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Hey everyone in today's video I'm going To show you how to use digistore 24 to Make anything from 100 to a thousand Dollars a day this is a complete did you Store 24 tutorial for beginners and I'm Going to walk you through everything Step by step and you can start to make Some serious money online the best part Is this is absolutely free anybody can Do this from anywhere around the world And you can get started straight after Watching this video I'm going to show You how to take one product and multiply The earnings by three by using the Affiliate resources that digistore24 Gives you on their platform now before We get into it if this is the first time You've come to my channel go down the Bottom hit that subscribe button turn on All notifications and I'll make sure you Get notified every time we post a brand New video so today like I said guys I Want to show you how to use digistore24 To make money online as a complete Beginner so the first thing that you Need to do when you're on Digi store 24 Is you need to create an account for Your yourself so that you big you can Become an affiliate and promote these Amazing products as you can see you can Earn up to 70 commissions on Digi store 24 and there isn't any sort of you know Sign up criteria or anything like that And you can see here that they have over

44 different niches for you to promote So all you need to do is come up over Here and create an account for yourself Once you create an account on Digi store 24 then you're going to come over here And as you can see you've got digital Products you've got events and seminars And physical products in today's video With digital24 we're going to be Focusing on digital products and I want To show you a niche that I don't talk About a lot but the conversions are Amazing and people make a lot of money Online with digital 24 and other Affiliate platforms and when you scroll Down here what I want to take you to is The dating love and relationship Niche And when you come over here and click Onto this there are a lot of offers in Dating and relationships where the Resources will do all the work for you That's exactly what I want to show you In this video when you come over here Take a look at this product over here It's called his secret Obsession and It's got insane conversions guys 90 Conversions and you can earn as much as 46. almost 47 per sale so you can see That very quickly this can add up to a Lot of money online and when you scroll Down here you can see the average price Average over here is 67.86 which means that they have upsells As well and when you come down here

You've got a lot of other products as Well over here that you can promote so All you need to do is come over here and Find one that's doing well I like to use These ones over here like I showed you With the commissions are 90 which is Brilliant so what you want to do when You're over here on digistore 24 is you Want to come over here and you want to Copy this link because this is the link That you're going to be promoting and I Want to show you exactly how you can get This done so the first thing that you Want to do is you want to scroll down Here to the sales page you want to open Up the sales page and then you want to Come over here and you want to open up The affiliate support page as well so Once you open up these the first thing That you're going to see over here is This is their landing page this is the Sales page and you can take a quick look At this you can get a second you can Press play and listen to this all what You can do is come over here and click On to skip the text presentation if You're enjoying the video so far guys Make sure you smash that like button Because I'm about to show you three ways That you can use this exact product with So much resources that will keep you Going for a couple of months so that you Can start to make a lot of money online Using digistore24 so this is the sales

Page this is what the customer is going To see if they come over here and click On to skip this what this is going to do Is going to bring them over to here so If they want to read all this they Absolutely can it's up to them the other Thing that we opened up over here is the Affiliate support page so once you click Onto that it's going to bring you over To this page over here and as you can See on this page you've got banners over Here you've got sample you can sample Email swipes promotional links custom Reports product reviews there's a whole Heap of stuff I'm going to show you Three that you're going to do now and What platforms you're going to use this On so please pay close attention so when You come over here you can see you've Got these custom PDF reports and you've Got these text HTML reports so we're Just going to click onto this now to Take us to the next page and I'll show You where you can get all these Resources but when you click onto this You need to enter your email address so Once you click onto this and you enter Your email address over here so let me Just enter one of my emails click on to Get started what this is going to do is It's going to bring us over to this page Over here it's just loading up So when you come over here you can see Here that you've got a few more things

Have opened up over here so you've got Image and videos you've got articles and Landing pages so if you click onto this You've got articles you've got custom PDF reports and over here you've got Images you've got instagramming images Pinterest images all these different Images I'm going to show you three of These different strategies right now the First one that I want to show you over Here is you want to come over because When you promote this product you want To promote it as much as possible and to So many other different platforms so That you can start to make really good Money with Digi still 24. so let's say You wanted to start Instagram profile Ovc come over here you click onto Instagram over here and what happens I Mean take a look at this if you scroll Down and we count all these you can see Here you've got two months worth of Posting with these different images over Here that are completely done for you I Mean these are already done for you from There once you see traction that is Going to motivate you to create your own Pins and all you need to do is go over To Us site like canva.com okay once you Click onto canva you can come over here And you can create your own Instagram Post and I'm going to show you a Platform that you can go to to get even More of these different quotes So when

You come over here what you want to do Is you want to come over and you want to Click on to download all full resolution Zip so once you click onto that let me Just bring that up so if I come over Here and go to my downloads I'll double Click onto that here they are here's Social images if I double click onto That click onto here I mean take a look At this here are all these different Posts over here that we can put up on Instagram okay I mean this is fantastic Okay so as you can see all of these and Then all you need to do is start a very Simple Instagram profile like this one Over here called relationship quotes Dot World take a look at how many Subscribers I have guys 228 000 subscribers okay that are following Them these are people that are following Them and when you scroll down here it's Pretty much the exact same thing you Could you already have two months worth Of content okay all you need to do is Come over here and start uploading to Instagram and when you come over you see This tiny URL over here if we click onto This this is going to take us over to an Offer have a look at that this is this Office from ClickBank you're going to be Doing an offer from digistore24 you can Even go to ClickBank and find this exact Same offer this person is doing this and Clearly it's working for them and when

You have a look at their engagement look At this 4288 likes this stuff absolutely works Okay 9451 likes okay guys so absolutely a lot Of opportunity to make money we did you Store 24 what you will do is quite Simply when you copy that link over here You can very easily come over to a site Like bitly.com or you can use the same Site that they're using which is Tiny URL to shorten that link very very Simple stuff okay that's the first way That you can do this to make money with Digi store 24 guys when you come over Here to the resources page you scroll Back up here there is another way that You can do this if you come over here See these articles and landing pages if You click onto this and you come down Here let's have a look at this one over Here first articles and landing pages if You click onto this what's going to Happen is it's going to bring you over To a page that looks like this and over Here when you scroll down you can see he Start the article download so I'm going To download these articles then I'm Going to show you where you can use These exact same articles just to upload Them you're going to get a lot of Traffic a lot of clicks and potentially A lot of sales to make money with Digistore24 so when you scroll down here

You click onto this once you click onto That it's going to download onto your Computer I've already downloaded it to Save us some time let me open this up And come back over here as you can see This is what I've downloaded and once I Downloaded it all I needed to do over Here is I click my right Mouse click Onto this and I clicked on to extract All because as you can see it's a zipped File at the moment and you want to Extract it so that you can use these Different articles and you can upload it To other platforms so once we click onto This once we've extracted that and you Come you double click onto this as you Can see you've got all these options Over here let's go to Rich Text articles Double click onto that as you can see You've got all these articles if you Click on to reach HTML articles you can See you've got all these over here now Take a look at how amazing these Articles look once you double click onto This over here and then you come over Here and click onto index take a look at This article and when you scroll down I Mean look how amazing these articles are And when you scroll down a lot of these Different articles are going to have in Better the links over there you can Click here to learn more and the great Thing about this is is that your Affiliate ID when you put in your email

When you sign up this is going to be Embedded in these articles okay and then It's from here that you want to use These articles you want to copy these And you want to paste these articles so That you can get traffic sales and Clicks as well so if we minimize this Over here what you want to do with these Articles is you can very easily come Over to sites like this called Slideshare.net This is a brilliant site Where you can come over here and upload These different articles when you scroll Down you can see that a lot of people Upload to this platform because this Platform gets hundreds of thousands and Millions of visitors every single month And as if you come down here you can Even search for a whole range of Different types of Articles if you type In relationships In the search tab over here and you Scroll down you can see there is pages Of articles in this nation okay it's Just loading up and once it loads what You're going to see is these different Types of Articles so what you want to do When you're on slideshow over is quite Simply come over here click on to upload Once you click on to upload all you need To do is come over here and select the Files that you want to upload and you Can upload these as a PDF file it's Super simple stuff guys because

Everything has been handed to you Through this resources page over here And these article sections where you can Get very very simple articles as well Over here guys another way that you can Do this is you can also download these Custom PDF reports now you can use these Custom PDF reports also on SlideShare But there's a whole heap of other places That you can do this on so what you want To do is you want to come over here and You want to click onto custom PDF Reports and once you click onto custom PDF reports and scroll down he you can See here that there's three different PDF reports over here that you can come Over here and you can download so when You scroll down over here take a look at This you've got you can choose exactly Which one of these you want to use let's Just go with this one over here momentum Method leave that in there then over Here what you want to do is you want to Enter in your digistore 24 ID and to Find out all you need to do is come over Here to digital24 scroll up to the top As you can see mine is smart money Tactics so what I will do is I'd very Easily come back over to here and then Scroll down over here and just type in Smart Money tactics as an example okay and Then what you want to do is you want to Scroll down you can enter additional

Features if you want you don't have to Okay guys and then all you need to do is Scroll down here if you click onto I'm Not a robot and then generate Personalized PDF so you click onto that Once you click onto this guys take a Look at how amazing this PDF report is I Mean these are just more ways that you Can use this to make money on Digi store 24 and to make money online and when you Scroll down over here you can see this Is an amazing PDF report and what you're Going to find in these PDF reports is on Certain pages you're going to find that People when they click onto these links Over here that they have embedded you're Going to it's going to drive them Directly to the offer that you are Promoting which is why it asked you what Was your digistore 24 affiliate ID and Then as you can see here what you can do From here is you can copy this and There's so many different places that You can share this with you can imagine That you can share this on for example Pinterest and they have Pinterest pins For you as an example you can even you Know promote this on Instagram as well So you can come over to Instagram and Instead of having a link here you could Have that PDF if you wanted so people Have a really good read to do that the Other thing that you can do is you can Come over to this site over here called

Pdfslide.net This is a fantastic Platform where you can come over here to Upload a whole heap of different types Of PDFs over here and you've got the PDFs which is fantastic the resources Give you everything and when you come Over here guys if you type in something Like Relationships for example okay so come Over you type in relationships click Onto search you're going to find all These different types of PDF articles on Here that are in relationships the other Thing you can do is you can type in ClickBank for example and you're going To find a whole heap of different type Of ClickBank products over here that People are promoting as well you can Type in digistore24 for example okay and What this is going going to do is show You everything that people are promoting Over here from Digi store 24 and what You need to do is come over here create A profile for yourself it's so simple to Upload this stuff guys it's not even me Worth my time coming over here and Showing you how to do this because it's Super simple it's literally grab the File and download it and you've got all The photos you've got all the videos That you need and basically when you Come over here this is exactly what this Is going to look like when you upload it And then over here you can see it shows

You all the different images all you Need to do is Click onto it and as you Can see you can find all these different Ones and then come over here and just Choose the page that you want to have a Look at and this is exactly what people Do they come over here and believe it or Not you can see here that this has had 2 304 views if you click onto any one of These other ones over here it'll show You exactly how many views this has had And this is just free traffic that you Can get 218 views Etc and all you need To do is combine these three products to Make money with Digi store 24 use Instagram create a profile for yourself You've got two months worth of content Where you can upload this add your link Over here in your bio of your Instagram Account and you can start to make some Serious money on Digi store 24 upload These articles over here on SlideShare And upload those PDFs over here on PDF Slide and you can start to make some Really good money online and for another Way that you guys can make a lot of Money online like I said all you need to Do is Click onto that link in my Description and you're going to find a Strategy for a little as little as a Dollar you can learn how to make money With affiliate marketing with no Google Ads no Facebook ads no Bing ads no video Creation it's perfect for newbies so

Click on the link in the description Guys that link is this one over here all You need to do is Click onto it it's Going to take you to a landing page Enter in your email and you can have Full access to this and you can learn Exactly how these guys over here have Started to make thousands of dollars This is exactly what I did this is Exactly what I'm showing you guys and You can see all the proof over here of People making a lot of money online you Can get started with this as well today So that was my Digi store 24 tutorial For beginners if you enjoyed it don't Forget to smash that like button in Appreciation now if you guys want to Know how to get started with email Marketing I've created this very simple Tutorial for you to watch to see exactly What you need to do and you can start to Make thousands of dollars so click onto This video over here right now for a Full email marketing tutorial I'll see You on that video until next time you Guys take care of yourselves and goodbye

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