How to Get a 6 Figure Marketing Job (Marketing Career Advice)

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like this. All right. In a previous video we talked about how
you can go to a good five-figure type of payout as a marketer. Now in this video we're going to
talk about how to get to six figures. One of the stories I shared was when I
was doing freelance work for a t shirt company in Philadelphia and I was
getting paid a good hourly amount.

I think they were paying me like, I
don't know, $25 a month, not a month, an hour. We kept working together for about a
month or two and I kept bringing new ideas to tail. I was like, why we
should do things this way. We should do things this way. I don't
think things should be done this way. This is broken over here. I kept
hitting more and more and more. And um, eventually I got offered
a good six figure salary. We're talking about 150 grand or so, and they also offered a profit
sharing amount. But I had to, to Philadelphia and a, I don't really like the eagles
and I don't really like cold, so didn't really want to deal with that.

I'd rather kind of just stay
where I am. So keep in mind, sometimes you might get offered a good
six figure amount or a good salary amount, but that's not what matters. What matters is how happy are you going
to be? I knew if I moved to Philly, I wouldn't have any friends there. It'd
be cold during the winter time. Um, and I don't know what I'd be eating, what I've even feel a
cheese steak all the time. Would I be eating hot dogs
all the time? I don't know.

Don't know what would happen. Right?
So how do you actually get there? When I was doing this freelance work
on Elides now, no one wants upwork. It, I wasn't doing the status quo. I kept
trying to do more and more and more. I kept offering to do more too. I'm fine. Things that are wrong and I would study
things that I didn't know and try to understand it and then come with
an idea. So here's what's valuable. If you can do the job, let's say you are
a, let's say you are an employee. Okay? You, let's say you can do the job,
but you need to be told what to do. Or you're an employee that comes up with
the ideas and actually executes on them and you can figure things out on your

What do you think is more valuable? There's value to both sides, but at least to me what's more valuable
is someone that can find things, find them, find the issues, and
figure it out on their own, right? Because if you require too
much handholding, um, let's
say you're, let's say I, I hire someone and then, um, I need to continually train them and
then they're asking me questions all the time, that's fine. But that takes me away from doing
things that are higher impact, right? So just depends on the stage
of business that you're at. So if you're starting out, maybe you need
to be training people more frequently, but as you get to a larger size, you're going to want to have
people that can figure things out.

People that are really
good at recruiting as well. So that's why people get paid more money
because they know how to build teams, they know how to solve problems and they
don't need, they don't need to kind of, you know, be told what to do all
the time. There's a, there's, there's room for both
to have to consider it. The season of kind of where you're at
and the season of where your business is at.

Let's say you are the entrepreneur
also. So flip side, um, you know, you have to consider where you're at. Are you the one that needs to
be told what to all the time? It has questions all the time or are you
the type to figure things out on your own? Okay. Um, and maybe have a healthy balance of both
the ones that get paid the big bucks. Those are the ones that
figure it out. Okay. That's basically what happened because
I kept hitting and I kept hitting. I kept hitting. Um,
eventually I worked out. Now I mentioned in the last video I got
fired from a job where I was working at SEO strategists and well after that I
was kind of doing freelance consulting on the side and I got this opportunity
to take over and lead marketing for an online education startup called treehouse.
And that's where I got offered again.

I got offered a six figure salary and
I got offered equity in the company. And for the role I was
competing with cmos. You had this 26 year old kid
who was competing with, uh, people that are very experienced.
We're talking about people, you know, in their forties or 50s. Right. Even
though I started my background in SEO, I learned paid media, I learned email
marketing, I learned affiliate marketing, I learned how to take advantage
of analytics. I learned,
uh, content marketing. Eventually I learned podcasts.
Eventually I learned video. So you learn all these things. You become a t shaped marketer and that's
how you can see why a cover your ass. So it doesn't matter if
whatever happens to you, like if you get fired from a job, you will always have a job
because you are so well rounded. Becoming a t shaped marketer,
that's going to help you. And B, because I was bringing so
many ideas to the table, what I was doing to interview, it's
kind of similar to what I was saying, like bring ideas to the table
and an execute on it.

Right? And what I was doing at the time
was bringing new ideas to the table. I'll bring a new approach to
things, looking at things, uh, like basically a different way that,
how the CEO looks at them or, or, or looked at them because the CEO has
so many other responsibilities, right? There's 50 people on the team. So to be able to offer that level of
relief and be able to execute on it as well, that's not something every
single person can do, right? So you want to make sure that if you
become a tee shirt marketer that you are basically indispensable.

pexels photo 4559600

So the book I recommend reading
here but called linchpin, and this is from Seth
Godin, really good book. It's about becoming indispensable
because most people, what ends up happening especially for
big companies is they become cogs in a system. And if you're just
a cog in a machine, sure, but you get paid like a cog
to cause you're just a cog. So you have to be what's indispensable,
where people are like, I need this guy, I need this guy, I need this guy. In fact, you become still in this when
someone that people want to counter. I remember when I worked
at a marketing agency, this is agency and that never ever
countered and I, I said, hey look, I'm leaving for this other

And they're like the, the guy that I reported to said,
hey look, hold on for a second, I'm going to see if we can go to the
CEO and offering a counter offer. And they did that there. It was
my, my boss and then my boss, his boss that did that and
the boss boss was a cofounder, they went to the CEO and the
CEO said fine, like he's good. But like what's the stop
him from doing that again. So here's another lesson for

If you run a business, you probably don't want to
counteroffer. Cause if they offer, they have to go to leave once they
often leave once or they've been looking already, they're going to leave.
Okay. So don't counter offer you, you want to get to a level
where people are like, man, I can't believe that person's going to
go. I want to make sure that, you know, I, I can counter offer
to, to retain that person. You want to be that
person that they retained. That's what ended up happening at that
company. And then when I think about, uh, when I think about the company I went to
leave marketing at, when I, when I was, when I was, when I said, hey, I'm going
to leave. Um, the CEO actually was like, he was actually a little
like, well, you know, your options are going to be worth
more than um, wherever you're going to, you know, he was actually
trying to convince me to stay.

I ended up making the
right choice. And you know, what I have today is worth a lot
more than what the options would be. Here's the other lesson for you. Sometimes you're going to take gambles
and what you might think may seem really risky to you. You take a shot on it and it might turn
out good and then that's what you went and you take calculated risks and then
you went out. So that's how I journeyed. I took my journey from, you know,
freelancer to going into six figures, um, and then going into even
multiple six figures as well. Make sure that you become
indispensable. That's one thing. Um, second thing too is bring
new ideas to the table. Third thing is you want to be the
type of person that can execute, uh, not just bring the new ideas to the
table, but execute on the ideas.

You want to make sure that you are that
autonomous person that people can rely on, that people can count on. Those are the things that will get
you into that six figure level. Um, as a marketer. And I used to think, you
know, coming out of college that, um, if I could, you know, if I can just make like $60,000
a year or something like that, I would be set for the rest of my life.
Now what you realize is that's um, you know, you're gonna need to, if you
want to go into the six figure range, um, you are going to need to
push harder than that. Um, and you are going to need to
really set yourself apart. Okay? So you're not the type, again, you're not going to get there by being
the one that is always asking for help and always, um, kind of, you know,
counting on others for, you know, uh, some handholding.

You are going to get there by being
the one with the one that says, Hey, I did this studying over here. I
think we should do something this way. I think the results are going to be
this. And you actually show the results. Like you actually have to hit
numbers. If you hit numbers, there's going to be no problem for you
getting to the six different amounts. But if you, if you cannot hit numbers, then you are going to struggle to get
there and you're going to be stuck at the level that you're at the heart of
the trials, the better for you.

Because if you can pass the trial, you
get to level up into another level. Uh, you can go from five fitters
to six figures to the next
video where we're going to talk about how you can become
a seven figure marketer. Okay. That's gonna be a beautiful one because
we all want to, you know, five figures, six figures, seven figures.

Okay? So let me know in the comments
what you think I might've missed. If you agree with me, disagree with me, tell me how you are going to get
to six figures as a marketer. Maybe you surpass it already. Um, and then don't forget to check on the
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