Use Clickbank Affiliate Marketing and ChatGPT To Make $127.91 Again & Again! (Affiliate Marketing)

Clickbank affiliate marketing just got easier with the introduction of ChatGPT and in this affiliate marketing tutorial, I will show you how to make Clickbank sales using free traffic and getting ChatGPT to do all the hard work for you.

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Hey everyone in this video today I want To show you how to start ClickBank Affiliate marketing to make money online And earn as much as 87 a sale or even up To a hundred and twenty seven dollars Per sale using 100 free traffic and I'm Going to show you how to do that and Make money online with chat GPT this is Going to save you a lot of time so that This strategy will only take you 10 to 15 minutes a day once it's set up to Maintain this and you can make hundreds If not thousands of dollars every single Week so we're going to get straight into This strategy but before we do that I Also want to remind you that I still Have my March giveaway have you signed Up if you haven't what are you waiting For all you need to do is Click onto That link in my description and you Could be one of the lucky 10 winners That I'm going to give a hundred dollars To all you need to do is come down the Bottom entering your details watch this Video follow me on my social media and I'll be announcing the winners on a live Video and and you could be one of the Lucky winners and I'm going to be Sending you a hundred dollars with that Being said I'll ask for an appreciation Is it you smash that like button go down The bottom subscribe to the channel and Let me know in the comments are you in The giveaway so the first thing that you

Need to do is you need to come over to ClickBank and you need to sign up for an Account quick disclaimer you can do this With any affiliate marketing network if ClickBank is not available inside your Country that's fine guys go out and use Digital24 find another affiliate Marketing program there are plenty out There find anything that works in your Country this is just the example that I'm running with in this video so what You want to do is sign up for a free Account now once you've gone and Completed your account sign up what's Going to happen is it's going to bring You over to their Marketplace you can See here that what you want to do on the Left hand side you've got this drop down Box you want to click onto that and what We're going to do is we're going to use A different Niche because I've had a few Comments people saying I don't want to See health and all this sort of stuff so I said all right let's check out a Different type of Niche that we can do This in so what you want to do guys is You want to scroll all the way down to The bottom and you want to go to Self-help from self-help you want to Come over here and you want to click Onto dating guides okay so once you do That it's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this it's a lot of People looking for help with

Relationships wanting to get their ex Back wanting to get a girlfriend get a Boyfriend whatever they're into this Platform over here has different types Of products that can help them do that And they're willing to pay for this help Okay which means you can make as much as 87 so once you come over here and you Scroll down you can see that there's This product over here that can pay you As much as 87 per sale it's got a Gravity of 22 which isn't bad for this Niche but as you scroll down you can Find other ones as well this one's forty Seven dollars for with a gravity of 38 Not too bad as you scroll down you're Gonna find other ones and here's another One that I showed you over 127.91 per sale or per average sale that A customer signs up another really good Gravity score so what you want to do With these products is you want to click Onto them you want to see what does this Landing page look like once you click on Onto this it's going to bring you over To this one's I believe it's got a video Sales page as you can see if you click Here it's going to tap for it's going to Play the sound I'm not going to do that Now basically it's a vso it's a video Sales page people come over here they'll Watch this they'll listen to this if They're interested they're going to Purchase this and you're going to make

Money with ClickBank affiliate marketing So now that you know what this product Is what you would need to do from here Is Click onto this promote section this Is going to give you the affiliate ID so You can promote this product we're going To do that in a second when we go and I'll show you where you're going to Enter that now what we need to do is we Need to find traffic we need to go out And see where are we going to promote These different types of products and One of the best places that's worked for Me many times and I'm going to show you An unbelievable trick that not a lot of People are talking about that works Really really well what you want to do Is you want to come over to Google and You want to type in dating advice forums I don't know what people are thinking Our forums don't work trust me one I'm Going to show you right now it has a Hundred percent work for me and I'll Even encourage you to test this comeback And let me know how you went and how Much money you have made so what you Want to do is you want to scroll down Past some of these sponsored ones you Can take a look at them as well but what You want to do is just scroll down and Open up all these different types of Dating forums one of the ones that I've Opened up is this one over here it's Called you can scroll down

And take a look at this what we now want To do is we want to sign up as a user of This and we're going to be giving advice To people that have questions but we're Going to be doing something a little bit Different because the product that we Are promoting if you had a look at this Sales page it's how to turn a girl into Your girlfriend so it's basically guys That are looking to get a girl to like Him to get a girlfriend Etc so what we Need to do is we need to start giving Advice as if you're a female and if You're a guy and you don't know how to Do this that's okay chat GPT does so What we want to do is when you're on These different types of sites that You've gone and clicked on onto the First thing that we need to do is we Need to sign up for a free account so Quite simply you want to come up to the Top and you want to click on to sign up Now I want you to pay close attention to This because I'm going to show you where You can get ideas to come up with a name And also to come up with an AI generated Face you're probably thinking why but It's all going to make sense in a second So what you want to do is come over here And just come up with a date of birth Okay so we can come up with something Very simple let's just go with the 15th Of the 5th 2000 okay so click on to Continue that all doesn't really matter

Guys scroll down and then what you want To do is you want to come up with a Display name you want to enter in your Email address and fill all this out now To come up with a display name you can Just come up with something like Yourself Emma Smith whatever you want Right or what you can do is you can come Over to Google and type in name Generator this is a pretty cool one over Here it's called name Dash it doesn't really Matter which one it is there's so many Of these I've just clicked on to the First one and what this is going to do Is it's going to ask you for some Information on creating or coming up With a random name because we're going To be creating someone that literally Doesn't exist chat jpt is going to do All the work for us so then what you Want to do is you want to scroll down so Here's one let's just click onto this Female name and then it's going to ask You some information about this so how Many examples would you like to generate You can do 10 20 it's up to you I'm just Going to leave it on 10 now do you have A surname in mind I don't you can just Click on to you know suggest I'm going To leave it on hunt or you can you know Keep going through and find anything That you want and just leave it where You want so birth here any what you can

Do is you can go to suggest or what you Can do so birth years we're going to go 2000 okay because what this is going to Do is going to look at all the popular Names of people you know or one of the More popular names in the year 2000s Then for me how would you like to Describe his her nationality it doesn't Really matter which best describes his Her religious background doesn't matter Then you want to scroll down human and Then over here it's going to ask you What type of character you can scroll Down you can do yeah virtuous it doesn't Really matter so then what you want to Do is scroll down and then go write me Some names so you just want to click Onto that and this is going to start Generating some name so you can see it's Come up here with Lucy Mason Hannah Mason Chloe Mason Ellie Mason so it just Gives you some ideas of what to do so What I'm going to do is I'm just going To run with a Chloe Mason okay so just Copy that then we're going to come over To you guys and we're going to paste That in there and I'm going to complete All this okay then down here you can see You've got gender identity you're going To go with female the other thing you Want to select is personal gender Pronoun so we're going to go with she Her her herself age as you can see we're Going to go with 18 to 20 Forks 23 years

Old then down here you can put all these Questions if you don't want to you don't Have to just opt out of that guys and Then you want to click onto I agree with The terms of use and privacy policy and Click on to create my account now once You've gone and submitted that what's Going to happen is it's going to ask you To validate your email address once You've done that it's going to bring you Over to a page that looks like this now This is really important what we want to Do is come up to the top so this is the Name that we've come up with click onto This drop down box and go to your Profile what we want to do now is make This profile look a little bit better by Adding an image now in order to add an Image what we want to do is we want to Use an image of a person that actually Doesn't exist otherwise you're not Allowed to do that I'm going to show you How to do that so what you want to do From here is come straight over to Google and type in AI generated image of A 23 year old woman and then click onto Images this is going to give you a whole Heap of different types of images you're Going to find hundreds of these images That you could potentially use and You're probably thinking Alan what about Copyright can I just use these images Yes you can let me show you something When it comes to AI generated content

You can see here that AI generated works Are not applicable to the copyright Protection requirements and if you Scroll down over here you'll also be Able to read that this means that under The current rules AI generated art has No owner which means that we can use These images so what you do is you can Click onto something like this and then All I'm going to do is Right Mouse click And save image as so once you've gone And saved that image now what you want To do is come back over to this website And click on this profile photo once you Click onto that this is going to allow You to download that image onto this Website all you need to do is quite Simply click on to choose a single file Over here and choose that image that you Downloaded and click on to open this is Going to take a couple of minutes to Download on to this website but once It's done put the guys that are seeing What we're about to put on these forums Are going to say that they're talking to A girl but we're going to get chat jbt To do everything for us which is why now What we need to do is we need to quite Simply come up to the top and click onto Forums over here and once he brings you Over to this page what you quite simply Want to do is just type in something Like this how to get a girlfriend how to Get your ex back something along those

Lines and what's going to happen is it's Going to find all these different Options where you can come over here and Answer the these different types of Questions so let's just say we want to Go with this one over here it's the Perfect match and then as you scroll Down this is where you can reply to a Lot of these people now what we want to Do is we want to come over to chat GPT Because we're going to get chat jpt to Write all this for us quite simply what You want to do is come to chat GPT and Just ask it something like this I've Written write me a 200 word answer for a Forum post on the best way to get a girl To like you write the answer like a 23 Year old girl in a fun and friendly tone Also include numbered step summary at The end now this is what's going to Happen is it's going to write this as if It's a 23 year old girls here you don't Have to be a 23 year old girl and quite Simply all we now need to do is we need To copy this okay so we're going to copy All this come over you copy this and Once you've copied this you quite simply Want to come back to this forum and now You want to click on to reply to this Topic quite simply now all we need to do Is we need to paste this answer inside This thread now the best thing about This is when you scroll down here you're Going to see that this is the exact same

Reply what you need to do over here this Has been summarized but we just need to Add the numbers okay just like chat jpt Had it and then number four or number Five what we're going to do is we're Going to change this okay so what we're Going to do for number five is we're Going to write something like this so You can see very quickly all I've gone And done is type this up for number five It says click here if you want more help On getting hurt to like you now what we Want to do is come straight back over to ClickBank we want to click on to promote We want to click on to generate hop link And we want to copy this link because This is the product that we are going to Be promoting now what we want to do is Come straight back over to this forum we Want to highlight this we're going to Come up to the top you've got this Little link chain and then what you want To do is you want to paste this URL in There and then click on to insert into Post once you do that you can see that That link has now been inserted anybody Hovers over the top the other thing that You can do guys you can highlight this You can click onto board and you can Click onto italic so it stands out a Little bit more from here all we need to Do is we need to submit this reply the Good thing about this strategy is this Is just one Forum on one website there

Are literally hundreds of forums where You can go to do this in and the other Good thing is is you test out this Product if you don't get any results With this product you don't need to Worry just come straight back over to ClickBank you can try this product you Can try that product you can even try The one that's paying a hundred and Twenty seven dollars for the average Conversion so when people sign up to This product that's how much they are Spending now I told you at the start of This video that I was also going to show You how you can potentially make as much As a thousand dollars a day utilizing Free traffic and this is something that I do every single day inside my business All you need to do guys is come over to it's linked in my Description enter in your details Firstly what I'm going to do is I'm Going to send you this ultimate Affiliate marketing guide absolutely for Free that's going to show you other ways That I make money with affiliate Marketing anything from 100 to 500 plus Every single day with amazing methods I Want to send this to you absolutely for Free from there what you need to do it's Going to take you over to a page that Looks like this and what you want to do Is you want to watch this video this is Going to show you how I've made over

Twenty thousand dollars a month every Single month consistently for the last Five years using 100 free traffic on top Of that you will also get from us Included in this access to a exclusive Coaching and mentoring group on Facebook We currently have over 1 100 members That we are helping every single day Build these passive income strategies And that means that you're going to get Ongoing support from us forever and the Best thing about this guys is that this Is laid out into 10 simple modules that You can quite simply go through step by Step but like I said the support does Not and and there we will continue to Support you to build these passive Income models we literally go through And show you everything that we do in Our business every single day on top of That at the moment this is heavily Discounted and I will be putting the Price up soon so all you need to do is Go down the bottom click on to income Positive and like I said all you need to Do from there is watch this video see Exactly what I do to make as much as a Thousand dollars a day every single day And honestly anybody can do this so that Was my video today on how you're going To make money with ClickBank affiliate Marketing utilizing chat GPT like I said Don't forget to go down the bottom and Sign up to my giveaway you could be one

Of the lucky hundred dollar winners all I ask for in return is that you've Smashed that like button make sure you Subscribe to the channel but don't go Anywhere if you want to know how to use Chat GPT and Pinterest with a trick that Not along of people are actually showing You that all you need to do is Click Onto this video over here right now for A full detailed tutorial I made this the Other day again absolutely love it click Here right now I'll see you on that Video until next time take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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