I'll discuss, is all about my experience in KSA I didn't memorize these
things or didn't search anywhere The things that I know The things that I observed here for getting/doing the job And how my relatives
and friends got jobs here I'm going to tell you that method First of all You have to understand the system here that how system works here I can certainly say that
most of you don't know that how to get job in Saudi Arabia The method to get the
job in India or Pakistan here is the 100 percent different system How you can get a job in India or Pakistan? Mostly people, asks their relatives that if you know that person
please give my C.V to him or talk from me or introduce me there So I'll get the job This system is not present in Saudi Arabia In Saudi Arabia, merit system is very well And there is the court in Saudi Arabia, that solves the disputes of employees and their salaries or the disputes between
the employee and the owner That court has best system One more thing, Your ID your Iqama/VISA number and for example, if you are the Saudi citizen so your ID number everything is related with this Means, You have any work if you are in the hospital car, mobile or the sim Everything is related to your ID card So, In Saudi Arabia, the court is very much involved in the market Therefore there are many jobs here about that, they have announced Many jobs are for only Saudi citizens In some jobs, 60, 70, 30
percent Saudi citizens can work But you have many opportunities to get the job in Saudi Arabia For example, There are two things newly opened in Saudi Arabia Number one is traveling Traveling has been opened in Saudi Arabia in much quantity And Number 02 is Cinema About the media If you are the videographer/photographer If you have skills of video/photo editing and you are the literate So you have the 100
percent scope in this field Except this, There are many other,
Mechanical/ Engineering Because, in Saudi Arabia MashaAllah Saudi Arabia is getting developed Saudi Arabia is already a developed country But the places, that are between two cities
of Saudi Arabia, if you travel You'll see this environment As you can see this is the distance of 5-6 KM you'll see few homes in this path Many mountains are here or the fields or the deserts You'll see the camels also Except this, you'll see this environment As you can see Are you watching this? The depopulated area So, Prince Muhammad bin Salman is working on this thing His last interview I'm putting short clip of his interview He said The tourism field we will call people from
foreign to come here Because we haven't
more experience in this field This is very big scope for you There are many things in tourism When you come in this field The question is, people from India, Bangladesh Pakistan, Nepal you are from any part of the world and you want to get job here So how you can get job in KSA? You can get online job in Saudi Arabia If you go with your C.V in any office or company, the security guard
will not allow you inside Before 2020 sometimes
you were allowed to go inside But after Corona Pandemic, you
can not go inside any office or company The best method for this, There are two websites that I'm going to tell you On these websites you
can get jobs in Saudi Arabia Number 01 is 'Linkedin' Visit this website, As you've made your Facebook Id Visit Linkedin and make your account but, give your complete and proper detail Write your full name as per your Id card After that, Write your profession Write the company name where you works Write your address Write your school name After that, Second website is '' I'll give you the links of both
websites in the description Visit both websites Write your name Give your all details This is as a eC.V Give your all details, on the both websites I'm telling you, from last three years every new person got job in our company company hired them from or from the Linkedin There is a issue here, Issue is, most of you that contacted me via email They don't writes their correct names I check the Facebook Ids in free time I noticed that you cannot
read their Profile names and names that are
readable but not the correct For example, Girls write their profile
names as 'Baby Doll' it is just an example People don't write their correct names Most of people write their fake names Girls writes Baby Doll some girls writes 'Pinky' some boys wirtes 'King' or 'Don' Or they sets pics of
actor in their profile pics or sportsman Make the proper Facebook Id Write your proper name Give your rigth information there In Saudi Arabia, if company
see your Linkedin profile if they liked your profile
and your profession they will also watch your character That what type of person you are Is he is not the crazy They will check your thoughts Your Facebook Id is like a mirror for you They will check your Facebook Id, They will check bigotry in your personality Or your character You have no chance
to get job with this profile Because this is a nonsense These type of people has
all fake things on their Ids Try to, On your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Id Share your personal thoughts As well as your passion & profession should putted on your Id I can certainly say If you want to get job So this is the method that Make your account on Linkedin and After that your profession is the most important Search your profession on the Google If you are working in the
logistic service as I'm working Search 'Logistic Companies in Saudi Arabia' So it will show you
list of all the companies Take 2-3 companies per day Enter in them Visit their official website Take out their Email Their official Email If they didn't putted their
Email on Linkedin so, Take their email from
their official website And contact them via email The issue I face in the email is, 'Looking for job' 'Please I need your Help, I need job' This is not fair Learn to write the cover letter It is very easy Search on the Google 'How to write cover letter for job' This will help you alot Take the method that you want Change the data in it, write your name write your correct date of birth The important thing is, Your name, your profession and your country Companies have lots of emails
of people who want to get job When they search they will not search your name They don't know Allah
Rakha or Muhammad Qayyum or Khanna/ Kumar They will not search your name They will search the profession that who is interested in their company and sent email to them When you write your profession, in the subject and cover letter Make your Cv Most of people don't interested in the graphics and some don't understand the graphics they don't make their good Cv Here is the solution, Lots of websites can
make your Cv for 2-3 dollars Give your data to them Name and the picture They will email your Cv Convert it into Pdf and attach with your email If you haven't wrote the cover letter and If you haven't wrote the subject You are doing wrong Please understand these things first May Allah give you the right job May Allah bless you So this is the video for
How to get job in KSA In this series InshaAllah, I'll take the specific topic and show you on the Linkedin That, How you can apply for the job in KSA And, How to make profile on And, How to apply for the Job I'll make another video Because video is getting too long May Allah give you the success One more thing, I'm requesting you, don't buy VISA by paying anyone you'll do wrong with you This is the crime to buy VISA in KSA Companies that want to hire you They will give you the VISA for free I'm repeating this Don't buy VISA even by paying a rupee I'm repeating this again This video was for the professional people
who want to get job About the independent VISA and small jobs, I'll make another video, InshaAllah Thanks for Watching! Kindly share this video Hope this video will help
you, your friends and relatives Thanks for Watching!

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