I Tested This Trading Strategy & It Made 310%

I found a trading strategy that made 310% 
in just 1 and half months of trading.
  First go to trading view
Click the indicators tab,   type in qqe mod, this one right here
Our 2nd indicator is going to an indicator   call hull suite, this one by insilico
Then finally, the last indicator is   going to be a volume oscillator.
Now let s optimize the settings a bit.
  Go to the hull suite indicator, and 
change the length from 55 to 60,   then change the length multiplier to 3.
Then go to the QQE mod, go to the style tab,   and uncheck this level box.
The rules to the strategy are simple.
  First make sure there is a blue 
histogram on the QQE mod.
  Next. Make sure this hull suite indicator line   is green, and price must be 
above it. Like it is here.
  Then we need sufficient volume 
in the market so this volume   oscillator must be above this dotted line.
If all these rules are met.

Enter a trade.
  Set your stop loss at the recent 
swing low. Then set your take profit   at 1.5:1 risk to reward ratio.
Just like that, you have a winning trade.
  If you are interested in the backtest 
results, I will leave them in my discord.

As found on YouTube

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