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This literally takes less than 8 minutes And all you need is Google and it's Absolutely free body which I'm about to Share with you inside of this video and Then you need to copy and paste this Text in order to make it work you don't Actually have to sell anything you don't Have to create a product or a service or A website or need any social media Followers or whatsoever and I'm going to Walk you through the entire process and Show you exactly how this works step by Step so make sure to drop a like down Below and let us begin with the step Number one which is to go over to Google And search for top 20 different weird Things just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never attack You for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can track their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all Whether that's a weird or bizarre thing

Just make sure it's a list of different Weird and bizarre an amazing thing so For example I searched for top 20 weird Celebrity kid names this is just a Single example there's thousands of Different weird things that you can Search for on Google and you will see Exactly why we are doing this now once You do that that you're going to come Across all of these different articles That talk about different unusual and Weird celebrity kid names for example I'm going to open up the one from vog And you can see that this is a oh this Is an article about the most unusual Celebrity baby names and if we scroll a Little bit down we're gonna have a list Of these baby names over here that are Bizarre so what we can simply do is you Can rewrite these articles using this Body called quill bot this is an Absolutely free AI bot now honestly this One doesn't have that much information So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna Go back and I'm gonna find a different Article so I'm gonna open up this one For example I'm gonna click on it and Let's see if they have a little bit more Text that we can rewrite using quill bot Because it's pretty simple all you gotta Do is copy and paste text into robot and I'm going to show you exactly how we're Going to get paid without actually

Selling anything or whatsoever so here We have this article about 33 Wonderfully weird celebrity baby names If I scroll a little bit down I can see This text over here so I'm going to copy One sentence from this text and I'm Going to rewrite it using using Quail Bots I'm going to copy this this is a Paraphrasing tool by the way so you can Just paste that text inside of this box Click on paraphrase and it's going to Become unique text to what you can then Use because if you just copy and paste It from someone else's website then you Are going to get in a little bit of Trouble so don't do that but just Rewrite it either yourself or by using Quill bot and with quill but it's Obviously a lot easier and faster so as You can see it has it has been Rewritten For me so I can basically just copy Parts of the text which I found on Google and just rewrite it like this in Just a couple of minutes now once you do That you can basically copy each board And then you can write it down in a Google Document so I open up a black Google document writing down top 10 Weirdest celebrity kid names because There's like hundreds of different that I can find in Google I'm just gonna make A top 10 list and you will see exactly Why so I will just need to start writing An intra paragraph over here so I'm

Going to write an intro paragraph by Basically just taking parts of this Intro paragraph that I found on Google I'm copying and I'm copying and pasting This text I'm going to go back and I'm Gonna paste it here as well I'm going to Click on paraphrase and it's going to be Rewritten for me I can once again copy That with one click of a button over Here and I can paste it inside of my Google Document so here we have an intro Paragraph now all I got to do is Basically grab these different names Rewrite them with quill bot and then I Can use them in my Google Document so After rewriting them I can just paste Them here and then I can of course make Sure that this has the same this is the Same font as the previous text and it's Also the same color of the text and Everything matches the brand now once You write your article you can also add Names for example of these people of These celebrities or these kids if They're available on Google and then Once you do that you can just go to the File section you can then download this As a PDF document so you can just Download this as a PDF file over here And then you can proceed onto the next Step which is actually monetizing this Text which you have gotten from Google And then you rewrote that using a free Bot and to do that you can just go over

To a platform called Listverse and is a platform where people Come to share top 10 weird things weird Stuff like it's a these articles are the Least type of article that's why it's Called the list Wars and they usually Show top 10 weirdest or most bizarre or Something and so what you can do is you Can click on more over here and you can Click on write and get paid and that's Going to take you to this page where you Can see that you can get paid a hundred Dollars for each article that you share And it literally takes less than eight Minutes to create that article with Google and it's absolutely freebot and What you can do is you can just click on Submission form right over here and then You can submit a form so all you're Going to do is type in your name over Here so I'm going to type in my name and Then you're gonna write an email address Over here so let's say for example this Is my email address then you can type in Your PayPal email address over here you Can enter your order blurb so basically A description of you like typing stops In something about you and then you can Enter the title of your article in my Case this is going to be the article so I'm going to copy the title and I'm Gonna go back and I'm going to paste That here I will write a clear Description or an introduction for this

Article so I'm gonna paste it here and Then I'm gonna enter the full article Below so to enter a full article I'm Just going to paste this so I'm just Going to copy this and I'm going to Paste it inside of this box and I'm Going to share it I will of course I Need to edit the text a little bit Because as you can see it is looking a Little bit different than it was in Google Docs so I'm just going to edit it Real quick and here we have a full Article that is once again about the top 10 weirdest kid names and celebrities Gave and now I can just click on I agree To the terms and conditions which are Mostly that this article has not been Just copied and pasted from someone else Because obviously we're going to get in Copyright issues incorporate travel with That so what you simply we want to do is I just want to rewrite it either Yourself or using quill Bots you don't Want to just copy and paste and steal Someone's article you want to add unique Value and the easiest way to do that is By using a paraphrasing tool like quill Bot and then you can just click on Submit a list over here and if it gets Approved you're going to get a hundred Dollars for this one single article and You can submit unlimited articles every Single day and if you get a couple of Them approved that can literally be

Multiple hundreds of dollars being paid From this literally just copying and Pasting weird and bizarre articles from Google so that's how you can get paid Literally copy pasting text from Google And by using this a free bot without Actually selling anything and without Any social media followers I really hope You got some value out of this video I Really hope you've learned something new And if you did make sure to drop a like Down below and I will see you next time

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