How to get Freelancing Projects in Digital Marketing (My Secrets)

Hello Friends, I am Sahil Khanna and today I will talk about how to get freelancing digital marketing projects I will talk about 2 things the first one is how to target the domestic market and the second one is how to target the international market If I talk about myself so I was lucky enough. You can also check out my video on being lucky but I was already lucky from my college days regarding projects and then projects keep coming from referrals Then I started my YouTube channel and things went good. According to me, I didn't work hard to acquire clients But yuo are not lucky so you have to work hard to acquire clients There is one strategy that I used to follow and many of my students also follow this and that is "Power of free" People will ask you for your portfolio whenever you will approach them regarding digital marketing services But you don't have a portfolio so how you will get projects and that person logic is also genuine because why would somebody give you money unless they know your level or he would offer you less money for your service one of my students used to offer websites for free and this was his strategy to get clients so he makes a website for free but the condition is you will have to buy a domain and hosting by his affiliate link and through an affiliate link, he used to earn 3-4k per client he got 3-4k per website and client cost was zero so in this way you get one client and if he likes your work so he will also buy other services from you you can also pitch your client regarding SEO or local SEO and after offering for free consciously or uncosciously he will though of giving you something and it will not a big deal for him to give 5k for a local SEO after making a website for free and from there, his business will start growing up so he will give you more projects and referral and ultimately your business will grow and the second way is to find potential clients who're doping things in the wrong way Whenever we see the problem in someone's website, SEO so we will give him ree strategies and all to improve it and if he doesn't know about it so he will hire you and if he is already working with some company or person so he will replace that person with you because they are doing the wrong work this thing works well for international clients because their ticket size is high and maybe In India people will only use for free advice If I talk about myself so we offer free SEO audit you can also market your free SEO audit service and then you got some clients and for that, you do SEO audit from my website and make some changes and send them and conversion rate let's assume 2-3% only and last and the important thing is calling You will not able to get clients until you approach them.

Because sales are a big factor in getting the client It doesn't matter how good you are in something but if you don't know about sales pitch so you will able to do nothing I have already made a series on sales pitch so start watching those videos and start applying In starting you have to do 100 calls and that's it. And you can get data from just dials or Indiamart those people who are spending 3-5k on these websites are ready to pay money for his business so they will also be ready to give you 5k for website get a database from just dial and India mart and make a list then start calling calling is free so start calling.

And I know 50% o people will cut your call before even listen and that is okay and out of 50 left people, 40 will listen to you until the end and out o 40 let's assume you got 5 meetings and one client on a daily basis so isn't enough? you will get 30 clients in a month and you can also offer them recurring services SEO work is monthly so you will get 5k each month on a regular basis and then it will grow exponentially now talk about the international market because In India people don't have enough money to spend on marketing because Indian clients consider marketing as an expense and international clients considered this as investment so the strategies I told you above mo0st of them will work with them too we can do E-mail. we will see different types of businesses in New York (For example) and we will see what they are doing and then we will make our strategic plan and will send them through email so let's suppose you grab an industry of mobile phones so same strategy will work for everyone but you can make Lil bit changes on a behalf of locations so you make a strategic plan and sent them after making required changes now after reading the strategy if they think you have potential but you also have to see a projection you can show you will earn this amount of the money by investing this and all the second thing is to educate them.

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You can write blogs or make videos or add someone's else videos you can refer blog or website regarding a particular service According to me, you will get 15-16% conversion rate if you sent good email to a targeted audience And don't send email through mail chimp. Try to send through Gmail or through your company email because it should look like professional not spamming We have to tell them what problem we have seen and how they can improve it with some refer blogs or videos and at the end say than you and contact us if you need any help. Insert your website link and website should be good because if it is not then nothing will happen so you take them to your website then he will get to know about you and you will also able to re-market then now there's a problem and that is English because nobody from international will talk in Hindi or will talk us through chat in starting email is okay but then you have to talk one to one.

But you don't need to go to the USA for metting unless the client is very big So you will have to talk through skype or any other video platform to interact with them But if you aren't able to make them understand in proper English. At this moment you know everything but in Hindi but if you aren't able to make them understand in English then everything will go in vain So today's video sponsor is Cambly. I am giving the link to that video in eye button Cambly is an application on which you can talk to native English speakers you can easily talk to them in video form so you can practice with them in their accent. You can also practice your sales pitch during that conversation The more you practice your sales pitch the more you will able to pitch effectively You can ask them about their business and then you can tell their sales pitch and ultimately your sales pitch will be ready and then you can approach to international clients the benefit of cambly is, it is 24/7 accessible and all the speakers are from English countries so we will easily able to understand their tone or accent From family, we got a 10 minutes trial coupon which is paid so I will give in the description box so after taking, a 10-minute trial you will get to know is this application for you or not So you can pitch your sales pitch to them.

Even I did it so let me show How I did it SO that's it I hope you like this video. Do like and share and tell us in the comment box how you grab freelancing project or yourself Bye good night and good morning whenever you are watching this video.

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