How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts | Easiest Copy & Paste Strategy to Earn $2,000+/Day

on this video today i want to show you how to make money with youtube shorts and build a channel that gets tens of millions of views just like these channels come over here in such a short period of time and the easiest thing about this strategy is all that all you have to do is come here copy this link come straight here platform here and paste this link from here all you have to do is download this video so you can start making tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars every month but it's not all guys I'm going to show you where you can go to get endless amount of content not just from YouTube and this content just love this video here I'm going to show you how you can get it legally and for free without any copyright issues all you have to do is come here and download this video the best part about this YouTube short strategy is you will never need to show your face you do not have to create any videos at all es and you do not have to use your own voice this is one of the easiest ways to make money with YouTube shorts and to blow up your YouTube channel so if you want to make money on YouTube make sure you check out this whole strategy for now we start how are you alan again here from the smart money tactics channel and to this video, I have another brand new youtube shorts tutorial to show you how you can use these youtube shorts videos to make a great build channel, I is an example of someone who did it in eight months and they are absolutely smashed it and I want to show you exactly how you can do the same, but for us in this video go guys go underneath the real button as appreciation, leave me a comment and let me know what is your best youtube short niche you like to watch below and comment right now so today guys I want you guys to take a look at this channel here, these are called tool tips well and this can eel has 2.28 million subscribers okay this is a channel that focuses on simple tool hacks and i want to show you how you can get videos that are very similar to this absolutely free from many different sources online absolutely free and i want to show you how you can use these videos without any copyright issues without showing your face without using your own voice or ever create any of the videos now watch these guys as we come here and go sort by and we go to date added oldest this channel was just for eight months around, feel free to deny hundreds of thousands of opinions on top of that as we take a look at most popular videos watch how many views this channel gets and you can imagine with affiliate links who wanted affiliate links how much money they can make i mean, just look at socialblade for this channel guys if you guys look at this their potential for advertising revenue is astronomical and i want to show you how to YouTube short can use pants and then create longer videos that are super simple and I will walk you through and show you live examples on this video and you can do it every day guys it will take you less than five minutes well but it is not the only channel not to do it here is another channel past mentioned here with then I believe is how you pronounce it and when you come here watch this in the last few months they have videos and I have 68 million views 50 million 11 million 10 million the air's limit is this channel also gets a lot of views and they earn a lot of money I mean watch this anything from twelve thousand to one hundred and ninety six thousand and that other channel over here is the tools channel guys tooltips get anything from 129,000 to 2.1 million i mean it's a big niche guys and if you come here to youtube and you type hashtag plus hacks ththere are a few channels that do it absolutely blow up but the amount of opinions they get is huge, so wagon t what you want to do is use the short videos to build your subscriber base and then create longer form videos get your channel monetized and make a lot of money i mean watch those 22 million views 15 million views 960 000 views and i'm going to you this video shows how to create this step by step how to do the voice-over where you are going to get this content how to download it content and i also want to show you at the moment a channel how they do it because you probably going to say alan there are copyright issues i keep getting comments that say it will not work there are copyright issues, let me show you an example of a channel that does something very similar when you come to youtube guys and you type aussie man rate this guy has 5 million subscribers and what he does is he comes here he gets videos from youtube he gets videos from tick he gets videos from instagram and he uses these videos and he is allowed to be used under fair because there are a few things what you need to do to get these videos allow YouTube to use them and I'm going to tell you what these tricks are about this video as an example if we click on this video here as an example first thing is of course that there is an ad it is playing so I just got rid of ad now very very fast before I play this video to show you what this video looks like you are coming here and you click on to show more what he is actually doing, is he posting all the sources where he gets all his videos of this is not his videos all he does is the voiceover but I'm going to show you where you can get it without using your own voice and watch what he puts all the different links to where he got all his content from let me play just a few seconds of this video welcome to bike day we look at the unsung heroes of the road so i'm going to pause that okay he just told about the top and you do not have to tell a there are a few things that you need to do you need to change this content and make it your own a little okay you may need to add a voiceover you need to put some screen cover in order and it's very simple to do and I'm going to walk you through this lead video so you can make money with these youtube shorts by creating longer form now videos where are you going to get this content from what type of other social media platforms can you go to get these videos the first good one you can to guys go is instagram good what i did is that i went to instagram i have tool tips as a typed example because i knew that channel would have an Instagram profile then what i did guys like you guys can see you have this little arrow this drop down block that I clicked that I rolled down below and I found all these other channels on tool tips if I wanted to start a tooltip channel after which I will show you how to download it v anaf Instagram and other social media sites also if you unroll guys take a look at this the first thing you want to make sure you do is that you switch to reals and if you unroll you can see all these are different tool tips now is the best thing of rules guys they are 60 seconds long just like youtube shortcuts so it's perfect to start building your channel well so this is the first place you can go where is instagram what i came across here guys, I have myself hacks typed in as an example roll down found this channel across here which it absolutely crushes too and get millions of views guys regularly on this Instagram profile again these are rules you can use you can create a hack channel in a variety of issues like you do not just have to do tools you can do tools and you can do makeup and you can do life hacks you can do crafts etc here is another Instagram profile here guys who do exactly the same and you can do exactly what they are doing and use a lot of these videos so instagram is a place you can do it too guys here is a video here on instagram as you can see guys this is a 60 second video and i'm going to you show how you can download video by this link in just a grab second another platform where you can go for guys is also again a tiktok i found exactly the same channel here on tick and when i typed tools tips below suggested accounts it's going to show you other accounts and i'm going to show you three different sites where you can go download these Instagram accounts these tik tok accounts and of course how to get these videos from YouTube too so you can create them later compilation videos it's super simple guys so as you can see i got this tick tok-profile i found another tik-tok profile here, i mean guys take a look at how much content you have left here to start this different s kep types of videos and when you come here guys if you click on this video click here opposite with tick it is really simple guys if you click on this video here over there it will take you to a page that looks like you have these three small dots you can download this video but i'm going to show you a hack you can use let me just start it in front of this video here i'm going to play because what happens is lots of these videos as you can see them have the watermark I am going to show you how you can potentially have this watermark removed okay and there are so many different channels with life hacks you will find on a tap tok guys and the sky is the limit so now what you want to do is when you come across to any one of these different types of profiles when you get a video just like this one here you want to download let's say from instagram tick tok and youtube these are the three different sites you should go to the first site for in stagram is this one here called you want to come here to get your tools want to go where it says downloader and click to instagram this is where you will paste the url of that instagram video so this is how you make instagram as you would type tok guys do would to this site come here it is a tikmerkpunt called a double p well, this is the site where you will go and you that tick tock will url paste I will show you which one I'm talking about now and this is the one past here you can grab so you can come here and you will copy that url and you will paste it in here website here and click to download it will download it as you can see without the watermark guys and it's super super simple and super fast now if you want to use one of these videos from YouTube you would come here you would copy this url here and you would come over to this site here called and then this is where you will paste the youtube url and you will start clicking there ie video download very important i wanted to show you all three methods so now that we came here guys on instagram and we found a video that this one is over here is what you simply want to do you want to come here and you want to copy this url as soon as you copy this url guys you want to come over to this site like I said and come here to paste that url here what is that Instagram URL then past here guys you want to click on looking for what it's going to do is it's going to find that video right now here download simply come here and click on to download and as you can see video is being downloaded now I am going to show you how you are going to create this video at the moment so please pay close attention if you enjoy this video up to this stage, do not forget to press that like button in appreciation because I still have some strategies on how you can potentially level up more money on the back of these YouTube short videos so now that we have it video guys it's downloaded to our computer what you want to do is you want to to this site come here who canva.

com these videos is super easy to make guys and you can do this using canva once you are on canva you can see that you have mobile video option 1920 to 1080 and you simply want to do is you want to click on this video and what it's going to do is it's going to open then an empty option for you here you want this video we grabbed came here, you're going to drag it and you just want it over the drop it up, we're going to stop it now, what you guys want to do is guys you just want to stretch it out over now the video as it stands likes these guys you basically take someone else's video we have to make now some changes to this video we need to place a potential voice over the top of it and we need to put some text consultation when it comes to voice guys you can use something like your phone phone is good to download your own voice if you wanted or you can use the software on which I am going to show you this video it is super super simple guys so what do you want to do number one do you want to come here and you want to lower this sound okay and you want to lower it completely to say 10 you can play it to hear it well because you do not want it to overwhelm the very very simple steps we are going to put over here so the first step here guys as you can see step one it is to cut the pipe you want to do is you want to come here recruit here called bell bulker okay this website is good, all you have to do is come over to google and type bell in bulk ok, press enter this is the website guys that allow you to download so here it is here over balboa download it allow you to very very simple to create voice recordings is good and it will do the t smell it's all you need, you do not have to pay for anything good and what you want to do once you get here and you download it when you are on canva here we are now going to start creating these very very simple voiceovers and to do what you want to do is you want to come platform here once you've downloaded it and the first thing you want to do is the first step was to say step well as you walk down step one and then do you some typing and what you wanted to say is for example cut the pipe well so it's step one if you come here and play this I want you to hear this step cut the pipe well so you sit pretty in all the steps for this video are good and then you want what you want to do come here to browse files and click on to save audio file as soon as you click on save audio file you can come here, as you can see, you can delete it just on step one as an example and a click to save it is now stored on our computer, well so what do you want do is you want to come straight back to this video we create and then what we want to do is we want to click to upload media is ok so you want to make sure you click on audio and click to upload media as soon as you click to upload media it's going to get you here and you want to download that step 1 well so then all you have to do is grab it and leave it here now, I want you to hear and see exactly how it so look when i get here, we're going to click play cut the pipe well so you can see it's more than enough step one cut the pipe and this video is already starting to change into the video we want it to be, let me play that again step one cut the pipe well so there you go so it's step one now what you need to do guys is quite come back simply to here and now you need to change it you need to put it on step two well and step two out of the video if you come here and watch this video i believe it's finding the cork so if you play it well so find the cork well so i played with this a bit earlier just so i can save it for a while and i'm going to show you it finished video well so find a cork as an example so you can play it to hear what it looks like, then get a cork you simply go over to file and saving audio file well and we'll just put it down as step two, that is if we save it well so it is now also saved us go back to you and we go again media upload under audio so you click to upload media and then above you want to download step two so what you want to do now you want this step two and grab you want to put it here now when you drop it go where you fall this line here so you may have to move it around so what happened is as you can see when you move about this you can see here that you want this sound to start from here so you move it there and as you can see so now that we've cut that this is where it's going to start, we're going to find this step two play the cork right so now we have what you want to do where you started these guys are you want to click on this so you are going to move it, well, you are going to right mouse click on this and see where he says he is split you want hit split well we have it now split screen and the reason why we split it screen we are going to start a post text consultation well so when you play it now step one cut the pipe well it ‘s about step two move find the cork right, we are going to interrupt it now what we are going to do is we are going to do the consultation so we are going to come to text and we are going to move on to heading as an example and what we are going to do then is to go move it up to here where we go double click on this, we go to change it to white stuff as an example and then what you want to do very simply just type in step one right here, now we can make it bigger ok, we want it to ‘ be a little bit a little bigger so it stands out then what you want to do guys see here stand there animate you can here come on and you can choose an animation you like that one looks cool we will choose it one there well so we are going to copy it then we are going to move on to the second one here we are going to paste it there where we are going to change it well so now we're going to change it to step two and then what you guys will do is repeat the process step three step four so let's play it so you can see what step one and step two look like then you will do step three and step four there are only four steps to these guys and this video has been changed enough so that we can be allowed to use it, but you can also of course pay tribute to this person and place a link in the description about where you got the original video got so play this step one cut the pipe step two find a cork well so you can see guys step one step two find the cork then you move on to step three step four and this is what the final video will look like okay guys so I'm going to play it very fast seen you can see if i come here cut the pipe then here you have step two okay then here guys you guys have step three so if i play these three, attach the tap and then step four here guys if you can see drill just in the hook and that's it then you just make the type and that's it, that's that hack complete now what you'll have to do guys now that you're done with this video you have to come here to download now very very important remember you should stay under 60 seconds for a youtube short video now what i would recommend you start doing is you upload youtube short videos and longer on videos anything more than one minute so three minutes five minutes eight minutes etc people watching your youtube short videos that get involved with and like the videos will be recommended the other videos you make and what it means you are going to start accumulating your watch hours you need 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers to be considered for the YouTube affiliate program which will then allow you to make money with YouTube advertising revenue and on the back of these shorts this is exactly what you are trying to achieve so what you want to do from now on is you come here to this download option and then browse and click on to download this video and download as an mp4 video okay simply comes over here and click on this video download download now on our computer and once it is downloaded, we can then upload it to YouTube account as soon as you load it up YouTube on you are going to start getting views on what you are going to start getting likes on you are going to start getting involved now once this video has been uploaded to youtube okay one of the things I showed you that it does channel is as you can see over here guys on who he pays credit to everyone where he gets his content and I recommend that you do the exact same thing I can as someone you should possibly also have your email address so that if anyone has any issues with anything you posted they can contact you directly okay and it will h you elp to avoid any copyright issues too, but if you follow the tips I gave you in this video just like he does on this video of you guys you will have no problems because you have done everything YouTube wants you to under fair use now do the other thing you can do about here guys if you come back to these channels and you create for example a type of tool channel guys you can very easily come over to sites like Amazon and put a whole range of different in types links to different types of products just as important what you can do if you do a life hack type well you can post different products as well as to all those different types of products you in those wise videos you will be amazed at how many people will on these videos guys click because they are the type of people who like to like this stuff, they will click on it I mean this channel over here we have seen, get hundreds of millions of views and they are definitely set b elang in this stuff you can have a link in your description to it is the other thing you also want to do guys after downloading these different types of videos on YouTube let me show you here what he does when you browse here below you can see here that he has these different types of markers in his videos to see what type of markers you can possibly use on these videos you should download this extension here, it is called vid iq let me just grab it for your show you exactly what it looks like from time to time I will post a link in my have description guys you can only find on on google okay tap vid IQ or click on the link in my description, and once you load these guys off as you can see if you type life hacks as an example and you scroll down, you can see exactly how many searches these different types of videos get guys of which they get millions searches like five minute craft self projects get 85 nearly 86,000 searches every month that means these videos have a lot of potential to get a lot of views but what you want to do when you create these different types of youtube short videos guys is you want to combine these videos with longer videos that people here are creating on a YouTube well because what what you want to do is to create a similar channel just like this guy has so you can start making an absorbing amount of money with these youtube shorts guys as you can see people absolutely crush it so the first step to this is to go that download videos modify them so YouTube will allow you to use them just as you can see creators do so there are no copyright issues as it was every single one of those videos that guy has on his channel will be taken down so you can have exactly the same thing do, so grab the videos and change them start uploading them, add some links there and then start creating longer videos after get your 4,000 viewing hours I guarantee you will already be in get cartoons with the amount of views you are going to get and it is going to allow you to make a lot of money with youtube shorts really hope you enjoy that youtube shorts tutorial but if you want to know another insane way to make money with youtube shorts guys click on this video here right now people are doing it to absolutely crush it and it's super simple, i'll see you on it video dont forget to crush that like button and sign in i have some amazing content coming to you come to the side until next time you take care of yourself and goodbye

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